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The Owl Prints (theowlprints) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Owl Prints


Comment from The Owl Prints:

See what I mean about that awesome wingspan!? 💜😍 Repost from @wildwingsinc using @RepostRegramApp - Barf is taking in the sun before it goes away on him this afternoon! If you didn't see his design from @theowlprints, be sure to check it out by visiting their page or clicking the link in our bio!! sunsoutgunsout solareclipse Barf turkeyvulture vulture wingspan feathers birds birdsofprey raptors injuredraptors wildwings wildwingsinc education mendonponds mendonpondspark

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Cockatiel ❤🇹🇷 (cockatrio) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cockatiel ❤🇹🇷


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Juju 😍💛 I like his feathers ❇ cockatiel calopsita parrots bird birds papağan kuş vogel vögel papagei budgie parakeet nofilter

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La Ida Neelahن (la_ida_neelah) Instagram Photos and Videos

La Ida Neelahن


Comment from La Ida Neelahن:

Pavoneggiando...😎 Monte sardinia park italy casteddu instagram photography photooftheday garden nature landscape animals instapic dailypic dailyinsta instagood sun lake birds goodmorning summer monday

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Christine (twinklebird) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Christine:

I made some birds today... . . . . . birds twinklebird handmadejewelry jewelrydesign notfinished process inthemaking birdjewelry birdring also on the bench twig heartring cloud cloudring workinghard happy :)

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Namaste Thailand (namastethailand) Instagram Photos and Videos

Namaste Thailand


Comment from Namaste Thailand:

What a majestic specimen of avian glory this is: the Siamese Fireback, only bird named for the nation, the National Bird of Thailand! Scientifically named Lophura diardi & also called Diard’s Fireback (both to commemorate French naturalist Pierre-Médard Diard), it is a fairly large pheasant, which grows up to 80 cm long. As with most birds, the male of the species is more flamboyant. You cannot miss its unusually long crest of purple-black feathers, which can reach 3.5 inches in length & reflects the bird’s level of alertness & excitement. The bright red facial wattles, while being echoed by the feet, contrast spectacularly with the black throat-head-face & the deep grey general body. The most striking feature is bright yellow mid-back (hence the name ‘fireback’) edged by a metallic blue lower back with chestnut fringes. The long, curved tail has metallic black, blue & green sheens. While the females are not as colourful, their markings make them unique among pheasant hens. Males are usually found in the company of 2-3 females or in small groups presumed to be family parties. Endemic to southeast Asia, the Siamese Fireback is found only in the lowland forests of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam. It prefers to inhabit dense evergreen, semi-evergreen & bamboo forests as well as some scrub in the plains and foothills. Though it was once evaluated as “Near Threatened” on the IUCN Red List, it is now categorized under “Least Concern”. NamasteThailand NT2017 70YearsIndoThai BirdsOfThailand SiameseFireback fauna avian birds birding birdwatch birdwatching VisitThailand DiscoverThainess AmazingThailand local wildlife LivingInTheWild tourism wattle pheasant evergreen

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Aquidneck Dying Light (aquidneckdyinglight) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aquidneck Dying Light


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newportbuzz photography beauty vacation swimming boating sea BBQ ocean nature waves surfing mansions lifestyle fishing cloudporn beach sailing igersnewport sunny fitness dscvrnewport newengland_photography yachts birds clouds landscape cityofnewportri

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Γιώργος Κορμπάκης (george_korbakis) Instagram Photos and Videos

Γιώργος Κορμπάκης


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Γλάρος seagull slowmotion birds sky blue greece summer sun clouds

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Peter Brydon (peterbrydonphotography) Instagram Photos and Videos

Peter Brydon


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An old photo with a new edit, just for the fun of it! birds birdwatching rspb lovenature wildlifephotographer nature naturephotography bushypark springwatch

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cedarsmtview (cedarsmtview) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Gorgeous little birds nest in a peach tree by the creek amongst spring blossoms 💗nest birds birdnest spring season early blossom beautiful nature australia

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Rudolph van Tonder (ralfie26) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rudolph van Tonder


