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L3on🔥🤘🏻 (leon.fndez) Instagram Photos and Videos



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I wasn’t studying shit. I was making up majors. I thought I wanted to do international business🤘🏻 • • • vetements champion life travisscott style hypebeast yeezy adidas boy gucci love quotes germany brokenheart

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Juanel901 (juanel90) Instagram Photos and Videos



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@damagl you're amazing!!☺️NATUREPHOTOGRAPHY naturalboy bosque plantsofinstagram photography photographer photo nature naturaleza likeforfollow like4like followme colombia tierra fly vista photographyislifee live life fotosnaturales foto fotografias likeforlike cuidarlanaturaleza cielo fotografiaelias2003 clouds sky panorama

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Joka Tatarang (joka_pentaboyz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joka Tatarang


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Senyum mu, Semangat ku.. 💙Joselael Mika Tatarang 💙 my cute baby boy smile love family instamoment instagood godisgood like4like likeforlike manofmonicatatarang queenofjokatatarang mjjunior MJ

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Felippe Fogaça 💎 (felippefogaca) Instagram Photos and Videos

Felippe Fogaça 💎


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S T E A M P U N K _ T E N D E N C Y 🗝 Instagay gaystagram gay boy gayboy steampunk tendency sepia selfie beard gaybeard smile oldbutgold face photolab metal thevisionary photoshoot ficção steampunkart

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Pls write me if you know who made/took this drawing/picture! aesthetic aesthetics aesthetictumblr tumblr sad happy ihavenothingtodo tumblrgirl art depressed boy girl artwork tumblrthings Music songs video musicvideo popular good goodvibes love luck chillvibes vibes heartbreak brokenheart

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Owners Andrew and River (gay.bread) Instagram Photos and Videos

Owners Andrew and River


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Gayness! But like I c ant wait to be like this with max (max and I are together) ×tyler× transgaylgbttyleristra

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david alsonn (davidalsonn) Instagram Photos and Videos

david alsonn


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Jaat & gujjar🚩🚩 (jaatgujjar7882) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jaat & gujjar🚩🚩


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Reval Angga (_rvlangga) Instagram Photos and Videos

Reval Angga


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Mask👹 TopengBandungSaungUdjoMaskStud kStudyTematikBandungIndonesiaB

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🤨❤️🙌🏽 fashion swag style stylish italianboy me swagger cute photooftheday jacket hair pants shirt barbershop handsome cool polo swagg guy boy boys man model tshirt shoes sneakers styles jeans fresh dope

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Project viking 127/365 . . . love instagood beautiful day photooftheday beach me tbt fashion i selfie style hair like4like beard like follow boy followme life longhair cute funny earth viking rock

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RLopEz (ric_lpz) Instagram Photos and Videos



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sunset sun ligth instapiclife photography beautifulplaces awesome look wonderful all_shots man sexy boy lovely lanscape love igers picoftheday california beach sea pacific amazing mephotography usa

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Official Florian Nex? (florianenx_official) Instagram Photos and Videos

Official Florian Nex?


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morningslikethese thatsdarling darlingmovement darlingweekend pursuepretty petitejoys flashesofdelight thehappynow nothingisordinary livethelittlethings welltravelled morningslikethese mytinyatlas calledtobecreative livecolorfully friyay throwback followme leipzig 2017 cool boy germany usa wow nice me ich katze

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Workout Loverz (workoutloverz1542) Instagram Photos and Videos

Workout Loverz


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Repost from @thejayvalentine 2016 BULK IN COMPARISON TO 2015 SHRED, WHICH ONE DO YOU PREFER? I feel the message of this post is extremely important to all lifters and general public whom don't lift. During the 2016 bulk I gained a lot more muscular mass in comparison to what I had when I was shredded in 2015. The funny thing about a bulk is you always look "less muscular" even thought you actually are holding more muscle mass. In my opinion I look more "appealing" and more muscular in 2015 compared to 2016 when I was bulking even though I had more mass in 2016. So be weary of this when deciding how to structure your programming, especially if you decide to stay natural "natty". Even though you may put on more muscle during a bulk period you probably would have looked better in the past when you were shredded. Keep your eyes on the prize and trust the process if you are ever in this situation. FYI if you are not using an anabolic substance such as a steroid or anything in its nature during a shred it's extremely hard to maintain 100% of the muscle you have attained during this bulk period due to a caloric defect. Let me know why physique you prefer most 👇🏽 - 👻 ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT: 💪🏾 Hairless/Smooth Skin: @laserlifeclinic fitness bodybuilding gym workout train training model lifestyle staymotivated gains motivation healthy abs jayvalentine body aesthetics fit shredded physique muscle australia boy malemodel dedication sydney transformation abs sixpack fatloss onlinecoach

