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Juan David Ortiz Lopez (juandortizl) Instagram Photos and Videos

Juan David Ortiz Lopez


Comment from Juan David Ortiz Lopez:

saturday break

4 Seconds ago
Anna (annas_coastal_art) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Anna:

Hi all I have finished Kerbal and will post him at a later date. Today was not a day for painting but ' herbing ' 😀 Another messy affair 💚 break herbs joy fresh mess

2 Minutes ago
Rein Tomcat (reintomcat) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rein Tomcat


Comment from Rein Tomcat:

Masih terlena dalam keisengan saat itu diwaktu itu... iseng coffee break coffeebreak jail adaadaaja lemesinaja edankeun stress tertawa @deichyparmadi

3 Minutes ago
TekBoi The Comedian (mrtekboi) Instagram Photos and Videos

TekBoi The Comedian


Comment from TekBoi The Comedian:

Out soon... Break free day via @coded Get a creative song art like this for a very $10. creative art break free day tekboikreationz graphicdesigner graphicdesign illustration adobeillustrator photography photoshop deep

3 Minutes ago
Simone Allyne (simoneacorr) Instagram Photos and Videos

Simone Allyne


Comment from Simone Allyne:

‪Their Grandpaw doesn’t spoil them at all. ‬beagle chiuahua terrier rescue dogsofinstagram dog grandpaw spoiled thanksgiving break vacation eugene oregon pacificnorthwest

3 Minutes ago
Francesca Scalise (checcaesse) Instagram Photos and Videos

Francesca Scalise


Comment from Francesca Scalise:

breakTFLers tweegram photooftheday 20likes amazing smile follow4follow like4like look instalike igers picoftheday food instadaily instafollow followme girl iphoneonly instagood bestoftheday instacool instago all_shots follow webstagramstyle

4 Minutes ago
Arifin Sinha 🔫 (arifinsinha) Instagram Photos and Videos

Arifin Sinha 🔫


Comment from Arifin Sinha 🔫:

poollovebreak ❤️😍

4 Minutes ago
Emily, 31 🌊 🌷🌹❤️ (allthelovelythings86) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emily, 31 🌊 🌷🌹❤️


Comment from Emily, 31 🌊 🌷🌹❤️:

dolci desserts dessert sweets chocolate icecream cremebrulee vanilla sugar whippedcream delights shopping break holidays Christmas caramel cake food foodie

6 Minutes ago
🌶🦄 Marie Ty (eyecow) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌶🦄 Marie Ty


Comment from 🌶🦄 Marie Ty:

My new bestie is giving me a makeover during the breakdance show. ✌🏼🙈 ------------------------ breakdance break dance show danceshow girlsjustwannahavefun surprise makeover bboy bgirl salon salonlife

7 Minutes ago
Asmaà Jll ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Asmaà Jll

Comment from Asmaà Jll:

A liquid hug for my brain is coffee ☕☕☕☕ @cafe_vanhoutte . . . . . . . . . . . . . sweater home drink instafood instadrink fall pumpkin coffeeholic coffeeaddict coffeelovers coffee break water breaktime instapic instalove instacoffee homecoming evening good goodtimes goodtime follow4followback followforfollow likeforfollow like4like healthyfood orange pictures followforlikes

8 Minutes ago
B-Boy  J (bboy_j_dtmcs) Instagram Photos and Videos

B-Boy J


Comment from B-Boy J:

Sobre Hoje primeiro dia Detona City Battle!! Jurados Bboy J & Bboy Rayden Judge detona_city_battle break bboys dance cultura hip_hop humildade vibes amanha_tem_mais bboy_j

8 Minutes ago
Gerardo Elias (prototype_music_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gerardo Elias


Comment from Gerardo Elias:

11 Minutes ago
ruru (rurukichi) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ruru:

・ ・ ・ 寒くてスタバに避難 お腹すいたし 朝ごはん ・ はん ・ ・ 新作ピスタチオの。。 試飲くれました うん…好 うん…好きな人好きなんじゃないかな^^; ・ ・ ・ ジン ・ ジンジャーブレッドラテ年中置いて欲しいシナモンふりふり ンふりふりクラブハウスサンドニューヨークチーズケーキワッフル キワッフルスタバスターバックス寄り道カフェ☕︎朝ごパン朝ごは パン朝ごはんbreakfaststarbucksstarbu 2017.11.19

11 Minutes ago
Kelsey Scott (kelsey.kat327) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kelsey Scott


Comment from Kelsey Scott:

I’ve eaten so much food today but tomorrow I’ll be hiking / camping so it’s okay 🤨😛 I thought about going to the hotel gym but I’m too full so have a bathroom hotel selfie instead 🤷🏼‍♀️

11 Minutes ago
PiaIsidora (prodriguezsoriano) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from PiaIsidora:

purplelips quedamenos goodvibes lovelife break

14 Minutes ago
Detomicos Crew (detomicos_crew) Instagram Photos and Videos

Detomicos Crew


Comment from Detomicos Crew:

Ainda sobre o Detona City battle!!! Primeiro dia!! Detomicos Detona_city_battle bboys culture break Hip_Hop vibes dança redbullbcone

15 Minutes ago
Paul Vi ♛ (mrpaulvi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Paul Vi ♛


Comment from Paul Vi ♛:

I'm tryna not kick her in the face 😂 . . . . . pedicure canada toronto thesix mma boxing fitness fresh relax break asian instagood instacool instapic instadaily preparation clean kick happy jokes

15 Minutes ago
Chase-YOUR+Dream (ceesimon) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Chase-YOUR+Dream:

promo reduction paysdenamur venteenligne eshop eshoping girls bags sac sacamain picofday picoftheday bagsaddict friday work french instadaily instagood food snack break snacking eat eating eatingdisorder eatingdisorders eatingdisorderrecovery recover recovery recovering

17 Minutes ago
Masato Furukawa (masato.furukawa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Masato Furukawa


Comment from Masato Furukawa:

昨日は上田breakでのライブで歌わせていただきました! 最 した! 最高に素敵な時間を皆さんと過ごせて、とても幸せな良い 幸せな良い1日になりました! ・ ライブをする度に、自分は沢 、自分は沢山の人のおかげで今日も歌う事が出来ているのだと実感 のだと実感します。 ・ もしかしたら、もう二度と会えない人だ えない人だっている中で、自分とみんなで大切な時間をつくること つくることがライブです! ・ だからこそ、毎回最後の気持ちで の気持ちで、歌い終わったら死ぬくらいの気持ちで取り組むのが僕 組むのが僕の使命だと思ってます! ・ 皆さんのおかげで昨日が break furukawamasato シンガーソングライター

17 Minutes ago
Luxury News & Travel Magazine (luxervind) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luxury News & Travel Magazine


Comment from Luxury News & Travel Magazine:

Coffee coffee coffeetime coffeeshop coffeelover coffeebreak shortbreak break drinks foodphotography breakfast lunch relaxing lifestyleblogger lifestylephotography travelphotography photooftheday fashionblogger foodblogger bread luxervind

18 Minutes ago
Kangatraining Echuca Moama (kangatrainingechucamoama) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kangatraining Echuca Moama


Comment from Kangatraining Echuca Moama:

CLASS CHANGES this week and next: Last time we had a little break I got to do handstands in PJs on a log amongst the massive trees and birdsong, prep brekky and breathe in my own space until the boys woke up... bliss, and what a ripper mood I (and the rest of the family!) was in for the rest of the day! Such a ripple effect. Looking forward to the next little break for festivities and family time but unfortunately going to miss two weeks of Kanga! Classes as normal tomorrow with 11am Yoga, but no classes on Tuesday 21st , Monday 27th or Tuesday 28th. Back to normal for the rest of the term after that! Look forward to moving with you tomorrow (plus a little more massage for you and baby!) And cant wait to see you all Dec 4th after that! Also no prenatal yoga this week or next but further changes TBA for a potential Thursday class Xox

