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Juan Diego 🌺🍃🇵🇷 (juandiego_rodriguez3) Instagram Photos and Videos

Juan Diego 🌺🍃🇵🇷


Comment from Juan Diego 🌺🍃🇵🇷:

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new" drawingoftheday, drawing, sketch, sketchofarose, drawingofarose, art, artwork, quotes, roses, pencildrawing, pencil, colorpencils, color, colorful

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Vesna Delevska (vesna_delevska) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vesna Delevska


Comment from Vesna Delevska:

Pathways - 20"x16"x0.5" Acrylic Painting on Canvas - abstractart acrylicpainting modernart colorful imagination blending lovingpaint layers vibrant flow visual movement light

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 (ww2_in_color) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ww2_in_color:

'Operation Barbarossa' German Schnelltruppen, supported by Schutzenpanzerwagen Sd.Kfz. 251/1&10 (armoured personnel carriers), move into a burning Russian village at an unknown location during the German invasion of the Soviet Union, sometime between June 26th and July 1st, 1941. Russia was unprepared for the sudden 'blitzkreig' attacks across a border that spanned nearly 2,900 km (1,800 mi), and they suffered horrible losses. Within a single week, German forces advanced 200 miles into Soviet territory, destroyed nearly 4,000 aircraft, and killed, captured, or wounded some 600,000 Red Army troops. By December of 1941, German troops were within sight of Moscow. war ww2 worldwar worldwar2 color colorful invasion operationbarbarossa infantry halftrack

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Girls & Cars (economyking) Instagram Photos and Videos

Girls & Cars


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Paige Casey (pccraftsandthings) Instagram Photos and Videos

Paige Casey


Comment from Paige Casey:

Time lapse of a bubble moving through the slime 😎 slime slime❤️ magical slimeforlife slimefordays avalancheslimes avalanche feels pinkslime orangeslime colorful clearslime

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Munadia Ariga, S.Kep (munenk28) Instagram Photos and Videos

Munadia Ariga, S.Kep


Comment from Munadia Ariga, S.Kep:

💉💉💉 . . . love TFLers tweegram photooftheday 20likes amazing smile follow4follow like4like look instalike igers picoftheday food instadaily instafollow followme girl iphoneonly instagood bestoftheday instacool instago all_shots follow webstagram colorful style swag

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Elements Artist unknown × Submit your artwork art painting abstract abstractartwork acrylic ice mountain trip trippy psychedelic color colorful rainbow candy acid lsd dmt space landscape

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habong (_habng) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from habong:

Tons of assessments are coming in mid-sem break!! 😭 . . . . . . When we are young... . . . . . . . . Click HainMelbourne to see more pics about my journey in Melbourne instalife studentlife instagood instadaily instatraveling gooutside weather sun sunshine instaweather melbourne travel travellers traveling instago potd picoftheday colorful australia aussiesofinstagram lifestyle goodday discover discoveraustralia visitmelbourne followme instame youth unilife

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Tenis Room Medellin (tenis_room_medellin3) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tenis Room Medellin


Comment from Tenis Room Medellin:

REEBOK VENTILATOR CABALLERO🔝🔝 Por Solo $$155.000 (Todas las tallas) Tenis de la mejor calidad ☑️☑️ Rompemos el mercado con los mejores precios💰💰 Envios a todo el pais ✈️✈️ Domicilio gratis en Medellín ‼️ Wsp : 3117847982 love TFLers tweegram photooftheday 20likes amazing smile follow4follow like4like look instalike igers picoftheday food instadaily instafollow followme girl iphoneonly instagood bestoftheday instacool instago all_shots follow webstagram colorful style swaggerwagons

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❁ y u i ❁ (yuppinette) Instagram Photos and Videos

