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Alfredo Riccio (fred_riccio) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alfredo Riccio


Comment from Alfredo Riccio:

“Ogni cambiamento, anche agognatissimo, ha le sue malinconie, perché quel che si lascia è una parte di noi: bisogna morire a una vita per entrare in un’altra” life mood of the day animals love pic reflection think new work project veg true cool brown end years comingback friends

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Antonio Ciannilli (aciannilli) Instagram Photos and Videos

Antonio Ciannilli


Comment from Antonio Ciannilli:

365days working travelling comingback noeffects

48 Minutes ago
Oksana ✨ (thegoldenmean_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Oksana ✨


Comment from Oksana ✨:

I will miss you, my Dear Ukraine ⛅️✈️понадхмарами

1 Hours ago
Darcy Page (un_wyned) Instagram Photos and Videos

Darcy Page


Comment from Darcy Page:

Last Cervesa with chiccharone at sunset😿and last cappuccino today with sunrise in Huatulco, Mexico. greatrip localmarket pochutla chicharron mmmm sunset sunrise cappuccino pluma hidalgo oaxaca lovethisplace comingback seeyousoon dreams resort

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Julio César Chávez (juliochaveztri) Instagram Photos and Videos

Julio César Chávez


Comment from Julio César Chávez:

Despues de estar lesionado y sin nadar por 4 meses arrancamos el triatlon Xelha , una 🏊🏼‍♂️ muy mala ya que marque un tiempo infinitamente alto, 3 mins arriba de mi mejor tiempo y saliendo en lugar 29 , no había otra opción que meterle velocidad en la 🚴🏼‍♂️, arrancando solo pero afortunadamente conecte un grupo y pudimos trabajar en equipo remontando hasta la posición 13 y ni hablar a 🏃🏻‍♂️ duro sin embargo la falta de entrenamiento no me dio para correr como normalmente lo hago y solo me dio para remontar 5 lugares , terminando en el 8 lugar , no muy feliz por el resultado pero muy contento por regresar a competencia y esperando que el siguiente año sea mejor .... a darle duro a los entrenos !!!! triathlete triatlon sport swimbikerun endurance competition comingback fun picoftheday

2 Hours ago
XIABINGXIN (lfxobtsvxiae_xbx) Instagram Photos and Videos



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kard KARD kardyouandme kardyouinme newalbum comingback back waitingsolong llikeit concept nice cute lovely myboyandgirl mycouple couple sweet bmkard bm sominjeon somin bmin loveall mv video 🙈

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Nicolás Muñoz Guzmán (nico_vidafit) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nicolás Muñoz Guzmán


Comment from Nicolás Muñoz Guzmán:

trainingday @cote.riedemann comingback

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Comment from Ricsi:

Soon 🏋️‍♂️ me boy selfie guy comingback soon motivated motivation body workout gym gymlife wonteverstop nevergiveup

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 (shania.lorenzx) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from shania.lorenzx:

Another day of Starbucks robbing my wallet, procrastinating over my essay(s) 💔📚👀 BUT it’s the day where we’ll find out if all the needles in my hip were worth it 👣 slowsteps backtorunning ••• Rehab run && my beloved bike session 🚴🏻‍♀️

4 Hours ago
Katrina Mo (katrinamomo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Katrina Mo


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Well, one day trip is not enough in KK! I’m looking forward to coming again😋😋😋 sunshine ocean beach kk malaysia sabah traveling girls tourist comingback

4 Hours ago
XIABINGXIN (lfxobtsvxiae_xbx) Instagram Photos and Videos



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KARD kard kpopgroup kpop kardyouinme kardyouandme youinme newalbum comingback back concept nice ilikeit loveall bmin bmkard bm sominjeon somin myboyandgirl mycouple theylookgood cute cutebaby 🙆✨

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Rishabh Chauhan (rishabh_sarup) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rishabh Chauhan


Comment from Rishabh Chauhan:

