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Mauro Filipe Dias Senica  🇵🇹🇩🇪 (maurosenica) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mauro Filipe Dias Senica 🇵🇹🇩🇪


Comment from Mauro Filipe Dias Senica 🇵🇹🇩🇪:

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ↠ 😆 HOPE YOU CAN LAUGH ABOUT IT 😆 ↞ ⠀ ⠀ ↠ 💪🏽 HOW MANY BIG BICEPS ARE THERE ? 💪🏽 ↞ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀❌✖️❌✖️❌✖️❌✖️❌✖️❌✖️❌✖️❌ ⠀ educ is good but bigbiceps are better motivation grow muscles bodybuilding lifestyle fitness aesthetic mass massive lovewhatyoudo follow4follow like4like like4follow fitnessfam fitfam fitfamgermany

1 Minutes ago
Nagul Meera (nikki.nagul786) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nagul Meera


Comment from Nagul Meera:

Spice jet worst flight servicebut enjoyed the weathermrg flight

2 Minutes ago
After Sex Selfies (aftersexselfiess) Instagram Photos and Videos

After Sex Selfies


Comment from After Sex Selfies:

hotgraphicdesignerbutchemistry shared @petr.roudny

5 Minutes ago
Hee YoungLee (thinkbyyosi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hee YoungLee


Comment from Hee YoungLee:

천원으로 득템 기분좋아 but 자기전에 라면먹었니 나미누님

7 Minutes ago
MiniKeks (mini.keks96) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MiniKeks:

cappuccinochocolatelovedelicio specialbutniceshot☕

8 Minutes ago
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Secret Geoffroy Lau (secretlzg) Instagram Photos and Videos

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Secret Geoffroy Lau


Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Secret Geoffroy Lau:

Tyra say do the next level fierce , I say do the next level fear but u gonna make yourself slightly Fearless~ ! . 📸: @tfortitus (thank :) ) . . nlf different but same too much antm pose bitch chinese asian like4like potd photography art portraitphotographer fashion style mensfashion menswear fashionkilla malaysia fashionblogger fear styleblogger microbraids fringe fabulous secretlzgfablife chigga

9 Minutes ago
Driven_for_suCceSs (luxury_forever100) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Driven_for_suCceSs:

nurse doctor love love what i do for a living my office its much bigger but here is a demo love rehabilitating my patients miss perfectionist 👑👋🏼🌡💉💊💅🏽💄💋😘😍👑

9 Minutes ago
salome 🌸(๑*◡*๑)٩(❛ัᴗ❛ั⁎)ೄ🌸 (sally_775) Instagram Photos and Videos

salome 🌸(๑*◡*๑)٩(❛ัᴗ❛ั⁎)ೄ🌸


Comment from salome 🌸(๑*◡*๑)٩(❛ัᴗ❛ั⁎)ೄ🌸:

nails nails january cold but sun me

10 Minutes ago
Luke Zeitzen (lukezeitzen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luke Zeitzen


Comment from Luke Zeitzen:

longweekend startedearly worktomorrow but jobson

11 Minutes ago
Daniel khan(‏دانيال خان) (daniel_khan0786) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daniel khan(‏دانيال خان)


Comment from Daniel khan(‏دانيال خان):

picaboutyesterdaymyNieceshewas hewasnotreadyforapicturebutica uticansaySheknowswellhowtomake omakeitlooklikeaperfectonePico

14 Minutes ago
ayame (yammitravel) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ayame:

🌞🌟🌜 sofarbutsoclose

14 Minutes ago
Lqxz (cherryxz16) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lqxz:

为什么生日季也是别离季…🎂 唉…😔 theforthbi rthbirthdaywithhappinessbutdon

18 Minutes ago
Pracownia_ Zdrowie w Tobie_ (zdrowiewtobie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pracownia_ Zdrowie w Tobie_


Comment from Pracownia_ Zdrowie w Tobie_:

Takie smaki tylko u nas: śliwki-rodzynki-słonecznik-orz włoski-siemię lniane-cynamon Lubicie takie smaki? 😋 healthyfoodfitsłodycze wega słodkości chcę więcejinstadaily polishbrand sweet butnosugaradded simple nature

20 Minutes ago
Joëlla Mama van Jailey ❤ (mom_of_jailey) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joëlla Mama van Jailey ❤


Comment from Joëlla Mama van Jailey ❤:

Mornings be like... ontbijtkoek en maar wijzen. 😅 die die die mama geef nou . Shirtje gewonnen @desa.line ! morning ontbijt food line loveit notapurfectpicture but lovethis daddy youre ok today cauze im look not funny . Ps. Haar prachtige legging is zo dik en ideaal voor dit weer, deze is te koop bij @ouapc

22 Minutes ago
Deepak yadav AKA spectro (i_m_liljerk) Instagram Photos and Videos

Deepak yadav AKA spectro


Comment from Deepak yadav AKA spectro:

Latepostbutkadakpost gullygang yganggaliwalislangeblack&white

23 Minutes ago
KESHA (koyer17) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from KESHA:

you ever lose all respect for someone but dont hate them just have nothing to say gm morning goodmorning facts factsonly realshit realtalk 💯 norespect disrespectful

