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NationalFitnessDay is next week! Come celebrate with us all day with FREE fitness classes. Timetables of the day are up on our Facebook now! • trx fitness Harrogate biohacking coffee strong gym yorkshire motivation NutriAdvanced biohack fitspo pilates health

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Who likes a vegan alternative sometimes? 🤓🥒

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Cool modern smart speed control unit. 😎 . . follow us @stuff_nice . . 🎥 by tech technology lifestyle instageek inventions coolstuff instafamous innovation socool geek instatech electronics device gadgets engineer technews techgear innovative biohacking biohack innovate toys techie gear gears devices

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So blessed to be at this dream university. I literally count my blessings daily -- what are you most grateful for? ----- I'm pretty grateful for my Mushroom Coffee right now, fueling my brain through a day of rigorous study! ----- Don't forget to enter my giveaway with @foursigmatic to win one of two boxes of medicinal mushroom elixirs. Link in bio ----- Www.sorayabeheshti.c for plant based recipes, eco travel tips & other conscious living content ----- newyorkblogger biohacking biohacker biohack collegehacks collegevegan veganincollege veganstudent collegefitness vegantraveller vegantravelervegantravels gratitudeeveryday ivyleague columbiauniversity beautifularchitecture beautifulspaces beautifulinterior beautifulinteriors luxuryinteriordesign luxuryinterior luxurylifestyles luxurydecor nycbloggers newyorkexplored newyork_world veganfitfam holisticlife consciouslifestyle consciousliving

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I've been wearing VibramFiveFingers every single day for about 5 weeks with no pain or trouble, but until today I had not given them a run in. So I took my recovery run as an opportunity to finally test out these puppies on the footpath. There was no pain or discomfort, however it was hard! I never realized how much rebound my Asics gave me! A full review on my Vibrams will be up on my blog next week. biohacking • running health vibrams personaltrainer harrogate nutrition nootropic dedication daveasprey bulletproof biohack lchf love fitness healthy keto ketorunner strength barefoot

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"Control is a state of mind. Shit happens and some things are out of our control. Yet, we have the choice to decide how we experience these events. Once we take control of the mind we control our experience" . . Just over a week ago, while doing the dishes, I decided to try and save a falling jar which smashed in my hand. The result? A trip to the doctor, stressing out my partner and my first set of stitches :). . . The whole thing happened so fast and since it was a hand wound the amount of blood was exaggerated @thegypsyzest, applied basic first aid and by the time we got to the car we were already smiling and joking about it. I hurt my dominant hand and the next couple of days proved to be challenging. On top of these the emotional and mental challenges I faced I didn't quite see coming. . . I had to rely on my partner, Romi for practically everything. Even tying my shoes proved impossible for days. I couldn't cook, I couldn't exercise and almost immediately I felt frustration and stress begin to seep in. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that each situation, no matter how difficult or unpleasant is a situation to learn from. I took this injury and the frustration it brought as a sign to slow down and work through my frustration. . . Instead of resisting the help, which is my first instinct, I began to welcomed it. I saw past my own impression and instead saw the love I was being offered. Having so much time on my hands I concentrated on meditation and instead of doing I got to experience a lot more. What could have been a very stressful and self pitying week turned into the most calm and relaxed week I've experienced filled with love and bliss. . . Sometimes bad things happen that we have no control over. Yet what we do with the time after the event is what is important. If we hold on the the event the event controls us. If we accept it and work through the challenges it presents us, not only do we grow and learn but also take control of the events that shape us and help develop us into the individuals we want to be.

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If you aren't wearing BLUblox blueblocker glasses you are not biohacking in style

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Third neurofeed back session completed.To soon to evaluate the effects of my training , but at least i could say that im feeling super focused and in a high spirit after today , wish you all a wonderful day

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Seeing the brioche back in stock at c4 I couldn't resist - sorry biohack 😅

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Preparing for a whole day in front of the laptop; Glasses on, KimeraKoffee in hand and TrueBlood on in the background. New blogs coming 👊🏻 • bulletproofcoffee health personaltrainer lchf motivation nootropics coffee stength love lowcarb blogger fit powerlifting girlswholift fitspo harrogate bulletproof dedication daveasprey weightlifting biohack lifestyle running fitfam eatclean biohacking

