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Dylan Adkins


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Mark Velasquez


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“I shall return...” -with @dechiuz in Salerno, Italy. - - Find all my uncensored work on Patreon, link on my profile! - - - - modelmuse travel naturalbeauty brightside coolcolors naturally reflections lace windowseat italiangirl summers modeling violet bodysuits elegant italy italyfashion salerno wanderlust colorfull portraiture renaissance renaissancepalette markvelasquez

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Bright Side


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brightside video

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Umang Dutt (umangdutt) Instagram Photos and Videos

Umang Dutt


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Loved how this Lilly turned out. The gloomy weather and shade made the water and leaves look nearly black blackandwhite pink stillwater gloomyday brightside

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Louise Hung


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🚞☀️ Just the feeling of free and comfortable. ▪️▪️▪️ justforfun amateurphotography amateur trainstation platform blue light bright brightside dark darkness darkside glenfield railway railwaystation holidays sydney australia ilovesydney vividsydney syd sydneylife iphonephoto iphonephotography daytime assymetrical

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Denis Crews


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screenshot from "Intent" visuals for "Radioactivist" photocred @doublerfcp shooter videoshoot musicvideo hustle game hiphop rapartist rapper underground undergroundmusic independentartist independent mixtape hiphopmusic newartist original songwriter sunlight brightside actionshot

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PETE on REPEAT⚡❤️⚡ (pete.on.repeat) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Day 813. Some days, the light is brilliant and your heart will swell, busting at the seams. You'll hit every green, catch the elevator, and those round pegs will fit right into those round holes. You'll be met by kind faces, smiles around every corner, and laughter will fill the empty spaces between you and your doubts. These are the days when it's easy to recall why... why you've decided to reject that which once tore you apart. Some days are so full of light that it's hard to imagine that there was ever any darkness at all. Other days, you have to search. You'll be tired, sick of fighting a seemingly unending battle. You'll get stopped by every red, miss the elevator, and no matter how hard you try, those pegs won't fit into those holes. You'll be met with pesimism, furrowed brows and frowns. Suddenly, the joke's not funny and there's barely any breathing room between you and your doubts. These are the days that it's increasingly more difficult to find comfort in your ability to overcome that which once weighed you down. When the world's surrounded by darkness, you have to grab a shovel and dig deep to find a little a bit of light, inside... just enough to get you though until tomorrow, because tomorrow is another day... and every tomorrow affords endless opportunities to undo the folly of every yesterday. Whether you believe it or not, even in your darkest hours, there's always a brightside. . Me? Well, I had a great day. One of the aforementioned days: everything fell right into place. Round pegs. Round holes. However, some days are difficult. So, I felt obligated to remind you that, for the most part, nothing is easy, in recovery, any drastic change or life in general. So today, if you did that thing you do, that one thing that you have to fight for that makes you a better person, I think you're f*cking awesome. It's never easy, but one day, your light will shine so damned bright that you won't always need to rely upon the brightside. brightside mrbrightside light darkness optimism photography sober sobriety recovery iamthestorm wearethestorm

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¤ 6 hal ini harus dijaga untuk hati-hati dibicarakan pada orang lain nih ladies, pilih-pilih teman untuk membicarakan privacy ya😉 brightside video Repost @brightgram with • • •

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2018 is going to be big! Beta 2.0 capsules for pod poi (ordered separate rig for beta for this.) hopefully bringing them to par with FS)and firmware upgrade for my flowlight FS. As well as an exclusive bag for beta testers if you spent over $100 flowtoys flowarts flowartist led glow pixel flowlife flow props glowsticks performer glowsticking rave light clubbing hardware upgrade technology crystal fullsepectrum podpoi firmware beta festival brightside poi 2018 hardware manipulation release preorder

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decemberinflorida thisishowwedoit floridians brightside beachphotos flaglerbeach palmbeach teamcannon sand palmbeach downtown december2017 christmas

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decemberinflorida thisishowwedoit floridians brightside beachphotos flaglerbeach palmbeach teamcannon sand palmbeach downtown december2017 christmas family palmtrees portarits

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Nathan & Jamie (the.tinsleys) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nathan & Jamie


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Chilly walk at the river this afternoon, but seriously, I can hardly complain about the view. And, this walk was during a session with a client so I got paid to enjoy some sunshine and nature while working on appropriate social greetings, vocabulary and safety. Even though I hate cold weather, I always enjoy a break from indoor table work. So, it was a fair trade. beautifulbritishcolumbia getoutside sunandsnow blessed ilovemyjob brightside specialeducation sped

