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Gecks N' Stuff (jellybeanandfriends) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gecks N' Stuff


Comment from Gecks N' Stuff:

My feelings exactly cinnamon 🦎 🦎 🦎 🦎 crestedgeckosofins crestedgecko crestedlovers crestedgeckosofig crestedgeckocommunity crestie crested reptile beautiful gecko lizard

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x r i s t i n a || 👓 (xristinagk) Instagram Photos and Videos

x r i s t i n a || 👓


Comment from x r i s t i n a || 👓:

Ballin' at Greekfest Balls deep at Greekfest Honey you better get to Greekfest LOUKOU for loukoumades at Greekfest . . Worried about intense rain? 🌧 DON'T! Greekfest is IN TENTS 👊⛺️☂️ . Calories don't count at... you guessed it 👉 GREEKFEST . 🇬🇷♥️🇨🇦 . You know what to do ✌️

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🦄Roll Master Shel🦄 (alien.prana) Instagram Photos and Videos

🦄Roll Master Shel🦄


Comment from 🦄Roll Master Shel🦄:

Vanilla and chocolate with sprinkles, maple 🍁, fudge sundae, apple, and cinnamon bun donuts!!! @hailseitan420 thank you so much for being a friend, and for bringing your energy into my life! It's refreshing to chill with a vegan to stuff my face with! We eat goooood 🤗😻

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Cinnamon (that_spice_life) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Cinnamon:

Mom's away so I get to play! cinnamon puppy dogsofinstagram thattonguetho missmybaby

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Samanta Bakker (samanta_bakker) Instagram Photos and Videos

Samanta Bakker


Comment from Samanta Bakker:

Mornings are for Baking sunflowerbutter darkcacao cacaopowder brownsugar bananaflour glutenfree nutfree fullofflavor cinnamon happyeating organic bakingday kidsfriendly

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AnneLouiseFitness 🏋🏼‍♀️ (fitkocopop7) Instagram Photos and Videos

AnneLouiseFitness 🏋🏼‍♀️


Comment from AnneLouiseFitness 🏋🏼‍♀️:

postworkout breakfast 🙌🏼 blueberry oats chaiprotein chia linseed cinnamon nutmeg shreddedcoconut acai almondmilk superreds ✌🏼👊🏼👌🏼 A bowl full of so much goodness to fuel me for an afternoon of study!! fuel nutrition nutritious nourish fitfoods fitfoodie fitfam fitgoals health wellbeing superfoods fitness fitlifestyle lifestyle

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The International Bikini Team (ibtmodels) Instagram Photos and Videos

The International Bikini Team


Comment from The International Bikini Team:

internationalbikiniteam ibtmodels ibt promo models fireball whiskey cinnamon liquor promotion promomodels golftournament birkdale countryclub golfcourse calcutta tournament

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 (adam.eats.plants) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from adam.eats.plants:

🍞🍓🍞 Snacko McSmacko. Toasted cinnamon raisin bread, organic peanutbutter, cookie butter, and more of the local strawberry jam. Yummo across my gummos? 🤓 (Excuse my PB fingers... 🙄) __________________________ snacktime whatveganseat poweredbyplants govegan healthychoices feedfeedvegan plantbased crueltyfree 🌱

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Lauren Washington (lawr_en) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lauren Washington


Comment from Lauren Washington:

Cake Cake Cake Cake! Keto LCHF SmartCake GlutenFree SugarFree MyKetogenicLife Cinnamon Yum Ketosis SmartBakingCompany

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Eipol de la Vega (eipol04) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eipol de la Vega


Comment from Eipol de la Vega:

Sorry 😐 I tried... breakfastisserved frenchtoast cinnamon vanilla dashoflove

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Rikky (rkyxiii) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Rikky:

It's really good!!! saigon cinnamon saigoncinnamon

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Mel (mel_low_yellow) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Mel:

🍭Cinnamon Twist 🍭

16 Minutes ago
Wade Lamping (wadelamping) Instagram Photos and Videos

Wade Lamping


Comment from Wade Lamping:

