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강봉춘뭉그램 (gangbongcunmoong_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 강봉춘뭉그램:

새벽에 애들 딥슬립시간 잠이안와서.. 잘자는 아빠와 딸👨‍👧 - - - 강봉춘뭉남매반려견멍스타그램독스타 그램독스타그램캐비킹찰스킹찰스스파니엘카발리에킹찰스스파니엘 스스파니엘닥스훈트봉히춘히강이뭉이블랜하임트라이레드탄데플C

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Eric Kabakoff (erickabakoff) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eric Kabakoff


Comment from Eric Kabakoff:

Freshly groomed. lucy cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalier kingcharlesspaniel kingcharlescavalier

3 Minutes ago
Desmond Galileo (desmondgalileo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Desmond Galileo


Comment from Desmond Galileo:

Ready to snuggle up with my alligator and get some sleep! puppy cavalier ckcs cavalierkingcharlesspaniel

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Danielle Moss (daniellemoss_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Danielle Moss


Comment from Danielle Moss:

Nothing beats staying in and binging arrested development whilst snuggling puppies. Am I right? Don't forget to enter to win $500 to @annieselke dashandalbert (link in profile) tucktherescuecav rescuedog cavalierkingcharlesspaniel

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Buddy the Dog (buddy_dogconcierge) Instagram Photos and Videos

Buddy the Dog


Comment from Buddy the Dog:

How good do we look? We are very happy with this pic straight to the pool room wall :)- dogwalking buddythedog bestjobever goldenretriever jackrussel cavalierkingcharlesspaniel doberman

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Comment from mauanelau:

⭐ 😺猫のような甘え方をする🐶ラウレアです。 私のお腹 私のお腹の上に頭を💕スリスリ中💕 CavalierK lierKingCharlesSpaniel Cavalie valierdogstagram キャバリアキングチャールズ チャールズスパニエルキャバリア キャバリアラウレア いぬ犬な

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Comment from あんこ1014:

The hydrangea blooms in June. . . 紫陽花がキレイ‼︎ あんこもアジサイ模様 cavalierlove cavalierworld cavalierkingcharlesspaniel loveit instadog rainyseason hydrangea キャバリア キャバリア部 キャバリアキングチャールズスパニエル ふわもこ部 紫陽花

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King (kings_ruff_life) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from King:

Nope I'm not guilty of anything, look at my innocent face.😍 puppydogeyes innocent cavclub cavalierkingcharlesspaniel kingcharlescavalier kingcharlesspaniel ckcs puppiesofinstagram cavaliersofinstagram

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Piper (piperspupstagram) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Piper:

Trying to become one with nature🌿 granola hipster vegan kale instapuppy

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❤️❤️❤️ (luluxriley) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ❤️❤️❤️:

My little dopey dog💜💜 dog cute baby love cavalierkingcharlesspaniel girl puppy lick funny photography happy smile like instagood

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Andrew Placona (andrewplacona) Instagram Photos and Videos

Andrew Placona


Comment from Andrew Placona:

Why steal a bean when you can have the whole bean stalk. dog cavalierkingcharlesspaniel mischiefmanaged diygarden

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Comment from きーちゃん:

何で、お散歩行きたくないのかな⁉ いつもこんな調子です……… です………😅 出不精で困ります。 キャバリアキャバリアキ キャバリアブレンハイム出不精 困ったちゃん 引きずられる お散歩はのんびり今日のベリー cavaliercavalierkingcharlesspa ckcsdogpet

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Teddy The Cavie 🐶🐻 (theodore.bear.cavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos

Teddy The Cavie 🐶🐻


Comment from Teddy The Cavie 🐶🐻:

Nap time 24/7 😴 -Teddy B. 🐶🐻 ______________________________ ______________________________ cavalierofinstagram cavalier ckcs puppiesofinstagram dogsofinstagram puppies dogs theodorebearcavie cavaholic cavnation

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Bella Bear (bellabear_thecav) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bella Bear


Comment from Bella Bear:

The best co-pilot ever bellabear bellabearthecav bellathecavalier cavlife cav cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalier cavalierlove cavaliercommunity cavaliersofinstagram puppy puppies puppydog dogsoftoronto dogsofinstagram toronto the6ix dogs doglovers ckcs dogsandcars roadtrip

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Happy Life (kidsandcavs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Happy Life


Comment from Happy Life:

nothingbutears fourpinescavaliers siggy such a beautiful girl puppy dog cavalierkingcharlesspaniel iloveyou akc ckcs cavalierslove_feature cavs love cavaliersofinstagram dogstagram

15 Minutes ago
Khaleesi & Bran (khaliandbran) Instagram Photos and Videos

Khaleesi & Bran


Comment from Khaleesi & Bran:

Dog park and 2 mile walk. Stick a fork in me, I'm done ... jk don't touch me with that fork... unless it has chicken in it 😜 summerdays longwalks ckc ckcs ckcsclub ckcspics ckcsofinstagram ckcslove ckcspuppy kingcharles kingcharlesbran kingcharlespuppy kingcharlesspaniel khaliandbran spaniel spanielsofinstagram cavs cavmom cavlife cavlife cavworld cavaliers cavaliersnation cavalierkingcharlesspaniel instadogs cavlove

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gem (gemandbones) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from gem:

i really hate my life right now, but when i come home from work every day my boy gives me a loving like i've been gone a year. im so grateful to have him with me right now. ckcs cavpuppy cavalier cavalierofinstagram cavalierkingcharles cavalierkingcharlesspaniel ckcsofinstagram besties soulmate