❁ y u i ❁


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・ ・ 遅くなりましたが 新卒営業 お越しくださったみなさまありがとうございました。 ・ 不安と ・ 不安とプレッシャーといろいろありましたが、自分の課題も見 の課題も見えたし、とても有意義な営業でした。 ・ いろんな方 いろんな方に会えてとっても嬉しかったです🌺✦ฺ ・ 家族も ・ 家族もわざわざこのために福島から来てくれて、一緒にBFも 緒にBFも来てくれて、感謝しかありませんでした!やっぱり家族 ありがとう。 ・ さて、また9月には別の新卒営業。 ・ 今回 ・ 今回の経験をバネにして頑張ります💪🏻❁ ・ tsu love thankyou colorful welcomeboard handmade instagood instalike tflers 同期 新卒営業 東京 飯田橋 感謝 ありがとう 9 ウェルカムボード コルクボード 手作り カラフル

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 (sighatsociety) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from sighatsociety:

goodnight 💓😴

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🌸 Rekisha 🌸 ركيشة 🌸 रेकीशा 🌸 (rekisha.pootoon) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌸 Rekisha 🌸 ركيشة 🌸 रेकीशा 🌸


Comment from 🌸 Rekisha 🌸 ركيشة 🌸 रेकीशा 🌸:

"To acquire wisdom is too love one's self. People who cherish understanding will prosper." Thank you for the pic F.A. 💚proverb wisdom loveyourself selfie caught understanding sunset storm floridalife womancrushwednesday wcw prosper pier live love laugh memories livingadream livelifetothefullest skyview summer2017 whitedress dress jetaime colorful lifelessons newchapter naturalbeauty nofilter

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I'm just a Canadian guy🇨🇦🎸 (shawnmemendess) Instagram Photos and Videos

I'm just a Canadian guy🇨🇦🎸


Comment from I'm just a Canadian guy🇨🇦🎸:

That arm tho! 💪🏻IlluminateTourPhilly IlluminateTourPhiladelphia

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Lindsay Greenberg (linzybinzy120) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lindsay Greenberg


Comment from Lindsay Greenberg:

The boardwalk is my runway, the beach is where I shine✨santamonica boardwalk sunset sparkly photography westcoast wanderlust california beautiful colorful lifeofadventure livecolorfully findthebeauty goodvibes instagood ig_color acolorstory moodygrams artofvisuals explore adventure travel peoplescreatives beautifuldestination earthpix travelphotography rainbow freespirit homesweethome

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Fran Vitorino (francielle.vitorino) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fran Vitorino


Comment from Fran Vitorino:

Boa noite. 😍

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 (edcalderlu) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Men Of Arms (MOA) (men_of_arms) Instagram Photos and Videos

Men Of Arms (MOA)


Comment from Men Of Arms (MOA):

"You will never understand the struggle of my people..." YOU'RE from Wisconsin Steve! . . . 5️⃣ Facebook: menofarmstactical 💻Website: 🎞IG: MAIN PAGE 🔞 @men_of_arms Or our PG page @moa_tactical Guns love tweegram instagood bestoftheday instacool instago all_shots follow webstagram hooters colorful style swag allshots amazing smile follow4follow like4like instalike tbpicoftheday food instadaily ar15

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N A D I A (nadtastik) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from N A D I A:

@kolbybrianne and I ran around town with a prism and made some pretty cool stuff 🔮☄🌈💖💿✨💎🍭📸 . . . . . . p photoshoot photographer camera art artist artwork style fashion acting modeling model lights colors color colour colorful clothes clothing moodygrams igers instagood instalike artistic actrice actress me life inspo unique

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Cynthia Benavides ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Cynthia Benavides

Comment from Cynthia Benavides:

Amando lo que hago!! Feliz con mi tomatito house!! 🍅🏠😬 fondant love amolonuevo beautiful cake work loveit dessert diplomado foodporn bakery baker bake cakestagram instafood sweet delicious yummy sugar pastel cakeart cakedesigner colorful colombia bogota practice cupcakestagram certified artistic decorated

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Eduardo Bladimir (eduardo_sntketon98) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eduardo Bladimir


Comment from Eduardo Bladimir:

💓Eres la razón que yo siempre busque 🙊 La inspiración que jamás encontré😚✌ la vida me a ensañado sus colores🙊💓love TFLers tweegram photooftheday 20likes amazing smile follow4follow like4like look instalike igers picoftheday food instadaily instafollow followme girl iphoneonly instagood bestoftheday instacool instago all_shots follow webstagram colorful style swag

