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Vipul Naidu (vipulnaidu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vipul Naidu


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Spicy Chicken Maggi breakfast maggi chickenmaggi chicken spicymaggi spicychicken maggilove foodporn foodgasm loveforcooking

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Organic food for you


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Organic chicken tonight! beercanchicken by @wwoo_outdoorkitchen & @organicfoodforyou . beercanchicken discoverorganic ontdekbio chicken organicfood food bbq biggreenegg chef firecooking lemons dinner nature pure enjoygoodfood comfortfood love happy atumnsun freerangechickens happychicken charcoal houtskool vuur outdoorcooking outdoorfun friends family

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Matthew Stapley (mattstap91) Instagram Photos and Videos

Matthew Stapley


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Trying to get back on a more consistent meal prep plan. Trying teriyaki chicken thighs, sweet potatoes, broccoli and wholegrain rice with lentils and quinoa - food foodie cooking meal mealprep mealplanning healthyfood healthyeating chicken instafood

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I think I call him chickenwing XD Chickens are my favourite birds is that strange CX ? . . Here are no tags XD chickendragondraw dragondragonartartmyartchicken

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Lazy day at home after class. Made some instantramen with chicken avacado eggs and seaweed 😎 foodie instafood foodofinstagram

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Not only does feeding your hens alfalfa provide them with important greens and nutrition, it gives them something to do. During the winter there isn't much in the yard for them to munch on, so it helps fill that void.

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+) Follow me & Tag your Friends Just a baby Poland ❤️ this is our first pure hatch from our flock. Mum and dad are now free range for the winter so looking forwards to seeing how they mature silkiechicken silkies silkie chicken chickens chickenlife bantam bantamchicken cute love

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latepost Yesterday was mealprep Monday. I made chicken and steak fajitabowls Here is the Cauliflower Spanish "Rice" recipe in second photo! mealprep healthy healthyeating health vegan vegetarian food foodporn fitness organic natural fitness motivated dedication fuel fuelyourbody eattolive instafood

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Teriyaki chicken! yo yosushi chicken teriyaki rice sushi cheflife bestjobever bestbossever winter sumo

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Repost ( @get_repost) ・・・ Pastured chicken From a nutritional standpoint, chicken is relatively lean healthy protein. It’s still got some good fat on it, which is extremely important for overall nutrition, so I like to keep the skin on whenever I’m preparing it. That it’s delicious doesn’t hurt, either. As with all animal proteins, I always try to consume it consciously and with knowledge of where it’s coming from. The difference between factory-farmed and free-range birds is tremendous in both the quality of the product and the life of the animal. For me, that means buying chickens from small farms and local butchers I trust that allow their chickens to openly roam the pasture. . FoodFitandFab food foodie foody fit fitspo fitness fitnessmyotivation fitnessinspiration fitgirl health healthy healthylife healthylifestyle healthjourney healthyeating eatclean eatingclean cleaneating paleo dairyfree glutenfree mtl naturopathy foodblogger healthblogger nutrition delicious chicken

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Stappa kylling i kokossaus ❤ teambasil basil lowcarbnorway lowcarb eatclean healthyfood foodporn chicken curry lovefood

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tasteytuesday pizza special grilled lemon garlic herb chicken fresh plumtomatoes chilipeppers fresh mozzarella parmesan basil parsley spicy cheesey meaty awesomeness eatit nyc

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Hello ladies! chicken chickenkeeping hens

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imhungry eggs tortillas chicken vegtables

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Lunch! Chicken breast with ranch, cheese and chia seeds. healthhealthyfoodchiaseedschic

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💢💥Golden Skull💥💢 ➡Hermoso spinner con diseño de calavera con un color dorado que se encuentra en camino😍 📍Detalles en color negro, lo cuál hace un contraste genial con el dorado👌😎 ↘EDICIÓN: Limitada! ➡Hace ya tus reservas por medio del DM y no te quedes sin el tuyo!! skull golden skullspinner spinneropener floppycube 4x4 mirror mirrorcube opener zcube keychain chicken squareone fidget spinner spinners fidgetspinner fidgetcube metallic silver metallicspinner fidget spinner spinners fidgetspinner fidgetcube metallic cube rubik rubikscube BoludecesAsu

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Restjes opmaken.. yummie! wraps scrumbledeggs cucumber chicken lunch grillworst yoghurtmayonaise apetinalight dinner healthy weightloss breakfast food goodfood instafood gezond kliekjesdag restjes

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Minha primeira carta ✉ enviada pra pagar a conta de luz. 💡 usps mail electric bill chicken 🐔 rooster 🐓

