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Magda (magdathecav) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Magda:

Last picture of my trip to Scotland - I didn’t want to come home! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland TintoHill HillWalkingDog Cavalier CavalierKingCharlesSpaniel Ckcs ProudCavDad InstaCav CavsOfInstagram CavalierClub CavalierWorld CavalierCommunity CavalierCorner CavLife ItsACavThing CavalierCentral

53 Seconds ago
Mango & Daisy (mangoanddaisy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mango & Daisy


Comment from Mango & Daisy:

🍊 chillin’ on a Sunday morning dogsofinstagram puppy mango dognotfruit cute girl ginger ruby fluffy paws ckcsofinstagram ckcs cavalierkingcharlesspaniel weekend sundaymorning chill

9 Minutes ago
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (cavaliercommunity) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Comment from Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

▶️◀️ 👉 BEST CKCS 👕👖☕️ Ever in @cavaliercommunity profile Or 🔎❗ 💯Satisfaction guarantied❗ Worldwide shipping🌍📦 🐶 To be featured👉 use . 📸 : @theo_and_archie_cavaliers . . . . . kingcharlescavalier cavalierkingcharles cavitude cavs cavalierclub cavworld cavsofinstagram cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavaliers kingcharles cavalierlove itsacavthing cavlove cavalierking cavalierworld kingcharlesspaniel ckcs ckc cavclub cavalierpuppy cavaholic cavaliersofinstagram cavlife

11 Minutes ago
Buzz Lightyear the Cavalier (thebuzzjournals) Instagram Photos and Videos

Buzz Lightyear the Cavalier


Comment from Buzz Lightyear the Cavalier:

Tried chewing leaves today. Not as tasty as I thought theyd be! There still really fun to run fast in though💁🏼‍♂️ 🐾

19 Minutes ago
Flavιa Mag (flaviamag) Instagram Photos and Videos

Flavιa Mag


Comment from Flavιa Mag:

Ruby preguicinha domingo sunday meucarinha sundaylazyday headshot fofura carino cutedog ckcs cavlovers cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierbrasil cavalierbrasilia rubycavalier

19 Minutes ago
Giseazu (giseazu3638) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Giseazu:

向こうから?こっちから?どこから行こうか?迷っちゃうほどの秋 can go anywhere you want in this autumn world ♪ キャバリア キャバリアキングチャールズスパニエル キャバリアブレンハイム キャバリアトライ キャバリア部 わんこなしでは生きて行けません会 犬バカ部 多頭飼い 秋のお散歩 どこから行こうかな 迷っちゃう 2人で決めて 紅葉 秋の世界 北の丸公園 ckcs cavalier cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierblenheim cavaliertricolor cavalierlifecavalierworld youcango anywhereyouwant autumnworld autumnleaves beautifullandscape kitanomarupark

24 Minutes ago
消しゴムはんこSTAMP OYAJI (lattepoyo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 消しゴムはんこSTAMP OYAJI:

落ち葉🍂 キャバリアckcsCavalierKingCha ngCharlesSpanielcavlifecavworl vworldcavalierclubcavckcキャバリア部 ャバリア部ラテlatte拿铁狗狗小狗查理士王小猎犬Caval

26 Minutes ago
hiro_vino (hiro_vino) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from hiro_vino:

夕陽を見に行ったよ。大きなわんこたちが集まってる輪の中に早足 の中に早足で突っ込んで行って、同じくらいのスピードで後ずさり

26 Minutes ago
Jerry The King (jerry_the_kingcharles) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jerry The King


Comment from Jerry The King:

Bestmates ckcspuppiesofinstagram petsofinstagram cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierkingcharles friends instadog catdog

26 Minutes ago
 (im_jdn_jaden) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from im_jdn_jaden:

Yummy please 🍖 CavalierKingCharlesSpaniel aniel cavaliercavckcscavlifeca ifecavaliercornercavalierclubd clubdogdogsofinstagramanimalmy

27 Minutes ago
Jerry The King (jerry_the_kingcharles) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jerry The King


Comment from Jerry The King:

cavalierkingcharles petsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram bestfriends sunday catdog ckcs ckcsofinstagram

28 Minutes ago
消しゴムはんこSTAMP OYAJI (lattepoyo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 消しゴムはんこSTAMP OYAJI:

オチは無いです🐶 キャバリアckcsCavalierKin erKingCharlesSpanielcavlifecav fecavworldcavalierclubcavckcキャ ckcキャバリア部ラテlatte拿铁狗狗小狗查理士王小猎犬C

29 Minutes ago
Ellen (elliejooneillmunro) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ellen:

Not your bed Henry... . . . dog dogstagram dogsofinstagram ckcs ckcsofinstagram cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cutie olddog

33 Minutes ago
Copper The CKCS 🐶 (copper_your_furry_friend) Instagram Photos and Videos

Copper The CKCS 🐶


Comment from Copper The CKCS 🐶:

Love when the weather is warm because I get more walkies ☀️🐶 Copper cavalier cavaliercorner cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavaholic cavs kingcharles cavaliersofinstagram kingcharlesspaniel cavalierlove cavlove cavworld itsacavthing ckcs cavitude ckc cavclub cavalierclub cavaliers cavalierworld cavlife cavsofinstagram cavalierkingcharles kingcharlescavalier

34 Minutes ago
Charly (charlythespaniel) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Charly:

how's the weather with you? 🍁😊 . . . . . . dog doglovers dogpics lovedogs love fall lovefall autumn ckcs cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalier spaniel cute sun like follow likeforlike weekend sunday morning instagramdogs instagood photographyrocks photooftheday picoftheday

37 Minutes ago
Caesar, & lyd (aussiecav) Instagram Photos and Videos

Caesar, & lyd


Comment from Caesar, & lyd:

Caesar getting some shade from the sun, ckcs instagramdogs cavaliersofinstagram cavaliersofaustralia cavs cavalierkingcharlesspaniel dogsofig ilovedogs dog dogs dogsofinstagram igdogs_worldwide igers i b

45 Minutes ago
CavalierKing._.CharlesSpaniel (cavalierking._.charlesspaniel) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from CavalierKing._.CharlesSpaniel:

srry for the inactivity, I've been in Disney🐭❤️🐶 photo credit: @ochathecav Credit to : @kingcharlesspaniels DoubleTap & Tag a Friend Below⤵ Follow us if you love Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ❣ Update videos everyday ❤ ---------------------------- cavlife ckcs kingcharles cavalierkingcharles kingcharlescavalier cavalierlove ckc cavaliersofinstagram cavsofinstagram cavalierpuppy itsacavthing cavaholic cavalierking cavclub cavlove kingcharlesspaniel cavworld cavs cavitude cavaliers cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierclub

51 Minutes ago
Sarah Winder (sarah_molly_and_the_piggies) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah Winder


Comment from Sarah Winder:

You guys like my new winter harness? Mom tested her new camera on me today. I like modeling because it means treats. cavalierkingcharlesspa ckcs blenheim itsacavthing cavlove cavlife cavaliersofinstagram cavalierscentral cavalierlover cavalierworld cavalierking cavalierslove_feature kingcharlesspaniel_feature welove_cavaliers cavalierpuppy cavpuppy pinkaholicnewyork pinkaholic puppy canon5dmarkiii

51 Minutes ago
Fanny Alisandratos (fanny_and_elvis_the_cavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fanny Alisandratos


Comment from Fanny Alisandratos:

Jaws !! . . elvis ckcs greekdogs lifopets dogstagram dogsofinstagram rescue rescuedog rescuepet blenheim cavalier cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavlife cavaliercorner coolpupsquad seniordogs treat jaws funnydog cutestpet dog mydog love scarf dogphotography petphotography

52 Minutes ago
Sig. Pepe Gatto 🐾 (pepe_cav) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sig. Pepe Gatto 🐾


Comment from Sig. Pepe Gatto 🐾:

Can I have some too?

55 Minutes ago
Alfie & Penelope the Cavaliers (alfie_and_penelope_the_cavs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alfie & Penelope the Cavaliers


Comment from Alfie & Penelope the Cavaliers:

I’m not begging for food daddy I’m just making sure you’re ok! 🙈 love Penelope 💜🐾 Cavs CavLife CavalierLife CavsOfInsta CavaliersOfInstagram CavLovers CavalierLover Cavalier CavalierSpaniel CKCS CavalierKingCharlesSpaniel BlackAndTanCavalier

57 Minutes ago
MAYA + AZTEC (mayaaztec) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MAYA + AZTEC:

Maya + Aztec . . . . . cavalier cavaliercorner cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavaholic cavs kingcharles cavaliersofinstagram kingcharlesspaniel cavalierlove cavlove cavworld itsacavthing ckcs cavitude ckc cavalierclub cavaliers cavalierpuppy cavalierworld cavlife cavsofinstagram cavalierkingcharles kingcharlescavalier kingcharle cavalierlife cavalierpuppy cavalierpuppies cavalierdog cavalierblenheim cavalierslove cavaliersofinstagram kingcharlescavalier kingcharlespuppy

1 Hours ago
Charlie B (charlie.n.friends) Instagram Photos and Videos

Charlie B


Comment from Charlie B:

So proud of this excellent hole that I helped to dig. That's why I have sand on my nose! kingcharlesspaniel spanielkingcharles cavalier cavaliers cavalierlove cavalierlife cavalierworld cavalierkingdom cavalierkingcharles cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierkingcharlespaniel cavalierkingcharlesspaniels kingcharles kingcharlescavalier kingcharlesofinstagram kingcharlesspaniel_feature kingcharlescavalierspaniel kingcharlescavaliersofinstagra ckcs ckcsofinstagram spaniel spaniels spaniellove spanielsofig spanielkingcharles beachdog sandy digging proud