23 Minutes ago
DJ SAGEIN (Nambiar)🔵 (djsageinofficial) Instagram Photos and Videos

DJ SAGEIN (Nambiar)🔵


Comment from DJ SAGEIN (Nambiar)🔵:

Audio Visual 😝 Side effect ! Nothing is perfect, but when "I'm with you" everything is perfect ! 💓

25 Minutes ago
ya372k (ya372k) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ya372k:

tired but beautiful beautifulview snow snowing nofilter like4like l4l tokyo sun 雪 東京 太陽 instagood instamood

26 Minutes ago
Kieran Paul Checketts (kie_9712) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kieran Paul Checketts


Comment from Kieran Paul Checketts:

This band is actually amazing 🤙 Nothing But Thieves Particles nothingbutthieves nbt tune chill chilled

27 Minutes ago
Monica Foxx Hitchcock💛 (monicahitchcock) Instagram Photos and Videos

Monica Foxx Hitchcock💛


Comment from Monica Foxx Hitchcock💛:

[Day 4] The views of Levi can’t appropriately be put into words. SWIPE ➡️ for more views and an accurate depiction of Instagram versus real life. I spent a good portion of the “ride” down falling on my a**. itaintsafe sore already atleastitried dustyourselfoff tryagain igotbackup after everyfall and madeittothebottom but ididnt tryagain onetimewasenough took a gnarly faceplant then iswitchedtoskis many Ls were taken mybutthurts RIP msnobooty

28 Minutes ago
yukina (snow7.disney64) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from yukina:

バス停見つけてバスが来た時のあの感動は忘れられません🚌🙌 ⚠️動画重すぎて編集したら消えたのでもう1回 round1 🎳 🏸 🥅🎈🏹 ⛸ ⚾️ 🎤🐤 👾🎮 🥁🥁 snow snowstorm cold distress 4hourstogohome but itwasfun 🎷🎷🎷🎻ざるめん写真はchristmasの 🎄❄️

29 Minutes ago
Alicita Muñequita Mora (ali_fitness_diet_lover) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alicita Muñequita Mora


Comment from Alicita Muñequita Mora:

Non si nasce forti.. non si nasce irremovibili né tantomeno non ci si basta a se stessi per nulla .. e’ la vita che ti modella .. il dolore vero crea la tua barriera .. ma questo non significa che una persona forte non abbia bisogno di sentirsi protetta , coccolata e sollevata ma soprattutto non significa che dietro a questa corazza non ci siano un milione di paure . stronglionmebehaviourpersona rsonalitypensierodelgiornotrop otroppipensieritroppepaurestan estanchezzamentalemartediworki

29 Minutes ago
Yeongsang Kim (kys_220) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yeongsang Kim


Comment from Yeongsang Kim:

감기걱정 끝💊 제일맛있는생강차 but 과자없이 먹기힘듬 정작먹어야되는건 내가아닌데 다마시려면 한참걸리겠지만 다먹어야지 고마워

30 Minutes ago
Zain.Abdeen (zain_abeden) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Zain.Abdeen:

Dearsisters🚫Pleaserepentandch andchangeandsticktothatchanget angetillyourlastbreath.. Tellb TellbelieversthatIamtheeverfor erforgivingthrmostmercifulbuta

31 Minutes ago
Sylwia (tastinglifespalette) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sylwia:


32 Minutes ago
HåmėD Røšhåñ (tik_taak_boutiguo) Instagram Photos and Videos

HåmėD Røšhåñ


Comment from HåmėD Røšhåñ:

ساري انقلاب رجاي newcollection sari بوتيك تيك تاك tiktakchirikbazioverkotbut otbutshalvardastmalsarishomali

32 Minutes ago
Brian (on.brian) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Brian:


33 Minutes ago
After Sex Selfies (aftersexselfiess) Instagram Photos and Videos

After Sex Selfies


Comment from After Sex Selfies:

hotgraphicdesignerbutchemistry shared @petr.roudny

35 Minutes ago
 (blackanja) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from blackanja:

🙈😁 loveishard but pleasant

36 Minutes ago
Averjanas (averjanas) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Averjanas:

Point of view 😎🤓🧐

36 Minutes ago
EspìnDOLA (cr33sto) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from EspìnDOLA:

😳😐😐😑 ... 🔪 lol🤣🤣🤣 women ilovethem but imdone ootd memes

37 Minutes ago
Müzeyyenin mutfağı 🍽️ (muzeyyen._gun) Instagram Photos and Videos

Müzeyyenin mutfağı 🍽️


Comment from Müzeyyenin mutfağı 🍽️:

Arizonachicken kemiksiz butözel sospatates pilav eşliğinde😊สอบถามสั่งซื้อกด 😊

39 Minutes ago
sweet sweta (preet031096) Instagram Photos and Videos

sweet sweta


Comment from sweet sweta:

Na mera DIL bura Tha Na Usme Koi BURAI Thi Sb Nasib Ka KHEL hai Bs KISMAT Me JUDAIThi😔😔

19 Hours ago