Double tap if you love ❤️ cinnamon! Cinnamon bark is one of 70+ 🍊superfood 🍎ingredients found in my daily health shakes. Click the link in my bio to learn more. I lost 100 pounds and recovered my health, I'd love to help you reach your goals and feel amazing too! 📲 Email me wade wholefoods metabolism loseweight feelbetter ibs anxiety depression thyroid prediabetes happy healthy food cinnamon spice herbs superfoods

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Kikis || キキス (kikisconleche) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kikis || キキス


Comment from Kikis || キキス:

d a r k c i n n s 🖤 || little damage, LA 📍✨

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EM (emwhitham) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from EM:

My favourite meal of the day. 😍😍 Gluten free oats with coconut milk, cinnamon, banana, shredded coconut and @atpscience nowayprotein - choc/salted caramel flavour. And a long black for good measure. breakfast bliss carbs bulking bulk yum delicious foodstagram instafood food coconut cinnamon coffee coffeetime longblack health training nutrition train fitness

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Caio Mellis (caio.mellis) Instagram Photos and Videos

Caio Mellis


Comment from Caio Mellis:

Magna Victoria Shake de gelo, whisky Crown Royal, triple sec e xarope de gengibre e canela só pra gelar despejado na taça. Pra completar, espumante demi-sec. E pra finalizar, zest de limão e anis estrelado. Muito orgulho desse drink! Tem verdadeiro sabor de vitória. Todos os sabores se somam e tornam-se algo único.

18 Minutes ago
Rise N Roll Bakery! (risenroll) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rise N Roll Bakery!


Comment from Rise N Roll Bakery!:

Maybe...⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ freshbaked fresh donuts thegoodstuff eatlocal localeats middlebury rollamish howdoyouroll amish donutlove madewithlove localmade picoftheday photooftheday localbakery bakedgoods donutsfordays cinnamon caramel meltinyourmouth cake vaguebooking

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Christine (Chrissy) (chrissygensel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christine (Chrissy)


Comment from Christine (Chrissy):

Trying this place out. shavedice lemonlime cinnamon refreshingonahotday

21 Minutes ago
EMILY (healthymamahappybabies) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from EMILY:

By now you know about my obsession with cotton candy grapes. But- let me be clear- I'm actually obsessed with ALL summer fruit. Peaches with a sprinkle of cinnamon?? Get. Out. It's like a pie without crust. Sooooooo good.

24 Minutes ago
Kate Barnes (kate_nutrition_coach) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kate Barnes


Comment from Kate Barnes:

Sharing my love of porridge with my 7-year-old. This morning it's creamy steel-cut oats with cinnamon, maca and grated apple. He's opted for cashews (or 'smiles' as he likes to call them) and I've gone for walnuts. But we all know that kids often don't finish their meal, so really I get both. nuts immunity cashews prebiotic cinnamon porridge maca apple cholesterol steelcutoats hearthealthy fibre guthealth walnuts healthybreakfast nutrition nourish nutritionist

24 Minutes ago
Canales Bartending (kylecanales) Instagram Photos and Videos

Canales Bartending


Comment from Canales Bartending:

Chicken and homemade waffles. I also made a cinnamon honey butter to top it all off. canalesbartending chickenandwaffles honeybutter orangeblossomhoney honey waffles homemadewaffles cinnamon foodporn foodofinstagram cooksofinstagram goodfood

25 Minutes ago
Alexandria (mobetta_babe) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Alexandria:

indian curry and cinnamon chicken with mashed cauliflower, squash and peppers mealprep service hmu nutrition paleo wellness selfcare lifestyleblogger privatechef cheflife wellness eatclean chef

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Clayton Moreira (moreira.clayton) Instagram Photos and Videos

Clayton Moreira


Comment from Clayton Moreira:

Ready for the weekend!