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J.A (juanitoaroca) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Hay quien lo pelea y hay quien vive de rodillas! toteking padstow boy like4follow walking

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G A L A (galadruzhinina) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Meeting Point - Moscow city 📍

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Macniel Saldanha (_m_a_c_n_i_e_l_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Macniel Saldanha


Comment from Macniel Saldanha:

Happy Birthday Enfield broda! . . . . . . . . . . . h . . happybirthdayboyfunnyassei asseishesdumbinstalikeinstagoo tagoodlike4likeinstadailyroyal

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ELIEZER LUNA (eliezer_luna) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Mi gran TEBETAZO TBT actoDeGrado beby boy tbt jueves ❤😍😍😍🎉🎊🙊 ..... Graciaaas Dios por que vendran nuevas oportunidades ! Amen...😇🙏🏻❤

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Bars and Melody (barsandmelody.fanss) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bars and Melody


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Willy Guerra (willygue) Instagram Photos and Videos

Willy Guerra


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⭕️ . . . . . . pachamac handstand paradademanos museo ruinas practiceeveryday boy acrobatics circus

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parnivforme (parnivforme) Instagram Photos and Videos



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gays gay man mans boy boys people interiordesign we me i live world followme you sex пацаны парень мужик мужчина секс фото foto жизнь

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Patrik Malý (patrikmaly) Instagram Photos and Videos

Patrik Malý


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📷 . . . . love instagood me tbt cute follow followme photooftheday happy tagforlikes beautiful self boy czech czechboy prague picoftheday like4like smile like fashion eyes instadaily instalike

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Brent Philipsen (brentphilipsen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brent Philipsen


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Let’s go! instaboy instagay boy gay guy gayguy gaybelgium volvo car gays driving parked

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Futbol ⚽ (futbolistayprincesa.col) Instagram Photos and Videos

Futbol ⚽


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@lauraperdomoramirez & @omar_albornoz futbolistayprincesa noviafutbolista love boy girl couple princess soccerplayer soccer adorable photooftheday cute beautiful happy like kiss romance follow smile followme instalove

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Andrea Amato (amato_93) Instagram Photos and Videos

Andrea Amato


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totalblack workout italian italia elegance elegantman lovequotes likes boycar boy

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Bojan Mladenovic (mr.mladenovic_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bojan Mladenovic


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🕵️‍♂️ fashion swag style stylish me swagger cute photooftheday jacket hair pants shirt instagood handsome cool polo swagg guy boy boys man model tshirt shoes sneakers styles jeans fresh dope

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Model @marcfenty malemodel model male men boy twinks hotteen guyswithink underwear fit fitness muscle fitbody muscle

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Piotr Gru ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Piotr Gru

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3... 2... 1... Start 🚀🚀🚀 warsawpolandpalackultur ulturynightnightlifetripbuildi uildinginstainstaphotophotopho tophotoofthedayinstamomentinst tinstaloveinstapicpicofthedayp edaypicinstamoodinstagoinstada

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GOT7 yugyeom (유겸) (my.maknae) Instagram Photos and Videos

GOT7 yugyeom (유겸)


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It's not a GOT7, it's NCTdream, I love Chenle the most😻😻 NCT nctdream chenle . @yu_gyeom 💕 Yugyeom GOT7 IGOT7 JacksonWang JB Jaebum Youngjae MarkTuan Jinyoung BamBam boy man oppa kimyugyeom igot7❤🐥 kpop handsome beautiful maknae maknaegot7 kimyugyeom1997🐥 bts airportstyle photography asianboy Asia korean

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 (ripinpeacelu) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Maria (mariia_2) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Soy más fuerte si estamos los dos 💑

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Bryan Parraguez™ (brayaathan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bryan Parraguez™


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👔👖💎 fashion swag style stylish me swagger cute photooftheday jacket hair pants shirt instagood handsome cool polo swagg guy boy boys man model tshirt shoes sneakers styles jeans fresh dope

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🌹🍀 Srta. Manuzita 🍀🌹 (manuzelaquett) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌹🍀 Srta. Manuzita 🍀🌹


Comment from 🌹🍀 Srta. Manuzita 🍀🌹:

Pronto Para O Réveillon Mamãe! Momentos dele.. 👲😍 . . . AmorIncondicional maedemenino💙 maecoruja maeorgulhosa instalovers instalike instasize instagod instagramer instagrambrazil instagood Diariodepernambuco nordestinadagema manuzita manuzelaquett cool boy love Hicarorhai mistermirimrn meumodelo mister crianças coisasdepernambuco filhomaislindodomundo mylove mylife recifense filhoamado💙 FelizAnoNovo

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