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August 2017 krugernationalpark knp holiday animals naturelovers animallovers kruger africa thisisafrica bushlife africanbush wildlife nature instapic picoftheday wahlberg eagle wahlbergeagle raptor birdsofsouthafrica birds birdsofprey wildlifephotography nikon nikonphotography wild beautful africanbush southafrica safari krugerthroughmyeyes @latestkruger @krugerparkdotcom

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Jim Kayalar (jimkayalarphotography) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jim Kayalar


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A happy couple, a experienced husband and wife, competitive siblings? 😆😆😆 birds birdsofinstagram seagulls seagull nature love romance romantico engaged marriage instagood instagram humor

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La Ida Neelahن (la_ida_neelah) Instagram Photos and Videos

La Ida Neelahن


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Sardinia is...😍wow Monte sardinia park italy casteddu instagram photography photooftheday garden nature landscape animals instapic dailypic dailyinsta instagood sun lake birds goodmorning summer monday

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A n d r e i a 🍉🎈 (andreiabelourico) Instagram Photos and Videos

A n d r e i a 🍉🎈


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💕 picoftheday instagram igersportugal igers instagram birds p3top beirabaixa instatravel beautiful monsanto like4like great grateful

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Serj Kozlov (zillibub) Instagram Photos and Videos

Serj Kozlov


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Guess who's back cage birds upthesky

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Rebeka Magyar (magyar.rebi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rebeka Magyar


Comment from Rebeka Magyar:

Two different world : A single pigeon and a happy couple 😄🐦 pigeon couple feneketlentó hungarianphoto ducks hungarianphotography photo photography birds animals cute lotofanimal naturalphoto animalphoto 🐦 🐤

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Mato Grosso do Sul 🇧🇷 (curtamatogrossodosul) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mato Grosso do Sul 🇧🇷


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Bom dia, Boa semana Música linda! Sou Pantanal- 🎶Thiago Machado e Ellinho BonitoMS 📸 @kall_yahoo 📲 @curtamatogrossodosul ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Natureza brasil pantanal campo_grande sulmatogrossense belezas matogrossodosul pordosol pordosolpantaneiro ms terere centrooeste turismo euamoms campograndems sulmatogrossense pescaria agricultura pecuaria curtams vivadeperto estadodopantanal photoofday sun sunset sunrise tree time mothernature birds photoofday

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Margaret Brennan (magsbrennan23) Instagram Photos and Videos

Margaret Brennan


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birdsofinstagram birds fench wildlifephotography greenbeauty kilkenny potd

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Pio Kelemete (p_i_o.k) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pio Kelemete


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sqaudgoals 😎👌🐦 Jacko & Mia ❤ birds billabongsanctuary cockatoo magpiegoose zookeeper happymonday

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Sam Swartley (objects.of) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sam Swartley


Comment from Sam Swartley:

•8.21.17• Drake Wood Duck - August has definitely been a dry spot for photography for me, it reminds me of right before spring how I would go out almost every day and come back with no pictures, I'm so excited for fall migration and everything! Be safe today everyone with the eclipse, more so the crazy drivers. ------------------------------ bokeh_addicts dofnature splendid_nature ig_closeups ig_great_pics eye_for_earth efe_nature_or_nothing pure_amazing_shots global4nature usa_naturehippys rebels_nature ptk_birds_animals nwwk_memb animals_happy everything_animals birds ip_birds macroworld_tr loves_united_animals bns_birds birds_illife kings_birds allmightybirds total_birds feather_perfection thetweetsuites your_best_birds birdfreaks eye_spy_birds

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Petteri Hurme (petehurme) Instagram Photos and Videos

Petteri Hurme


Comment from Petteri Hurme:

Metsäkirvinen suomenlinnut suomenluontokuvaajat lintukuva linnut lintukuvaus birdlife birds birdsoinstagram birdsofinstagram birdphotography birdsphotography naturephotography

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Lory 🐤💬🎤❤💦 (lorylorikeet) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lory 🐤💬🎤❤💦


Comment from Lory 🐤💬🎤❤💦:

Ótima semana pessoal! ••• A great week guys! igdoLory TheWeekOnInstagram

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Rafi Schumacher (rafischumacher) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rafi Schumacher


Comment from Rafi Schumacher:

Common Sandpiper BurungKedidiBiasa commonsandpiper birdsofledangheights ledangheights iskandarputeri johor birds

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Quintin Rutherford (tracks_of_africa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Quintin Rutherford


Comment from Quintin Rutherford:

One of my favorite tracks this month. This is from a Black-winged stilt. This non passerine bird tracks are very similar to that of a plovers. Although due to its long legs that give it advantage with feeding, it also presents a larger stride. Another ID key with this track is the partial webbing from the middle and outside toe. . . tracking southafrica wildlife nature cybertracking fgasa vsco bhejanenaturetraining mammals vscocam birdsofafrica cybertracker birding wildlifephotography teamcanon natgeo rangerdiaries wildlifeplanet tracksofafrica Africa natgeo travel hunting wildlifetracking explore discoverearth instagram instatravel birds

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Tara Kaloz (tarakaloz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tara Kaloz


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Mondayyyyyyyy blargh . . . doodle doodles doodling doodlesofinstagram dailydoodle drawing illustration illustrator cartoon cartoons bird birds birdsofinstagram monday mondays mondaymorning morning mornings yawn meh tongue art artist artstagram instaart

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allaboutbird (allaboutbird) Instagram Photos and Videos



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. Testimoni tomaly . . testimonitomaly . tomaly allaboutbird snot obat antibiotik lovebirdlovers lovebirdindonesia nyilet surabaya sby cod cashondelivery lovebird viofichery hobby kicaumania me like4like burungsurabaya like opaline follow4follow couple kicaumania like4like lovebirdindonesia fauna birds hobbyburung instagram me funny like4likes

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John Bezuidenhout (johnbezuidenhout) Instagram Photos and Videos

John Bezuidenhout


Comment from John Bezuidenhout:

Sulphur crested cockatoo juvenile. birdsofinstagram birds cockatoo

4 Minutes ago
Light Capturing (light.capturing) Instagram Photos and Videos

Light Capturing


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4 Minutes ago
Sobrane Simcocky (sobrane) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sobrane Simcocky


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Late night filming in the gallery Broome sobrane gallerysobrane gallery streetart cushions funkycushions funky birds graffiti urbanarts graphics

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Украшения с вышивкой (stitchandcolor) Instagram Photos and Videos

Украшения с вышивкой


Comment from Украшения с вышивкой:

4 варианта) вышивка ещё не вклеена, так что любой из вариантов возможен.кулн или брошь? Бронза или серебро? Кому?) (к кулону прилагается цепочка или лента на ваш выбор), цена 800 р. Доставка по РФ бесплатно! __________ хэндмейд ручнаяработа вышивка вышивкакрестиком вышивкакрестом хобби микровышивка цвет цветцвет вышивкаптицы птица птицывышивка bird birdembroideryhandmade petitpoint crossstitch embroidery xstitch crossstitching ручнаявышивка lavkacraft полукрест украшениясптицами птицыроссии birds

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Mapache Watches (mapache_watches) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mapache Watches


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El secreto de la felicidad es la libertad. 🔝 Encuentra tus alas, encuentra tu mapachewatch. mapachegirls tattooink reloj relojesdesilicona mapachewatchestattoo relojes watches summer summertime relojestendencia2017  summercollection  fashiongirl fashion girlsaccesories trendy instatattoo instawatches libertad liberty felicidad happy instahappy alas wings pajaro birds

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martha and hepsie (marthaandhepsie) Instagram Photos and Videos

martha and hepsie


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Our Puffin Billy gift wrap makes for perfectly pretty presents 🎁

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@ricardeador SPAIN🇪🇸 (ricardeador) Instagram Photos and Videos

@ricardeador SPAIN🇪🇸


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Me estoy aficionando al "minianimalismo" 😁

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raffaellanisi (raffaellanisi) Instagram Photos and Videos



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27 Minutes ago