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Andrea Calesella (andreacombinaguai) Instagram Photos and Videos

Andrea Calesella


Comment from Andrea Calesella:

Non ce l’ho con la primavera perché è tornata. Non la incolpo perché adempie come ogni anno ai suoi doveri. wislawaszymborska quote poet poem spring summer sea sand sun beach wild free mirror piaggio vespa vespa50 art design circle scooter madeinitaly walking biking freetime leisure sunday misano riccione romagna italia

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Al (finding_beauty_every_day) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Al:

Shot of a protein drink mixer, taken with flash. Inkwell filter used. photography art mindfulness beautiful peace texture abstractart abstract metal circle spiral blackandwhite

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m.greene (mygreenebeans) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from m.greene:

Catch us at the beach. °tags° ° ° ° ° °beach beachday photo friends sunset beautiful peaceful circle

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久美子 (macky1300) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 久美子:

きたきたきた💓💓💓💓😊😊😊👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏💓💓💓 Vogue Korea様ありがとうございます🙏🙏🙏 素敵すぎて😭😭😭 voguekoreamagazine HIGHLIGHT gttk0000 gikwang 이기광 김강우 써클 Circle

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Alessandra (lovelife9511) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Alessandra:

So many books 📚 ~. - - - praguepragapraha布拉格prague🇨🇿bookslifestyletravellingontheroadcircleinfinityenjoythelittlethingsbestofthedaybestomomentlovethisvscovcocam

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Ala:) (stitching365days) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ala:):

Day 148 a little chainstitch circle:) chainstitch circle stitch embroidery embroideryart needleandthread astitchaday threadwork stitching project365 hoopart onestitch 1yearofstitches stitchersofinstagram doodlestitching details

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Brenda Figueroa (brendafigueroa_illustration) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brenda Figueroa


Comment from Brenda Figueroa:

Day 50/100 of my 100daysofkidsdoodles. Day 50 is here!!!! And the end to this story is about to happen... (Last sequence tomorrow). . . the100dayproject illustration 100dayproject mats100days illustrationforchildrensbooks kidlitart childrensbookillustration drawingaday characterdesign doodle sketchbook kids illustrationartists digitalart circle monochromatic negativespace kylesbrushes vintagestyle retro brendafigueroaillustration

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Carla 👽 (carla_bellamy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Carla 👽


Comment from Carla 👽:

. "En el alma, como en el suelo, no son las flores más bellas las que echan las raíces más profundas."

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Irina U. (JessieMiller) (irina.ursu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Irina U. (JessieMiller)


Comment from Irina U. (JessieMiller):

Have I mentioned how much I love this petite camera? huawei mint minimalist circle round shape form structure formshapestructure lemon water glass transparent green yellow summer instacute colorsplash h2o fengshui

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Eustance Hung (eustance) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eustance Hung


Comment from Eustance Hung:

Wow 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 Circle Painting

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KLEVISA VERRINA (klevisavrrn) Instagram Photos and Videos




Tae Tae fanart🐹 . . . bts bighit insta btsfanart taehyung vfanart bangta bangtan bangtanboys btsv rose kpop kpopart kpopfanart instaart drawing sketch instasketch watercolorpainting watercolor rosepainting circle geometric cherryblossom sakura instapic picoftheday

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Josick van Dromme (vegan_yoga_chick) Instagram Photos and Videos

Josick van Dromme


Comment from Josick van Dromme:

A tribute to victims of terrorism : 32 trees in a circle as a symbole of the cycle of life going on in infinity 🌲 hommage aux victimes du terrorisme : 32 arbres dans un cercle symbolisant le cycle de la vie qui continue dans l infini 🌳 compassion peace nature naturepics naturaleza yogapose

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STUDIO MILENA KLING (studiomilenakling) Instagram Photos and Videos




CIRCLE glass makingof The freshly hand blown glass is kept from bursting by the flames of a cooling oven. It stores the glass to carefully adjust it to its environment. The circle glass making of : ) glassmaker workshop tabletop cheers makingof texture surface offround designedinberlin milenakling

