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Katelyn Register (mr.reggers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Katelyn Register


Comment from Katelyn Register:

Where'd my hair go?!? But I got a cool tie 👍😄🤗😍 cavalier cavlove cavlife grooming groomeddog jaxdogs duvaldogs jacksonville handsomepup lovemydog prettyboy spaniel

4 Minutes ago
Harlee (cavalierkingharl) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Harlee:

How ya feelin 🙃cavlove cavlife cavitude srslycute happypet iflmdog cavs cavalierkingcharles spaniel dostagram

7 Minutes ago
Bailey Buttons (baileybuttonsbrienza) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bailey Buttons


Comment from Bailey Buttons:

have my new bandanna on!!! cavalierkingruby cavaliersofinstagram cavalierkingcharles cavaliercommunity ckc ckcs ckcsofinstagram cavie cavlove cavlife cavpuppy cavaliercorner baileybuttons puppy ecupirates cavalierkingcharlesspaniel rubycavalier

8 Minutes ago
Nemo (nemo_thecavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Nemo:

This photo was taken 3 weeks ago. I'm here with my brothers & sisters, I'm first on the left❤️

16 Minutes ago
milow and ike daily🐶🐕 (milow_and_ike) Instagram Photos and Videos

milow and ike daily🐶🐕


Comment from milow and ike daily🐶🐕:

Oh a lot of Milows😬 milow ike shorkieofinstaworld shorkiesofinstagram shorkie shihtzu shihtzulove shihtzufan yorkshireterrierofinstagram yorkieswag yorkie cavfan cavlove cavworld cavsociety cavalierofinsta blenheimcavalierkingcharlesspaniel blenheim dogblog dogsofinstgram

27 Minutes ago
Stefany Bsqt (stefany_bst) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stefany Bsqt


Comment from Stefany Bsqt:

Eliya under the sunset ❤ cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierkingcharles cavlove cavlife doglife dog ckc ckcsofinstagram ig_dog ig_sunset sunset sunsetlovers biarritz paysbasque France sobeautiful landscape ocean Atlantic surf photographyislife photography dogadventure

32 Minutes ago
👩🏻Eva & 🐶Amelia's World (ameliathecav) Instagram Photos and Videos

👩🏻Eva & 🐶Amelia's World


Comment from 👩🏻Eva & 🐶Amelia's World:

💗🌷Beautiful entrance to the @countrylivingfairs ! We were so lucky to have Holly from @teddy_maximus vouch for us! We had he most pawsome time there! 💗💗 our blog on the event will come on Tuesday! We are working on it already! 😍

32 Minutes ago
Rocky Yang (rockycavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rocky Yang


Comment from Rocky Yang:

I 💖 spring because it means I get to go outside and play!🤗☀️ ---------------------------------------------- cavlove cavalier cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavaliers cavapup dogsofinsta dogsofinstgram blenheimcavalier puppy puppiesofinstagram cavalife cavlife cavaclub cavitude cavaliergram cavalierclub itsacavthing dog cavalierofinstagram instadog cavalierworld itsacavthing cavalierofficial cav thedogsclub pleaseseecavalier

37 Minutes ago
Joy Cavalier (joy_thecavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joy Cavalier


Comment from Joy Cavalier:

I can be a tuff girl too. Don't make me angry!😜lovedogs kingcharlesspaniel_feature dogface ckcspics cavlife cavlove doglover itsacavthing ckcs dogplaying kingcharlesspaniel_feature cavaliercorner cavalierclub

1 Hours ago
Lady Gemma 💎 (ladygemmathecav) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lady Gemma 💎


Comment from Lady Gemma 💎:

❣ kingcharlescavalier ckcsofinstagram ckcspics ckcs cavlove cavalierkingcharlesspaniel dogsofinstgram dogsofmsp puppy

1 Hours ago
Charlotte York (charlotteyork_thecav) Instagram Photos and Videos

Charlotte York


Comment from Charlotte York:

