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Yeppi 🐾🐾 (yeppithecav) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yeppi 🐾🐾


Comment from Yeppi 🐾🐾:

Take advantage of the weather ❉ ..... .. . . . .. .... caval cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierlife cavalierworld cavworld cavlife lovecavaliers cavlove cavaliercorner ckc ckcs ckcspics ckcsofinstagram cavsrock cavsrule cavs blenheim blenheimworld blenheimcav blenheimcavalier itsacavthing leathernose leather_nose cavaliersofinstagram dogsofinstagram dogsofinstaworld instadog instagramdogs

22 Minutes ago
Tess Thomson (tessstify) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tess Thomson


Comment from Tess Thomson:

The tail that never stops marli cavlife cavlove cavalierkingcharlesspaniel

22 Minutes ago
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (cavaliercommunity) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Comment from Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

may this weekend bring you all your favorite treats 🐾❤️🤣 📷 @leo_the_lionpup 👉 BEST CKCS 👕👖☕️ Ever in @cavaliercommunity profile Or 🔎❗ 💯Satisfaction guarantied❗ Worldwide shipping🌍📦 🐶 To be featured👉 use . . . . . kingcharlescavalier cavalierkingcharles cavitude cavs cavalierclub cavworld cavsofinstagram cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavaliers kingcharles cavalierlove itsacavthing cavlove cavalierking cavalierworld kingcharlesspaniel ckcs ckc cavclub cavalierpuppy cavaholic cavaliersofinstagram cavlife

24 Minutes ago
Patricia Sebris (onehappyzebra) Instagram Photos and Videos

Patricia Sebris


Comment from Patricia Sebris:

Sandy nose, sandy toes

37 Minutes ago
Thor Cavalier (thor_cavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos

Thor Cavalier


Comment from Thor Cavalier:

Tan time 📖☀️

47 Minutes ago
Fred and Zoey (fredandzoey) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fred and Zoey


Comment from Fred and Zoey:

“I served my nickel, come take me!” fredandzoey ckcs cavalier blenheimcavalier ckcsofinstagram cavaliersofinstagram cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavlove cavalierkingcharles dogs dogsofinstagram dogsofinsta doglife

55 Minutes ago
 (pringledurlach) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from pringledurlach:

7:29 pm in a post lasagna food coma. saturdaynight earlytobedearlytorise

55 Minutes ago
Billy&Barney (billy_barney) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Billy&Barney:

Happiness 😊 🌊 . . . . . . cavalierkingcharl cavalierkingcharlesofinstagram cavalier cavaliercorner cav cavlife cavalierpuppy cavlover cavlove instacav cavgram caesdeportugal instadog doggram dogs_of_world dog_features dogs_features dogs_of_instagram animaisdeportugal cavaliersdeportugal caesdosportugueses cklifefeatures cavalierslove_feature happy_dogs_pt

1 Hours ago
Jamie L-b (jamieclb) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jamie L-b


Comment from Jamie L-b:

🐶🐶 Happy year of the dog! From my pupper to yours! * * * * cavlove cavlife cavaliers ckcs nofilter yearofthedog chinesenewyear happynewyear cavs cavaliers cavalierkingcharlesspaniel dogphotography dogprofile dog pupper doggo doggies cutedogs ilovedogs

1 Hours ago
Luisa Russo (luisarussofficial) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luisa Russo


Comment from Luisa Russo:

From Venice with love ❤truelove mydogandme carlottacavalierking cavlove cavlife cavalirkingcharlesspaniel blenheimcavalier instavenice veniceitaly ilovemydog

1 Hours ago
miss adventure (pursuits.of.a.bon.vivant) Instagram Photos and Videos

miss adventure


Comment from miss adventure:

dashingthroughthesnow 💬 • • • cavurday ckcs cavsofinstagram cavsofig cavsofinsta cavaliersofinstagram bleinheimcavalier cavalierkingcharlesspaniel itsacavthing cavlove cavlife cavitude cavlady royalpooch lapdog topdog bestinshow

1 Hours ago
Harris the Blenheim (harris_the_blenheim) Instagram Photos and Videos

Harris the Blenheim


Comment from Harris the Blenheim:

Me trying to butter up my sister Scar for something... sibs family cavalierspaniel cavlife cavlove

1 Hours ago
Cavaliers of IG (cavaliers_of_ig) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cavaliers of IG


Comment from Cavaliers of IG:

Cool shot from @cavalier_rosie 😊 Opinions on this snap? 😁 For a shout-out tag cavalier_shoutout in your pics! 😊 ___________________ cavalie cavclub cavalierbrasil cavoodlesofmelbourne cavaliernation cavalierrescue cavalierkingcharlesspaniellove cavalierkingcharlesspanielofig cavlove cavaliergram cavalierpuppies cavalierdog cavalierpride cavaholic cavachonsofinstagram cavalierlovers cavapoosofinstagram cavaliers cavoodlesofinstagram cavalierpuppy

1 Hours ago
Tucker (tucker.the.cav) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Tucker:

holding paws with uncle wevi

2 Hours ago
Poppy Rey (poppy.rey.cavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos

Poppy Rey


Comment from Poppy Rey:

Sunday’s are for cuddles, naps and catching up on my favourite TV ☺️📺💖 poppyrey cavalierkingcharlesspanielcava rubycavalier ckcs cavlove itsacavthingckcsofinsta cavsofinsta dog spanielpuppy spanielpuppy dogsofinsta

2 Hours ago
Tess Thomson (tessstify) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tess Thomson


Comment from Tess Thomson:

When you still know how to win a puppy eyes competition even though you're nearing 14yo monti ckcs cavicross cavlife cavlove

2 Hours ago
Milo Becker-Goldenberg (doggodemilo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Milo Becker-Goldenberg


Comment from Milo Becker-Goldenberg:

This is nothing- you should see the faces on the Olympic Skaters mid jump shakeitoff . . . funnyfaces dogshake twist crazyeyes handsome itsacavthing cavalier ckcs cavaliersofinstagram kingcharlescavalier cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierpuppy ckcspaniel puppy puppiesofinstagram cavaholic cavlife cavlove itsacavthing ckcsspaniel ckcsofinstagram instadog doglovers dogoftheday cavsofinstagram dogsofphilly cavaliercommunity ruby rubycavalier

2 Hours ago
Ture and Harry 💕🐶💕 (turecav) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ture and Harry 💕🐶💕


Comment from Ture and Harry 💕🐶💕:

Good night my friends ❤💤 Photo by Agnes ture cavlove cavs cavaliers love kärlek pets cav blenheimcavalier cavs instagramdogs instadogs cavaliersworld dogsoninstagram ckcs cavsoninstagram cavlove cavalierlove cavslife dogs cavaliersoninstagram dog cavalierkingcharlesspaniel

2 Hours ago
Finley & Fleur (finleyandfleur) Instagram Photos and Videos

Finley & Fleur


Comment from Finley & Fleur:

When sleep is your only option after the trauma of bath-time and a nail trim. 😫✂️🛁 fleur cavs ckcs ckcspics cavlove dogsofinstagram cavlife cavaliersofinstagram instadog cavalierworld spanielsofinstagram dogstagram blenheimcavalier cavalierpuppy ckcspics cavclub cavalier dogsofig cavalierclub weeklyfluff ilovemycavalier itsacavthing

2 Hours ago
Rosie 🎀 (rosie.thecav) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rosie 🎀


Comment from Rosie 🎀:

Stop and smell the roses 💐🐶 . . . . . . ckcs cavlove cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalier_shoutout blenheimcavalierkingcharlesspa blenheimpuppy dallasdogs cavlife rufflife

2 Hours ago
Misty Adams (caboose_and_donut) Instagram Photos and Videos

Misty Adams


Comment from Misty Adams:

Cloudy Saturday at the dog park!! cabooseadams caboosemurderface donutadams donutchainsawhands dogpark dogparkfun park joshuaspringsparkandpreserve joshuasprings cloudy cloudyday saturday cavlove cavlife cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierkingcharles kingcharlesspaniel kingcharlescavalier spanielsofinstagram spanielsofig spaniel spaniels dogsofinstagram dogstagram dog dogs doggygram loveher

2 Hours ago
Milly, Ramsay, Hellboy, Sunny (millys.on.missions.with.ramsay) Instagram Photos and Videos

Milly, Ramsay, Hellboy, Sunny


Comment from Milly, Ramsay, Hellboy, Sunny:

Saturday feels. sofasurfin lounginaround hellboy chloe Millykins ramsbunctious sunny noyoucantsithere doyouhaveatreat werewatchingyou bestvantagepointinthehouse cavlife cavlove cavpack cavitude cavalier ckcs cavaliersfurever cavaliersofthesouth cavaliersofnc cavaliersofinstagram carolinacavaliers carolinacanines

2 Hours ago
Jasper (jasper_theadventurecav) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jasper:

Saturday got me like 💜 cavlife ckcs cavsofinstagram cavlove saturday puplife dogsofportland pdxdogs dailyfluff nopicsplease

