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soton kitchen


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Continuing the introduction of Chinese food🍽 What about this sour and sweet pork steak? pork sour sweet chinesefood tasting sotonkitchen

3 Minutes ago
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Miss. A


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...without one, they can't work -chopsticks . . . . . . . . onthetable flashesofdelight foodism ricebowl chickenfriedrice chinesefood friedrice eatfresh healthy yummy delicious food foodforfoodies foodstagram foodpics instafood foodie fooddiary foodphotography food52 thefeedfeed soniacookssometimes

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I've had a really busy Spring but finally a long overdue post: Sweet and Sour Pork Go to blog for recipe: 咕噜肉 糖醋猪肉 中国菜 广东菜 香港菜 sweetandsourpork sweetandsour chinesefood pork hongkongfood fried recipes

6 Minutes ago
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Kam Wah Chinese


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Kam Wah by the pound. chinesefood chicken lunch

6 Minutes ago
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My favorite things in life starts with F: FOOD and FAMILY, even better when I get both at once. WenEatsNYC EEEEEATS food foodies foodiesofig foodiesofinstagram foodieadventures foodpics foodphotography foodshare foodstagram foodfinds grubshotsnyc myfab5 dailyfoodfeed forkyeah chinesefood chinese familystyle pekingduck omnomnomnom yummylicious eater buzzfeedfood

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I want my notebook to say a lot about my personality 🌹 Link in Bio for Purchase 🔑 design designs custom graphics graphic graphicdesigner chinesefood chinesetakeout

6 Minutes ago
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Jenny Jeongmin Cheon


Comment from Jenny Jeongmin Cheon:

bonappetit🍴 일주일만에먹는매운음식정신줄놓고흡입😱쟤가못먹게했어요장염빠빠이중국식샤브샤브프랑스인지중국인지훠궈중식chinesefoodchineserestaurantcuisinechinoise

8 Minutes ago
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Noriyuki Ito


Comment from Noriyuki Ito:

泉涌寺 齋華 Day2 PART2. いよいよお料理の開幕です。 前菜はいきなり建太郎シェフからの嬉しいサプライズプレゼントでした。 なんとガチョウのローストで世界的に名を馳せる香港の超有名店、鏞記酒家(ヨンキーシュカ)のスペシャリテの1つ、皮蛋酸薑(ピータンサンキョン)の登場です。 鏞記酒家秘伝のタレに漬け込まれた皮蛋は食べるとクセは無いのに中身は溶け落ちる様にトロリとしており、今迄食べた事のないレベルの皮蛋でした。 これに薑(はじかみ)が添えられているのですがこの紅生姜との相性は抜群、しかも中国でもガリを食べる文化があるという事を知り、二重に驚かされました。 紅生姜(紅生薑)とロゼシャンパーニュの相性がこれまた抜群なので、堪らずルイナールのロゼを注文。 いきなりテンションマックスです(笑) 続いての一品は齋華でも御馴染み、雲白肉(ウンパイロウ)が圧巻の盛り付け皿に鮮やかに盛られて登場。 今回使われたタレは四川飯店からの物が使用されました。 いつも齋華で頂いている雲白肉とは趣が少し異なり、肉の蒸し加減は心なしかしっかりと脂を落としている印象です。 甜麺醤ベースのタレはサラッとしていてこの蒸し加減の豚肉との相性は抜群。 口に入れるとほろほろと崩れて行く様な柔らかく優しいイメージですね。 また、四川飯店の雲白肉はスライスした胡瓜を上からたっぷりと盛り付けるのが流儀。 これも抜群の美味しさであっという間に完食です。 お次は1人心の中で小躍りしてしまった夫妻肺片が出てきました。 中国の四川省は三国志の蜀の都として有名な成都に住んでいたとある夫婦(郭氏、張氏両夫婦)が本来は廃棄する様な牛肉のホルモン部位とたっぷりの赤唐辛子を使って完成させたこの料理。 なので元々の料理名は夫妻廃片。 日本に戻って来てからは全く出逢えなかったこの料理をまた食べる事が出来ただけでも満足なのに、この夫妻肺片のクオリティの高さがまた抜群に素晴らしい。 唐辛子の旨味、肉の素晴らしい鮮度、それに上に乗せられている香菜(コリアンダー)のアクセントもたまりません。 額に汗を滲ませながら黙々と完食。 四川料理って素晴らしいですね(^^) chinesecuisinechinesefoodfoodpornfoodiefoodpicsfoodpicfoodloversfoodlovergourmetfoodgourmetchefgourmetdinner齋華四川飯店赤坂四川飯店陳建太郎雲白肉皮蛋夫妻肺片京都グルメ美食中華料理四川料理ガストロノミー

