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Abigail :) (_abby89_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Abigail :)


Comment from Abigail :):

Zampina🐾bordercollie adorable animal cute dog doggy dogoftheday dogsofinstagram dogstagram instagramdogs loveit nature pet pets petsagram picpets pup puppies puppy tagsta tagsta_nature

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Mushu (mushu_wild) Instagram Photos and Videos



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'' À quoi bon soulever des montagnes quand il est si simple de passer par dessus '' . . . . . . montagnes belledonne lac mountain hiking hike randonnée trail canirando mountainlove photographie landscape neige bordercollie border nature chien photography montagne teamborder runaddict run

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AmeBa77 (ameba_77) Instagram Photos and Videos



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bordercollie japanesespitz wintertime winter maddog bordercollies bordercollielovers bordercolliesofinstagram dog dogs dogsofinstagram winterwalks windy hikingwithdogs naturelovers ilovedogs ilovedog pet petsofinstagram

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Archie (archieredbordercollie) Instagram Photos and Videos



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You’re never too big for cuddles with Daddy ❤️ archiefromtassie archieredbordercollie bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram bordercollies puppy puppies puppylove puppiesofinstagram puppiesofig dog dogstagram dogsofinsta dogsofinstagram dogs mydog petsofinstagram petstagram hound

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Megan Meade (awesomemjay) Instagram Photos and Videos

Megan Meade


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Rainy days with Pomppa dogsofinstagram dogsofinstabordercolliesofinst bordercolliesofig dog dogsofig dogstagram bordercolliesoftheworld bordercolliefans bordercollieoftheday dogoftheday happydog bordercollie dogwalking bordercollielovers ilovemydog dogtraining bordercolliesrockdogworld fast running venture agilitydogsofinstagram pomppa

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Nick Hrabec (savagelifemma) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nick Hrabec


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Bailey boy! 🐶💙 . . . . myboy mylittlesavage modelpup puppy amansbestfriend onegreeneye oneblueeye dogsofinstagram bordercollie australianshepherd yegdogs SavageLife

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Kiwi & Kip 🇸🇪 (kiwiochkip) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kiwi & Kip 🇸🇪


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Racer-råttan ☄️💨💪🏻 bordercollie mushing workingdog arbetshund bc draghund draghundsport mushingdog björkis

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Todd Michaels (toddradio) Instagram Photos and Videos

Todd Michaels


Comment from Todd Michaels:

THE PERFECT PET! Jean-Marc needs a forever home. Border Collie mix, male, 6 yrs. Needs a patient and understanding hero as he comes from an abusive home. Nevada SPCA Las Vegas 702-873-7722 • • • bordercollie bordercollies NevadaSPCA Vegas Nevada SPCA AdoptDontShop adopt pets dog dogs animal animals shelterdogs shelterdog

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~~Alexandra & Little LJ ~~ (little_l.s_big_world) Instagram Photos and Videos

~~Alexandra & Little LJ ~~


Comment from ~~Alexandra & Little LJ ~~:

Die krümeline hat ihren eigenen Türsteher oderlieger ... ab und an bekommt er auch mal einen Ball an den Kopf , aber auch mal einen knutscha durch das Netz 🤣 Die beiden sind einfach so toll zusammen 😍 arschundeimer bordercollie bordercolliemix friends toddler toddlerlife momlife dog liebe love ljh

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Shyla & Stella (k9adventuresquad) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shyla & Stella


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Treat faces are the best faces! 😲 🐾 Use code: AdventureSquad at @rokodog.wear for a discount! We love how the gear stands up to all our adventures and is so easy to clean! 🐾 husky bordercollie dogsofig petphotography dogsonadventures keepitwild dogsofcanada dogsthathike igdaily dog yvr pnwonderdogs hikingwithdogs campingwithdogs pnw adventure nature explorebc hellobc wanderlust liveoutdoors igers instadaily photooftheday vancity vancitybuzz dogsofvancouver vancouver nikon nikonphotography

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Lola (lola_79_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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bordercollie giroderecha

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baileyboo_thebordercollie (baileyboo_thebordercollie) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Cuddles for mumma baileyspam baileyboo bordersofinstagram bordercollie colliesofinstagram snugglebug

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Nacho (nachothebordercollie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Nacho:

Oh hey, I didn't see you over there

1 Minutes ago
Zuzu Meadows (zuzu_daily) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zuzu Meadows


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New to the neighbourhood, wonder how long this one will stay. fresh zuzu_daily bordercollie cutepetsclub new snow bestfriend instagood dogsofinstagram dogsofinstaworld dog petstagram neighborhood walk winterbaby photographer gooddog instapets ilovebordercollies bordercolliesofinstagram bordercollieoftheworld home Alberta snowlove frosty beautiful iamcanadian

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Phoebe and Balki (twohappycollies) Instagram Photos and Videos

Phoebe and Balki


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JJ (jarradjames12) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Of course as soon as I grab my phone she stops digging and goes upside down. This is the reason all of my 1200 thread count sheets get holes in them and then get thrown out. Looks like we'll be sheet shopping in the near future. . . . . . . . . . . . bexley bordercollie 0to100realquick dogs dogsofinstagram americaspuppy

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David (1a.david) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from David:

