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GoliathSF (goliathcitydog) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from GoliathSF:

Sometimes I'm addicted to YouTube videos. crazycats goliath cavlife shopdog courtneycollection ckcs

1 Minutes ago
Big Karl (bigkarlthecav) Instagram Photos and Videos

Big Karl


Comment from Big Karl:

Rager at the dog park today for @mauithekingcavalier's 1st birthday!! 🎂🥇🎁🎉 bigkarl . . . cavlove cavlife cavaliersofinstagram cavalierslove_feature puppy dogstagram weeklyfluff dogs pawty cavviecrew squadgoals

3 Minutes ago
Nana藍千娜 (bluenana319) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Nana藍千娜:

Monday morning be like... 💤 cavlife cavalierkingcharles kingcharles blenheim spaniel cavalier cavalierkingcharlesspaniel bestwoof cavaholic ckcspics furbabies taipei itsacavthing ckcsofinstagram cavsofinstagram wakeup idontthinkso

6 Minutes ago
Miu🇯🇵 (miu_lso) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Miu🇯🇵:

2017.6.26 : 先週土曜日のお散歩pic📸 夜勤明 � 夜勤明けですっかり寝こけて、日の入り直前ギリギリお散歩に リお散歩に😅 6時半頃の海の公園。 風が涼しくて、気持ちよ 、気持ちよかったなー😊 りーたん、ぺろりんちょ😋 : 今 : whim_fluffy pets_of_our_world cavalier キャバリア cavlife cavaliercorner カメラ好きな人と繋がりたい pocket_pets petoftoday chihuahua チワワ Great_Captures_Dogs east_dog_japan cavalierslove_feature all_dog_japan ig_dogphotoファインダー越しの私の世界 dog_features my_loving_pet inutokyo 7pets_1day IGersjp todayswanko igwoofs wooftoday tokyocameraclub loves_dogs kingcharlesspaniel_feature life_animal

8 Minutes ago
Shelby (shelbythecavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Shelby:

"Birthday" 🎉 was a success! After shopping at the pet store, picking out my own treats, and playing at the lake, I got a very special birthday dinner!!😋I never get hooman food but since today was so special I got a mini meal fit for a King (Charles) day ever!! I demand this "cheeseburger" you speak of for every meal! foodie livingitup cavaliercorner itsmybirthday cavlife cheeseburger firsttimefood cavalierlove cavalierkingcharlesspaniel birthdaygirl

9 Minutes ago
Ruby (24kt_ruby) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ruby:

😘💕 loveudaddy
・・・spanieloftheday ckcs cavlife puppylove toronto dogsofinstagram cavalierkingcharlesspaniel ilovemydog instacavgram cavalierspaniel ilovemypuppy ilovemydog mydog spaniel woofcorner simplyspaniels petsofinstagram dogscorner puppy cavalier_cutie cavalierspaniel kingcharlesspaniel topdogphoto ig 1000likes popular ruby 24ktruby

9 Minutes ago
Rosie Posie (aloharosieposie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rosie Posie


Comment from Rosie Posie:

When mom says I can't eat grass 😐

13 Minutes ago
Uniting Cav lovers everywhere! (cavlife) Instagram Photos and Videos

Uniting Cav lovers everywhere!


Comment from Uniting Cav lovers everywhere!:

you lied. that wasn't the park 🐶🚿. betterhideyourshoes andthecat (📸: @littlepaddingtonbear)

16 Minutes ago
Apple the Cavalier 🐶🍎 (applethecav) Instagram Photos and Videos

Apple the Cavalier 🐶🍎


Comment from Apple the Cavalier 🐶🍎:

Not ready for Monday 🙈 mondayblues bringbacktheweekend day107

22 Minutes ago
Marina (marina_ellard) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Marina:

Remington is becoming a regular ol adventure pup!!! vacation2017 yegpets yegdogs travelbuddy cavsofinsta doglife cavlife dogsofinsta cavsnation ckcs cavalierkingcharlesspaniel yohonationalpark emeraldlake canada150 canoeing adventure canada lakedog adevnturedog finaldaysofbeinganonlychild

