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Lisa Mary Cummins


Comment from Lisa Mary Cummins:

Time with my boy. Best way to wind down henry kinghenry kingcharlescavalier cavalier cavalierpuppy puppy puppiesofinsta dogsofinstagram cavaliersofinstagram uforichenry cavs cavie cavlife rubycavalier cavlove cavlovers furbaby restandrelaxation calm longwalks beach beachwalk livingthedream surfcoast greatoceanroad

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Comment from liludenver:

Hard working dog 🐶😉 workingdog rubydenver rubylove rubycav rubycavalier cavaliercorner cavlife cavlove cavaliersofinstagram cavalier itsacavthing bemorecav ilovemydog dogfriendlyoffice

15 Minutes ago

Joe the Cavalier


Comment from Joe the Cavalier:

cutecavs cavlove cavalier cavalierkingcharles ckcs sweeties bestdogs pets puppys My turn now!

21 Minutes ago

Lucie Čechová


Comment from Lucie Čechová:


23 Minutes ago

Joe the Cavalier


Comment from Joe the Cavalier:

cutecavs cavlove cavalier cavalierkingcharles ckcs sweeties bestdogs pets puppys As long as I have you.... 😊

25 Minutes ago

Buddy 🐶🐾


Comment from Buddy 🐶🐾:

Goodnight, world 🌎 😴 sleepypuppy nightnight puppiesofinstagram puppygram cutepup puppylove ckcsofinstagram ckcs ckcspuppy cavalier cavalierpuppy cavaliersofinstagram cavalierkingcharlesspaniel dogstagram dogsofdallas dogsofinstgram blenheim cavlove cavlife cavs buddy🐶

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Comment from Andrea:

Treat? cavlove cavlife cavalierkingcharlesspaniel nyc newyork citydog

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Comment from Keke:

Monty, peek a boo, I see you! dog seniordog ilovedogs ilovemydog ilovemydogs cavalier cavalierkingcharles cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierworld cavlife cavlove cavitude ckcs dogstagram dogslife pupdoggydog love petsofinstagram petsofinsta monty dogoftheday spaniel cavsofinstagram kingcharlesfans cavalierlovers instadogs petsagram dogsofinstaworld doglife cavs

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Lola & Ivy


Comment from Lola & Ivy:

I'm not a princess 👸 at all 💞 lola cavaliercorner cavlife cavlove snuggles cavalierkingcharlesspaniel ilovemydogs cavalierworld

1 Hours ago

Cavalier Lovers


Comment from Cavalier Lovers:

Use the link on our Bio 🖙 cavalier_lovers 🖘 to purchase your 🐶🐾 pawesome 🐾🐶 👕 Hoodies and T-Shirts 👕 today! We offer worldwide distribution! 🗺📦 Like and tag your Cavalier loving friends below! Make sure to follow for daily pics! cavalier cav cavalierpuppy cavaliersofinstagram cavalierworld cavalierclub cavitude cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavlove cavclub doglove doglover doglovers dogsofig pets puppy puppies cute animal

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Comment from bambincream:


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Brody Beliveau 🐶


Comment from Brody Beliveau 🐶:

My mom says I'm the sweetest in the morning 😇😇😇 angelbaby sweetboy itry brodythepup instadog cavlove puppiesofinstagram cavlife kingcharles ckcs cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierpawtners cavaliercorner cavalierkingcharles cavalierpuppy

2 Hours ago

Brody Beliveau 🐶


Comment from Brody Beliveau 🐶:

You mean it's almost the weekend??! 👌🏼😊😎 twomoredays cantwait ilovemyturtle turtleboy brodythepup ckcs cavaliers cavalierpawtners cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavlife kingcharles puppiesofinstagram instadog cavlove

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Comment from Sashabeanswifferpaws:

Extreme closeup...sheesh's a good thing I am not self conscious of my fuzzy muzzle fuzzymuzzle nose cavmom cavlove cavlife cavs cute mymomlovesme blackandwhite

2 Hours ago



Comment from Gabby:

Playtime with sisters 🐶💖🐶 gabbyandlola rescue cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavs ckcs rescue cavaliers cavlife cavlove picoftheday puppylove puppiesofinstagram dog dogstagram pupstagram doglove dogslife love girl puppy pup cute instagood smile me happy blenheim rubycavalier sisters wednesday

3 Hours ago

Milo And I


Comment from Milo And I:

Every single time I try to take a selfie, I end up looking at the wrong spot... ---------------------------------------------- selfiefail cavalier cavalierkingcharles cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavs kingcharles spaniel ckcs milo MiloTheCavalier ckcs instadog puppy pups pupstagram instadog dogsofinsta dogofinstagram cavlife cavlove cavaliersofinstagram cavaliercorner Blenheim milothepuppy milothedog itsacavthing adogslife

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Kylee! 🐶


Comment from Kylee! 🐶:

It was about time I got bathed I suppose 😕spanielsofinstagram cav cavs cavlife cavlove cavclub cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavaliers cavalier cavworld cavalierworld dog doglove doggielove dogsofinsta dogsofinstgram bath time towel blue wet dirty clean bathtub water soap

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Comment from joypalm:

Happy dog makes me happy 😊 cavaliers cavalierlove Cavalier_feature cavalierkingcharlesspaniel gooddoggie dogsofvirginiabeach dogsofvirginia ckcspaniel ckcspics ckcslove ckcslife ckcsofinstagram cavlove cavlife happydog cavs cavalierofinstagram

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Megan Cornwall


Comment from Megan Cornwall:

The best day. 💕 . . . . RuffinandNoraarefriends bestneiceever littleloves shesthebest ckcs cavlove cavlife lovecavaliers

4 Hours ago

Carmel The Cavalier


Comment from Carmel The Cavalier:

Besos to ollierayofsunshine judahs_ruff_life milosday for tagging me in the BlackAndWhiteChallenge 💋 Play along if you're tagged!

4 Hours ago