1 Hours ago
담담 (nostradam) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 담담:

강아지가 새우깡하나 먹는다고 죽냐? 하나만줘라 콩실장 찰실장 입만까매가지구 귀만빠마해가지구 귀여워가지구 puppy pug puglife 퍼그 퍼그사랑 퍼그스타그램 kingcharlescavalier cavalier ckcs 킹찰스스파니엘 킹찰스 반려견 멍스타그램 개엄마 육견일기 사랑돋는찰콩네 행복하게살자스라

1 Hours ago
Leo Arrhult (leothatvegandog) Instagram Photos and Videos

Leo Arrhult


Comment from Leo Arrhult:

Ja se det snöar.... 🎵🎶We have got snow!!! ☃️☃️☃️☃️cav cavalier cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavlife cavaliersofinstagram blackandtan spaniel ckcs dog ilovemydog puppy vegandog snow

1 Hours ago
Nicky & Merlin Dog Wizards (merlindogwizard) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nicky & Merlin Dog Wizards


Comment from Nicky & Merlin Dog Wizards:

One year ago I was giving Milo’s relative Jackie a dog massage in South Africa! Time is a funny thing. travellingdogtherapist @merlindogwizard chilledoutdogs cavlife

1 Hours ago (daisylineblog) Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from

Kto lubi jeździć autem bardziej niż ja? 🚘 Ciekawski wszystkiego Charlie 🐶😉 charlie_daisyline

1 Hours ago
Cavalier King Charles "TIRA" (cavaliertira) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cavalier King Charles "TIRA"


Comment from Cavalier King Charles "TIRA":

WELLNESS DAY lazysunday bath ckc cavalierkingcharles kingcharles puppy cavalier cavlife cav puppylife dogsofinstagram cavalierpuppy cavaliertira puppylove cutepuppy puppiesofinstagram cavitude cavaliersofinstagram cavlove ckcs dogsofig dailydog puppisofig blenheim instacav ilovemycavalier

1 Hours ago
🐶Linda's World 🌍🐾 (linda_cavalierking) Instagram Photos and Videos

🐶Linda's World 🌍🐾


Comment from 🐶Linda's World 🌍🐾:

📝🐾❣️ livingwithanimalsislikelybecom betterpeople oscarwilde truewords ilovemydog cavalierkingcharlesspaniel ckcs goodmorning happysunday instalike instalife instalove instadog instapet instanimals instafriends instapeolpe instawords instacavalier mycavalier linda

1 Hours ago
King George The Cavalier (cavkinggeorge) Instagram Photos and Videos

King George The Cavalier


Comment from King George The Cavalier:

Clear my schedule for today please. Some very important snuggles have just come up 😏 • KingGeorge cavalierkingcharlesspaniel ckcs ckcsofinstagram cavalierkingcharles kingcharlescavalierspaniel kingcharlesofinstagram cavvie cavaliersofinstagram cavalier kingcharlesofinsta spaniel itsacavthing welove_cavaliers puppy puppiesofinstagram instapuppy petstagram dogs petsofinstagram doglife sundaymotivation weekendgoals

1 Hours ago
Miley The Cavalier ✨ (mileythecavalier) Instagram Photos and Videos

Miley The Cavalier ✨


Comment from Miley The Cavalier ✨:

🐶 Yesterday at the park 🍂🍁🌳 . . . miley mileythecavalier cavalier cavalierking cavie cavitude cav cavlife cavaliercorner cavalierclub cavaliercommunity itsacavthing dog pet cute adorable puppy blenheim followme gm goodmorning love pretty ckcs

1 Hours ago
ツマコ (maururu0617) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ツマコ:

今日は、稲荷山公園でロングリードのお散歩、というかクン活を楽 クン活を楽しんで、その後はジョンソンタウンにあるイヌクロさん ヌクロさんで、絶対これ可愛いよなぁと思っていたasknowa knowasさんのお洋服を購入❣️ やっぱり可愛かった〜❤️ った〜❤️ お昼は、タウン内にあるrecipe2さんに初めて んに初めて行ってみたら、オシャレで美味しかったなり。 最後は 。 最後は、入間のwildー1さんでお買い物。 家族みんなで ハトが好きなきゃばりあ maururucavalierkingcharlesspan ジョンソンタウン イヌクロ イヌクローゼット きゃばりあasknowasdewan WILD-1

2 Hours ago
Ally McBeal (ally___mcbeal) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ally McBeal


Comment from Ally McBeal:

B E A C H L I F E 🌊 . . . cavaholic cavlover beach saltbae saltyhair seaside beachbody beachdog ckcsofinstagram cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cav cavalier cavlove cavli cavlifestyle cavaliersofinstagram ckcspics ckcsofinstagram ckcs ckcsclub ckcspuppy puppylove puppiesofig

43 Days ago