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Hamish (hamish_thebordercollie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Hamish:

Apparently my eyes are stunning 👁 😍 ambereyes bordercollie bordercollies bordercollielife bordercolliesofig bordercolliephoto bordercolliesofinstagram bordercolliesmelbourne dog dogsofinsta dogs dogsofmelbourne bordercollieeyes handsome gorgeous beautiful stunner babe

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Rowena Campbell (rowenaeccampbell) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rowena Campbell


Comment from Rowena Campbell:

The unconditional love of Pippa. ✨ pippa unconditionallove bordercollie workingdog sheepdog darlingmoment makememories makeportraits

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Ty Davis (tydavisfitness) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ty Davis


Comment from Ty Davis:

Finn enjoying the snow snowdog bordercollie dog cute tricolor cutedogs cutedogs dogsofinstagram ilovedogs

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My clever dog (mycleverdog) Instagram Photos and Videos

My clever dog


Comment from My clever dog:

Naxos, ce tout jeune Border Collie, a de nombreux apprentissages à faire ! S'asseoir plutôt que de sauter, laisser les chats tranquilles, bien marcher en laisse,... je suis venue à domicile pour expliquer à ses propriétaires comment mettre ces apprentissages en place. Nous en avons même profité pour s'initier un peu au clicker training ! Mais au fait, de quelle couleur est Naxos ? devinettedulundi mycleverdog border bordercollie puppy clickertraining educationadomicile dogtraining chiot guess

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 (a_story_of_2_dogs) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from a_story_of_2_dogs:

Nasty ❤ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ österreich foto fotografie photo photography austria bordercollie bordercolliemix bordercolliephotos collie hobbyfotografie hobby hobbyphotographer cody wuffi dogs dogphotography doggies doggie hundefotografie hunde summer sommer canoneos100d canonphotography canonfotografie canon eos 100d

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Фотограф Владивосток (yana_karachevskaya) Instagram Photos and Videos

Фотограф Владивосток


Comment from Фотограф Владивосток:

Немного репортажной съемки бордер колли!⭐️⭐️⭐️ бордерколли bordercollie фотоживотных фотособак

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 (jacquelinegeertman) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from jacquelinegeertman:

First footprints in the snow. Gem ziet voor het eerst sneeuw. bordercollie hond sneeuw dog pup winter landschap winterlandschap stegeren ommen

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laulau 🌚 (laurianerudi) Instagram Photos and Videos

laulau 🌚


Comment from laulau 🌚:

non, j’ai pas mangé la fleur 🌼 bordercollie nox cutenessoverload

1 Minutes ago
Gracie Lee Furbush (gracie_lee_furbush) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gracie Lee Furbush


Comment from Gracie Lee Furbush:

I’m a really good helper!! I’m even helping to wrap up the Christmas presents! gracieleefurbush christmas christmaspresents helper bordercollie paper adoptdontshop

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Marita Davies (_maritadavies) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marita Davies


Comment from Marita Davies:

Snow fun ❄️ clever collie ❤️ dogtraining collie bordercollie bordercollies bordercollielove snowfun snow cleverdog dogtricks dog dogsofinstagram doglover

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Loki_The_Border_Collie (loki_the_border_collie2602) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Loki_The_Border_Collie:

My first encounter with ice did not go well. bordercollie

1 Minutes ago
Zoolander's Blue Steel (eric_willy_dog) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zoolander's Blue Steel


Comment from Zoolander's Blue Steel:

Blizzard Fun ❄️ dogs bordercollie spaniel sprollie agilitydog rescuedog winter snow blizzard seasons weather holiday vacation travel netherlands fun happy love smile life pets running

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Ella McDonald (_tobyandme) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ella McDonald


Comment from Ella McDonald:

"I'm ready for my steak now Dad!" . . . toby tobyandme bordercollie bordercolliegram bordercolliesofinstagram dog dogsofig dogstagram dogsofinsta dogsofinstagram barbecue steakplease

2 Minutes ago
ドッグトレーニングスクール セブン ( Instagram Photos and Videos

ドッグトレーニングスクール セブン

Comment from ドッグトレーニングスクール セブン:

. 12歳のじーさん犬なのにまだこんなおもちゃで本気になる� @simple.haircafe さんへ❤︎ いつもは看板犬のベルサリーちゃんのトレーニングで ーニングで伺うのですが今日は息抜きに❤︎ . . 美味しいコ 美味しいコーヒーとガトーショコラを頂きながら永遠おしゃべり☺ しゃべり☺︎☺︎ まさかの共通点がありすぎて笑いっぱなし😂 ぱなし😂 お騒がせしてしまってごめんなさい💦 でも本当に でも本当に楽しかったー! また明日からお仕事頑張ろう🐾 . う🐾 . . ボーダーコリーボーダー12歳シニア犬犬犬のし 犬犬犬のしつけドッグトレーニングじゃがぽっくる餌食となる熊谷 となる熊谷市熊谷行田深谷iPhoneを忘れ写真撮れずこの前は ずこの前は電源が落ちたiPhoneを肌身離さず持ってた色々心

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PETCOUNTRY Toelettatura (ruggero.g.5) Instagram Photos and Videos

PETCOUNTRY Toelettatura


Comment from PETCOUNTRY Toelettatura:

Tau, la campionessa PETCOUNTRY toelettaturacani bagno black&white biancoenero borde cani dogs ilovemyjob picoftheday

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Wowmike_ (gaet_bordercollie_jack_russell) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Wowmike_:

Il est pas beau ?// isn't he beautiful ?// bordercollie chiot chien nosamisleschiens beautiful beau

3 Minutes ago
Flinty 🐾 (flinders_thefloof) Instagram Photos and Videos

Flinty 🐾


Comment from Flinty 🐾:

Flinders loves n cuddles • • • • dog dogsofinstagram dogsofinsta dogsonadventures doge doggo fluffy cuddles love cute bc bordercollie collie pet pets puppy animals adorable floof nature winter christmas puppylove picoftheday

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Davide Giubilini (davidegiubi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Davide Giubilini


Comment from Davide Giubilini:

Call it magic 🐶 bordercollie puppies happiness

4 Minutes ago
Loki_The_Border_Collie (loki_the_border_collie2602) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Loki_The_Border_Collie:

I love playing with my humans hair bordercollie

4 Minutes ago
Woofadvisor (woofadvisor) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Woofadvisor:

Make sure your fireplaces are pet safe this Christmas, stay safe and stay warm 😊😊

4 Minutes ago
Shana Heymans (shanadobbydog) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shana Heymans


Comment from Shana Heymans:

Sneeuwpret 😍❤ snow letitsnow bordercollie weimaraner stray play adoptdontstop

5 Minutes ago
Kabi (the_fuzz74) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kabi:

My crazy little bordercollie loves cucumber! bordercolliesofig bordercollieworld bordercollieworld bordercollieoftheday redbordercollie redandwhitebordercollie redbordercolliesofinstagram dogsofig dogsofinsta dogsoftheworld dogsofinstagram

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Maci 🐾 (dailylifeofmaci) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maci 🐾


Comment from Maci 🐾:

Don’t foget about the 48 hour CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY 🎉🎉 Like and follow @dailylifeofmaci for your chance to win! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ dog dogsofinstaworld bordercollie_feature puppiesofinstagram puppies puppy bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram petstagram pets petsofinstagram animals animalsofinstagram adorable instagood instadaily instadog instapuppy instagram like4like likeforlike likeforfollow followforfollow follow4follow follow christmastree christmas

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Loki_The_Border_Collie (loki_the_border_collie2602) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Loki_The_Border_Collie:

Loving the Christmas filter bordercollie snapchat

5 Minutes ago
La Pocha (lapochabordercollie) Instagram Photos and Videos

La Pocha


Comment from La Pocha:

Alguém quer jogar frisbee comigo??? 🐾🐾🐾 Does anyone want to play frisbee with me? bordercollie bordercollies bordercolliesoftheworld bordercolliestagram bordercollielovers instagood intadogs instagramdogs dogs dog doglover doglove puppy puppylove perro perros perrofiel cachorro bordercolliebrasil bordercollierj bordercollieworld bcrj bcworld olhaessedog bordercolliesarethebest bcbrasil bc bordercollieoftheday collienation bordercollienation

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ルーク (luke_border_collie_puchi) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ルーク:

夜ご飯食べてご満足顔💕 kind of scary😅 ボーダーコリー bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram bordercolliesoftheworld bordercollielover dogstagram dailydog doglife

6 Minutes ago
Kathleen (we_love_bordercollie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kathleen:

I ain't letting no cone & stitches ruin my fun 😃❤ I have loved the snow & had a very fun weekend. This was me this morning ❄ snow tastes yummy too but Mummy says don't eat yellow snow 😉 no idea what she means as I eat anything! 🙈 **Mummy says sorry the video isn't straight or great quality. It was taken on the ipad & we're struggling to upload it** Hope you've all enjoyed the snow too 😍😁 or the sun & beach or woods in other parts of the world ❤🌎 Follow my instagram if you love 😍 bordercollie : ➡ @we_love_bordercollie 👫Love to tag? Please do!⤵ * . . . . Credit: @shep.the.border.collie bordercollie,bordercolliesofinstagram,bordercollielovers,bordercolliemix,bordercolliepuppy,bordercolliesoftheworld,bordercollieoftheday,bordercollieworld,bordercollieofinstagram,bordercollielife,bordercollienation,bordercolliebrasil,bordercolliesofig,bordercollie_feature,bordercolliesrock,bordercolliesarethebest,bordercolliegram,we_love_bordercollie

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Veronique Deleuze (verolaglobetrotteuse) Instagram Photos and Videos

Veronique Deleuze


Comment from Veronique Deleuze:

Basile 💓 mydog dog mylove bordercolie borderofmylife bordercollie monchien jaimemonchien dogs chien adorabledog border photogenicdog collie bordercollieinstagram

6 Minutes ago
Rob Tree (treeman06) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rob Tree


Comment from Rob Tree:

Another pic of Dixie's first trip to Pallarenda 💙🤠 bordercollie bordercolliepuppy townsville beach bordercollielover

6 Minutes ago
cancan (ein_tipo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from cancan:

トイプードルのミルクちゃん 歯磨き&シャンプー&カット c ット cancanborderbordercollieトイ lieトイプードルトリミングサロンシャンプーカット歯磨きふわ

7 Minutes ago
dasha ハハ (mtdasha) Instagram Photos and Videos

dasha ハハ


Comment from dasha ハハ:

2017.12.11🐶 先週のpic ※ 夕焼け空の下🌇 空の下🌇 アニと嬉しそうに走るダーシャ💕😍 ※ イイな ※ イイなぁ😊💖 こういう姿を見ることができるなんて🎉 ボーダーコリー 立ち耳 親バカ部 おでこハート クビ三角 ダーシャ大好き 愛おしい 広場で走る 嬉しそうに こんな姿を見るのが至福の時

7 Minutes ago
Baz (bordercollie_bazzle) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Baz:

Signed, slobbered...I mean sealed, time to deliver.

9 Minutes ago
Elin (codydexterochelin) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Elin:

"Kom igen Dexter.. Det här sög. Vi drar..." . kooikerkooikerhondj hondjebordercolliebordercollie ollieworldbordercolliesofinsta instagramdogstagramdogoftheday

54 Minutes ago