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Pascal Temps (seance_images) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pascal Temps


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picoftheday castle frenchmodel beauty naturallight sadness

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Paul Mc Taggart (r2taggy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Paul Mc Taggart


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A seat with a view in summer at highclerecastle having afternoontea at the best castle in hampshire with wonderful gardens where history was made in flying 😀

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Jaroslav Pavlík


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Il n'y a pas de hasard, il n'y a que des rendez vous... Shooting pole private domicile, on est pas bien la !!! . . . . . poledance poleaddict polepassion polesport poleperformers shootingpole castle poleelite poleemotion shooting private amazing likefourlike incroyable nofiltre nodescription fabulous poletheatre polegirl homepole suisse payerne delicious shootingtime

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XXI . II . MMXVIII 👑 Yes guys i have small eyes, i've accepted it😅😅 mensstyle mensoutfit mensfashion Zara vans Castle Castleview King SemiFormal view

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Short trip to Conwy castle. I just needed a trip out after all this working malark.... conwy conwycastle dayout trip castle castleruins views cake gfcake lemondrizzle glutenfree bobblehat redhead happy refreshing husbandandwifeadventures wales neverdisappoints dayout adventure teabreak explore explorewales feelmuchbetternow needagoodhikesoon

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Rachel Gontijo


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Já quero voltar💕 . . . tbt saudades lisboa portugal trip travel traveller eurotrip europe europa nofilter ocean freezing castle castelodesaojorge greyday

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Nagoya Castle🏰 _ _ _ _ Nagoya Japan Travel NagoyaCastle Castle History 나고야 일본 여행 일본여행 나고야여행 나고야성 Go100Asia 에어아시아

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Halsey Frangipane♡ TR


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You're so fuckin' precious @iamhalsey ashley frangipane halsey love castle keşfet tr fff followme jb selenagomez lanadelrey geazy h̤͈̹͙͕̻̟͇͕̜̖̃ͥͦ͊̈̆ͪ̚͡ halsey drive luv cr

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本日もお疲れ様でした。 明日もよろしくお願いします🙇‍♂️ 🙇‍♂️ 本日最後は有楽町の南町奉行所跡です。 http: 南町奉行所 城 遠山金四郎 史跡 観光 旅行 風景 東京の城 日本の城 日本の城探訪 お城めぐり castle landscape travel japan 日本 일본 성 一座城堡 ประเทศญี่ปุ่น MARO参上

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Joelle Supply

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Michael T.


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Gewölbe in der alten Kreuzfahrer-Burg von Akkon (Acre, Akko), Nordisrael September 2016 arch crusadercastle castle acre akko

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Gnosi Michailidou


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Silvia Santoli.designer. (whiteleaves.bijouxandthings) Instagram Photos and Videos

Silvia Santoli.designer.


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Oggi dentro al castello si sta benissimo! (A chi i castelli li ha dentro, a chi coltiva i propri sogni facendoli crescere piano piano. @silviasantolijewelrydesigner ) castle love snow winter whiteleaves bijoux jewelrydesigner italiandesign madeinitaly lab cesena calisese romagna artist artisan jewelry necklace passion white nature instagood inspiration peace soundofsilence

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Perfect rainbow at Disneyland. disneyland talkdisney rainbow castle

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Nike 🌍✈️ (greetingsfromtheplanet) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nike 🌍✈️


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Edinburgh Castle overlooking this amazing city

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Devyn Renée


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Not All Treasure is Silver and Gold Mate. 🌴 • • {📷 by: @devynsdisneydelights} • disney disneyphotography photography mainstreet makingtodayaperfectday dream disneydream festivaloffantasy magickingom epcot Castle CastlePhoto piratesofthecaribbean adventureland dolewhip Sparkle Twinkle Beautiful animalkingdom adventure disneyworld perfectday bestdayever waltdisneyworld florida

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Claire (mamasoladeuxtortillas) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Job interviews bring me to place I would have never thought to visit. It might my future work place for the next 8 months. Fingers cross!! commarin chateaudecommarin lacotedorjadore castle igersbourgogne welovebourgogne

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Little Red Bag (thelittleredbag) Instagram Photos and Videos

Little Red Bag


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tbthursday love visiting North Wales! Something to do all year round come rain or shine. I also love a castle! northwales northwalestagram castle snowdonia snowdonianationalpark visitwales littleredbag🎒 llanberis walking hiking exploring