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Renata Pribila


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Time to do what makes your soul happy 💋🧚🏻‍♀️🌹 happymelovelyfrien friendsviennashipcastlesightse ghtseeingwelltraveledwinterwon erwonderlandengelaufzweibeinen einenshookiesthatsdarlinglivet livethelittlethingsjoyhappynes pynesscutemomentsinlifesmilela

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Met with my surgeon today. X-rays show only my pre-existing abnormalities (what a great phrase😅). I'm waiting on a call to schedule my MRI, as it could be a couple of different issues. I'll either end up in PT or on an operating table. I'm still more in the dark than I'd like, which is a bummer. I'm getting sick of not having full ROM too; what you see in the pic is as straight as my leg goes right now😓 I'm also down 7 pounds from last month. That's a mixed bag: every pound off my knees is positive, but I'm losing muscle mass, which is obviously not my goal. That being said, I got to catch up with a wonderful friend today, and my new leggings came in! Days like these, ya gotta appreciate the little things . . silverlinings littlethings brightside leggings leggingsforlife kneeprobs slowlybutsurely

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Patrick Viles


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Well, this hasn't gotten any better. I've never been this sick before. But Elf is playing in my room. brightside

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Bright Side


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Spread as much positivity as you wish☀️☁️ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • cloudsskyporniphon iphone7plusiphonephotographybe

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There is always a bright side pasteisdenata lisbon stuckinlisbon flightdelay forcedovernight sweetconsolation staypositive longday tired earlystarttomorrow businesstrip foodmakesmehappy findthegood brightside

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Laura Martinez


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Making Monday's brighter. He got two packages in the mail and his favorite thing for dinner..... lots of mussels and lobster! itsgoodtobeAJ heateallofthemussels brightside

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ft. some drugs

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i feel like im sleepwalking . . . . . . weed cannabis pipe blunt joint redeyes numb stoner high smoke brightside comeoverwhenyouresober fallvibes fuckedup lsd reckless runningaway smoker pills oxy vicodin xans lilxan nicotine jin whiskey drunk depression abuse manipulated

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365daysofyellow myyellowproject brightside

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Bright Side Lifestyle 🌴


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Winter is here to stay in Connecticut. Come checkout our long sleeves at

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“When I’m with you, I’m standing with an army” - Ellie Goulding 👭 iceland bestfriends army brightside lovethisgirl glacierlagoon loveyoumore notpossible elliegoulding zimmerframes

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Sara Undeliving


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PopTai Pipoca Artesanal


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"Poptai gostar muito eu hmmm." Eai já escolheu qual seu lado para assistir a estreia de Star Wars? Não?!? Peça já o seu jovem padawan! PopTai pipocaartesanal starwars BrightSide DarkSide queaforcaestejacomvoce

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Lorrane Fortunato (dreamsebooks) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lorrane Fortunato


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Olá, leitores! Tudo bem? Hoje eu venho com quotes desse livro maravilhoso que tem tanto a ensinar! Impossível sair dessa leitura sem ser tocado! 💛 . ☀ "O silêncio é ensurdecedor." . ☀ “Sinta a dor, mas não se agarre a ela. A dor sufoca a vida...” . ☀ "Você sabe como é ser abençoado com uma pessoa tão especial e amar tanto essa pessoa que dói para depois essa pessoa ser tirada de você para sempre?" . ☀ "Hoje, minha vida é maravilhosa. Eu não quero pensar no amanhã. Ou no dia após ele. Então eu repito para mim mesma: Hoje, minha vida é maravilhosa." . ☀ "Você é corajoso... Agora vá... Faça épico!" . Já leu esse livro? Quer ler? Comente! :) . Para saber mais sobre o livro, acesse: BrightSide KimHolden Resenha LorraneFortunato DreamsandBooks ResenhaDB

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Robbie & Rosie the explorers (robbieandrosie_the_explorers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Robbie & Rosie the explorers


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Hiding for the snow be like ❄️

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This is why we’re living in a hotel. We’re over-the-moon excited. We bought a house that’s closer to all of our kids (except one in VA) and are anxiously awaiting our official move-in date! The guys working on our home are talented and we are grateful and feel blessed to be working with them. Our Christmas this year will be very different BUT, we’ll still spend it with loved ones, just not in our house 🏡. Looking forward to our newest chapter of moving in and starting our new adventure! blessed grateful newbeginnings healthyattitude brightside 😁

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Walking home after abandoning the car on Sunday. Kind of glad it happened. silverlining brightside snow england countryside winter travel trees

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Mehdi aka NoFear 🇹🇳🇲🇨🇦🇪


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Aman Sidhu


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bluesmokeyeye partymakeup punjabisuits salwarkameez partytimes blueoutfit brightside brightcolour

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