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Sky (sky.the.border.collie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sky:

Today I'm 12 weeks and I'm still getting bigger everyday! 🐶🐾💙handsomeboy • • • happyboy love puppygettingbig puppy puppyeyes puppyfashion pup cute adorable puppydog petoftheday puppyoftheday bordercollie bordercollies bordercolliesofinstagram bordercollieoftheday bordercolliepuppy bordercolliesoftheworld bordercolliesofig bordercolliesarethebest @bordercolliesoftheworld @bordercollie_photo

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Tucker, Murphy, Allie, Jaxon (adventuresoftheferocious4) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tucker, Murphy, Allie, Jaxon


Comment from Tucker, Murphy, Allie, Jaxon:

Snuggles with mom can make even Monday better! -Murphy & Tucker puppysnuggles australianshepherd dogsofinstagram bordercolliesofinstagram dogs

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Amber Urner (amber_urner) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amber Urner


Comment from Amber Urner:

Sleepy puppy!!! bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram dogsofinstagram dog dogs dogoftheday instadog dogstagram bordercollieoftheday ilovemydog puppy instadogs bordercollielovers bordercollieworld instabordercollie pets petstagram puppylove weeklyfluff doglover bordercolliesoftheworld petsofinstagram bordercollienation collie puppiesofinstagram dailyfluff bordercolliepuppy bestpaw instagood

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It’s Harvey 🐾 (harvey_thecollie) Instagram Photos and Videos

It’s Harvey 🐾


Comment from It’s Harvey 🐾:

You wanted to sleep last night? No way, 3am is play time! 🐾🌲☀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Follow to see more of Harvey! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ bordercollie bordercollies bordercolliepuppy bordercolliesofig instagramdogs dogs dogsofinstagram dogsofinsta dogs_of_instagram bordercolliesmile bordercolliesoftheworld bordercolliestagram bordercolliesofinstagram bordercolliesofinsta bordercolliesworld bordercollieslife bordercollielovers bordercollieoftheday bordercollie_feature bestfriend pet puppy puppytraining dogadventures colliesofinstagram instagramdogs dogoftheday doggo dogstagram

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 (bordercollies_4ever) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from bordercollies_4ever:

Teddy had a nice day, we were 3 nice rounds walk ... and before he was a bit in the garden .. love my Teddybear❤ We wish you a good night😍🌃 PS @tanja_und_pinuu @alexandrarusching_ @border_collie_oskar @aussie_lauser @mein.hundeglueck @marina_dogy @herzenshuendin @blackborderheart Posted by : @teddy_crazyborders_ 🔑If you love bordercollies, I think will like these t-shirts 👉 (Click on my bio) ------------------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------------ bordercolliesoftheworld bordercolliesofig bordercolliesarethebest bordercolliesrock bordercolliestagram bordercolliesofaustralia bordercolliesoftheday

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Ollie The Border Collie 🐶 (ollie.thebordercollie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ollie The Border Collie 🐶


Comment from Ollie The Border Collie 🐶:

Throw your hands up in the air if you wanna play 🙌🏽 🙌🏽 Feat. Hugo & Lexi my spunky cousins 🐶🐾 bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram ilovedogs dogsofinstagram instapuppy instagram

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Mia (mia_borderc) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Mia:

We've been slacking on uploads lately because guess what... WE'RE MOVING! dogsofinstagram dogsofinsta dogsofig bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram colliesofig dogaccount puppy rescue adoptdontshop bordercolliesofig bordercolliesoftheworld bordercollieworld bordercollielovers happydog bordercollielife instadog dogstagram dailydog Charlotte nc clt queencity dogsofcharlotte petparent

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Sumo Tran (lifeofsumotran) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sumo Tran


Comment from Sumo Tran:

Seriously exhausted from spending sooooo much time with the hoomans... No more quality time for a long long time please, just kidding!! 😜😜 exhausted pooped thereissuchathingastoomuch recoverymode hangingwiththerents roadtrip mylove dailydoseofanimal dogsofinstagram instadog vickyandsumo sumotran adventuresofsumo bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram handsomefella dogsofrhodeisland dogoftheday lifeofsumo halfandhalf blackandwhite blackandwhitedog newyearresolution 2017resolution keepingup keepingupwithsumo pictureperfect pictureperfectdog day296of365 day296

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💋amber elizabeth (amberelizabeth_) Instagram Photos and Videos

💋amber elizabeth


Comment from 💋amber elizabeth:

“Daddy won’t let me in the kitchen so I creep!” 🤣🤣 furbaby dogmom dogmomlife bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram puppy puppiesofinstagram definitelymykid

4 Minutes ago
The Looney Lane Crew 🐾 (looney_lane) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Looney Lane Crew 🐾


Comment from The Looney Lane Crew 🐾:

Eat your heart out, Linda Carter! 😂😂😂 wonderwoman wonderdog

4 Minutes ago
Maya Bur ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Maya Bur

Comment from Maya Bur:

Had sooo much fun drawing this snugglebug!! I’d love to do more commissions like this one so if you’re interested in a personalized drawing of your furry friend (or human friend!), DM me and we’ll get something going 😊🙃👻

5 Minutes ago
JessKidding Photography (photographyjesskidding) Instagram Photos and Videos

JessKidding Photography


Comment from JessKidding Photography:

Periwinkle!🖤 bordercollie petphotography petportrait dogsofinstagram poshpetssupplyco blueeyedbeauty bordercolliesofinstagram

7 Minutes ago
Mac (macattack_bc) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Mac:

7 miles and this baby was worn out! Don't worry y'all I put a good sleepy pic in there for ya to enjoy! 😂🐶 whattaday hikingadventures hiking weekendvibes hikingdog carolinacanines dogsofinstagram dogsofcharlotte october fall🍁 gooutside outdoors 10months bordercollieworld bordercolliepuppy bordercolliebluemerle bordercolliesofinstagram bordercolliesoftheworld bordercollie_feature bluemerlebordercollie bluemerlebordercolliesofinstag ncpup ncbordercollie bordercolliesoftheworld instabordercollie bordercollielovers northcarolinaoutdoors northcarolina bordercollielife bordercolliephotos dogoftheday dogsofinstagram

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balanced pack from Puerto Rico (spiritedk9) Instagram Photos and Videos

balanced pack from Puerto Rico


Comment from balanced pack from Puerto Rico:

took the gang to the beach today! they all had so much fun. ✌️🌊 • bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram trickdog servicedog servicedogsofinstagram tricolor workingdog workingdogsofig training dutchie dutchshepherd workingdogsofinstagram dutchshepherdsofinstagram IPO schutzhund k9 workingk9 dogtrainer handler puppy dutchshepherdpuppy bitework officialdutchshepherds personalprotectiondog dogsofinstagram

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Kona (kona_the_cattledog) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kona:

“Is there something on my head?” 🤔🌼 acd acdgram acdofinstagram acdnation ACD_Nation australiancattledog cattledog australiancattledogsofinstagra heeler heelersofinstagram blueheeler bordercolliesofinstagram bordercollie mix hugaheeler cattledognation heelernation heelergram heelerclub cattledogsdaily austdogs igdogs instadogs dogoftheday dogsofinstagram cutedogs instaheelergram petsofinstagram dailypuppy dailydoseofkona

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Maky_🐶bordercollie (maky_bordercollie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Maky_🐶bordercollie:

Walk in freedom!! autumn profile dog doglover doggy mydog dogwalk doglife aplacetolovedogs dogstagram dogoftheday blueeyes bluemerle bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram pet petstagram animallovers wood mountains freedom beautiful cute cutedog picoftheday photography photoshoot portrait like4like follow4follow

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douglaslischke (nhborderpatrol) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from douglaslischke:

I know there is a squirrel up there!!!! bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram

10 Minutes ago
Azzurra the Border Collie 🌀 (zuseyesareblueskies) Instagram Photos and Videos

Azzurra the Border Collie 🌀


Comment from Azzurra the Border Collie 🌀:

Majestic ✨

10 Minutes ago
Indi & Mylo (keepingupwithindiandmylo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Indi & Mylo


Comment from Indi & Mylo:

Don’t tell my Mummy but today Maddie let me sneak in and sit with her while she sipped her cawfee. Maddie has decided that her and Daddy need to take up Badminton together for some bonding time but Daddy isn’t convinced. 🐾💕 • • • • • • bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram bordercollielover bordercollielife bordercolliesoftheworld brisbanebordercollies bordercolliesofbrisbane bordercolliesofaustralia bordercollielove iphone8plus

11 Minutes ago
Border Collie Lovers 💗🐾➡ (bordercollie_lovers_world) Instagram Photos and Videos

Border Collie Lovers 💗🐾➡


Comment from Border Collie Lovers 💗🐾➡:

⤵ Like & Follow us if you love 💗 Border Collie 👍👍👍 !!! Follow me :➡ @bordercollie_lovers_world For More 😉 . . . . 📷 Credit: @soyabordercollie bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram bordercollies bordercollielovers bordercolliemix bordercolliepuppy bordercolliesoftheworld bordercollieworld bordercollieoftheday bordercollielove bordercollieofinstagram bordercollielife bordercollienation bordercolliesofig bordercollielover border collie dog dogs cute love doglover doglove nodognolife dogsofinstagram pupsofinstagram cutedogs wetdog bordercollie_lovers_world

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Noah the Choc Collie 🐾 (noah_thechocolatecollie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Noah the Choc Collie 🐾


Comment from Noah the Choc Collie 🐾:

Back when I was so cold and much smaller than I am now!! Time is going so fast! 🐶🐶

