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Comment from chefpatricia_jimenez23.:

chilepasado quesofundido tortillasdeharina 😍

1 Days ago
Noemi Gutierrez Mendoza (stellawasadriver) Instagram Photos and Videos

Noemi Gutierrez Mendoza


Comment from Noemi Gutierrez Mendoza:

Mama Bear food: Chile Pasado, frijoles, salsa de molcajete, y tortillas de harina. 🔥

2 Days ago
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Comment from Flor:

Remember when I made chile pasado over the weekend? Well, I had leftovers and thought I would try making empanadas with them. Yeah, I had to cheat a little bit because making empanadas isn't my thing but the ing was worth it! I am so proud of myself! I think I'll be making empanadas more often if I can ! mexican practicemakesperrfect durango chilepasado rehydrated poblanos lunch leftovers dinner

4 Days ago
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Vanessa Ochoa


Comment from Vanessa Ochoa:

My parents are back from Mexico and they brought back chili peppers. This is so good, especially with some eggs for breakfast 😍😍 chileconcarne chiles Durango DurangoMexico chilepasado

5 Days ago
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✨Lizbeth Rocha ✨


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Los beneficios de ser de Durango y que mi esposo también. chilepasadocostillitasdepuerco

18 Days ago
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Chile pasado straight from La Sierra. pozolera pozole chilepasado durango sierramadre

19 Days ago
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How sweet is my hubby coming home to my plate ready after work with his little notechilepasadostraightfromChi omChihuahualovehimitsthelittle

29 Days ago
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Sheila Nevarez (DiazBarriga)


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Vegan tamales! Yummy! My mother in law made it specially for me! 😍. vegan crueltyfree chilepasado CauseYouCanBeMexicanAndVegan

59 Days ago
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Jorge Almeida Alarcon


Comment from Jorge Almeida Alarcon:

Examen final de bases culinarias 1. sirloin carneasada chilepasado romero.

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After a long day at work time to eat😁 thank you mom you cook the best 👌🏽👍🏽mexicanfood enchiladas enchiladasrojas chilerelleno arroz frijoles quesomexicano chilepasado momcooksbetter mexicanfoods homemade freshfood fresh h20 lastmeal goodfood goodfoods comidamexicana gottaeat okbye gottaeatgood

80 Days ago
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Mena Rodriguez Durazo


Comment from Mena Rodriguez Durazo:

Después de siglos chilepasado burrito quebonitoeschihuahua🎶

86 Days ago
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Michelle Morrissey


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Siendo Shihuahuense, con enshiladas y shile pasado 😋😋😋 chihuahua breakfast chilepasado

110 Days ago
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Valerie Rice


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Dinner prep with Rica. Three types of chile relleno -- dried, dried & roasted and fresh poblanos soexcited chilerelleno poblano chilepasado chilepasilla food52 thekitchn

119 Days ago
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Mercadeando 📸🍋🌽🌶🌮🦂👞👜👕👨🏻👩🏽 mexicomagico flavorhunter market mytown familytimes nopal chilepasado

128 Days ago
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Si quieres ser feliz...sé ❣🍇🍷


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Este platillo es tipio de Durango y acostumbramos comerlo en semana santa . chilepasado chiledeshidratado quesoconpapa asisellama yolohice tradicion quenosepierda meencanta🙆🍺👭🌶🌿🍃🌶🍜🍛🙆�

128 Days ago
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Esmeralda Rivera


Comment from Esmeralda Rivera:

traditional chilepasado riceandbeans mexicanlunch

129 Days ago
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Nahum Armando


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Gorditas Cachetones chilepasado chicharron food Foodies jrz Juarez Juanga garachasyrestaurantes nahumsaenz foreveralone

135 Days ago
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Diana Legarreta


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Y que ya se de donde saque la pasión por la cocina, querida abuela chile chilepasado grandma abuelitas mexicanhouse foodlove food😍 pepper

138 Days ago
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Comment from apple-banana:

Dinner is served! And now to clean the epic mess of cooking when kids have helped 😌 grassfedbeef paleoeats chilepasado comidadecasa

151 Days ago
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Comment from apple-banana:

chilepasado... One of my favorite dishes that my suegra makes. She does hers with potatoes instead of meat but she told me to try it with a cocido shreddedbeef and I'm really excited about dinner tonight! Bought these lovely chilespasados on our recent trip to chihuahua. comidadechihuahua

151 Days ago
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Ralph Montes


Comment from Ralph Montes:

Mise En Place! Just some of the ingredients for tomorrow's evening of empanadas. Come out to @scoopsoc tomorrow at 5pm! Hope to see you there! empanadas hojasanta pocchuk chicharron chilepasado mexicanfood orangecounty santana santaana dtsa icecream vegetarian

153 Days ago
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Michelle Lizette Rodríguez


Comment from Michelle Lizette Rodríguez:

Primero lo primero, gorditas de chile pasado! Y si no hay foto, no cuenta!😋🦂Feliz de estar de regreso en el estado más bonito! ChilePasado Tepehuanes Durango NorteñaDeCorazon gorditas

155 Days ago
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Lulú Talamantes


Comment from Lulú Talamantes:

desayuno breakfasttime chile chilepasado tortillasamano frijoles mexicanfood

157 Days ago
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Fernanda B. Gutierrez


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Rib-eye estilo Marcelino Vargas delicioso homemadetortillas chilepasado CUU

159 Days ago
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Yom yom 👌🏻 beer boscoli pasadadelanza cherrybeer yomyom amarcord gradisca amigoscerveceria berlinerkindl berlinerkindlweisse chocolatestout fruitbeer belgiumbeer mexicobeer germanybeer cerveza hapiness delicious chilepasado picoftheday beerlover yummy momtimeout mood mom beerporn craftbeerporn belgium🇧🇪

178 Days ago
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desayunonorteño desayuno

193 Days ago
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yummy mexicanfood gorditasestilosantiagopapasqui gorditas burritos chilepasado rajasconqueso horchata lasgorditasdedonangel4 @gorditasdedonangel4 🐮🥛🌯

199 Days ago
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Leftovers 🔥🙏🏽🔥 preworkout food foodporn yum yummy gains instagood instadaily instalike instagram Selfie Gotham Chicago Pilsen chilepasado tingadepollo tostadas stuffedpeppers

219 Days ago
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Vanessa Villa 🇲🇽


Comment from Vanessa Villa 🇲🇽:

Chile pasado, frijoles y tortillas de harina hechas en casa heaven chihuahua chilepasado 💕💕💕

220 Days ago
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tacotuesday frijoles beans chilepasado requeson ricotta nosderretimosporti losartistasdelqueso lacremeria camargo chihuahua mx

221 Days ago
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Lupita Chavez🌸


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chilepasado pork salsa beans 😍👌🏻💦

227 Days ago
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D a i s y S o l í s


Comment from D a i s y S o l í s:

Trading in the "rompope" for a little COQUITO this year!!! Our very Mexican home is going to have a very Boricua kind of Christmas!! It may get a little TROPICAL! 🌴💃🌴💃🌴 It's going to go from Christmas carolling by the piano to Salsa dancing real quick! ❄🎄🎅🌴💃 🎶 (TWO for us and TWO for you! 😉) coquito puertorico boricua holidaytraditions puertoricaneggnog mexicana tamales chilepasado nochebuena navidad christmas christmaseve

237 Days ago
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edith mora


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En casa desayunonorteño desayunomexicano huevosconjamon chilepasado breakfasttime

245 Days ago