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Truls Peter


Comment from Truls Peter:

Taubane ⛷🎿

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Comment from UmasLady:

Cosa mi è appena arrivato, oltretutto spedizione velocissima. Ecco perché amo la Blizzard e tutti i suoi giochi. Questo notebook è più bello che in foto, davvero fatto benissimo! Adoro <3 blizzardgear blizzard hearthstone notebook sketchbook happyday

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Comment from AlexandraSalomatin:

Adore this bulding, definitely on my bucketlist! nyc newyork nbc4ny manhattan newyorkcity newyorkphoto nycprimeshot icapture_nyc thebestdestinations iloveny what_i_saw_in_nyc worldprime ig_nycity ig_americas mynikonlife ig_northamerica timeoutnewyork mycity_life loves_nyc fox5ny rsa_streetview nikonnofilter wildnewyork topnewyorkphoto made_in_ny seeyourcity igersofnyc city_of_newyork nyc_uncut nikonforever

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Comment from 🎀✨Miuw💕🌸:

🌲In a dark forest... 🕷 ~~ ~~ wow worldofwarcraft blizzard nightelf demonhunter nightelfdemonhunter forthealliance alliance azeroth

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Comment from Luis:

'A veces la persona a la que nadie imagina capaz de nada, es la que hace cosas que nadie imagina' instawinter holidays winter photooftheday christmas rain instagood naturez staywarm cold snowing season blizzard holidayseason snow seasons snowflakes wintertime cloudy

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Barbara HS


Comment from Barbara HS:

Posted by @hearthstonebase on February 20, 2017: Full art of Defias Cleaner (artist: Gonzalo Ordonez) Flavor Text: "His house cleaning service is quite thorough. Not a spot to be found... or any of your stuff!" Lore Facts: This "cleaner" belongs to the Defias Brotherhood, a group of bloodthirsty rogues based in Westfall. The Brotherhood was originally led by Edwin VanCleef. The Defias Brotherhood is a group of assassins, thieves, and pirates that seeks to overthrow the Kingdom of Stormwind. They are based primary in Westfall, an area not easily protected by the Stormwind Army. The title of "cleaner" in this case refers to a criminal whose job it is to cover up the signs of a crime that has been committed, such as removing evidence and disposing of bodies. Although given this particular Cleaner's chosen tools, his duties may even extend to "cleaning up" unwanted witnesses. Do you think Defias Cleaner is an underrated card in the meta? Share your thoughts! hearthstone heroesofwarcraft msog blizzard blizzard2017 design warcraft blizzcon gaming artwork instaart sketch gamingforlife hs gadgetzan meanstreetsofgadgetzan art games game esports hsbasecardlore photooftheday instagaming gamer legendary battlenet instalike igers videogames

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Shinku Doku

Comment from Shinku Doku:

: I'm this close (👌) to throwing my tv through the window because of my Internet • Partners: @a.celtic.wsp @snazzy_noodle @bastion_aka_robot_hitler @momma.mercy @d.varto @halo.raven @og.pharah • 2nd Acc: @my.skyrim.aesthetic overwatch xboxlive xbox xbone xboxone game gamer blizzardentertainment blizzard potg playoverwatch meme fanart

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☆Helen Helen☆


Comment from ☆Helen Helen☆:

For the Horde!! Pandarian elfblood pandarian blizzard worldofwarcraft mage c-thum horde

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Comment from Biscuit:

This is how I feel when I get caught by her ultimate. 😅😭 Add me on Playstation: leBisquick Follow me on Twitter: GamingBiscuitYT Tags: overwatch gaming consolegaming gamer psn blizzard blizzardentertainment youtube youtuber meme memes overwatchmemes overwatchmeme fmot followmeontwitter dvaoverwatch dva handsoap genji

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Zenyatta is here


Comment from Zenyatta is here:

Credits: OlaColaOfficial - - - overwatch blizzard overwatchgame blizzardoverwatch overwatchblizzard ana bastion dva genji hanzo junkrat lucio mccree mei mercy pharah reaper reinhardt roadhog soldier76 sombra symmetra torbjorn tracer widowmaker winston zarya zenyatta

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Mattia Gnecchi


Comment from Mattia Gnecchi:

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· FB: Brate Marina


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😊 winter cold holidays snow rain christmas snowing blizzard snowflakes wintertime staywarm cloudy instawinter instagood holidayseason photooftheday season seasons nature

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Comment from Biscuit:

Definitely advice I'd give to a new player. Add me on Playstation: leBisquick Follow me on Twitter: GamingBiscuitYT Tags: overwatch gaming consolegaming gamer psn blizzard blizzardentertainment youtube youtuber meme memes overwatchmemes overwatchmeme fmot followmeontwitter dvaoverwatch dva handsoap genji tumblr tumblrask tumblrpost

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Comment from James:

Had a great time this weekend running the blizzard overwatch stand at PC Gamer Weekender 2017 pcgamerweekender OverwatchPCGW

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Comment from ᴱᴸᶠᵞᴮᴸᴼᴼᴰᴱᴸᶠ:

⚜️Be grateful, Famlam⚜️ ____________________________________________________ worldofwarcraft blizzard legion alliance horde leveling human art dwarf nightelf Draenei tauren troll orc goblin undead bloodelf warrior paladin hunter lichking pvp mmorpg gamer pcgamer follow4follow transmogs games gaminglife transmogrification ______________________________________________________❤️Follow @transmogsareforever for amazing transmogs & @_kissper_ for amazing WoW content💛

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Angela Ziegler


Comment from Angela Ziegler:

It's 3am and I just want to go back to bed ;-; _____ Tags: genji mercy dva overwatch blizzard fanart hanzo zenyatta mei roadhog symmetra sombra phara bastion traceroverwatch ships ps4 lucio ____

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Pernille 🐷


Comment from Pernille 🐷:

Another one from the mountains 🏔

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Brooke Hopdu


Comment from Brooke Hopdu:

This monkey has the right idea monkeyinahotspring ♨ HopduHolidays ShibuOnsen Japan ❄

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