16 Minutes ago
Tayla Lubinsky (mistermaxtheshepherd) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tayla Lubinsky


Comment from Tayla Lubinsky:

I want to see!! gsdsofinstagram bordercolliesofinstagram dogsofinstagram

17 Minutes ago
Kaileypup_ (kaileypup_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kaileypup_:

Those 👀 and 🐾 • • • puppy dog puppyeyes bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram australianshepherd australianshepherdsofig australianshepherdpuppy 7months prettybaby paws🐾 cute puppiesofig dogsofinstagram stillgrowing

18 Minutes ago
Fabio (fabramides) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Fabio:

Woody Border bordercollies bordercollieoftheday bordercolliesoftheworld bordercollie bordercolliesoftheworld bordercolliesofinstagram dog doglife

19 Minutes ago
Bino (bino0727) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Bino:

大鼻狗🐶 mylove 邊境牧羊犬 牧羊犬 忠犬 犬 呆萌 療癒系 療癒小犬 毛孩 狗 bino bordercollie bordercollies bordercolliesofinstagram sillydog happiestpups lovelydog puppy mydog doglover doglovers puppylove pet Bino

19 Minutes ago
Eric Gladfelter (eric_and_his_dog) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eric Gladfelter


Comment from Eric Gladfelter:

Took care of our 3 mile walk. Now it's time for a lazy night here in rva. Even Sam is just lounging around. dog dogsofinstagram dogs bordercolliesofinstagram bordercollies bordercollie bordercolliesoftheworld mansbestfriend

19 Minutes ago
△ (sadselkie) Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from :

@coopthebordercollie is everything • • • cooper prettyboy bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram dog dogsofinstagram bluemerle bluemerlebordercollie bluemerlebordercolliesofinstag blueeyes goodboy bordercollies bordercollielovers doggo dogsofadelaide sadselkie

20 Minutes ago
Zeke (zekeshappylife) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Zeke:

Mama got out of bed for just a minute and when she came back I was in her spot💕💁🏻‍♂️

21 Minutes ago
Amelia Corwin-Oeveraas (owlwhalephant) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amelia Corwin-Oeveraas


Comment from Amelia Corwin-Oeveraas:

Doggy love. bordercolliesofinstagram jdcitydog dogpark

22 Minutes ago
💖BORDERCOLLIE LOVERS👕&Hoodies💖 (bordercollie_styles) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 💖BORDERCOLLIE LOVERS👕&Hoodies💖:

👉Tag your friends👌 👉Get it through @bordercollie_styles bio link💖 👕All Designs for bordercollielovers 💟 👕Printed in the USA👌 💰Secure Checkout via Credit card or Paypal💰 🌟100% Satisfaction Guaranteed🌟 🌟WE'LL PROCESS A REFUND OR EXCHANGE A NEW SHIRT IF YOU DON'T ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR PRINT🌟 🌍International shipping 🚚 🔰Shipping cost US: $3.99USD🔰 🔰International: $4.99 USD for the first tee and legging🔰$6.99USD for the first hoodie and sweat🔰$2.5USD for each additional item🔰 🔎Pinch to zoom in designs📷 📩Contact premiumteestore, If you want your own design. bordercollieaddicted bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram bordercollies bordercollielover bordercolliepuppy bordercollieoftheday bordercolliesoftheworld bordercollielove bordercolliesarethebest bordercolliesofig bordercolliesrock bordercolliegram

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Loren Barry (lorenbarry) Instagram Photos and Videos

Loren Barry


Comment from Loren Barry:

Evenings on the lake with frands 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶💦 puplife lakelife dogsofinstagram dogs dogsofinsta dogsofig bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram bordercolliepuppy gsp gspsofinstagram boxer boxersofinstagram dogsthatswim dogsofaustin

25 Minutes ago
Border Collie Woof Pack 🐾 (bc.woofpack) Instagram Photos and Videos

Border Collie Woof Pack 🐾


Comment from Border Collie Woof Pack 🐾:

Look how I'm growing 🐾 Puppy Zen 🐶 . . bordercollie bordercolliedog bordercollielovers bordercolliesofinstagram bordercolliesarethebest bordercollieoftheday bordercollieoftheworld bordercolliesofperth dog dogsofinstagram dogoftheday dogofinstagram dogsofperth perthdogs perthbordercollies perth instadog cutedog instapuppy perthpets puppy puppylove puppyofperth bordercolliepuppy puppiesofperth growingpuppy kelpiepuppy bordercolliecross kelpiecross bordercolliekelpie

26 Minutes ago
Meagan Skelton (meaganskelton) Instagram Photos and Videos

Meagan Skelton


Comment from Meagan Skelton:

Gael was pretty happy to be running agility again. About as happy as I was to be running her! dogagility tcbagility bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram dogsofinstagram superstar @andreaskasprzok

4 Hours ago