2 Hours ago
Roxana (roxanaaahhh) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Roxana:

Leave me alone human 😄❤🐶cavlovers cavalierslove_feature cavaholic cavaliers cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavlove cavlife cavdad dogdoginstagram

2 Hours ago
Addie The Cavalier (addiethecavvie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Addie The Cavalier


Comment from Addie The Cavalier:

Stuntin in ColoRADo winter snow dogs dogsofinstagram dogsofinstaworld dogsofig cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavvies cavalierlife cavlove cavaliersofinsta cavitude cavaliersofcolumbus 61fur

2 Hours ago
BOSSE • CUTE CAVALIER • SWEDEN (cavalier_bosse) Instagram Photos and Videos




Me and my best friend ❤️🧤 gloves mydog dogs_of_instagram dogsofinstaworld dogscorner dogsofinstagram instagramdogs bestwoof weeklyfluff cavalierkingcharlesspaniel dogsofig pets_of_instagram puppy ckc ckcs cavlife cavlove cavalierkingcharles cavaliersofinstagram rubycavalier cavaliercorner cavalierclub sweden göteborg

3 Hours ago
Payton The Cavalier (payton.the.cavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos

Payton The Cavalier


Comment from Payton The Cavalier:

the winterolympics2018 got me day dreamin like... . . . . . weeklyfluff ruffpost puppiesofig puppiesdaily dailydoseofcute dogsofig dogsofinstagram fluffypack bestwoof houndandlife houndsofig cavlife cavworld cavaliercorner cavitude cavlove thecavenue

3 Hours ago
Cavaliers of IG (cavaliers_of_ig) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cavaliers of IG


Comment from Cavaliers of IG:

📷 : @belleandbuttercup 🐾 Thoughts on this one? 🙆‍ Tag cavalier_shoutout on your pic if you want a feature! 😀 __________________ cavalier cavalierscentral cavallino cavalierlovers cavalierdog cavalieryouth cavlove cavalierbrasil cavaliermom cavalierstagram cavaliernation cavaliersrule cavaholic cavalierspaniel cavalierkingcharlespuppy cavalierpups cavlife cavalierpuppy cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavaliersofinstagram cavsofinstagram

3 Hours ago
 (ali__lloyd) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ali__lloyd:

Seasiders Mac Cooper seaside beach Dorset cavalier cavalierkingcharles cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavvie cavlove cavlife itsacavthing weekend hengistburyhead

3 Hours ago
(Oliver, Maya 🐶 and Winston 🌈) (elviraruizeubanks) Instagram Photos and Videos

(Oliver, Maya 🐶 and Winston 🌈)


Comment from (Oliver, Maya 🐶 and Winston 🌈):

Doggies in training... we did so good today. These nice ladies came by and gave us lots of treats because we were good listeners and quick learners ~ Maya and Oliver 🐶❤️🐶❤️ . . . . . cavalierwor cavalier_feature cavalierkingc cavalierclub cavaliercorner ckcs cavaliers cavaliersofinstagram dogmom spoiledpup adopted adoptanocompres dogsofinstagram dogslife itsacavthing cavlove cavs cavalierslove_feature bospin bostonterrier minpin minpinmix dogs pinscher_feature doglover spoileddog cutedogs adoptdontshop doggies

3 Hours ago
Leo & Sister (leoandsister) Instagram Photos and Videos

Leo & Sister


Comment from Leo & Sister:

Goodnight 💤🌙 - - - - - - - igclubdogs cavalier bestwoof cavlovers dogsofinstaworld proplandog featuremycavalier ruffpost blenheim sisterlove animalsco dogscorner cavworld great_captures_dogs cavvie animalfeatures pupdoggydog cavlove dog_features vscocam cavaholic cavalierworld cavclub ckcs cavalierkingcharles excellent_puppies cavaliercorner cavlover ifilmdog

3 Hours ago
D E X T E R 💙 C A V A L I E R (dexter_cavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos

D E X T E R 💙 C A V A L I E R


Comment from D E X T E R 💙 C A V A L I E R:


4 Hours ago
Lottie (lottiebot) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lottie:

Guys... I don't want to alarm you, but the human is putting things in bags and stuff and she says she is "packing" and wtf is that? // puppy cockalier cockalierspaniel puppiesofinstagram cockersofinstagram cockaliersofinstagram cavalierkingcharles dogeyebrows tricolor lottiegram doglover puppylife puppyeyes lotbot cavlove cavalier cockerspaniel

4 Hours ago