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Wera 🐶🐾 February 2016


Comment from Wera 🐶🐾 February 2016:

Spring is in the air 🌸 cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalier blackandtan cavalierkingcharles ckcs

7 Minutes ago

Aderiko💚🐾 and Alinka 💕


Comment from Aderiko💚🐾 and Alinka 💕:

😘😚😊cav dog ckcs pup pet pets animal animals InstaTags4Likes cute cavalierkingcharlesspaniel dogs_of_instagram petstagram petsagram dogsitting photooftheday dogsofinstagram ilovemydog instagramdogs nature dogstagram dogoftheday picpets lovedogs happy furry adorable doglover instapuppy instadog

12 Minutes ago



Comment from TokiandCallieCavs:

Definitely don't wanna get out of bed this morning! cavs ckcs dogsofinstgram cavalierkingcharlesspaniel dogdays dogsofinstgram mornings cavlife nopenotmovingtoday

15 Minutes ago



Comment from Tiko:

tikothecavalier cavalierkingcharlesspaniel ckcs itscavthing cutie cavalierpuppy puppy puppylove

19 Minutes ago



Comment from Tiko:

tikothecavalier cavalierkingcharlesspaniel ckcs itscavthing cutie cavalierpuppy puppy puppylove

20 Minutes ago



Comment from Ginger:

welcome home mom. while you were gone i went to circus camp. but i didnt fold the laundry. 🤡

24 Minutes ago

Spotsie the Cavalier (+Elsa 😀)


Comment from Spotsie the Cavalier (+Elsa 😀):

It's Saturday ..... where are we off to today? 🐶🐼🚙dogsofinstaworld dogsofaustralia dogstagram dog roadtrip doggiesholidayingwithdogs doggosandpuppers cavlifedog petpetsofinstagram pets_plaza petsofinstaworld pets_perfection petscorner doglover dogsofmelbourne furrendsupclose nature_cuties ckcscavalierclub cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavaliercorner cavs

28 Minutes ago



Comment from We❤Cavs🐶🐶Home🏡Family💑Travel✈:

We were tagged by our good friends lupilolo and shelley_ludo_melton for the halffacechallenge 😍😍 thank you sweeties - we've tagged some other friends to play along but we'd love you all to have a go 😆 tag your it! 💛 Jax & Ziva 🐶🐶

28 Minutes ago

Cavalier マハロ


Comment from Cavalier マハロ:

今日は、magentacafeさんに行ってきたよ〜😊❤️ わんこはテラス席のみだけど… 小麦粉アレルギーのある👨‍🚒でも、食べられる米粉100%のクレープ食べてきたよ😋✨ 私は、オランジュショコラ❤️ 👨‍🚒は、苺、餅、クリーム、アイス❤️←名前わからん。 美味しかった〜😍⭐ もっと、グルテンフリーのお店が増えると良いな〜😊💓 . . その後は安定のラッキーでランしてきたよ〜🐶🐾 ちょうど雨がポツリ☂️と降ってきて寒かったけど、元気いっぱいなマハロさんでした😘✨ . . マハロさんはお昼寝タイム💤おやすみなさい😴 マハロmahaloMAHALOcavalierckcsキャバリアマハロキャバリアブレンハイムキャバリアマゼンタカフェmagentacafeラッキークレープグルテンフリー小麦粉アレルギー

31 Minutes ago



Comment from Simba:

Petflix and chillen! Happy FriYAY 😍😴

39 Minutes ago

Royle Poort


Comment from Royle Poort:

Could I look any more ridiculous? I was scratching at my stitches, so a teeshirt it is. Mom won't be foiled. roylepoort royboy cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavaliersofinstagram ckcs

41 Minutes ago

Henry Moo


Comment from Henry Moo:

Food coma on a rainy weekend! ckcs dogstagram dog pet cute spanielsofinstagram cavlife cavaliersofinstagram cavalier kingcharles dogsofsydney dogs cavalierkingcharlesspaniel tricolorcav petstagram adorable sleepy bestdog ilovedogs happypup happydog puplife cavitude ilovemydog dogsofsyd featuremycavalier petlovers doglovers cutecavalier

42 Minutes ago

Marc Alleba Arognog


Comment from Marc Alleba Arognog:

Despertando al mundo! Me encanta cuando vivimos y los demás duermen perdiendo horas de vida! Tamos locos! ckcs cavaliersofinstagram cavaliers cavalier dogsofinstagram dogs nofilter instadogs dogs dog dogs_of_instagram dogstagram

45 Minutes ago



Comment from unabaci:

My mam thinks that I am the most beautiful puppy on this planet . . cavalier cavlife ckcs cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierkingcharles cavalierworld cavaliercorner cavalierpuppy cavaholic cavalierlove rubycavalier cavaliersofinstagram cavlife cavaliersofmelbourne dog puppy ruby love instagood f4f pet doglove love

48 Minutes ago

Milo And I


Comment from Milo And I:

That awkward moment when you're caught doing something embarrassing... --------------------------------------------- cavalier cavalierkingcharles cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavs kingcharles spaniel ckcs milo MiloTheCavalier ckcs instadog puppy pups pupstagram instadog dogsofinsta dogofinstagram cavlife cavlove cavaliersofinstagram cavaliercorner Blenheim milothepuppy milothedog itsacavthing adogslife

50 Minutes ago

Novosibirsk, Russia


Comment from Novosibirsk, Russia:

Мой сладкий носик, соскучилась 😍 sherlock cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierdog ckcs dog Шерлок кавалеркингчарльзспаниель кавалер спаниель ккчс instacav instacavlife instadog cav cavaliernsk кавалер_нск Новосибирск нск любимцы

57 Minutes ago



Comment from Luna&m:

アボカド成長記🥑 あっと言う間に下の葉っぱの大きさ越えちゃった。 もうすぐ新しい葉っぱ出そうな感じ🌿 . . キャバリアcavaliercavaliersofinstagramckcscavlovers アボカドavocadoアボカド栽培アボちゃん成長記

1 Hours ago

Adventures Of Two Cavys


Comment from Adventures Of Two Cavys:

Baby ❤

1 Hours ago

👩🏻Eva & 🐶Amelia's World


Comment from 👩🏻Eva & 🐶Amelia's World:

❤️ mom is in Paris today without me 😢 she will be back tonight. She is meeting up with auntie nermeenalmadani ! I was really upset and panicked she was going and tried to stop her.😢 never ever apart and this feels horrible. But mom promised to find a pet shop in Paris and bring me a new toy! Anyone know a good doggie shop in Paris ? ❤️ lovemymom mommysgirl paris PS. Our new blog on Joe & the Juice is up! 💛🍹

1 Hours ago

Linh Dang


Comment from Linh Dang:

charlie & archie helped mum with househunting today. My handsomeboy was helpful whilst babyboy easily bored. crunchtime puppy puppies cavalierkingcharlesspaniel igers iphone6s instadog instapuppy dogstagram dogsofig dogsofmelbourne ckcs cavlife lovethem

1 Hours ago