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Comment from Petra:

Hungry eyes😃 bananabread sunnyday charlie cavlife ckcs food sweet freshlybaked

4 Minutes ago

Piper The Cavalier


Comment from Piper The Cavalier:

We had so much fun exploring downtown Pittsburgh in the warm weather!! heinzfield pointstatepark citydogpgh

7 Minutes ago

Danuta Piekarski


Comment from Danuta Piekarski:

Sundays seem to be just me and the spaniel 🐶👧🏼 insta_dog instadog dogsofinstagram dogstagram dogwalk cavs cavlife cavlove cavalierkingcharlesspaniel spaniel insta_dog insta_dog ilovemydog dog doggy doggy dogmum dogwalk dogslife dogsrule dogstagram dogsofinstagram dogs_of_instagram itsacavthing puppylove cuddlingwithdogs DTdogoftheweek

7 Minutes ago

💕- - - CAPI - - - 💕


Comment from 💕- - - CAPI - - - 💕:

My car sickness is gone when I am with my mom.... 😊 cavalier pupstagram puppylife puppy puppylove cute dogsofinsta dogsofig dog pet cutie pup instapuppy instapic instagood instadog mylove cavlife mydog cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierblackandtan itsacavthing potd igwoofs bestwoof woof car carride

11 Minutes ago

Cabo the cavalier


Comment from Cabo the cavalier:

Dad deserves some kisses after cycling!ckcs lovemydad blenheim furbaby cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavlife cavlove sundayvibes love

11 Minutes ago

N I K K I 🐶


Comment from N I K K I 🐶:

Dad's birthday dinner begins soon, I'm waiting for the guests 🐶🎉🙃 soonbirthdaydinner dadsbirthday nikki nikkithecavalier cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierkingcharles cavalier cav cavlife cavlove itsacavthing cavworld cavsnation cavclub puppy puppylife puppylove instapuppy dog doglife doglover instadog dogstagram ruby spaniel ckcs pet

11 Minutes ago



Comment from Olivia:

We had a great time at the Park of Roses yesterday in the sunshine ☀️ whetstoneparkofroses cavlife ckcs cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierkingcharles cavaliercorner dogsofinstgram dogsofcolumbus 61fur

12 Minutes ago

Andrea Huk


Comment from Andrea Huk:

smalldogproblems cavaliers dogsofig dogsofinstagram cavlife

13 Minutes ago

Chaz Poon


Comment from Chaz Poon:

Work week again 😩 chaz chazpoon dog puppy pup cute eyes pet animal bestoftheday friends dogsofinstagram ilovemydog instagramdogs dogstagram dogoftheday lovedogs lovepuppies adorable doglover instapuppy instadog firstdog cavalier cavalierkingcharlesspaniel ckcs cavalierpups cavlife

14 Minutes ago

Charlotte Smith (AKA Charlee)


Comment from Charlotte Smith (AKA Charlee):

Just hangin' dogsofinsta cavlife

15 Minutes ago



Comment from Pumpkin:

cavalierworld sleepingpuppy blenheim cavlife itsacavthing cavaholic cavalierkingcharlesspaniel ckcs puppiesofinstagram tiredpuppy

16 Minutes ago

Eveta Cavalier & Snow Cat


Comment from Eveta Cavalier & Snow Cat:


16 Minutes ago



Comment from Jack:

Keeping the drivers seat warm for dad coming back cavlife cavpuppy cavalierpuppy cavalierkingcharlesspaniel kingcharlescavalier puppies puppy puppiesofig puppiesofinstagram dogsofglasgow dogsofinstgram dogsofinstaworld carseat

17 Minutes ago

Mitsuhiro Sano


Comment from Mitsuhiro Sano:

😎 ホリデーさんでキャバキャバ✌️ ・ @hana.pon.samuo さんありがとうございました😊 ・ キャバリア cavclub cavalierclub cavlife cavalier cavalierkingcharlesspaniel トライ男子ブラタン女子 麻呂眉麻呂眉兄妹ちょびすけ🎵☆ ・ 皆さんありがとうございました😊 またよろしくお願いします。 ・ 😎

29 Minutes ago



Comment from draper_and_gish:

Free cavalierslovers cavofinsta instacavaliers instadog cavaliersofinstagram cavalierskingcharles cavlife ckcs beautycavaliers snowcavaliers snowdogs traveldogs

30 Minutes ago

Keyra Ly the Cavalier


Comment from Keyra Ly the Cavalier:

Wanna kiss? 😘blenheim cavalier dogs cavalierkingcharlesspaniel puppy puppylove puppypug dogslife itsadogslife dogsworld petsofinstagram pets puppiesofinstagram puppies cavlife cavaliersofinstagram theworldofbabyanimals cutepuppy dogmoments puppylife spaniel itsacavthing puppiesofinstagram cavaliercorner cutedogs floppyears puppypower puppylove cavalierclub chowchow cavaliersofinstagram woof

30 Minutes ago

Linh Dang


Comment from Linh Dang:

As sundayitis turns into mondayitis...thestruggleisreal thesnuggleisreal archie cookie puppy puppies cavalierkingcharlesspaniel jackrussell terrier igers iphone6s instadog instapuppy dogstagram dogsofig dogsofmelbourne ckcs cavlife lovethem

30 Minutes ago

Jill 🌼🐕


Comment from Jill 🌼🐕:

She gave me a bath 😒 But over to the good news: I smell like strawberries, thanks to my new pethead shampoo 😊🍓 cavalierlife cavalierkingcharlesspaniel kingcharlesspaniel cavaliersofinstagram tricolorcavalier itsacavthing cavlife

31 Minutes ago

Cody Cavalier


Comment from Cody Cavalier:

Contemplating turning into a mermaid...

32 Minutes ago



Comment from kyrabe:


51 Minutes ago