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Silvia Arzu 🇮🇹💙🇬🇷 (babuffi_family) Instagram Photos and Videos

Silvia Arzu 🇮🇹💙🇬🇷


Comment from Silvia Arzu 🇮🇹💙🇬🇷:

Nuovo gioco... tempo di distruzione stimato-> meno di un’ora 😅🤪bordercollies_picsborderco bordercolliemixbordercolliewor ieworldbordercollieloverborder ordercolliemixbordercolliexbor exbordecollieofinstagramborder ordercolliebluemerlebordercoll rcollie_fanpagebordercollie_lo ie_lovers_worldbordercollieoft ieofthedaybordecolliepuppybord ybordercollie_picsbordercollie olliestagrambordercollieitalia taliabordercolliedogborder_col ❤️

4 Minutes ago
Tux 🐾 (tuxthebordercollie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tux 🐾


Comment from Tux 🐾:

tbt Puppy naps in the car back before I could be trusted in other people's houses. Oh wait, I still can't be trusted 😂🤣 I just love eating houseplant mulch, what can I say?

4 Minutes ago
James. Donegal IRL 🍀 (lucadatt) Instagram Photos and Videos

James. Donegal IRL 🍀


Comment from James. Donegal IRL 🍀:

Iggy's usual spot. As far from the trimmer as possible!💈

5 Minutes ago
Martha (martha_thebc) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Martha:

Plait-il ? bordercollie bordercollielove bordercolliepuppy bordercollielovers roughcoatedcollie bordercolliesrock bordercolliestagram bordercolliecross famdog petsgram petdaily bordercollie bordercollieoftheday borderfame dogscorner dailybarker igwoofs doglife dogoftheday blackwhite instadoggy instadogsfeature mydog dailyfluff proudbordercollies bordercolliedaily thedog roughcollie

10 Minutes ago
Ra's al Doggo (rasaldoggo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ra's al Doggo


Comment from Ra's al Doggo:

My sis @dollopofmissdaisy sed dat i mite as well drink a Starbucks pupachinno affer taking dis pic cuz now I am “basic.” I don’t know y dat is bad thing cuz I don’t wanna b chomplicated • • • • dogsofinsta adoptdontshop bordercolliesofinstagram borderfame dogsoflove bordercollie dog dogoftheday instadog instabordercollie bordercollieoftheday bordercollielovers bordercollieworld bordercollies puppies usbcollie petsofinstagram bordercollielove bordercollienation ilovemybordercollie dogsofinstaworld dogsandpals rescuedog adoptapet adopteddog

14 Minutes ago
Lilu and Max (clan_of_mackenzie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lilu and Max


Comment from Lilu and Max:

Good night to everyone 💤💤💤💤 . . . . . bordercolli bordercollieworld bordercollieoftheday bordercollielover bordercollielife bordercollielovers bordercollieofinstagram bordercollies bordercollieoftheworld bordercolliepuppy bordercolliesofig bordercollielove cutedogs dogsofindtagram dogs dog doglover cute pupsofinstagram

15 Minutes ago
Rochii Velasco (rochiivelascoc) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rochii Velasco


Comment from Rochii Velasco:

Mi cachorrito mordelón @dante_border.collie 😍🎈💟💖 bordercollie_lovers_world bordercollie bordercolliepuppy bordercollies Bordercollielovers bordercollieoftheworld bordercollieofinstagram bordercollielife bordercollieworld bordercollienation bordercollieoftheday bordercollielove bordercolliesofinstagram bordercollieargentina Cutedogs dogs doglover pupsofinstagram puppylovers bordercolliesmile collie_shoutout border_collie.pets instavideo instacute beauty follow4follow puppyplaytime

17 Minutes ago
Veronika Vasseng (veronikavasseng) Instagram Photos and Videos

Veronika Vasseng


Comment from Veronika Vasseng:

Exi's first oxer👌 she did good ☺ * * * * * bordercollie border bcvideo bc SayYesExi agility hoppeteknikk hundekurs agilitydogs jumpingtechnique puppyagility puppytraining dogtrainig positivreinforcement bordercolliesofnorway bordercollienorge bclove bordercollieoftheday Norway