THE DUTY OF DESTRUCTION Shiva's function as destroyer is similar to that of a farmer who plants and cultivates a large area of wheat.The farmer carefully waters and nourishes the crop,guarding it from animals,and after five or six months the wheat matures and ripens.Then,either by hand or a machine,the farmer harvests the plants and carefuly removes the grain from their shafts.The rest of the plant-matter becomes refuse,subject to rotting and attracting disease,vermin,and snakes.Therefore,the farmer sets fire to it and burns it. Just as the farmer extracts the grains from the plants,Lord Shiva extracts the eternal spirit souls from their material bodies and from the world.At the time of annihilation he creates an inferno,setting the entire universe on fire,but the spirit souls are not destroyed. There are two kinds of universal devastations: one at the end of Lord Brahma's day and one at the end of his life.At the end of his day(4,320,000,000 solar years) he rests in a mystic sleep within the body of Garbhodaksayi Vishnu,and all the conditioned living entities enter as well. While the entire universe is submerged in water,the living entities rest in their subtle bodies within the transcendental body of Garbhodaksayi Vishnu.They awaits the start of the next say of Brahma,the next material creation or manifestation.some of them become liberated,and others do not reincarnation comingback supremepersonalityofgodhead kṛṣṇa krsna bhaktivedanta bhaktivedantabooktrust chantharekrishnabehappy shiva mahadev shiv shiva krishnaconciousness lotusfeets patitpavana god golokvrindavan golok vrindaban picoftheday morning lordkrishna harekrishna gauranga srimadbhagvatam bhagavadgitasitis iskcondesiretree

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Pia (icke_pia) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Pia:

First real air squats today. Finally got cleared, 17 weeks post surgery. I'm actually coming back! For a long time, it wasn't clear whether I would ever be able to squat below parallel again with four surgeries leaving more and more tracks inside my knee. But here I am! Rule number one: if you want it, get your ass moving and work for it! crossfit crossfiticke ickephysio ickelove comingback 17weekspostsurgery crossfitcoach crossfitgirl reebokgermany teamreebok bemorehumqn @reebokgermany @crossfiticke

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Christoph Stalder (christoph.stalder) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christoph Stalder


Comment from Christoph Stalder:

Lunch Time 👍 thelastexitmadx familylunch hotchix somethingelse comingback

6 Hours ago
Billy Braithwaite (billybraith) Instagram Photos and Videos

Billy Braithwaite


Comment from Billy Braithwaite:

Last day in Thailand! Will be back thaiilandphuketholidaykaronbea

6 Hours ago
VROUWVANSTAAL (vrouwvanstaal) Instagram Photos and Videos




Bedankt voor het wachten. Blijft u nog even aan de lijn? Ik verbind u door in 3,2,1... VROUWVANSTAAL comingback countdown wezijnerbijna

7 Hours ago
Lærke Hansen (laerkekring) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lærke Hansen


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Time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time. quote quotes quoteoftheday greatful great friends friendships miami newyork believe purpose comingback arianagrande denmark justinbieber shawnmendes demilovato

7 Hours ago
Jana, CRO 🇭🇷 (jplavusa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jana, CRO 🇭🇷


Comment from Jana, CRO 🇭🇷:

coming back to what i love 🛫/ vraćam se na ono što volim vienna wien onthego comingback placeicallhome soon volim štovolim croatia hrvatska uskoro let onmyway tbt sleepyAF flughafenwien

7 Hours ago
Met Lucy? Aka⚡️Monday Hustle (mondayhustle) Instagram Photos and Videos

Met Lucy? Aka⚡️Monday Hustle


Comment from Met Lucy? Aka⚡️Monday Hustle:

When u finally feel dat sass creepin' back into frame like the mother flippin' Sasquatch u r.. MondayHustle 📸 @robbiiehunteeer

8 Hours ago
A N G E L I K A (ange.k_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from A N G E L I K A:

Pierwszy trening po dluzszej przerwie 🙈. Jeszcze powrotem tego nazwac nie moge, ale ruszylam swoje cztery litery 🍑. Trzymajcie za mnie kciuki bym wrocila do rutyny ✊🏼 workoutdone comingback routine fitness hardcore potreningowo lekkoniejest fitmom healthylifestyle