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KiND ALEX (alex_in_park1) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from KiND ALEX:

Club Circle 클럽 써클 CLUBCIRCLE < NEW CIRCLE RENOVATION > 지난 써클을 찾아주신 모든 분들께 감사드립니다. 2017년 6월 2일 금요일 밤. CLUB CIRCLE 이 더욱더 업그레이드된 모습으로 새롭게 여러분을 맞이합니다!! HARDER - Performance BETTER - Space FASTER - Service STRONGER - Music NEW CIRCLE의 더욱 더 트랜디한 공연문화와 음악 그리고 파티로 여러분과 함께하니 기대해주세요! 서울 강남구 신사동 630-19번지 B1 예약문의 010-9917-6924 Circle Alex (알렉스요 😁 ) DJ DJSHAUN GONGSTAR PNUTZ VANDALROCK OVERB DAYWALKER 파티 강남클럽 디스타 디브릿지 Bound Arena Octagon 데일리 Daily 힙합 UMF Hiphop Itaewon Hongdae Gangnam Club Korea EDM

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ai_sarang (gong_bear) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ai_sarang:

누난 너무 예뻐서 gongseungyeon circle shinee

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Kevin Xiang (kevin_kai_xiang) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kevin Xiang


Comment from Kevin Xiang:

Garden art architect architecture design building landscape instagood circle fountain tree instagood green

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lorenzo agnoletti ( Instagram Photos and Videos

lorenzo agnoletti

Comment from lorenzo agnoletti:

Beh, non puoi avere ciò che vuoi, Ma puoi avere me. - "On Melancholy Hill", Gorillaz . Inchiostro e matite litografiche su cartoncino. . lorenzoagnoletti artecontemporanea drawingpen painters portrait_ig acrilycs collageart circle gorillaz lovequotes redgreenblue heartflower

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Planet 808 🌏 (kottpon) Instagram Photos and Videos

Planet 808 🌏


Comment from Planet 808 🌏:

Tokyo Futuristic View - Circled Traffic Light★ tokyojapancircletrafficlightbeautifuldaybeautifulskycitypicofthedayphotoofthedayconstructionlandscapetechnominimalcitystreet 東京景色空間未来写真信号アート空青空建築

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robert (robertijsselstein) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Siska Agustina (siska310891) Instagram Photos and Videos

Siska Agustina


Comment from Siska Agustina:

Di ending spontan bilang "ohhhhh, ternyata gitu" 😁 penasaran nunggu episode 2 😊 circle

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korean drama KOREAN WORLD 💖💖💖💖 (koreandrama_fan_page) Instagram Photos and Videos

korean drama KOREAN WORLD 💖💖💖💖


Comment from korean drama KOREAN WORLD 💖💖💖💖:

_ 🎬 Drama: Circle ━━ Episode 💫1 ━ Plot ↴ Story is set in the present day and the year 2037. An alien comes to Earth. The alien believes human's emotion should be controlled or they will have no future. The alien becomes involved with humans. ______ CircletvncircleyeojingookimkangwookongseungyeonleegikwangkwonhyuksooanwooyenjunginsunDefendantTheLiarandHisLoverStrongWomanDoBongSoonkdramaweightliftingfairykimbokjoointrovertedbosstheheirscityhuntercheeseinthetraphwarangkdramaweightliftingfairygoblintomorrowwithyouleeminhothelegendofthebluesea boysoverflowers koreandrama_fan_page c_soul

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Jonatan Kuna (jonatankuna) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jonatan Kuna


Comment from Jonatan Kuna:

makingof videoklip rawdeus kokon born ritual transientritual circle

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aeliatattoo (aeliatattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos



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醬粥。桀曦。周王 (jwzxmine) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 醬粥。桀曦。周王:

🙏 Plz Be iNg BetteR 🍀 . . . old picture hair dye color purple short chic style last winter plz being better life day circle like selfie

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Opara Emmanuel Amadi (pose70) Instagram Photos and Videos

Opara Emmanuel Amadi


Comment from Opara Emmanuel Amadi:

prayer love circle God man memes church gospel world africa nigeria pastor wisdom

