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Lucy (lucy_cavalier_sweden) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lucy:

From the left: Allan, Lexi, Charlie and me 💕I can't wait for summer to start and to hang out with you guys for a whole week 💕 so much cavlove in one pic 🐶🐶🐶🐶❤️ dogsofstockholm cavalierworld cavlife itsacavthing cavpuppy cavitude cavaliersofinstagram

4 Minutes ago
Anne Nyseter Perez, Norway (fruaperez) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anne Nyseter Perez, Norway


Comment from Anne Nyseter Perez, Norway:

Noen har tjuvstarta ferien 💙børreperez cavlife cavlove cavalier cavalierlove cavalierkingcharlesspaniel

23 Minutes ago
Caroline Gaynor (carolinebikes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Caroline Gaynor


Comment from Caroline Gaynor:

Crushing so hard on the man who makes Peanut (and me) this happy. 😍

24 Minutes ago
Eva and Amelia's World (ameliathecav) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eva and Amelia's World


Comment from Eva and Amelia's World:

🇬🇧 London girl

45 Minutes ago
Bailey Buttons (baileybuttonsbrienza) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bailey Buttons


Comment from Bailey Buttons:

suns out, tongues out! ready for the week!!!!! 😋ckc ckcs ckcsofinstagram cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierkingcharles cavaliersofinstagram cavie cavlife cavlove cavpuppy cavalierpuppy cavaliercorner cavalierlover cavalierlove cavalierworld cavaholic cavalierkingruby ruby rubycavalier baileybuttons itsacavthing puppy sunsouttonguesout

48 Minutes ago
Leo & Sister (leoandsister) Instagram Photos and Videos

Leo & Sister


Comment from Leo & Sister:

Hello!🐶🐶 - - - - - igclubdog cavalier bestwoof cavlovers dogsofinstaworld proplandog featuremycavalier ruffpost blenheim puppygr4m animalsco dogscorner cavworld great_captures_dogs cavvie animalfeatures igcutest_animals cavlove dog_features barkbox cavaholic cavalierworld cavclub ckcs cavalierkingcharles huffpostgram excellent_puppies cavaliercorner cavlover

52 Minutes ago
Emme The Cavalier 🐾 (emmethecav) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emme The Cavalier 🐾


Comment from Emme The Cavalier 🐾:

Wishing I was at the beach with my best buds 💕

1 Hours ago
Lucy (lucy_cavalier_sweden) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lucy:

This was so fun!! 😍🇸🇪☀️ puppy cavalier cavalierkingcharles cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierkingcharlesspanielpupp cavlife doglife instadog ilovemypuppy littlelucy cavs cavitude cavlove itsacavthing cavpuppy agriahund cavaholic cavalierworld cavaliersofinstagram dogsofinstagram dogsofstockholm puppylife

1 Hours ago
Meo🐾🐶 (meo_ckc) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Meo🐾🐶:

sundaymood sunnyday ckc cavlife cavlove cavalierkingcharles cavalierkingcharlesspaniel ckcs doglovers

1 Hours ago
Woof! (ourpack) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Woof!:

I'm Batman! ❤️Cassie lootcrate lootcratepets

1 Hours ago
Joey (mylubjoey) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Joey:

Don't bother me 😘

1 Hours ago
Sara (sara_the_cavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sara:

🔜nap😴 puppylovers puppylover puppylove puppylife dog dogs doglife doglove doglover doglovers puppylovers puppylovers doglovers dogstagram dogsofinstgram dogsofinstaworld cavs cavlife cavlove cavlover cavalier cavalierpuppy cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierkingscharlesspaniel cavalierkingcharlesspanielpupp cavalierlove_feature cavalierloves_feature cavalierpawtners

1 Hours ago
Pucker & Snout (puckerandsnout) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pucker & Snout


Comment from Pucker & Snout:

H A P P Y • M O N D A Y Leash: @geopetric Use code CARMEL for 20% off

1 Hours ago
Theodore and Ryan (theodore_ryan2) Instagram Photos and Videos

Theodore and Ryan


Comment from Theodore and Ryan:

Morning cuddles!! It's good to have mom home😊❤️ . . . boxer cavalier puppymom puppies puppyboxer puppycavalier boxeroftheday cavalieroftheday cavsnation boxerlife cavlove boxerlove

1 Hours ago
Cavalier Lovers (cavalier_lovers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cavalier Lovers


Comment from Cavalier Lovers:

Click the URL in our Bio 🖙 @cavalier_lovers 🖘 to get your 🐶🐾 pawesome 🐾🐶 👕 Hoodies & T-Shirts 👕 now! We offer global distribution! 🗺📦 Dont forget to hit like and tag your Cavalier loving friends below! Make sure you hit follow for daily pics! cavalier cav cavalierpuppy cavaliersofinstagram cavalierworld cavalierclub cavitude cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavlove cavclub doglove doglover doglovers dogsofig pets puppy puppies cute animal

1 Hours ago
C H A B L I S 🐶💕 (chablis_thecavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos

C H A B L I S 🐶💕


Comment from C H A B L I S 🐶💕:

• Life is better at the beach 🐚🐚🐚 • beach happydog happydoglife puppylove chablisthecavalier cavie cavalierofinstagram dogs cavalierpuppy cavlovers cavsofinsta adorable instagramdogs lovedogs kingcharlesspaniel_feature kin chablis kingcharlesspaniel

1 Hours ago
Carmel The Cavalier (saltedcarmelsauce) Instagram Photos and Videos

Carmel The Cavalier


Comment from Carmel The Cavalier:

It's Monday. Brace yourselves for impact.