17 Minutes ago
Bolota & Donna (bolota.donna) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bolota & Donna


Comment from Bolota & Donna:

😍😍 bordercollie borders bordercollieoftheday bordercollieoftheworld instadog dogs lovedog bolota brazilian

23 Minutes ago
ArgoDelleRegineDeiDraghi *REM* (rem_thebluemerle) Instagram Photos and Videos

ArgoDelleRegineDeiDraghi *REM*


Comment from ArgoDelleRegineDeiDraghi *REM*:

Super afternoon with my best friend @tofyenterprise! So much fun! bordercollie bordercollielovers bc bordercollieoftheday bordercolliesofinstagram bordercollieworld bordercolliebluemerle bluemerle lovely cute cutedog lovelydog dog dailydog dogstagram pet petstagram

26 Minutes ago
Laurie (paaschpets) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Laurie:

27 Minutes ago
Collies! (i.heart.collies) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Collies!:

colliesofinstagram bordercolliesofinstagram bordercolliesofaustralia collie bordercolliemix collielove bordercolliesoftheworld bordercolliepuppy happydogs dogadventures bordercollienation bordercollieoftheday collies colliedog adventurewithdogs bordercolliesarethebest

29 Minutes ago
border collie (border_collie_vito) Instagram Photos and Videos

border collie


Comment from border collie:

bordercolliesofinstagram bordercollie bordercollie bordercollieoftheworld bordercolliestagram bordercollielovers bordercolliedog bordercolliefans bordercollielover collie collier dog dogsofinstagrambordercollienat bordercollie_feature bordercollieoftheday bordercollieofinstagram bordercolliephotos borderkolie bordercolliecorner bordercollieworld bordercollielove

29 Minutes ago
Susanne (bordercolliejoey) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Susanne:

You never walk alone ❤ . Check out my best friends ❤ @molly_and_kate @jojo1976moo @eyespy_zak @victoria.noce.josh @tailsofbadja @spiritspots @lukas.gram @attila_bordercollie @iggythebordercollie @hannahthebordercollie @inubalto_bordercollie ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ . Friends are tagged ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ . sunset bordercolliesoftheworld bordercollie nikon papsthügel bordercollieoftheday instaborder ilovemybordercollie dogmodel mybestfriend mydog instagrambordercollie fotografie gegenlicht sunsetofinstagram sonnenuntergangofinstagram sonnenuntergang sunsetbordercollie dogphotografie dogmodel bordercollieofinstagram hundefotografie naturfoto naturephotografy

38 Minutes ago
Hyper & Hero (hyperhero_thecollies) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hyper & Hero


Comment from Hyper & Hero:

Those sleepy evenings.. 💤🐶 sleepydog comfy knittedblanket bordercollie bordercolliesofin instacollie bestwoof borderco dercollieoftheday doglovers bo rs bordercollielovers borderco dercolliesoftheworld dailyfluf yfluff dogoftheday borderfame dogstagram lovebordercollie

39 Minutes ago
We love Bordercollie (i_love_bordercollie) Instagram Photos and Videos

We love Bordercollie


Comment from We love Bordercollie:

Picture shared by our friend @thebordercollie.bella Use the tag I_love_Bordercollie to shoutout your Baby Don't forget to follow:➡ @i_love_bordercollie bordercollie bordercolliesoftheworld bordercollieworld bordercolliesofinstagram bordercollielife bordercollieoftheworld bordercollieoftheday bordercollielovers bordercollieofinstagram bordercolliepuppy bordercolliesofig

40 Minutes ago
Border Collie Smile (bordercolliesmile) Instagram Photos and Videos

Border Collie Smile


Comment from Border Collie Smile:

🐶To be featured👉 bordercolliesmile From: @ivyinthewild 📸 Credit: @herdingdogdesigns Tag your friends below 👇 DM us for credit if you are owner. bordercollie bordercolliepuppy bordercollielovers bordercollieworld bordercolliebrasil bordercollielover bordercolliesofig bordercolliesrock bordercollieoftheday bordercollienation bordercollie_feature bordercollielove bordercolliex bordercolliestagram bordercolliecross bordercolliesofinstagram bordercollies bordercolliesofinsta bordercolliesoftheworld bordercolliemix bordercollieofinstagram bordercollielife collie collies colliesofinstagram

40 Minutes ago
Mabel Border Collie 🇧🇷 (mabeloliverworld) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mabel Border Collie 🇧🇷


Comment from Mabel Border Collie 🇧🇷:

Fazendo careta com o meu pai!!! 💕🌸 . . . . . cachorro bordercolliebrasil boanoite clubebordercollie animal nature dog doglovers pet pets petlovers bordercollielovers loverbordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram bordercollie bordercollieoftheday bordercolliepuppy puppy aumigos lambeijos cute sub proudbordercollies love animalllover borderlife bordercolliestagram instabcbr bomdia

44 Minutes ago
Maybe Et Isa (maybe_muxu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maybe Et Isa


Comment from Maybe Et Isa:

En direct: planque de Maybe 😂💕 oui la balle n’est pas loin on sait jamais si quelqu’un lui lance!!!😜bordercollieoftheday bordercollie bordercollies bordercollietricolor bordercollielovers bordercollielove bordercollielover bordercollieoftheworld bordercolliegram bordercolliestagram bordercollie_feature bordercollielife bordercolliephotos bordercolliefans border borders dog dogs dogsofinstagram dogstagram picoftheday

49 Minutes ago
кσяα 🎆 (kora_bordercollie) Instagram Photos and Videos

кσяα 🎆


Comment from кσяα 🎆:

Speed • • • • • • • • • snow nieve winter invierno pirineos dog perro ilovemydog ilovemybordercollie bordercollie bordercollies dogoftheday sheepdog bordercolliepuppy bordercolliesoftheworld bordercollieoftheworld bordercolliesareamazing bordercolliesofinstagram bordercolliesmile bordercollie ollieoftheday bordercolliesare doggy cachorro takeachanceonmedetaraway nofilters nikonD3400

49 Minutes ago
Kathleen (we_love_bordercollie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kathleen:

to the best golden retriever sisters ever. Oh, how I miss them. Ellie was perhaps the smartest dog we ever had in our family (don’t tell the border collies). While being trained and board -for two mornings in a row the kennel owner would get to the kennel and every dog would greet them at the door. They couldn’t figure out what was going on. Was it human error? So after the second day of this greeting at the door. They checked the cameras to see what was going on and lo and behold, Ellie would let her and maple out and then proceed to each kennel and let every single dog out! They were quite the pair, we should have changed their names to Thelma and Louise at that point. . . . . . Follow my instagram if you love 😍 bordercollie : ➡ @we_love_bordercollie 👫Love to tag? Please do!⤵ * . . . . Credit: @julezzbrown bordercollie,bordercolliesofinstagram,bordercollielovers,bordercolliemix,bordercolliepuppy,bordercolliesoftheworld,bordercollieoftheday,bordercollieworld,bordercollieofinstagram,bordercollielife,bordercollienation,bordercolliebrasil,bordercolliesofig,bordercollie_feature,bordercolliesrock,bordercolliesarethebest,bordercolliegram,we_love_bordercollie

50 Minutes ago
Tulie & Senna & Pooka (tuliesennapooka) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tulie & Senna & Pooka


Comment from Tulie & Senna & Pooka:

Dia de brincar no lago!!! bordercollie bordercollieoftheday bordercolliebrasil bordercolliepuppy

51 Minutes ago
Gaia Border Collie (bordercolliegaia) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gaia Border Collie


Comment from Gaia Border Collie:

Dia de explorar as cachoeiras da cidade !!!! . 📌Fevereiro2018 . . gai bordercolliegaia vinteedoismeses bordercollie bordercolliebr bordercollieloves bordercollieworld bordercollieoftheday instabordercollie clubebordercollie bordercollieoftheworld bordercollieofinstagram bordercolliebrasil bordercolliesp borderfame bcollie borderlife wonderfulbordercollie ilovemybordercollie bordercollietricolor bordercolliesoftheworld saothomedasletras mg cidademistica

53 Minutes ago
AHAMES (bordercollie_ahames) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from AHAMES:

🐽🐽🐽 Hi pink nose!