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Day 20: Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo shares about healing pain through nutrition. https://paintreatmentsthatwork biochem biohacks biohacker painrelief pemf painmanagement intervention nootropic nootropics ketosis healthpodcast vlog lifehacks lifestyle

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Dave Asprey, one of my role models! I've read two of his books, listened to dozens of his Bulletproof podcasts, read many of his blogs, and I have learned so much from him of how we can biohack our way to peak performance, energy, and longevity. I really love what he's doing, the quality products he creates, and what he stands for. Who do you look up to and why? Daveasprey biohacking peakperformance humanpotential longevity vitality bulletproofcoffee betterbabybook health nutrition science alternativehealing natural

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Elevate your mind above the rest with Clarity becomeoptimal bioonics nootropic biohack allnatural

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Bison steak, and a lil tomato mozzarella salad for dinner! 🍅🧀🥗 fuckthatsdelicious

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Loving-kidness Meditation in @biohackersummit in Suvilahti ❤🙏❤ lovingkidness lovingkidnessmeditation inkaimmonen biohakkerointia biohacking stress cultivate love kidness biohack @inkaimmonen biohacker

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I saw this in a keto group tonight. I'm so grateful I don't have this problem 🙌!! One "slip" 🤤 doesn't have to undo all her hardwork. How awesome is it that we can biohack our bodies?! It will take her days to get back into ketosis. With MAX it'll take me less than 30 minutes. She's taking the long route by foot 👣, meanwhile I took the red eye, 🛫caught a lyft home, took a shower 🚿, cleaned my house, went to a concert, made a quilt, did laundry, cut grass, got my hair done 💇, went grocery shopping TWICE and cooked 8 meals by the time she got back into . Y'all 😂🙅 the struggle doesn't have to be real. STAHHHP!!

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I'm all choked up. 😂😂😂 Wowsers! Those artichokes look simply delish! Have you checked out @keto_steve? He's got some yummy stuff on his page! This keto life is sooooo hard. 😜. keto ketosis tlk ketone ketoneconversation mexicofitness koreanfitness italyfitness frenchfitness pruvit biohack yummy humanoptimization ketolife

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VÍDEO NOVO, gente!! Conheça todos os benefícios que o alongamento pode trazer para a sua performance. _____ biohacking altaperformance desenvolvimentopessoal smarthack alongamento altodesempenho estresse biohack biohacker

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Sam Hayes


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*UNDERSTANDING CHANGE* Two brain systems : 🐘LIMBIC SYSTEM - Emotional 🤔NEOCORTEX - Rational Your Limbic 🐘 System is the elephant in this photo and you, the rider, are the 🤔Neocortex. The elephant seeks instant gratification and you the rider thinks long term. A reluctant elephant straying off path and an overanalysing rider wheel-spinning can both ensure nothing gets changed. But when elephant and rider move together, change can come easily.

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Rare photo of a young silverback in his natural habitat. - Would you believe I've never done a shrug in my life? Why, you may ask? - Because I don't have time for BS exercises. I'm only interested in efficient results. - The best exercise to develop your traps, is the good ole deadlift. - Ask yourself, which of these will build more muscle? - ☝🏼️A bunch of reps with 80 lb Dumbbells for shrugs? ✌🏼️ A bunch of reps with 400 lbs for deadlifts? - The answer is pretty clear. - Ditch the fluff and focus on the big muscle builders if you want fast results. oakbuilt

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Get back in the game!! Our CBD joint formula is great for : sprains, sore joints, cuts and scrapes!! - 🤕👉🏼😃 check out the link in our bio for more info !