Happy girls!! 🐶❤️🐶 Had so much fun hanging with my sweet friend @abbeybellacavalier and the humans at the the opening of Silver Lakes @healthyspot location! Got my first tattoo and lots of yummy treats! 😄 ************************************************ cavitude cavaholic ckcs cavsofinstagram cavagram instapup puppygram puppyplay dogsofinstagram kingcharles cavlife cavalierkingcharlesspaniel itsacavthing cavalierslove_feature dailybarker igwoofs dogsofinstagram cavlove barkingtonpost igclubdogs cutepetshots dog_features coolangel369 ckcsofinstagram cavlovers dogs_of_world cavworld cavaliercorner worldofcutepets puppylove🐶

1 Hours ago
Céline (mimiphine) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Céline:

Vacances à la montagne 🏔🐶💕 cavalierkingcharles cavaliersofinstagram cavlife cavlove cavalierkingcharlesspaniel itscavtime itscavthing mountain vacation instadog vacances

1 Hours ago
Leftyline (leftyline) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Leftyline:

Just hanging out while we watch hubby do some yard work 😊💁🏽 weekendvibes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . adayinthelife mykidshavepaws cavlove chilling relaxing sundayvibes

1 Hours ago
Dame Adelaide Von Spanielton (addiethecavie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dame Adelaide Von Spanielton


Comment from Dame Adelaide Von Spanielton:

Chilling, literally, after a nice, hot morning outside 🐶💕 AddieTheCavie . . . dogsofinstagram puppy puppiesofinstagram dailypuppy cavie cavlife kingcharlesspaniel spaniel cavaholic cavlove ckcs cavalier cavalierkingcharles doglife itsacavthing instadog cav blenheim adelaide cutestdogever

1 Hours ago
Paddington Bear (littlepaddingtonbear) Instagram Photos and Videos

Paddington Bear


Comment from Paddington Bear:

Every king has a crown 👑

1 Hours ago
Boxer, Husky & 2 Cavs - TX (zmoonspiel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Boxer, Husky & 2 Cavs - TX


Comment from Boxer, Husky & 2 Cavs - TX:

Emma and Henry ❤️🐶🐼❤️ ❤----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- dogsofinstagram dogs puppy instadog instadogs kingcharlescavalier kingcharles cavlife cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalier cavalierkingcharles ckcs cavaholic cavaliercorner cavlove featuremycavalier dogscorner puppypalace igwoofs ckcspics itsacavthing excellent_dogs excellent_puppies Cavalierslove_feature cavitude cavaliersofinstagram kingcharlesspaniel_feature dogoftheday

1 Hours ago
Fela (cavlifefela) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Fela:

🐶💦 cavalierlife sleep cavalier ckcs dog dogstagram blenheim itsacavthing cavlife cavlove cavlovers dogoftheday doglovers cavalierworld cavalierofinstagram cavalierkingcharles cavalierspaniel cav

2 Hours ago
Monty & Bella (monty_bella) Instagram Photos and Videos

Monty & Bella


Comment from Monty & Bella:

What Sundays are made for 👌🏻 --------------------------------------------cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavaliersofinstagram cavlife cavalier cavlove dog dogsofinstgram dogsofinsta dogstagram doglover dogsofig doglove ilovemydog

2 Hours ago
Veronika & Gloria (verulinek) Instagram Photos and Videos

Veronika & Gloria


Comment from Veronika & Gloria:

No, I am not eating the sand, I am watching the ball👀🙈cavalierkingcharlesspaniel kingcharlesspaniel cavalier ckcs ckcsofinstagram cavaliersofinstagram dog eyes ball cavlife cavlove doglover sand beachvolley caughtintheact tricolor cavworld

2 Hours ago
Elisabeth Watson (gephin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Elisabeth Watson


Comment from Elisabeth Watson:

Nap mushy face. 😘cavalierkingcharlesspaniel ckcs cavalier cavlife cavlove cavaholic spoiled myheart

2 Hours ago
Miss Betty The Cavalier 🐶 (miss_betty_the_cavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos

Miss Betty The Cavalier 🐶


Comment from Miss Betty The Cavalier 🐶:

Wir haben wieder neue Bestellungen erhalten! Wow! Es freut mich, dass meine Hundebiskuits bei so vielen meiner Hundefreunden so toll ankommen. 🐶🍪 hundebandehundeblickhundebiskuithundeliebhaberhundelebenhundeliebehundeleckerlihundebiskuithundehundhundefutterhundefreundetierfreundetierfuttertieretierliebedogtreatsdoglifedoglovedogloverhundeonlineshoponlineshoptiershoptieronlineshopcavlovecavlifecavaliercavalierkingcharleskingcharlescavalierhundekekse