54 Minutes ago
Eryn (fonzandcompany) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Eryn:

Getting muddy after the snow has melted and it’s rained for three days straight lol. Brooke herdingdogsofinstagram herdingdog happydog dog doggy doglife dogstagram dogsofinstagram lovedogs bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram borderofinstagram bordercollieoftheday bordercollielovers bordercollielife

55 Minutes ago
Luka 🇹🇷 (lukaabey) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luka 🇹🇷


Comment from Luka 🇹🇷:

luka boy dog love music guitar song meleklerinsözüvar yalın bordercollie sleeping bordercollieworld bordercollies bordercollieoftheday bordercollielovers bordercolliemix bordercollielife bordercolliepuppy instadog instabordercollie mommy pet relax @yalinonline

59 Minutes ago
Border Collie #bccorner (bordercollie.corner) Instagram Photos and Videos

Border Collie #bccorner


Comment from Border Collie #bccorner:

Check out our store for the best tees, mugs, leggings and gift ideas🐕🛒🎁 👉Tap link in our bio @bordercollie.corner Made in the USA🇺🇸 International delivery📦🌏 Use bccorner to be featured! 🐶 . . . . . . collie collielovers sofinstagram oftheday puppy lovers softheworld sofinstagram dog dogsofinstagram

59 Minutes ago
Small Shed (smallshed) Instagram Photos and Videos

Small Shed


Comment from Small Shed:

Sulla fredda spiaggia di tjørnuvík abbiamo incontrato questo bellissimo cane che voleva solo giocare e saltava anche nell'acqua gelida pur di prendere il bastone che gli tiravo. Mi ricorda tanto il mio cane che non c'è più, era proprio uguale anche se era un bastardino!

1 Hours ago
Monti Border Collie (monti_border_collie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Monti Border Collie


Comment from Monti Border Collie:

Hola a todos 🐕🐕 Tengan un excelente día 🎆🎉 bordercollieoftheword bordercollie dog doginstagram thestatelyhound dogsofinstaworld theglobewanderer hikingwithdogs dogthathike dogsonadventures excellent_dogs bordercolliegram bordercollielife bordercollie_feature bordercollieoftheday cute puppy puppydog 9gag dogsofig @dogsofinstagram @dogsonadventures weeklyfluff

1 Hours ago
Larissa👣, Fly🐾 & Joy🐾 (von_flys_angels) Instagram Photos and Videos

Larissa👣, Fly🐾 & Joy🐾


Comment from Larissa👣, Fly🐾 & Joy🐾:

Um glücklich zu sein, müssen wir das aufgeben, was uns traurig macht💞

1 Hours ago
Dex & Flynt (dex_and_flynt) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dex & Flynt


Comment from Dex & Flynt:

Acting like two sharkies with @chasing._chase 🦈 shark playing besties germanshepherd gsd germanshepherddog germanshepherdsofinstagram gsdofinstagram gsdstagram gsd_feature gsdsofigworld gsdlover gsdlove belgianshepherd malinois malinoisofinstagram belgianmalinois bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram bordercollieworld bordercollielife bordercollienation bordercolliesoftheworld bordercollieoftheday bordercollielove dogsofinstagram fluffypack petsagram bestwoof happydog

1 Hours ago
Panda (impandathedog) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Panda:

Early bird pre-sale ends today for my workshop “How to be a power lesbian” with promo code PWRLZBO 🌮

1 Hours ago
Laura Bongiorni (laurab1310) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laura Bongiorni


Comment from Laura Bongiorni:

Loving storm water bordercollie dog jump bordercolliemix dogadventure waterdog swimmingdog lake dogsofinsta storm dogsofinstagram adoptdontshop dogjump instadog rescuebordercollie rescuedog doglife bordercollieoftheworld bordercollieoftheday

1 Years ago