1 Hours ago
Joanne (jojomag87) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Joanne:

Another new play thing newtoy ballpool ballfun yorkie cavaliers yorkiegram cavaliersofinstagram yorkielove cavlove yorkieworld cavalierkingcharlesspaniel dogslife dogsofinstgram happiness loveourdogs

2 Hours ago
🐶🐾Joy🐾🐶 (joy_the_cavalier_king) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🐶🐾Joy🐾🐶:

👀 featuremycavalier itsacavthing cavalierking cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierpuppies cavclub cavvie cavlove puppy puppies petstagram petlovers cavalierkingcharles bestfriend like4like follow4follow firstpost cavalierpups blenheimpuppy blenheim puppies puppygram puppyoftheday lovecavaliers cavalierworld puppyluv puppymom purelove

2 Hours ago
Cooper The Cavalier (catchupwithcooper) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cooper The Cavalier


Comment from Cooper The Cavalier:

mama & me 🐶💁🏻😍

2 Hours ago
Lola (lolathecavie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lola:

Monday is happy cause @happysocks sent my sissy these socks. Well maybe her feet are just happy. It's still Monday😁 happinesseverywhere

3 Hours ago
 (cavalierdutt) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from cavalierdutt:

Our ❤️ is filled with sadness because of the beautiful @thedogtassen has crossed over the rainbow bridge 💔🙏🏻🐶🌈 cavaliernorge cavaliersofnorway blackandtancavalier itsacavthing cavalierclub cavlove cavlife cavaliersofinstagram

3 Hours ago
Cooper 🐾 (cooper_ckcs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cooper 🐾


Comment from Cooper 🐾:

Mid-morning snooze cavlove cavlife

3 Hours ago
Boots (bootstagram2009) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Boots:

Best friends since 2009 ✨ . . . cavalier puppy cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cav dogworld kingcharlespuppy kingboots walkies woof dogsofinsta cavsofinstagram dogsofinsta kingcharlesspaniel cavaliers cavalierlove cavalierlover instadog instawoof instadogbreeds instadogsofficial instakingcharles tricolourcav AKC CKCS cavlove tricolourcavalierkingcharlessp tricolourkingcharles cavaliersofig kingcharlesofig

3 Hours ago
N I K K I 🐶 (nikki_thecavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos

N I K K I 🐶


Comment from N I K K I 🐶:

I wish you all have a good Monday! 💞🤗💞 nikki nikkithecavalier cav cavclub cavcorner cavalier cavworld cavalier cavlife cavlove cavalierkingcharles cavalierkingcharlesspaniel instadog instapet instaanimal instacavalier dog dogs doglife doglover dogscorner dogstagram ruby rubygirl ckcs pet pet animallove animal

3 Hours ago
milow and ike daily🐶🐕 (milow_and_ike) Instagram Photos and Videos

milow and ike daily🐶🐕


Comment from milow and ike daily🐶🐕:

Ike our cutie cav! girl brunettegirl brownhair longhair naturalgirl naturalselfie naturalhair nomakeup ike cavfan cavworld cavlove cavalierofinsta cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavsgram blenheimcavalierkingcharlesspa blenheim dogworld dogblog dogsofinstagram selfieoftheday

4 Hours ago
Kara Eileen (keileenalana) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kara Eileen


Comment from Kara Eileen:

Blinking in the ☀️ cav cavlife cavlove cavclub cavaliers cavalierlover itsacavthing cutestdog tongueout centralpark cacalierkingcharlesspaniel instadog instapet instaanimal instacavalier ckcs ckcsofinstagram dogsofnyc doglife dogsofinstagram

4 Hours ago
Fela (cavlifefela) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Fela:

😆😆😆 cavalierlife polishdog cavalier ckcs dog dogstagram blenheim itsacavthing cavlife cavlove cavlovers dogoftheday doglovers cavalierworld instadog cavalierofinstagram cavalierkingcharles cavalierspaniel cav dogs cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavaliercommunity cavalierlover ilovemycavalier cavclub spaniel

4 Hours ago
Milly(kins), Ramsay, & Hellboy (millys.on.missions.with.ramsay) Instagram Photos and Videos

Milly(kins), Ramsay, & Hellboy


Comment from Milly(kins), Ramsay, & Hellboy:

We can't even Monday.... stinkeye tooearly mammarazzi gobacktosleep cavlife cavlove hellboy Millykins cavaliersofthesouth cavaliersofnc cavaliersofraleigh cavaliersofinstagram cavaholic ckcs carolinacavaliers carolinacanines itsacavlife itsacavthing daranecavaliers monticellocavaliers

4 Hours ago
Sammy Post (sammythestud16) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sammy Post


Comment from Sammy Post:

Just me and my brother!! brothers brotherlylove cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavlife cavlove sammythestud dogsofinstagram cuddles cuddlebuddy

4 Hours ago
Cavalier king charles spaniel (alice.nellie_cavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cavalier king charles spaniel


Comment from Cavalier king charles spaniel:

Sötpluttan 😍❤ cavalierpuppy cavalierlife doglife sweetdog dogstagram cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavaliersofinstagram blenheim blenheimcavalier ilovemycavalier ilovemydog cavlove cavalier cavlife ckcs

5 Hours ago
Huckleberry (huckinboston) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Huckleberry:

I turned on my puppy charm this morning in an effort to keep mom home, but she went to work anyway! Drat. I'll try again tomorrow.

5 Hours ago
Laurette Nachin (laurette_mouss_ckc) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laurette Nachin


Comment from Laurette Nachin:

Le lundi au soleil ☀️❤️☀️moussthecav cavalierking cavlove cavlife cavaliercommunity ckcs ckcslove ckcspuppy blenheimcavalier

5 Hours ago