2 Hours ago
Cavalier Queen Scarlet (scarlettherubycavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cavalier Queen Scarlet


Comment from Cavalier Queen Scarlet:

Lazy Sunday ❤️ donotdisturb comfyaf sundaysnoozeday cavalierqueenscarlet cavlife cavlove rubycavalier cavaliersofinstagram ckcs cavitude itsacavthing cavalierworld cavclub cavaholic ilovemycavalier cavulous dogsofinstagram cavaliercorner scarlet

2 Hours ago
Enzo And Ella 🐶🐶 (enzoandellathecavs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Enzo And Ella 🐶🐶


Comment from Enzo And Ella 🐶🐶:

Road trip and sip 🐶🐶 latergram wheresourpupacchino cavalier ckcs cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavaliersofinstagram cavlife cavlove cavworld cavalierslove_feature dogs dogsofinstagram dogsofinstaworld dogstagram instadog dogworld dogoftheday doglife doglove petsofinstagram petstagram petoftheday

2 Hours ago
Fritz (fritzythecav) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Fritz:

Me 1 whole year ago!!! bigdog bigboss cavs cavlove cavlife cavsofinstagram cavalierkingcharlesspaniel

2 Hours ago
Gatsby The Cavalier (gatsby_the_cavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gatsby The Cavalier


Comment from Gatsby The Cavalier:

Hair groomed and feeling handsome cavalierkingcharles cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavlove spaniels spanielsofinsta spanielsofinstagram spaniel dogs dogsofinsta dogsofinstagram puppies puppiesofinsta puppiesofinstagram

2 Hours ago
🐾💕polly💕🐾 (polly_the_cavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🐾💕polly💕🐾:

Please don't go🐾🐾🙏🙏 looking out the window cavaliercorner cavalier_feature cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierclub cavalierslove_feature dogsofinstgram dogs🐶 dogsoftheday dogsofinsta doggielove dogselfie cavalierofinstagram cavlove cavalierpuppy cavalier cavalierkingcharlesspaniel dogsoftheday dogsofinstaworld

2 Hours ago
Cavalier king charles 💖 (cavalierking_life) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cavalier king charles 💖


Comment from Cavalier king charles 💖:

2 Hours ago
Miatheduchess (miatheduchess) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Miatheduchess:

Don't mind me, I'm napping. ckcs cavalier cavalierkingcharles cavalierkingcharlesspaniel naptime ilovemydog cavsofinstagram cavsofinsta instadog dogstagram cavlove cavlife cavitude sleepypup

2 Hours ago
Cavalier Lovers (cavalier_lovers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cavalier Lovers


Comment from Cavalier Lovers:

Check out the web link on our Bio 🖙 @cavalier_lovers 🖘 to get one of our 🐶🐾 pawesome 🐾🐶 Tees & Hoodies 👕 today! We offer worldwide distribution! 🗺📦 Like and tag your Cavalier loving friends below! Make sure to follow for daily pics! cavalier cav cavalierpuppy cavaliersofinstagram cavalierworld cavalierclub cavitude cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavlove cavclub doglove doglover doglovers dogsofig pets puppy puppies cute animal

2 Hours ago
Lola (lolathecavie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lola:

Love dis face💋

2 Hours ago
Colin (cavaliercolin) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Colin:

Sunbathing on this beautiful day. chubbylips pinklips tricolorcavalier tricolor sunbathing socute sosweet colin cavlife cavlove cavaliers cavalier cavalierlovers cavalierking cavalierkingcharlesspaniel puppiesofinstagram dogsofinstagram cavaliersofinstagram tongueout wetnose bigeyes beautifulday

2 Hours ago
Joey (mylubjoey) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Joey:


3 Hours ago
Prof Anna Nekaris (queenfireface) Instagram Photos and Videos

Prof Anna Nekaris


Comment from Prof Anna Nekaris:

Mummy brought me cushions from Mexico 🇲🇽!! figgy figgypudding cavlove cavlife cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalier blackandtan

3 Hours ago