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Gizmo-Zarli-Cavalier-Offical (gizmoandzarli) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Gizmo-Zarli-Cavalier-Offical:

Waiting for my daddy to come home from work 🚶🏻🐶❤️ dogsofinstagram dogs cavalier ckcs love puppy puppylove cavlife love doglife kingcharles

3 Minutes ago
15yuzu (yuzuichigolove) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 15yuzu:

Good morning.monday 今日から1週間の始まりだ‼ love cutedog ckcs cavalier cavalierkingcharlesspaniel lovecavalier ckcsofinstagram cavclub cavlife cavlovers cavlierlife cavaliersofinstagram doglife doginstagram blackandtancavalier cavalierstagram walk

8 Minutes ago
Jennifer Regan (jenniferregan1204) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jennifer Regan


Comment from Jennifer Regan:

My two's been a good day💙 . maketodaygreat smile relax weekend postivevibes lovethem cavlove ckcs momsanddaughters beautiful mytinyfamily longweekend cavmom silly play

9 Minutes ago
vivi&nico (vivi_nico_wakana) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from vivi&nico:

ニコちゃん1歳になりました🎂 同胎のきなこちゃんも1歳おめでとう🎊 ビビも後4日で誕生日なので夜合同パーティーしまーす。 cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalier ckcs 1歳 1歳誕生日

16 Minutes ago
🄰🄺🄸 (a.m.b.sei_happy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🄰🄺🄸:

🐶手の上に顔乗せちゃって😊. 退屈そう💦. . 今日も暑そうだね〜☀️. . . . 退屈 いぬバカ部 cavalierlife cavlove featuremycavalier cavalierkingcharles ckcspaniel ckcspics cavalier cavclub ckcs cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavlover cavaliersofinstagram cavalierworld キャバリア キャバリア部 キャバリア犬 キャバリアキングチャールズスパニエル cavalierdog いぬすたぐらむ 犬との生活 ckcslove kingcharlesspaniel_feature cavalierslove_feature itsacavthing

16 Minutes ago
drhkeeling (drhkeeling) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from drhkeeling:

Lilly's first 🛥 ride to Peaks! cavlife dogsofinstagram ckcs

16 Minutes ago
• juno the cav • (junowhoiam_) Instagram Photos and Videos

• juno the cav •


Comment from • juno the cav •:

We are FAAMMMMIIILLLYYYY...I got all my Cavvies with me! 🐾🐾🐾🐾

24 Minutes ago
annabur (oliverburchthecav) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from annabur:

Twidoglight dogloversofinstagram loveallspanieldogs doglovers dogstagram lovemydog ckcs tricav tricavalier cavalierkingcharles cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavlife

31 Minutes ago
🐶 ❤️ 👦🏻👧🏻 (charlieandthehoomans) Instagram Photos and Videos

🐶 ❤️ 👦🏻👧🏻


Comment from 🐶 ❤️ 👦🏻👧🏻:

Me and daddy 😜🐶❤️ cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierkingcharles ckcs cavitude cavaliersofinstagram ruby

34 Minutes ago
Josep 'Pep' Thomas Atkinson (pepthecav) Instagram Photos and Videos

Josep 'Pep' Thomas Atkinson


Comment from Josep 'Pep' Thomas Atkinson:

I finally enjoy my carrier! pepthecav sturdibag letsgotravel poochinabag cavlife ckcs cavaliersofinstagram dogsofto dogsofinsta puppiesofinstagram imtoocute

37 Minutes ago
Wally CKC Spaniel (wallythetricolorcav) Instagram Photos and Videos

Wally CKC Spaniel


Comment from Wally CKC Spaniel:

Momma is visiting my fuzzy 'cousin' ole. ilovemydog dogsofinstagram dogsofig dogs🐶 muttsofig doglover soggydoggy ckcs

45 Minutes ago
Brian Jansen (mistobee) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brian Jansen


Comment from Brian Jansen:

Escaped the Portland heatwave today by going to the beach! cavaliersofinstagram ckcs oregoncoast thorswell

46 Minutes ago
Hwidol   ෆ  Kingdol   ෆ  TK (hwidol_king) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hwidol ෆ Kingdol ෆ TK


Comment from Hwidol ෆ Kingdol ෆ TK:

Freeze!!!👉🏼 I won't eat you . . . cav cavalier cavalierkingcharles cavalierkingcharlesspaniel ckcs ckcspuppy kingcharles vancouverpuppy vancouverdogs vancouverlife vancouver vancity 카발리에 카발리에킹찰스스파니엘 킹찰스 킹찰스스파니엘 캐비 강아지그램 밴쿠버 밴쿠버일상 밴쿠버라이프 밴쿠버강아지 밴쿠버생활

48 Minutes ago
Cody Fox ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Cody Fox

Comment from Cody Fox:

Ok, fine. 🙄 flamingofloat gaveup 🐶 ckcs cavlife cavclub cavalier cavalierkingcharles cavaliermeetup cavalierkingcharlesspaniel kingcharles kingcharlesspaniel dailypuppy dailyfluff rvadog poolfloats dogonafloat summerdog basicbitch basicAF

50 Minutes ago
Rudy and Corisa (life_with_rudy_and_cori) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rudy and Corisa


Comment from Rudy and Corisa:

Roses are red, violets are blue, you're pretty cute, can I snuggle with you? 🐶 . . lifewithrudy cavlife itsacavthing cavitude cavlove ckcs ckcsofinstagram cavalierkingcharles cavalierkingcharlesspaniel kingcharlesspaniel cavmom thecavenue cavaliercorner cavaliercommunity dogattitude dog dogsofinsta dogstagram instadog puppydog puppyeyes poetry poem snuggle sunday doglover

51 Minutes ago
Marley and Bowie the Cavaliers (marley.bowie.cavaliers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marley and Bowie the Cavaliers


Comment from Marley and Bowie the Cavaliers:

On our way to celebrate Gramma's birthday. Love road trips! 🐶💗🚗dogstagram instagood instadaily road-trip grandma sundayfunday ckcs cruisingcavalierkingcharlesspaniel

51 Minutes ago
Woodford Aka. Woody (woodythecavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos

Woodford Aka. Woody


Comment from Woodford Aka. Woody:

When you remember you don't have to go to work tomorrow... 😜🐶❤️🙌🏻🎉 woodythecavalier nashvillecavaliers nashvillepaw nashville franklintn 3dayweekend longweekend smile allsmiles

52 Minutes ago
megan elizabeth ✌🏼🌎❤️ (megg_em) Instagram Photos and Videos

megan elizabeth ✌🏼🌎❤️


Comment from megan elizabeth ✌🏼🌎❤️:

When belly rubs are life 🐶 cavalierlove cavalierkingcharles dogsofinstgram cavaliersofinstagram ckcs spanielsofintagram

53 Minutes ago
ayako (ayako_rw) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ayako:

おはようイケメン♥ frenchbulldog frenchie frenchbully bulldogfrance cavalierkingcharlesspaniel ckcs cavalier withmydogs waka fio dogstagram フレンチブルドッグ フレブルブヒキャバリア イケメン キャバ嬢 今日の犬達 若太朗 フィオ 私の子牛 私の牛柄 不定期公園部 公園大好き gm おはようございます

59 Minutes ago
WA-ALAYKUM-ASALAAM✌🏽 (house_huz) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from WA-ALAYKUM-ASALAAM✌🏽:

Had to check out this winery right next to our hotel. Wine tasting bocce ball dog friendly local vino but had to tell Uncle Willy @will2wynn it can't mess with @luna.vineyards tho 🔥💪🏽❤️👍🏼👏🏽✌🏽 @jasgrace18 vino red white blended merlot chardonnay cabernetsauvignon cabernet cavlife cavaliers ckcs puppies dogs cavaliersofinstagram cavalierkingcharlesspaniel

1 Hours ago
Foley Bear (thechococav) Instagram Photos and Videos

Foley Bear


Comment from Foley Bear:

Waking up at 5 am is tough but having no teeth to keep your tongue in is even worse 😩 thestruggle thestruggleisreal noteeth tongueout early earlymornings workingmama gradschool gradschoolproblems practicum rotations slp2be ckcs cavalier cavalierkingcharles cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavaliersofthesouth cavaliersofinstagram cavlife cavworld

1 Hours ago
モカオレ (kayorin1213) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from モカオレ:

きのうは 神戸わんわんマルシェ . 駐車場いっぱいで出遅れた 暑かったー 💦💦 . キャバリア キャバリアキングチャールズスパニエル cavalierkingcharlesspaniel CKCSckcs キャバちゃんたくさん モカオレ