9 Minutes ago
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anissa helou


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Never got to taste these but I loved the look of them 😊

10 Minutes ago
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Dragon Beach


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It' sushi time! 🤘🍣🍱 Confira nossa promoção: 🍣 8 unidades de Hot + 8 unidades de Salmão Especial por R$24,00 🍜 Macarrão moda da casa de R$39,90 por R$29,90 (serve bem 2 a 3 pessoas) Sabia que você pode fazer seu pedido pelo direct do Instagram ou pelo Facebook através das mensagens in box! Confira as nossas opções de combinados! Temos combinados a partir de R$39,00! Assim fica fácil demais né? 🍱🍙🍚🍜🍣 sushi sashimi japalovers sushilovers chinesefood japanesefood 🏍☎ 3262 5265

10 Minutes ago
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Barrett J. Viator


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Chinese broccoli, scrambled tofu, and carrot mei fun. healthy whatveganseat veganfoodshare vegan chinese chinesefood plantbaseddiet plantbased veggies protein veganprotein tofu

10 Minutes ago
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chinesefood yummy love hirosaki sakura layla fotosession usa japan

10 Minutes ago
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Comment from 🌵Trial97🌵:

Got some Chinese tonight, someone likes the bag it came in 🙄😂😼 kitten catsofinstagram cat chinesefood

12 Minutes ago
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~ ✈☕High Flying🍝🌳 ~


Comment from ~ ✈☕High Flying🍝🌳 ~:

~ Annual fresher done for another year! ✔😥 just in time for a more decent meal. ♨ やあ~ 疲れだ...テストも終りました。 😆 昨日の食事ユックリ食べました。🙄 * * * dinner chinesefood igersjp westernfood koreanfood instafood crew crewlife layover daysoff annualtraining インスタグラム ご飯 食事 韓国料理 こんばんわ いただきます ごちそうさまでした 晚餐西式料理 港式料理

12 Minutes ago
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Tung Bui


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true authentic Chinesefood at Shaolin Noodle House on westbroadway! They make your noodles from scratch... yup, they roll it with a rolling pin, and then slice it up and make it right in front of you! yvr vancouver shaolinnoodlehouse weorderedsomuch therewastakeout somanyplacesinthiscity somanygirlsinthiscity

12 Minutes ago
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Barbara Piano


Comment from Barbara Piano:

💪goodvibes fortunecookie chinesefood china food cookie loveit foodporn tbt lifequotes quotesoftheday picoftheday

12 Minutes ago
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Chun F Yap


Comment from Chun F Yap:

New Years meal with families gathering newyear feast banquet food instafood chinesefood lousang

14 Minutes ago
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Comment from Sarah:

Additional fun chinese memes. Fun fact, the pajama people and I love Chinese food and hate stress. chinesefoodlover queenofthepajamapeople pajamapeople chinesefood workingremotely mastersoftheuniverse