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Biohacking Is The New Black


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Anyone else feeling this friyay • bulletproofcoffee • • • • • biohack MCT brainoctane coconut coffee mitochondria cellularhealth brainfunction butter ghee mood happy cognativefunction IF intermittentfasting highfat @bulletproof biohackingisthenewblack yass 👍bestcoffee coffeebeans coffeetime coffeelover coffeeart workoutfuel workout train lifestyle gym

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PRE + POST WORKOUT NUTRITION -- Easy real-food recipes, energy boosting snacks (including deets on how to make these insanely popular/addictive Coconutty Power Ballz) and tips to fuel your fitness and increase weight loss results -- all up on today's blog post, link in profile. 💪🏽👊🙏 . PS To all my @orangetheoryfitnessbellevue and @lululemon workshop attendees last weekend, this is for you 💫✨

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Appreciate the lessons.⠀ ⠀ Source:

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Super charging the DC current in my body via the radial artery. You can never replace the sun, but there are certain protocols to help mitigate a reduction in sun exposure. Living in the pacific northwest where the sun isn't always abundant year round this is one way of supplementing sunlight. . . . Evolve together: @evolved.human

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Oh hey yall! I'll be photographing and participating in this dope BioHackYourBody social at YG Studios this Saturday! Use the code biohackingbesties to take 10 bucks off your ticket and come with me! Let's learn cool stuff that makes us feel better. Repost @ebfa_barefooteducation ( @get_repost) ・・・ What will you experience at this weekend's biohackyourbodysocial ? antioxidant themed @drinkbai beverages 🍷 essentialoils education by @the_organic_foot 👣infraredsauna and lighttherapy by @higher.dose 🌕 and @ionrecovery Tickets open to the public - $25! . . . . . fitness biohack meditation motivation workhard trainharder fabfitfun social YG yoga sauna play antioxidant adventure learnstuff lifestyle photooftheday saturdaynight

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What are you focusing on? Keep your goals in sight and it'll all be alright.

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Now that's my kinda cold brew.. . . coffee nitro coldbrew

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AdamFarr Keto-Powerliftin-Yogi


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Repost @voodooapril ・・・ tbt to May when I wore a bikini on stage and showed all that I had accomplished in just 9 months with my best friend and coach @ketoandcarbs . I've spent the 3 months since rehabbing (ie no workouts) my hands and arms from tendonitis. Yesterday I decided, "enough is enough. I'm ready" and returned to the gym with firm resolve to build myself back up better than ever. Bar-bara, I missed you girl. Now, gimme back my bootie please 😜 magnumathlete morphfit MH5 ketoclub ketodiet keto ketogenic ketoresults lowcarb highfatlowcarb fatbomb highfat lchf lchfdiet nutrition biohacking biohack biohacker pruvit powerlifting powerbuilding bodybuilding diabetes diabetic bulletproofcoffee motivation inspiration paleo

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NO-BAKE CRUNCHY CRICKET CHOCOLATE & COCONUT PRIMAL POWER COOKIES 1 cup Eat Grub crickets 1 cup almond butter 3/4 cup Tiana coconut flour 1/4 cup ground almonds 1/2 cup shredded coconut 1/4 cup raw organic cacao powder 1/4 cup undenatured whey protein 1/4 cup chopped almonds 1/4 cup Tiana coconut oil (melted) 4 squares 85% organic dark chocolate (chopped) 1/2 tsp sea salt 2 tbsp C8 MCT oil (optional) Xylitol to taste (optional) Toast crickets till crispy. Mix all ingredients well in a large bowl. Spoon out & shape into portions on grease proof paper. Chuck in freezer over night. Enjoy! 🐛🐜🐛🐜 Perfect as an alternative to shakes post-workout (or snack any time of day!) 💪 eatgrubofficial eatinsects comeinsectos edibleinsects entomophagy ento thisisthefuture futurefood foodinnovation eatcrickets sustainability resilience primal primalblueprint keto ketogenic fatadapted bulletproof biohack highfatlowcarb protein insectprotein sugarfree c8oil mctoil nutritious delicious haveigotsomethingstuckinmyteet @eatgrubofficial @primalblueprint @paleomagazine

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Freshly picked wild shaggy inkcap mushrooms sautéed in Fushi ghee & Tiana coconut butter with garlic, black pepper, fennel seeds & mealworms, roasted squash with avocado & rocket salad. Lemon juice, olive & Ketosource C8 oil dressing...🍴🐛🐜🐛🐜 grub eatgrub entomophagy primal paleo bulletproof biohack edibleinsects eatinsects comeinsectos haveigotsomethingstuckinmyteet keto ketogenic lowcarb highfat lowcarbhighfat mct c8 shrooms foraging ifindoubtchuckitout foodforfree @eatgrubofficial @primalkitchenfoods @theprimalblueprint @paleomagazine

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