23 Minutes ago
Christy Havranek (chavranek) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christy Havranek


Comment from Christy Havranek:

Study with concrete heart & dog butt. ❤️🐶 cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavlife mytinyatlas thatsdarling cavaliersofinstagram

25 Minutes ago
Scruffy (itsscruffythepuppy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Scruffy:

"My mommy loves my two front teeth."-Scruffy

27 Minutes ago
Emma (emmakingcav) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Emma:

SundayBumDay 😴 😴 😴

29 Minutes ago
Minnie 🐶 (prinminwin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Minnie 🐶


Comment from Minnie 🐶:

Bedtime. Need my beauty rest. All 14 hours of it. cavlife dog dogsofinstagram cavalierkingcharlesspanielsofi cavs ckcs dogsofinstagram dogs

29 Minutes ago
Eddie the Cavalier (eddiethecav) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eddie the Cavalier


Comment from Eddie the Cavalier:

I guess I can now add "hiker" to my list of talents. Not really sure how you hoomans are able to pass up all these awesome smells for multiple miles.

40 Minutes ago
Lucy the Blenheim Cavalier (lucystakeover) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lucy the Blenheim Cavalier


Comment from Lucy the Blenheim Cavalier:

When you wanna play, but you gotsta sleep 😴

41 Minutes ago
Boomer Tiwari (boomer_tiwari) Instagram Photos and Videos

Boomer Tiwari


Comment from Boomer Tiwari:

These @hartzpets toys may have some indestructible powers, but there's nothing more I like than a challenge 😈. • • dogs puppies dogsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram instadog instapuppy doggie dogs_of_instagram doglife petsagram cavadoodle cavadoodlepuppy spanielcuteness dogsofphilly dogsofphilly pupandco dogsubmit dogsofinstaworld buzzfeedanimals doglife cavlife doglover dogstagram ilovemydog puppylove petsofinstagam doglife puppyoftheday goldendoodlemoments odefix worldofcutepets

41 Minutes ago
Naturopath/Dermal clinician (blaiseduarte_naturopath) Instagram Photos and Videos

Naturopath/Dermal clinician


Comment from Naturopath/Dermal clinician:

Archibald Adventures! 🐶

42 Minutes ago
Stella 👑 (queen_cavalierking) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stella 👑


Comment from Stella 👑:

Sundays are for Netflix and 🍕🍕 thanksmom stellasworld cavlife dogsofcolorado dogsofinstgram coloradodogsofinstagram

43 Minutes ago
ProudCavDad (proudcavdad) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ProudCavDad:

As we begin a new week remember, It's never to early to start training a proudcavdad!!! This little dude is already playing the part!! perfect makeitagoodweek ckc ckcs ckcsclub ckcspics ckcslove cavaliercorner cavaliercommunity cavalierlove_feature thecavenue cavclub cavalierkingcharles cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavlife cavaliersofinsta cavaliersofig cavaliersofinstagram cavsofig cavsofinsta cavsofinstagram thegoodlife itsagoodlife itsacavthing itdoesntgetbetterthanthis

44 Minutes ago
Watson (watsoncav) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Watson:

Relaxing on the front steps trying to keep cool. . . . dogstagram dogsofinsta cav cavlife summer nikon dslr servicedog servicedoglife servicedogoffduty servicedogsofinstagram hardworker relax

51 Minutes ago
London & Kingsley (london.and.kingsley.thecavs) Instagram Photos and Videos

London & Kingsley


Comment from London & Kingsley:

We had a great afternoon modeling for Red Leash Pet Photography! Thanks for having us, Lori! 📸: @redleashphotos

55 Minutes ago
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel🐶 (sapphirecavaliers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel🐶


Comment from Cavalier King Charles Spaniel🐶:

Sometimes when you're sick, all you need is a little snuggles from your favorite pup. What a sweetheart.☺️ • • • • LexaTheCavalier MyGirl cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierofinstagram cavalierlover cavaliers cavaliersofinstagram cavalierslove_feature cavworld cavitude cavlife cavlove cavalier cavalierkingcharlesspanielsofi cavalierofinstagram dogsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram pup puppies puppy puppiesforsale puppylove puppycav love new instapuppy photooftheday puppies petsagram