21 Minutes ago
inutoissyo365 (inutoissyo365) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from inutoissyo365:

キャバリア cavalierkingcharlesspaniel dog cavalier 犬 dog doginstagram dogstagram dogsofinstagram あじさい 紫陽花 hydrangea

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Peaches Woodard (peach_woodard) Instagram Photos and Videos

Peaches Woodard


Comment from Peaches Woodard:

Beautiful Miss Peach cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierlover cavalierlife cavalierworld ilovehertopieces nationalcampingmonth

21 Minutes ago
Peaches Woodard (peach_woodard) Instagram Photos and Videos

Peaches Woodard


Comment from Peaches Woodard:

She really wants to chase reflections, it's seriously like crack for peaches inlovewithapeach ilovehertopieces cavalierears cavalierlover cavalierkingcharlesspaniel lol shesthebest

24 Minutes ago
Hello My Name is Bandit🐶 (thebanditpup) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hello My Name is Bandit🐶


Comment from Hello My Name is Bandit🐶:

My "i'm definitely not a lap dog" face 😠🐶 putmedown runfree

24 Minutes ago
Remington Dalton (remingtontheking) Instagram Photos and Videos

Remington Dalton


Comment from Remington Dalton:

The face you make when ur parents are driving u nuts amirite • • • • • • cavdad cavaliers cavalierking cavalierworld cavalierkingcharles cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavlife dog dogs dogstagram dogsofinsta dogsofinstgram kingcharles kingcharlesspaniel remingtontheking

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Comment from inutoissyo365:

琉球犬MIX ryukyuinu ryukyudog 和犬 japanesedog 雑種 MIX 琉球犬 キャバリア cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalier 犬 dog doginstagram dogstagram dogsofinstagram

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King (kings_ruff_life) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from King:

I met a queen today 😍 total lady and the tramp moment 💙 dogpark kingcharlescavalier kingcharlesspaniel lawrence LFK spaniel cavalier cavalierpuppy cavatude ladyandthetramp cavalierlove cavaliersofinstagram cavalierkingcharlesspaniel blenheimcavalier cavclub CKCS AKC itsacavthing

25 Minutes ago
inutoissyo365 (inutoissyo365) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from inutoissyo365:

キャバリア cavalierkingcharlesspaniel dog cavalier 犬 dog doginstagram dogstagram dogsofinstagram

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Josep 'Pep' Thomas Atkinson (pepthecav) Instagram Photos and Videos

Josep 'Pep' Thomas Atkinson


Comment from Josep 'Pep' Thomas Atkinson:

"Its raining, I posed, please take me back inside now" 🐕Thanks to auntie Helga @libertypooch for taking me out no matter the weather!🌞⛈️ pepthecav pephatesrain takecover mardipup cutepup ckcs cavlife wooflife cavaliers cavalierkingcharlesspaniel dogsofto pupsofinsta dogsofinstagram

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Douglas & Sir Winston (dogdaysofdouglas_winston) Instagram Photos and Videos

Douglas & Sir Winston


Comment from Douglas & Sir Winston:

Sir Winston and Doug keeping a close eye on mommas foot . cavalierkingcharlesspaniel kingcharlespuppy cavaliers sirwinston tibbies tibbielove tibbies4life tibetanspaniel tibbiegram

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Archie Moustarchie (archie_moustarchie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Archie Moustarchie


Comment from Archie Moustarchie:

Me and my little cousin "Cashew" when she was a baby! cousins bestfriends houndstoothfashion matchingoutfits cashew bffs ❤️️

32 Minutes ago
Charlie ( Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from Charlie:

I'm not sure about this wind this morning, it makes me nervous. cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavaliercommunity cavalierscentral ckcs cavvie cavlife cavaliers cavaliersofinstagram cavaliercorner cavalierofinstagram cavalierkingcharles beachdog aussiedogsofinstagram windybeachday belongilbeach byronbay nsw

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Sitting for a Cause (sittingforacause) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sitting for a Cause


Comment from Sitting for a Cause:

@walkingwithleesh did an amazing job taking care of Bernard and Scout! Their mom writes, "I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a responsible dog sitter." If you need a furnomenal dog sitter in Orange County, get in touch with Alicia today!

33 Minutes ago
Promila (_mila_14_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Promila:

🐶🍃 rexinthecity adventuresinthecity berczypark cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavaliersofinstagram @cavaliercorner @cavlife

34 Minutes ago
Tara Johnson (natureofthebeastdotbiz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tara Johnson


Comment from Tara Johnson:

Mack flanked by two pairs of lookalikes -Magnet & Velcro, Maddy & Zeppelin- sfdogs twinning keeshond bernesemountaindog houndmix foxhound spanielmix cavalierkingcharlesspaniel groupshot doglife lineup sfdogwalker dogwalker offleashlife

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 (unlikely_best_buds) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from unlikely_best_buds:

Our very first attempt at a raw food diet for the Colt dog! It consisted of duck meat, pumpkin, yogurt, coconut oil, blueberries, raw egg, flax seed, and dasaquin joint supplement. He was a little unsure of the blueberries at first but ate it all like a champ! Is anyone feeding a raw diet? Shoutout to @cavalierking_bo for the inspiration to try it for our GSD rawdiet perfectyrawsome germanshepherd gsdstagram germanshepherddog gsdofinstagram germanshepherdofinsta rawdogfood rawdietfordogs duck teal huntingdogs gsdlife thegermanshepherdparents unlikelybestbuds cavaliers cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierofinstagram puppy dog

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