15 Minutes ago
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Liam Fox


Comment from Liam Fox:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And probiotics (like those found in lacto-fermented kimchi) do a body good. So why not combine the two? (And avocado of course) Kimchi bokkeumbap is a favorite in my house (especially when there's a fried egg on it). This is a good example of the influence that Chinese food has had on Korean. Stir frying is a technique that developed in China during the Ming dynasty (mid 14th- mid 17th centuries) and likely travelled to Joseon Korea via trade. After that, the technique began to find it's way into Korean cooking (though it never quite rose to the prominence that grilling or stewing did). In the end kimchi bokkeumbap is the Korean reimagining of chao fan (Chinese fried rice), showcasing Korean ingredients and flavors, via Chinese technique and equipment. farangfood chinesefood koreanfood korean chinese rice friedegg friedrice avocado kimchi kimchifriedrice kimchibokkeumbap delicious breakfast food foodstagram culinary cuisine asianfood asian egg saveur food52 bonappetit seriouseats igfood 먹방 먹스타그램

15 Minutes ago
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Comment from Samantha:

Came home from spin and got cooking, craving some fresh and clean flavours so made a ginger and garlic chicken and vegetable stir fry with peanut butter, soy sauce and sesame. Added some cauliflower egg fried rice, which is so so good! Serious hit of protein and topping up my fruit & veg intake for the day. stirfry gingerchicken pakchoi satay eggfriedrice cauliflowerrice vegetables postgym postworkout postworkoutmeal chinesefood healthyfood healthychoices

16 Minutes ago
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She likes eat 😜😻 instagood instaanimal cat chat pâtes nouilles eat instafood chinesefood fitness instadaily

17 Minutes ago
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Jay Gomez


Comment from Jay Gomez:

Feels good to eat exactly what you want!!! chinesefood chickenandbroccoli

19 Minutes ago
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Who goes to a Chinese restaurant and orders fried chicken? 🙋🏻lmao everything was delicious though! And it came out fast! 😛 * * * rice chinatown la losangeles yummers food foodporn instafood yum delicious yummy sofood hashtag

20 Minutes ago
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Gary Kai Wah Cheung


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😀😁😃😄😆!! Soooo goood!! Its been soo long since ive eaten this! foodporn food crispynoodles lobster chinesefood hungry

20 Minutes ago
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Mark Miller


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Why are fortune cookies not fortunes? I can't remember the movie where one character starts quoting Chinese like proverbs and another sarcastically says "I can do that too!" then start banging them out one after the other. chinesefood Cleveland fortunecookie

21 Minutes ago
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Gabriella Wilson


Comment from Gabriella Wilson:

If this isn't romance, what is? chinesefood curryhalfandhalf saltandchillichicken wineemanddineem currysaucetoshare romance!

21 Minutes ago
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zena recipies


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الرز المقلي له عدة طرق في تحضيره فالارز المطبوخ هو العنصر الاساسي في الطبق ويخلط مع مكونات اخرى كالبيض واللحوم والخضر مع الصوص تعرف على اساسيات طبخ الارز المقلي في الفيديو من خلال الرابط في البايو friedrice rice thaifoodchinesefoodlunchrestaurantstyleindofoodfoodsnapzenarecipesfoodinstegramdilicousetastytutorail

21 Minutes ago
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Comment from Sarah:

This made me laugh way too much. It is so funny because it is so true and that is a bit sad. szechuanhealing chinesefood chinesefoodlover missingepcot disneyvacationplanner soonmylove

22 Minutes ago
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🎀 × k i t t y ∙ e l l e × 🎀


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✖back to work means back to bless dinner✖ homemade dinner igtoronto chinesefood heathy foodporn

22 Minutes ago
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Ayaka Oshita


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chinesefood dimsum mangopudding 飲茶 おいしーおいしー。げっぷ。満足。

25 Minutes ago
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Food and Drinks


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What is your favorite seafood?

25 Minutes ago
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So good I even took some of my mom's bowl 😉😋🤤

26 Minutes ago
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Petra Buurman


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Gado Gado, Nasi Goreng & Foe Yong Hai gadogado nasigoreng foeyonghai food foods foodstagram foodlove asianfood chinesefood foodpics goodfood veagables dinnertime tastyfood

5 Hours ago