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Everyone meet Buck 😍 chicken baby adorable webought6 oops inlove 😍

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Afro decided to go on a mid-morning joy ride to avoid the pile of paperwork and editing she had looming on her desk. onthefunnyfarm funnyfarm fortheloveofchickens farmhouse farmlife chickenmoments chickenlife chickenlove chickenlover chickensofig chickensofinstagram chickens chickentherapy backyardchickens urbanfarm urbanchickens chicken freerange fresheggs silkiesofinstagram silkies

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Spoiled staffy 🍗😍 sbt staffordshirebullterrier sennyards spoileddog chicken staffiestory staffymoments stafford

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brusselsprouts chicken koriander healthyfood avocado

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Sheela Ranta-aho (sheelarantaaho) Instagram Photos and Videos

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When he cooks for you ❤withloverelationshipgoals cookingfoodheavenchickenhallou alloumibasilsweetpotatosweetpo

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Chicken bruschetta stack chickenbruschetta chicken bruschetta eats yummy foodporn igfood instafood instafoodie ilovefood dinner delicious foodie foodgasm goodeats homemade foodgasm foodstagram nomnomnom getinmybelly hungry foodpic lovefood realfood tasty eatinggood yum delish

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Zachia Dicks (zachia.dicks) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zachia Dicks


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Leftovers from Dinner packed and ready for lunch tomorrow .. Chicken and Broccoli with Garlic hasselback sweet potatoes 🍠 healthyeating healthyfood healthyliving healthy dinner lunch fitfam eatclean sweetpotato hasselback chicken broccoli foodstagram foodie foodporn foodshare foodphotography

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Rebecca Lewis


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@thebodycoach chicken & chorizo 👌 chicken chorizo spinach dinner eatclean cleaneating healthy leanin15 strongnotskinny bodybuilding weightlifting weightloss weightlossjourney girlswithmuscle girlswholift transformationtuesday fitness fitnessfreak fitnessmotivation fitmum healthykids foodie lean protein tasty goodeats mozzarella gymrat lifestyle ukbff

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Daily Vlogger • Youtube Mommy


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This delicious BBQ pulled chicken recipe is live on my channel RIGHT NOW!!! Go check me out 👩🏾‍🍳Link is always in my bio . . . . issalink eatingpickles chicken bbqchicken crockpotcooking raisingthelees dailyvlogger cookingvideo yummy foodporn yummybuns youtube bbqpulledchicken easycooking

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😴😴 gym fitness progress FitnessGoals FitnessMotivation motivationalquotes gains gainsville happy swole shredded ripped selfie growth athlete bodybuilding abs 6pack vegan diet chicken food foodporn

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fun lunch with 4 friends bread food chicken salade

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Vegan General Store (vegangeneralstore) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vegan General Store


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There is an analogy that sums this up perfectly. And the analogy goes. There is a man beating a dog with a stick, a second man comes down the road and sees the man beating a dog. The man with the stick says to the other man, “I have another stick come join me and beat and kill this dog together.”The second man has 3 options. The first choice he can make, is he can say “Sure I’ll grab that stick and beat that dog with you.” The second choice the man can make is he can say, “I see what you are doing, what you are doing is wrong and immoral and I will not participate in what you are doing” In essence, the second choice is veganism Veganism is not participation Its seeing an industry or act you don’t agree with and saying that you will not participate in it. Most importantly the dog gets beaten and still dies if the man takes the second option. The third option the man can make it, is he says “I see what you are doing, what you are doing is wrong and immoral And not only will I not participate, I will actively intervene and stop you.” The third choice is vegan activism because its the only choice the man can make that at the dog life is saved. And such the becoming an activist is the only choice we can make that which saves the lives of animals. It is time for us to stand up and speak up and say no longer will we tolerate these industries that exploit and murder animals! No longer will we remain silent whilst those we care about are suffering! No longer will we allow these industries to continue, no longer will we allow these action of evil to be carried out! It is time for us to rise up and shout not in my name!! 💪🏼❤️🌱🐷🐮🐶 Written from a speech by @earthlinged 🙏🏼

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Making some delicious and filling quesadillas for lunch! We had leftover rotisserie chicken, green pepper, tomatoes, onion, garlic, mushrooms, and cilantro then seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin, and paprika. Usually a weekend lunch, but when awaiting labor, one must kill as much time as possible! 😬 • • • • • momlife foodofinsta foodofinstagram foodoninsta foodie foodporn fromscratch homemade homecooked homebaked soeasy sodelicious deliciousfood delicious food lunch quesadillas healthy healthyfood cleaneating chicken rotisseriechicken greenpepper tomato mushroom onion garlic cilantro labor pregnancy

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