It’s all about the eyes. bordercollie dog blueyes

2 Minutes ago
Phill J Groizard (groizy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Phill J Groizard


Comment from Phill J Groizard:

“Border Collie” Oil painting on board . Amazingly clever dogs. artwork oilpainting dogportrait dogart petportrait animalart instaart fineart artist art petartist originalart eastyorkshire bordercollie

2 Minutes ago
The adventures of Finn (finnmaccool2017) Instagram Photos and Videos

The adventures of Finn


Comment from The adventures of Finn:

I thought I was photographing him calmly sitting far away. Then he decided to abruptly come say hello. That's basically the story of 99% of photos taken of him. bordercollie joy ball puppy doggo

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Henrique Perdigão (perdigavet) Instagram Photos and Videos

Henrique Perdigão


Comment from Henrique Perdigão:

Treino com meu amigo dingo bordercollie e sua língua gigante rs perdigadogtrainer dogtraining adestramento comportamentocanino dogbehavior dogs dogsofig dogcare doglover dogwhisperer dogphotography puppiesofig drperdiga veterinaria veterinarian vetlife metodoperdigavet

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Molly The Collie (mynamesmollythecollie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Molly The Collie


Comment from Molly The Collie:

Waiting for a well-earned treat 👅🐾❣️ bordercollie bordercolliedaily bordercolliesoftheday bordercolliesofinstagram bordercolliesofig bordercolliesoftheworld bordercolliesofmelbourne bordercolliesofmelbourne bordercollielovers bordercolliemix bordercolliefans

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Lina Reißig (x_lxxa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lina Reißig


Comment from Lina Reißig:

Perfect dog!💓🐶 bordercollie hundeklunker2018 hundeklunker agility hunde dog

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adventures.of.lucky.luke. (adventures.of.lucky.luke) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from adventures.of.lucky.luke.:

Look, I cut a video from last sunday. Did I mention that I love snow? 🐾❤️❄️ . . . . . bordercollie labrador labradorretriever videoclip videooftheday dog doggy snow winter slowmotion petstagram animallover lützel nature happy friends luke luna

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Jeni (jeni_nug) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jeni:

So apparently I’m on instagram now. Brace yourselves for lots of photos of the dog, and probably not much else... bordercollie puppyspam dogsofinstagram dogsofliverpool Dixie

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Brotherscollie (brotherscollie_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Brotherscollie:

Baianinha!! 😍🐶 bordercollie bordercolliesoftheday bordercolliesofinstagram dogphotography dogsofinstagram dog bordercolliesoftheworld blackandwhite

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Kasia Blicharz (leiathebc) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kasia Blicharz


Comment from Kasia Blicharz:

Back vault! ❤💪 bordercollie bordercollies bc bordercollielover bordercollielife bordercollielifestyle borderlove blackandwhite bw frisbee dogfrisbee vault backvault genious

3 Minutes ago
Rosie 🌹 (rosie.collie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rosie 🌹


Comment from Rosie 🌹:

Look who I ran into at the dog park yesterday! 🐕🐕 my sister from another mister, Piper 😍👯‍♀️ • Piper is just one month older than me! • bestfriends dogfriends puppies puppy dog puppiesofinstagram dogsofinstagram dogsofchristchurch bordercollie bordercolliesoftheworld bordercolliesofinstagram bordercolliesofnewzealand bordercolliepuppy redbordercollie redandwhitebordercollie eered blonde wheaten cute friends twins

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Chandler B (chandler_pupbing) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chandler B


Comment from Chandler B:

tbt to summertime and reading books 📚 look how small I was! muttsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram boxer bordercollie adoptdontshop

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Sadie The Border Collie (sadie.explores) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sadie The Border Collie


Comment from Sadie The Border Collie:

Good days are spent on really tall rocks

3 Minutes ago
Рисунки_на_одежде. Чехлы. (vh_art_showroom) Instagram Photos and Videos

Рисунки_на_одежде. Чехлы.


Comment from Рисунки_на_одежде. Чехлы.:

Портрет замечательного пса Дабика и его хозяйки 😍 Листайте 👉🏼 Рисовала со всей душой, как и всё, что я делаю. Идеальная пара, в которую невозможно не влюбиться 🐶 Хотите себе такой портретик? - скорее ставьте лайк ❤️ и может именно вас я нарисую в следующий раз 😉 Или же пишите в Директ, отправляйте фото и вскоре увидите себя в стиле Дисней арт 📩😘 : : : digitalart sketch collie bordercollie art disney holovinart dog portrait рисунокназаказ портретназаказ портретпофотографии портреткиев instalike photooftheday tagsforlikes

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Rafael Sanjurjo (rafasanjurjo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rafael Sanjurjo


Comment from Rafael Sanjurjo:

puravida conceptualart pink petgram bordercollielife ig_catalonia arquitectura bordercollie wait colours inspiration instapic instadog

4 Minutes ago
Laura Hicks (laura_a_hicks) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laura Hicks


Comment from Laura Hicks:

I can’t believe these little ones are already nine weeks old and all heading off to their new homes soon. They sure had a lot of joy to my life!

4 Minutes ago
Hi! My name is Enzo 🐶 (enzo_benzo08) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hi! My name is Enzo 🐶


Comment from Hi! My name is Enzo 🐶:

Sunday night hanging out with daddy 🤳

206 Days ago