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Uddeshya Singh Sikarvar


Comment from Uddeshya Singh Sikarvar:

but everyone has to be fallen in love with me

1 Minutes ago

Eriyanti Part II


Comment from Eriyanti Part II:

Nite everybody ... 😄😊🙏🙋🙌 alone . better . believe . but . nice . like4like .

1 Minutes ago



Comment from GRETA:

A head full of sports😂 sun sport running water quitetired but happy belly

2 Minutes ago

Paris , France 🇫🇷


Comment from Paris , France 🇫🇷:

Si vous voulez vivre une vie heureuse , attachez - la à un but , et non à des personnes ou des choses 👊🏻 ny but determination

3 Minutes ago

T€nU(محمد سهيل)


Comment from T€nU(محمد سهيل):

me learnt_lessons_of_life but nothing aboutENGINEERING!!

3 Minutes ago


Comment from

MiStAkEs Are. Pa!nFull.😞😞😞 But. A CoLlEcTiOn oF. Mistakes CaLlEd ExPeRiEnCe...😎😎😎

3 Minutes ago



Comment from 🌬AnuRaG😎SharMa🌀:

🍻Addiction😍 made me smarter😘 😎👈But 👉😏you cant be high all the time😎•••🚩

3 Minutes ago




Sigam a Linda 📌. . ⤵⤵⤵ .. FOLLOW ↔ carienesantosoficial FOLLOW ↔ carienesantosoficial FOLLOW ↔ carienesantosoficial FOLLOW ↔ carienesantosoficial .. Divulgação&Parceria📌 .. MUSA🔜 RAY_GUIMARAESFIT . . ↘ CAPA : RAYLENNESABRINA 💘 . ( INSTIGANTESS ) forlikesbraziliangirl gostosasbumbumbrasileirobigbut for4likesworklikesdivinilikesbikini fiodentalmulheresruivasfanaticas

3 Minutes ago

Shreya Bangera


Comment from Shreya Bangera:

weekdaysbutparty is on 😘

5 Minutes ago

Valen Tino


Comment from Valen Tino:

F**ck ! Today is not my day 🤢 a hard day but not my day what a f train train train muaythai mma crossfit sports i need more food muaythai we are one family 🤘🏽

6 Minutes ago

Monika Nosková


Comment from Monika Nosková:

fastfoodbuthealthyfoodpumpkinseedschickenherbsbroccoli fitnessfood mylunch páčendo

6 Minutes ago



Comment from 💋Yuki💋:

珍しくサラダなんか作ったから 慣れないことするから トマトと間違って自分の指も切る だってトマト貰ったから まぁ味はうまい けど完全に戦意喪失な私 드물게 샐러드 따위 만들었으니. 익숙해지지 않는 하니까. 토마토 잘못 자신의 손가락을 잘라. 왜냐하면 토마토받은 때문. 맛은 맛있다. 그렇지만 완전히 전의 상실. Because I made a salad unusually. Because I will not get used to it. I mistake cut my finger. Because I got a tomato. Well...taste is good. But I completely lost my motivation.

6 Minutes ago

Armine Avagyan


Comment from Armine Avagyan:

maybe there is no sun outside but a have great mood vscogood vsco vscomood flowers 🌷🌷🌷🌷vscocam teddybear teatime work time i have my own sunny mood

7 Minutes ago

oswald williams


Comment from oswald williams:

Early to bed & early to rise Makes a man healthy wealthy &wise. random but revelant $t¥ /\ good p€opl€ . myblocktv17

8 Minutes ago

Stella Wang💭


Comment from Stella Wang💭:

19940328-20170328📍2⃣️3⃣️ 全世界最好的王嘉爾嘎嘎嘉嘉Jackson生日快乐🎂 with越来越棒的搞基火鸡里基GOT7💚 每年接的节目越来越多越做越好的王嘉尔💚 每次都那么认真工作“撩妹”的嘎💚 一直那么爱家人胜于爱自己的嘉尔💚 以至于总把自己的身体弄垮😭 每次看到鸟宝都很激动总是发长文感谢鸟宝的嘉嘉💚 虽然总是开成员哥哥弟弟的玩笑但把他们当亲兄弟一样疼爱的Jackson💚 虽然是交际花虽然自来熟但是对谁都那么真诚的欧巴呀❤️ 虽然我总是和好朋友嘲笑你腿短虽然我总是会有新男神虽然...... but u r always the best in my mind❤️ 你的rap你的sexydance你的outgoing personality👻 NEVER EVER GONNA LEAVE U&GOT7💚 生日快乐啊喜欢到不能再喜欢的王嘉尔🎂🎉 got7 jacksonwang852g7

9 Minutes ago

Panayiotis Avraamides


Comment from Panayiotis Avraamides:

success come but always remember the people who help you behind every succesful man is a woman 👌👌✌

10 Minutes ago

Vishu Kumar


Comment from Vishu Kumar:

all government lie but disaster lies in wait for countries whose official is smoke the same hashish they give out get high everyday highlife thuglife 😎

11 Minutes ago

Hačecká Kateřina


Comment from Hačecká Kateřina:

niceday but waiting summer mum girl czechgirl beautifullife

12 Minutes ago

Martina Basilico


Comment from Martina Basilico:

🍃🌞 me colorfull happiness sunday discovertasmania visiting tourism tourist sunnyday bestoftheday followme sicily postcardsfromtheworld woman beautiful history photography l4l xperia temple iger instagramer nofilter nofilterneeded not window but tomb

13 Minutes ago

Akvilė Račickaitė


Comment from Akvilė Račickaitė:

😝😂 billgates dont do that but iamnot billgates so.....

22 Minutes ago