8 Hours ago
Matty Mussels (mattmusselman) Instagram Photos and Videos

Matty Mussels


Comment from Matty Mussels:

bomb sushi oahu comingback

8 Hours ago
Luis (alasfitt) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Luis:

Upper back coming in hot 👊🏽 . . . . . aesthetics fitness gym goldsgym goldsgymnoho goldsgymvenice fitness fitnessmotivation gains hardwork motivation progress goals bulk comingback hardbulk boulders insta instafit shoulders arms legs chest bulkmode allgasnobreaks

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 (cozyandcorny) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from cozyandcorny:

The reason that i like night flight. nightflight travel flight nightview comingback

9 Hours ago
Dunja Lauber (ajnula) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dunja Lauber


Comment from Dunja Lauber:

goodmorningworld earlybird morningfishing silence somewhereonearth indianocean maldives sunrise colourful skyporn fishing friends peace thankyouall unforgettable @sureshdissanayake amazing meedhupparu holiday comingback

9 Hours ago
Mickey Smith (heartofahairdresser) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mickey Smith


Comment from Mickey Smith:

Perms...look out, they're coming back. 🌀➰〰➿ curls permrods waves comingback hairlife heartofahairdresser

10 Hours ago
Tiffany Smith (tiffsmith36) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tiffany Smith


Comment from Tiffany Smith:

12 Hours ago
Lorraine Allard (lorraine1908) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lorraine Allard


Comment from Lorraine Allard:

HSPU work 🤸🏼‍♀️1-2-3 annnddd fail 🤦🏼‍♀️ . ifeelgoodupsidedown iampro1 hspu work hardwork crossfit crossfitgirls crossfiter fit fitness workout abs sixpack comingback gymnastics gymnast strongwomen strongisbeautiful hardworker girlswholift girlswithmuscles

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...another stupid tourist (btjohnston) Instagram Photos and Videos

...another stupid tourist


Comment from ...another stupid tourist:

Post RPM coffee. recovery lesmills rpm farmerben100 lifeinlycra roadtoimafrica2018 comingback

13 Hours ago
Brandon "Colossus" Gonzales (brandon_colossus_gonzales) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brandon "Colossus" Gonzales


Comment from Brandon "Colossus" Gonzales:

I absolutely HATE cardio😡 but time to start cleaning up some of this water, after legday put treadmill on highest setting and moderate walking speed for ten minutes and I about died no joke. Going from 182-203lbs without any cardio along the way really took a toll on me, mostly internally. 📉 my stamina in gym and heart have been struggling to keep up with my training and it finally got to a point were I decided it was enough 🙅🏼‍♂️ for now on cardio three days a week starting at ten minutes a day and eventually work it up to thirty. Cardio is DEFF needed, take care inside of body like you do the outter shell. 🤴💪fitfam cardio hatecardio mustdo leaningout SOME abs comingsoon 203lbs bulking but cleanbulking vascularity comingback staytuned fitness fitnesslifestyle gains

13 Hours ago
Caroline Kinsolving (carolinekinsolving) Instagram Photos and Videos

Caroline Kinsolving


Comment from Caroline Kinsolving:

Hahaha! So glad to read this, @elissa_altman! Thank you for sharing:) Repost ( @get_repost) ・・・ Okay so just to be super clear (in case you weren’t sure), that is not me. But after @carolinekinsolving ‘s Sunday community class @valleyspiritcooperative I appear to have become re-acquainted with my abdominal muscles. . . yoga muscleswhatmuscles amitalleryet feelsgood badyogi yogaforlife feelit comingback repost @yoga_and_ocean

14 Hours ago
Omar Melendez (seriouslyomar) Instagram Photos and Videos

Omar Melendez


Comment from Omar Melendez:

"Same goals, but different paths"🍂🍁 📷 @valera_rozin 👔 @izod NewJourneys comingback portrait saintpetersburg florida film autumn filmschool acting

14 Hours ago
Radosław Malinowski (radoslawmalinowski) Instagram Photos and Videos

Radosław Malinowski


Comment from Radosław Malinowski:

Ulane dziki wracają do formy :p 💪🐗 fitbeast iifym gym buddies nataliline bodybuilding comingback flex goldsgym tattoo strong peace

22 Hours ago
Andrea leo (whrose) Instagram Photos and Videos

Andrea leo


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🚧. blackandwhite bw cloudporn railway sadness comingback

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