55 Minutes ago
coco (mostcavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from coco:

Standard Monday morning face when she gets up to go to work itsacavthing cavitude cavalierscentral cavaliercorner cavlife cavlove cavitude cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavaliersofinstagram ckcsofinstagram

55 Minutes ago
georgiemay85 (georgiemay85) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from georgiemay85:

Someone call the Wah-mbulance. When it comes to bath time this guy is the worst! 😂 drownedrat bathtime cavalierbath itsacavthing cavlife cavaholic cavitude tassiecav cutepupper puppylove cutepuppy cavalierpuppy blenheimcavalier cavalierlove cavalierpawtners cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierslove_feature cavsofinstagram cavaliersofinstagram

58 Minutes ago
Ourstorygoeson (ourstorygoeson) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ourstorygoeson:

The Symphony & Skyline on our Sunday stroll 😍. austinsymphony atx cavlife cavlove livemusic summernights

1 Hours ago
Pamela M 🌿 (gigi_n_max) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pamela M 🌿


Comment from Pamela M 🌿:

My littlest loves 👧🐶 sophiamaria cavcuddles cavs cavvie cavvielove cavlife kidsandanimals kingcharlescavalier cavaliercommunity cavalierkingdom cavsofinstagram dogslife dogsofinsta itsacavthing snuggles mybabies lovesofmylife littleandbrave

1 Hours ago
Katie Freiberg (kfreiberg1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Katie Freiberg


Comment from Katie Freiberg:

Got in the car and found cooper sitting in his lookout spot! Lol cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalier cavlife audis3 s3

1 Hours ago
mami♥︎ (bgbgbee) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from mami♥︎:

ビギーがうちに来た頃に使ってたキャリーバッグ。 大きくなった きくなったねー(*´`*) メルモはビギーと居ると大きく感じ 大きく感じるけど気のせい気のせいまだまだちっちゃい。 せめて ˘ `) ・ メルさん成長期びーさん奮闘記多頭飼いチワックスミッ ックスミックス犬キャバリアパピーキャバリアキングチャールズス

1 Hours ago
Cutie Cavaliers™ (cutie.cavaliers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cutie Cavaliers™


Comment from Cutie Cavaliers™:

Goodnight everyone 😴 cavaliersofinstagram sleepyhead itsacavthing furbabies cavlife cavalierkingcharlesspaniel kingcharlescavalier ckcs ckcsofinstagram cavaliersofinstagram ilovecavaliers cutiecavaliers

1 Hours ago
Zeca (zeca_the_cavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Zeca:

Feeling relaxing 😊😎✌️

1 Hours ago
Lance and Angus the cavaliers (sir_lancelot_and_angus) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lance and Angus the cavaliers


Comment from Lance and Angus the cavaliers:

On our way home from a big weekend of showing. roadtrip hometime tired makeroom ififitsisits cavalierkingcharlesspaniel ckcs cavlove cavlife cavaliercorner dogsofinstagram dogsofaustralia dogsofmelbourne blenheim blackandtan puppytales

1 Hours ago
mayuta (rufus0922andy0319) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from mayuta:

・ ご飯をくれるのですかっ?🍚 それは僕たちのご飯ですかっ 飯ですかっ?🍚 ・ ご飯がくるまでひたすら待ってますっ🍚 ますっ🍚 全身で念力を送って待ってますっ🍚 ・ 早く僕た 早く僕たちのご飯を用意したくなーーーーーれーーーーーー!✴ ーーー!✴🍚✴ ・ キャバリアキングチャールズスパニエルキ パニエルキャバリアきゃばすたぐらむキャバリア好きな人と繋がり 人と繋がりたいわんこわんこなしでは生きていけません会わんこの 会わんこのいる生活いぬバカ部いぬすたぐらむいぬと暮らすcav らすcavalierkingcharlsspanielcav elcavaliercavstagramckcsckcspi kcspiccavsofinstacavlifestylec

1 Hours ago