27 Minutes ago
Stacey Brewster (stacey.b31) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stacey Brewster


Comment from Stacey Brewster:

Orange & Cinnamon brew kombucha orange cinnamon probiotics kombuchatea scooby

28 Minutes ago
Stella Norris (stella_norris) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stella Norris


Comment from Stella Norris:

A very late night bake💤 The flat smells of warm sugary cinnamon though... I have never made cinnamon rolls before so let's hope these Kanelbullar are good enough for Midsummers tomorrow (and a few for my dad). Kanelbullar cinnamonrolls cinnamon latenightbake latebake

28 Minutes ago
Cinnamon Gold ⚜️ ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Cinnamon Gold ⚜️

Comment from Cinnamon Gold ⚜️:

A estas alturas ya no es quien me sujete sino quien me empuje. Ya no quiero que me levantes sino que te acuestes a mi lado en el suelo y esperes que pueda levantarme... esperar... eso es todo. Descarto de mi vida a quien me cambió por una o por varias, porque yo, aunque tuviera mil motivos para hacerlo jamás lo hubiera hecho... así soy, exageradamente fiel hasta que expire todo delante de mi. hay mal que por bien no venga, y vino... uff... 🦋 💕 nocturna blackandwhite cinnamon girl enmisuelo enmimundo myself sohappy night dontstopme morenaguapa jewel lookatyou lookatme sleep wonderwoman dreamsdreamsdreams

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Emőke (hungry.hungarian) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Emőke:

Saturday morning just got better ✨✨✨✨churros cinnamon friedfood sugar glutenfree vegan coeliac

35 Minutes ago
Sarah Christie - Nutritionist (nutritionist_sarahchristie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah Christie - Nutritionist


Comment from Sarah Christie - Nutritionist:

Winter Mornings = Porridge Mornings! . Whole rolled organic oats on almond milk with banana and blueberries, sprinkled with cinnamon! 👌🏼✔️ . . . wintermornings wintermonths breakfast deliciousfood deliciousbreakfast banana porridge oats wintermeals quickrecipes nourish nutritionalmedicine nutritionist clinicalnutritionist holistichealth lovefood blueberries cinnamon lookafteryourself healthandwellness healthyfood healthyeating comfortfood

37 Minutes ago
Spirits for your Liver (spiritsforyourliver) Instagram Photos and Videos

Spirits for your Liver


Comment from Spirits for your Liver:

Well away today Cocktail! 😁 1 oz @ceylonarrack 1 oz @plantation.rum oftd overproof rum 3/4 oz homemade cinnamon infused grapefruit syrup 1/4 oz homemade star anise infused honey syrup, 1/2 oz @pierreferrandcognac Dry Orange Curacao 1 1/2 oz grapefruit juice 1 dash Peychaud's Bitters. Stick of Cinnamon and zest of Orange for garnish. Shake all ingredients in a shaker over ice and strain into a coupe glass. Garnish. cocktail plantationrum drink yummi booze alcohol bartender alcoholic drinks rum arrack orange ceylon instadrink drinkporn cocktailporn instagood peychauds oldschool wellawaytoday @plantationrumasiapacific

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 (lippie_canada) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from lippie_canada:

Love the tinted cherry one! Can't help but get another tinted one from @hurrawbalm ! Excited to try this out! lipbalm hurraw cinnamon

41 Minutes ago
Danen Doneske (itsdetoxtime) Instagram Photos and Videos

Danen Doneske


Comment from Danen Doneske:

Banana carob cinnamon flax smoothie so good!

44 Minutes ago
Sara Szewczyk (sarenka2405) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sara Szewczyk


Comment from Sara Szewczyk:

Cinnamon rolls boss 😎😋cheatday homemade baking cinnamonscrolls cinnamon cranberry walnuts yeast master blackcoffee creamcheese icing delicacy comfortfood foodporn instabake dayoff relax treatyourself

7 Hours ago
 (i___fly___everywhere) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from i___fly___everywhere:

Did someone say diet??🤔 Well not when you are in the company of the blue eyes.. All of you start the diet and I will enjoy this delicious banana,apples cinnamon crêpe.. 😋😋🍴🍮 • • • texas usa houston unitedstatesamerica iloverexas ilovehouston summer cowboy rodeo world travel photography dowhatmakesyouhappy smile hellojune helloholiyay surprise sunshine specialone memories happiness tourist crepe sweet yummy tasty cinnamon almonds banana

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