18 Minutes ago
JAMES THEROBOT •••••• (james_therobot) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from JAMES THEROBOT ••••••:

❤️ tonight was 🍌’s • • • • sensationentertai motivation movement successful success empowerment entertainment education btlxctz dance bboy break style hiphop footwork happiness abundance love class hiphop streetdance learn battle exchange greywizard

19 Minutes ago
bellazahara (bellazahara) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from bellazahara:

BZ's Withering Awareness . Fly Free Fly High Love Breath... Push....Let Go ...Expand🐝 womb abundance love joy witness peace captured one weareone breath grace mercy poetryisnotdead flyhigh seek indigo poetry letthpughtspass soul spirit vulernable bellazahara writersofinstagram water livingwaters break treasuresinthedarkness sun free paradigmshift 🐝🎁🐝✨😘

20 Minutes ago
Fotto Kuma (kumafotto) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fotto Kuma


Comment from Fotto Kuma:

Woah Ernest hahahaha . . followforfollow likeforlike photography candid nikon bro boy ernest glasses polo lol fun school break classes guitar student hehehe colors brown white black blue yellow

22 Minutes ago
Liza🌸🌸 (lizaghx) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Liza🌸🌸:

THANKSGIVING BREAK!!!!!!😆 thanksgiving winter break edit edits arianagrande selenagomez lizakoshy christmas daviddobrik

22 Minutes ago
Sixto Valderrama Peña (sixtohvalderrama) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sixto Valderrama Peña


Comment from Sixto Valderrama Peña:

break photo happy we sixto😝😋

24 Minutes ago
jonroswick (jonroswick) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from jonroswick:

When you break your er bar

24 Minutes ago
Park Plaza Bangkok Soi 18 (parkplazabangkoksoi18) Instagram Photos and Videos

Park Plaza Bangkok Soi 18


Comment from Park Plaza Bangkok Soi 18:

What better way to start your Sunday? 🍴 ParkPlazaBangkokSoi18 wakeup call morning view backtowork rooftop pool parkplaza bangkok sukhumvit asoke city citybreak wellness escape thailand hotel relax break peaceful breakaway discover

24 Minutes ago
Mario Fermiza (tsomario) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mario Fermiza


Comment from Mario Fermiza:

The famous Sphinx with the head of human and the body of a lion. . . egypt cairo travegoals travelpic travelphoto love work break work travels vacation cool holidays

26 Minutes ago
Radouane Ferrouhi (radouaneferrouhi_officiel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Radouane Ferrouhi


Comment from Radouane Ferrouhi:

trip roadtrip drive route nuit night fete orange cold froid maroc voiture car happy relax drink thinking pause break soiree المغرب البرد الليل

26 Minutes ago
Con (yenoc1115) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Con:

- 身在異鄉,試著去接受那個帶有永久殘缺的自己;學習適應一輩 陪伴著的卻是藥物和無止境的黑暗。 . 傷害太深,那揮之不去的 揮之不去的陰影,一個女生根本承受不了。 . 也許逃避才讓我有 避才讓我有喘息的機會,不想面對亦不懂得面對。希望可以一直躲起 view dark street mood hkgirl traveling travel walk around lifestyle break

3 Hours ago
The Beatiful Things in Life (25mima25) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Beatiful Things in Life


Comment from The Beatiful Things in Life:

arquitectura diseño santodomingo decor outside furniture enjoy relax unwind birthdayweekend justhavefun disconnected beautiful things in life beautifulthings reflection weekendgetaway break

4 Hours ago
Kent Au (tooasianforya) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kent Au


Comment from Kent Au:

*cheeky* SnapChat Emoji Cute Filter Break Asian Bored

3 Days ago