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Sesilie Bobbie Sommer (sesiliebobbiesommer) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sesilie Bobbie Sommer


Comment from Sesilie Bobbie Sommer:

Last week I received the 13th rite of the Munay-Ki : The Rite of the Womb. There is a lineage of women who has freed themselves from suffering. This lineage of women wants us to remember : The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life. This rite is passed on from woman to woman to heal the collective feminine from decades of fear and pain. I learned about this a year ago, but I initially thought I had to go to South America to find a sister who could transmit it to me, so I did nothing more at the time. Last week I felt very strongly it was time to receive this rite. Again I searched and this time I found an amazing woman not far from me who had received the rite and therefor could pass it on to me. I wrote her and we agreed to meet. She said she would see if any other women wanted to join. We met and it turned out that we were 4 different healers working in 4 different ways – but put together we created magic. This basically simple rite could have taken 4 minutes – but it turned into a 4-hour magical healing session for all of us and by combining our different ways of healing it felt extremely powerful. I left having gained not only the Rite of the Womb but also three new sisters. We’ve already agreed to meet again to create more magic and hopefully pass it on to others. This is very special to me since I, right before going there, had told my partner how I longed for a circle of sisters in Denmark for this purpose. Instant manifestation. I am filled with bliss from head to toe. If you feel the calling to receive the Rite of the Womb – please contact me. I am now capable of transmitting it to you. Either just the two of us or in a circle of women - and in a setting that is comfortable for you. Thereafter you can transmit it to other women and so on. And to all men wanting to support your sisters - you’re welcome to join and hold protected space for us while doing this ritual. Lets rise sisters. Lets heal our wombs. Lets heal the world. I release my fear so I may embrace freedom I release my pain so I may embrace joy I release my anger so I may embrace compassion I release my sadness so I may embrace peace AHO!

24 Minutes ago
Sepehr Rezaei (sep.rze) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sepehr Rezaei


Comment from Sepehr Rezaei:

78 درخشندگی یک مفهوم سطح است نه رنگ . باید هوشیار باشیم و گول درخشندگی را نخوریم . abstractphotography abstractart colours colourphotography studiophotography watercolor abstractcolors igbest_macros macro macrophotography macro_x top_macro texture leaf blood textura closeup dot pocket_colors آبستره green red circle iris

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MLFCTN (mlfctn) Instagram Photos and Videos



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dailypolaroid home lamp light abstract bw blackandwhite circle square blackframe instant film impossibleproject polaroid spectra analog nofilter snapitseeit polavoid hylasmag squaremag

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 (blomma_0) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from blomma_0:

스타치스 노랭이🌝 . . . 스타치스 스타티스 드라이플라워 드라이리스 꽃 꽃스타그램 🌸 플라워 statice driedflowers wreath flower flowers florist fleurs circle instadaily instaday 맞팔해요 맞팔 선팔 소통 인친 팔로

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Oleg Novikov Arc (arcgateway42) Instagram Photos and Videos

Oleg Novikov Arc


Comment from Oleg Novikov Arc:

labyrinth cropcircles circle nature geomeric celtic

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RomANTIcKa (romanticka_tako) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from RomANTIcKa:

드림스테이션 스펙트럼 이번주 토요일 난지에서😎 현아보러가야되는건가?ㅋㅋ

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lesentreprisesnicoises (lesentreprisesnicoises) Instagram Photos and Videos



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grandprixmonaco grandprix2017 voitures course monaco autohash France race track championship competition action circuit vehicle carporn instacar cargram formula hurry fast racer circle driver International tire grand venue

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STUDIO MILENA KLING (studiomilenakling) Instagram Photos and Videos




So excited and thankful to be introduced to great people of incredible knowledge & skill and to share my passion for exciting glassware with professionals!!!- CIRCLE glass letshaveadrink The fine lines of the circle glass balance the off round silhouettes created by blowing the 1160*C glass in moulds of pleated copper. makingof tabletop cheers patternity texture surface offround designedinberlin talkingprofessional milenakling

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