1 Hours ago
Happy Life (kidsandcavs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Happy Life


Comment from Happy Life:

fourpinescavaliers chillin relax and enjoy life Blenheim pippa tri ellie siggy & rudy cavlife cavlove cavalier king charles spaniel instagood love akc ckcs cavalierkingcharlesspaniel

1 Hours ago
Abby (abbythecavie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Abby:

Mom took me to a pool party today. Even though I made the saddest face I could muster, the "no dogs in the pool" rule couldn't be broken. I'll get them next time! abbythecavie cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierkingcharles ckcs imissswimming beachbodyready ididgettorollonadeadworm todaywasntatotalloss

1 Hours ago
Aaron (a.a.ron_84) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Aaron:

Took a nice long stroll along the Broadwater this morning. • • • • • • cavalierkingcharles kingcharles cavlife cavaliercorner cavalierclub cavs ckcs itsacavthing weeklyfluff dog dogs dogsofinstagram dogsofinsta dogsofgoldcoast dogoftheday ilovemydogs itsmypet goldcoastpets australiasbestdogs goldcoast australia deptheffect shotoniphone7plus

1 Hours ago
Wilder (wildertheking) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Wilder:

Been out of social media for a little so here's three photos of me being sillywilly ckcs ckcspuppy cavpup cavlife cavitude cavitude cavalierkingcharles cavalierpuppy cavalierslove_feature blenheimcavalier blenheim ckcslove cavsofinsta cavsofig cavaliersofinstagram instapup instapuppy puppylife puppiesofinsta puppiesofinstagram doglife dogsofinsta dogsofinstagram

1 Hours ago
Sasha Grace (sashagraceluing) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sasha Grace


Comment from Sasha Grace:

Sunday night💤💤cavalierworld dogsofinstagram instadog cavalierkingcharlescavalier spaniel ckcs thinkpup puppy cavlife cavlife cavs dailydog cavaliersofinstagram blenheim cavalierclub dogscorner kingcharles dogslife aplacetolovedogs cavsofinstagram barkbox dogsfea1ure itsacavthing meowvswoof lizziefeatureme barksforbernie

1 Hours ago
Lucy Goosey (lucygooseybug) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lucy Goosey


Comment from Lucy Goosey:

Dad said hi so I gave him five

1 Hours ago
🥀Pepper, 🌺Ruby, 🌸Sugar (3littlecavs) Instagram Photos and Videos

🥀Pepper, 🌺Ruby, 🌸Sugar


Comment from 🥀Pepper, 🌺Ruby, 🌸Sugar:

BoopMyNoseSunday !! 🐶☀️🌈🌺🏖💖cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierkingcharles cavaliersofinstagram cavalier cavlife cav cavs cavpuppies cavsnation cavaliercommunity cavliercorner ckcsofinstagram ckcs dogs dogsofinstagram cavalierking ckc cavalierlife lovecavalier cavclub featuremycavalier cavloversunite cavlovers blenheimcavalier rubycavalier blackandtancavalier

1 Hours ago
AlexnAlma Salazar (alexnalmasalazar) Instagram Photos and Videos

AlexnAlma Salazar


Comment from AlexnAlma Salazar:

Sunday FUNDAYcavlife bestfriend meandmypet ckcs cavalierkingcharlesspanielpurelove

1 Hours ago
Bailey Buttons (baileybuttonsbrienza) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bailey Buttons


Comment from Bailey Buttons:

finally finished the Bailey Buttons puzzle! ckc ckcs ckcsofinstagram puppy baileybuttons cavalierkingruby cavalierworld rubycavalier cavie cavlife cavlove cavpuppy cavaholic cavalierlover cavalierlove cavaliercorner cavaliersofinstagram cavalierkingcharles cavalierkingcharlesspaniel puzzle itsacavthing

1 Hours ago
cavalier_claire (cavalier_claire) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from cavalier_claire:

あさんぽ後の至福の時間🐶適当にやってると、もっとちゃんとブラッシングして!とチラ見されます😅 cavalier ckcs cavlife blenheim cavalierkingcharlesspaniel dog mydog instadog dogstagram inustagram いぬすたぐらむ 犬のいる暮らし キャバリアキングチャールズスパニエル キャバリア ブレンハイム

1 Hours ago
Lady 🎀 (ladytheblenheim) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lady 🎀


Comment from Lady 🎀:

today i met my auntie Nicole 👯 isn't she purrty? i ruff her so much 💕

4 Hours ago