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Вечірній Кам'янець-Подільський залишиться в пам'яті надовго.. те відчуття, коли ніяк не хочеться покидати місто, тому не можеш відірвати погляд...🌆🌉🌌🏰🗺 ❤️🏰🗺☺️ kamenetspodolskiy castle travel trip українанеймовірна ukraine

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Flora Atsoniou


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°Escape° 🇵🇱 . . . . . . . . . . . . . oldtown poland city architecture town travel traveling visiting instatravel instago cityscape building church sight old house urban sky tourism roof outdoors cathedral skyline castle

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Cardiff Castle - "Y ddraig goch ddyry cychwyn”, the red dragon will lead the way. cymru cardiff wales castle caerdydd reddragon glamorgan cardiffcastle castelcaerdydd castel

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Non è l’università di Cork. È Hogwarts😬 university ucc cork ireland uni shotoniPhone shotoniPhone8plus green castle hogwarts harrypotter amazing cloudy

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Hervé Decker


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disneylandparis castle disney travel

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Daniele Oliverio


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Martin Kaválek (saint.martin_16) Instagram Photos and Videos

Martin Kaválek


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Po dlouhe dobe nejaka fotka 😁😁🏰☀️ mepraguecastlewintersunselfiec lfieczechcavaniphotoofthedaycz

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Samantha Stickney


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tbt Ireland

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Silvia Pallini


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Once upon a time...favola love castle dream falsity

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Tales of Bhutan 🇧🇹 (tales_of_bhutan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tales of Bhutan 🇧🇹


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DZONGS IN BHUTAN Most of the fortresses (Dzongs) are sited on the hill top or a top locations inorder to protect from the enemies. Dzongs are all built in and around 17th century by a great lama from Tibet known as Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal and his descendants. Colourful paintings and historical wooden carvings are the main highlights. There are also more opportunities to see monks with their photogenic robes in the inner courtyard of the Dzong. □ □ □ bhutan buddhistarchitecture traditional dzongs fortress castle monk woodencarving amazing beautiful heavenly lovely historical instagood traditionalhouse tales_of_bhutan world pictureoftheday worldpeace happiestplaceonearth happinessisaplace buddhism heavenlybhutan folk magnificent pictures instacrazy instagood instafollow

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Ju Rqs


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carcassonne promenade languedoc occitanie france igersfrance igersoccitanie france4dreams sonyexperiaz5 village castle visiting chateau

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Museide (museidegram) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Charlemagne’s (almost) “eternal rest” in the Aachen Cathedral 🤔 🏛 ✒For this text thanks to @acierno.carlo It was Charlemagne – Charles the Great – himself in 786 AD to lay the first stone of the building which became the chapel of his imperial palace. Charles wanted Aachen to be as magnificent as Rome. Unfortunately, his palace has been lost over the centuries but the chapel – which was the biggest dome north of the Alps at that time – lets us imagine what he had in mind. The chapel was built in Byzantine style and enriched with mosaics and ancient columns coming from Rome and Ravenna. Its plant also recalls many Byzantine structures: for the early Christians, the octagon symbolized the day of the Resurrection. The chapel was consecrated in 804, during the Magi celebration, by Pope Leo III. Over the centuries, other structures were added to the chapel, which became the most ancient German cathedral, where the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire were crowned from 963 to 1531. Charles the Great died in 814 AD and he found his “almost” eternal rest in his chapel; in fact, three of his successors decided to open his tomb. The first one was Otto III and it is said he found Charlemagne in an excellent state of preservation: he was sitting on his throne, wearing imperial clothes, with the crown on his head and the scepter and the Gospel in his hands. The second one was Frederick I in 1165 because he decided to move his body to a marble sarcophagus which was believed to have belonged to Octavian Augustus. In 1215 Frederick II moved Charles’s body again to transfer it to a casket made of gold and silver; he also commissioned the construction of new structures in order to receive pilgrims. What we can see today is the result of a reconstruction dating back to the 19th century, when the German Empire was founded: many mosaics were commissioned to a workshop in Venice, another city which had been heavily influenced by Byzantine culture. Even though the passing of centuries has modified Charlemagne’s original projects, a visit to the Palatine chapel lets us imagine the magnificence of one of the most influential Kings of European history.

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Uci Sofyan


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🤴🏻👸🏻 . . . japantrip tokyodisneyland tokyo architecture city building travel tower tourism old castle famous religion culture urban monument outdoors town tourist landmark gothlike sky turningpoint

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