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Comment from FURSATILE:

cool, calm, collected...and CUTE 😎cavlife ckcs cavalierkingcharlesspaniel dogmom dogsofinsta petparent

11 Minutes ago

Niko the Cav | NYC pup


Comment from Niko the Cav | NYC pup:

Flirting with a new Aussie girlfriend I met at puppy play group! Don't tell Greta from puppy class 😘 ladiesman flirt playa . . . . itsacavthing cavalier cavlife ckcsofinstagram ckcs puppy pupper puppylife puppyhood cute dog dogsofinstgram cavsofinstagram tricolor tricolorcavalier dogstagram queens nyc

12 Minutes ago



Comment from Monster:

Happy TOT! 👅

15 Minutes ago

Charlie Brown


Comment from Charlie Brown:

8th birthday 🎉 party 🎈🤗

20 Minutes ago



Comment from It's HOBBES the CAV:

I think Mollie finally likes me 🐶❤! I have cut back on my cat like pouncing and I didn't steal her ice cube today.cavaliersofthesouth cavaliersofinstagram cavlove lovethem ckcs cavlife

22 Minutes ago

Hanai Cavaliers


Comment from Hanai Cavaliers:

Little dreamer ... jinxy was concerned pua cavalierkingcharlesspaniel ckcs hanaicavaliers sleeping

27 Minutes ago



Comment from Harper:

Ahhhh bedtime. All tucked in. It's still tongueouttuesday right? 👅

29 Minutes ago

Ashley Miravalle


Comment from Ashley Miravalle:

He is cute, yes. So very cute. He's not a 15 year dog. He's probably not a 10 year dog. We hit our one year "gotcha day" in January. I have no idea how much time he has, and the vet says he's living on love alone... Ouch. Right now, he's 8 1/2. He has a neurological disorder called syringomyelia; an irregular heartbeat; an enlarged heart; stage 4 heart murmur; dry eye; arthritis; luxating patellas. The panting is a pain response or because of all the inflammation in his body and he's too warm. I cut his hair to clean him up and make him more comfortable. It never grew back. He is what you would call a hot mess (literally). I love that I get to be his mom. I love that he lives with us. He's still all zesty about life and he brings us so much joy. Adopt. Consider an older dog. Consider a sick dog and do what he needs you to do. Harrison is no less lovable, no less worthy of being loved because we may not have him for long or because it's "too much." It's a lot, but he gives us a lot... everything he has and he's happy to do it. Harrison olddog love adopt ckcs cavaliersofinstagram cavalierkingcharlesspaniel dogsofig dogsofinsta

31 Minutes ago

Sir Basil Dazzle


Comment from Sir Basil Dazzle:

"Really Uncle Chris...Another Bad Hand?" christopherdotbee cheers whereeveryoneknowsyourname pokerface basildazzle cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalier ckcs cavaliersofinstagram nashvillecavaliers cavitude cavlife itsacavthing cavalierlove dogoftheday doglove dogslife dogsofinstagram puppylove ilovemydog buzzfeedpets nashvillepaw tnpup nashpupper nashville tennessee

32 Minutes ago



Comment from Theodore:

Figuring out how to get the birds out of the sky 🤔🌴👀🕊

36 Minutes ago



Comment from Luke*Elmo:

✧✦✧✦✧✦ 2017. 3.29 ・ 【血液検査】 ・ 実はルーク、半年前の血液検査でSDMAの数値が正常は〜14までなのに対して15だった。 SDMAの説明をここで詳しくすると、スペースが足りないので興味がある方は調べて欲しいのですが、 腎機能疾患 早期発見の検査なのです。半年様子を見て再検査だった今回、11と数値が減っていた‼︎ 本当に、本当に、心の底から安堵した。 腎臓は1度損傷を受けると多くの場合再生しないと聞いていたから…。 食事療法が重要になると聞いて、今の具沢山食材のトッピングも出来なくなるのでは…と心配だった。 以前の検査では症状がかなり進んでからではないと異常数値が出なかったけど、 このSDMA検査は早期発見が可能になった検査とのこと。ご興味ある方は調べてみてください。 これでルークは”健康優良児”と胸を張って言えるし、トッピングも今まで以上に勉強して ルーモ共に20歳越え目指します! ・ これで心置きなく音楽も楽しめる♡ アジカンの新曲『荒野を歩け』最高です❤︎ よろしくー☺︎ ・

37 Minutes ago



Comment from Fitzgerald:

I love my new bone puppy puppiesofinstagram cav ckcs ckcspuppy cavlife cavaliercorner cavalierkingcharlesspaniel itsacavthing cavalierofinstagram cavalierslove_feature

41 Minutes ago



Comment from MochatheCav:

Mommy and Daddy got this for me whenever one of them take me outside to leave on the door. Mommy adores it and was so happy to find it. mochalattecav ckcs cavalierlove cavalierkingcharlesspaniel magnet dogmagnet happytofindthis imnotinthepicture

42 Minutes ago



Comment from Gwenevere:

Tonight I went to my second drag show and we had so much fun! While she's usually very strict about letting even her friends touch me in vest, Mom let any of the performers hold me if they wanted since they worked so hard and did such a good job. I was a little confused by the love I was getting, but they appreciated it so much!! dragshow buds budragshow cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierlove ckcs cavaliersofinstagram dogsofinstagram servicedog sdit gweneapig Follow our pawtners coda_the_service_dog doug_the_sdit echoalaska 2puppies1person minniethemoocher_sd gauge_thewonder_dog servicedog.shepherds gypsythegreat_pyreneessd luna_lovepaws and sophieebellee

50 Minutes ago

Oliver Ray 🐾💙


Comment from Oliver Ray 🐾💙:

Wanna be my friend?☺️ • • • • • CavLife dog austin dogsofinsta ollierayofsunshine cutepetclub doglife barkhappy weeklyfluff puppies puppylove puppy buzzfeed doglife petsagram dogscorner puppiesofinstagram dogsofinstagram kingcharles dogoftheday ilovedogs instagood itsacavthing cavalierkingcharlesspaniel doglover bestwoof dogsofinstaworld dogs bestoftheday furry

53 Minutes ago



Comment from It's HOBBES the CAV:

It was a great TOT! Mommy got us got us kiddy cots for when we travel and for sun bathing.cavaliersofthesouth cavaliersofinstagram cavlove lovethem doggydaycare ckcs

57 Minutes ago



Comment from Cockaliers:

Dinner time!!! 🍗🍚🥗feedme 😍 🐶 cute aww toungouttuesday ckcs ckcsofinstagram dog doggie doglife cocker cockalier cockerspaniel kingcharles kingcharlesspaniel roughlife food aww

1 Hours ago

Carla da Costa Serran


Comment from Carla da Costa Serran:

Mais gostoso que chocolate! geantdechloe cavalierbrasil cavalier cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierkingcharles cavalierking kingcharles king ckcs ckcsbrasil cavlife instadog instacav instacavalier cavaliersofinstagram instadog cavalierblackandtan blackandtan

1 Hours ago

KingCharlie_the Cavalier


Comment from KingCharlie_the Cavalier:

We no longer need a cleaning lady... or do we?.... cleannotclean ckcs cavalier cavalierkingspaniel cavitude itsacavthing

1 Hours ago

Hanai Cavaliers


Comment from Hanai Cavaliers:

He begs me not to leave him home 😂 cute silly puppy pua hanaicavaliers cavalierkingcharlesspaniel ckcs lovehim

1 Hours ago