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Sol Santana (solsantanaphotos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sol Santana


Comment from Sol Santana:

Some more of @misstwisted on her boudoir shoot. ❤️ nikon d810 beautyshot beautyshoot beautiful boudoir boudoirphotography colourful colorful colourfulhair colorfulhair vibrant vibranthair tattoo tattooedgirl tattoos photography portrait fashion melbourne melbourneart melbourneartist alternative alternativegirl alternativegirls hairdye inked australianartist australianart

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amboyong_fam's (amboyongfams) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from amboyong_fam's:

Repost @febrianto_lede ( @get_repost) ・・・ Jatuh air matapun membentuk ku dengan paksa Serupa mesin pembunuh Kan kuredam kutukan dalam jiwa Luka berlumurkan dustai rasa. (Kasihpica)... @amboyongfams likeforfollow like4l kasihpica tweegram instagood instacool instago follow webstagram colorful style swag allshots amazing follow4follow like4like instalike tb foodinstadaily

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Brianna Elliott (rd_bri) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brianna Elliott


Comment from Brianna Elliott:

Those colors 😍 veggies farmersmarket fresh summer zucchini healthy nutrients nourish food eats wellness colorful foodblog foodiesofinstagram dietitian

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Javier Capetillo (artejaviercapetillo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Javier Capetillo


Comment from Javier Capetillo:

Stuck in Delirium

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🍌#bananagoesto (saurandrii) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🍌#bananagoesto:

Well everyone known if time goes fast. You walk like you run. Move in every step then jump. Telling lies and dumb. So now its the right time to you to give the truth. Dont care what everyone did. Just run away far from your place which you were born. Act like you are the worst person their ever met. leave them happiness when they love to mock you. And you know they will miss you when you gone ☺️ . . . . . . . . . . . vscoc sotd shoes asics sportwear sportshoes instagram instastory instashoes shoesoftheday jeans edgy colorful style line minimalistid minimalism minimalistsport

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Anime Art Assistant🖌 (animeartassistant) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anime Art Assistant🖌


Comment from Anime Art Assistant🖌:

Artwork by👉👉 @amyw_art 👈👈 . . onepiece luffy sketchbook pencilart artsy artist animeart animeboy animegirl fanart animeartist anime manga mangaartist mangadrawing doodle drawing sketch follow illustration colorful artist . Support the , follow this page, and don't forget to hashtag your art to animeartassistant for a chance to be featured! ☺️ [Admin: @tdraws4you 💖]

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asshole (fragile_asshole) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Kandy Emotion (kandyemotion) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kandy Emotion


Comment from Kandy Emotion:

Fashion cupcakes . . . cupcakes minicake cupcake fashion glamour colorful chef dessert tasty food

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Platinum Pets (platinumpetsusa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Platinum Pets


Comment from Platinum Pets:

Before you realize that the week isn't even half over yet, just remember that some people are allergic to cats!!

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Anne-Joëlle Designs (annejoelledesigns) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anne-Joëlle Designs


Comment from Anne-Joëlle Designs:

orange luxurybag from annejoelledesigns art, artandfashion, artdesigns, fashion, luxurydesign, luxuryscarves, luxury, designs, foulardsdeluxe, silkscarf, silkscarves, foulardsoie, artscarves, foulardseta, colorful, model, flowers, lujo, diseño, designinspiration, Newyorkcity, paintingart, colour, printart, fashionstylist, textiledesigner, limitededition

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pj (pjbye) Instagram Photos and Videos



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 (noblessecrepue) Instagram Photos and Videos



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asshole (fragile_asshole) Instagram Photos and Videos



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love followback instagramers socialenvy PleaseForgiveMe tweegram photooftheday 20likes amazing smile follow4follow like4like look instalike igers picoftheday food instadaily instafollow followme girl instagood bestoftheday instacool ebookwormsclub follow colorful style swag

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