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mircea pop

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cow spots illustration clean artoninstagram digital

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The Princes of Bull-stead @unitedbrafordbreeders ❤️ coming home to the boys Credited by : @brafordbulls . . . cowselife cowofig cow cowsrule cows cowsofinstagram ilovecows cowsmakemehappy cowsallday cowphotography cowpicture LoveCowInsta

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Stefanny Fonseca (andromeda_182sf) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stefanny Fonseca


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Todo lo que está bien! . . dog forest bestfriend peace cow friend always love punk vans tattogirl time moments happines universe travel magic tree only

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Kelly Douglas Roy (kelly_roy_art) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kelly Douglas Roy


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I think I'm finished with this one! 24 x 36, oil on canvas oilpainting oillandscape cow cowpainting newzealand landscape

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Mari Anne


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Blondie 🐂 blondehair highlandcow favorite animal petting lovely blond cow picoftheday scotland highlands applecross travel mecxx 🍀

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Deepam Jain


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Cows and dogs Quadruped studies 71/365 cow dog dogsofinstagram cowsofinstagram lifedrawing studies animalsofinstagram animals domesticanimals aninaldrawing animal lifesketches drawing artistsoninstagram

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Sergio Andres Arias Perdomo (agronegocios.agronegocios) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sergio Andres Arias Perdomo


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*SE PERMUTA FINCA 120ha MONTERREY CASANARE* -PRECIO: $1.200´000.000 Negociables,PERMUTAN x MULAS/DOBLETROQUES AREA: 120 ha -UBICACION: Monterrey Casanare, a 7 km de la central DESCRIPCION: -energia electrica -Tiene vivienda para encargado, un kiosco, buenas aguas, frutales. -110 ha en pasto brachiaria -3 caños veraneros -FOTOS: *YOUTUBE:* Videos: AGRONEGOCIOS.AGRONEGOCIOS: aylist?list=PLcOv9Ax8jung0M9e6 *FACEBOOK:* https://www.facebo *SERGIO ARIAS* *WHATSAPP: 3209454246* *YOUTUBE/FACEBOOK/ agronegocios.agronegocios* *TWITTER: @arip7815* agroexpo2017 agriculture Agricultura Yopal ganaderia adictosalcampo veterinaria farm arroz cebu rancho corn cow villavicencio coleo asocebucolombia colombia agronegocios vaca bogota tractor meta hacienda caballo lecheria leche carne tierra medellin

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María José 🦄 (mariaj.smiles) Instagram Photos and Videos

María José 🦄


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«cuando sea» instachile chilegram cow steer green sur animal instatag instatravel instalike instamoment travel landscape

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Krystal Kramer (coast_to_coast_artist) Instagram Photos and Videos

Krystal Kramer


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This handsome fella has stolen my ❤️ I’ve painted Brahman cows and calves in the past and this is my first bull. I can’t get over how big these guys are in real life! I’ll be posting some new pieces soon and don’t forget to take advantage of the free shipping on orders over $20.00. . . Coast To Coast Artist Shop Link In Bio 18x24 $60.00 . . etsyseller etsyshop etsy militarywife oddart watercolorart watercolor watercolor painting etsy etsyshop artistsoninstagram artwork art art🎨 artist artwork artistsoninstagram painting paintings desert deserts cow cattle love calf longhorns britishwhite heffer farmlife farm farmhouse farmhousestyle farmhousedecor barn brahman

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Cow Loves®


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Always ready to help Mom around the ranch! 🐮 Welcome to @Cow_loves® 🐮 * 🎥📷 From to: ... @buckleythehighlandcow 💕 🐮 ** 🔥 Love to tag? Please do !🐮🐮🐮 cow cows cowsofinstagram cowspiracy cowskull cowshed cowselfie cowskin cowstagram cowsmilk cowsoap cowslip cowsoapph cowshit cowskulls cowsicecream cowseverywhere cowsarecool cowsofig cowsarefriendsnotfood cowsgomoo cowshow cows_ cowsarecute cowsoflondon cowslips

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Liesa's Tiere💕 (schmusebulle) Instagram Photos and Videos

Liesa's Tiere💕


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Hab heute mein Baby besucht😍😍 er war so brav und hat mein Gesicht abgeleckt er hatte Spaß daran ein bisschen rückwärtsgehen zu üben außerdem habe ich auch sonst noch ein paar Tricks abgefragt, er war echt zufrieden danach aber er wollte unbedingt raus und war erst total stürmisch, leider durfte er nicht raus da der Zaun noch nicht nachgeguckt wurde🤔 wirklich sehr schade, aber er hat sich trotzdem sehr gefreut das ich da war😍😍 Ich bin wirklich sehr glücklich darüber das er so lieb ist😍😍😍😍 . . . . . . cow bull mybull cowgirl cowlove lovecows cowgirl vegangirl eatvegan mycow lovemycow cows cowlover cows cow

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Via: @buckleythehighlandcow Follow me :➡ @cows.insta For More 😉 . . . . ➖ Visit our shop to buy 🔝 👕 T-SHIRTS, Hoodies, Legging, Mugs... Updating... ➡ Click the link in my bio ( @cows.insta ) ➖ 🏪 Printed in the USA ➖ 🌎 Shipping worldwide ➖ 😉 Tag & Share with your Friends⤵ fordays ocks milkisforbaby arecute arefriendsnotfood gomoo how oflondon ofig everywhere arecool kulls hit tagram kin elfie hed ofinstagram Cow cowgirl coworkers cowgirlup cowokkeren cowappreciationday

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PBI Model @donooooooooooo ! cow primebuttfieinc butt modelingagency supermodel 3danimation stopmotionanimation digitalanimation computeranimation photography puppet plushie pucca teddybear animation anime videoproduction video friends fashion D3QBLACKALLEY01

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OSCAR MONTEZ (oscarmontezfilms) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Cows Crossing. . . . TruthOrConsequences NewMexico Love VisualArt VisualPoetry Instagood Cow Trail PhotoOfTheDay iphonegram Art IGers FilmLook Southwest Zia Texture Nature Instalike iPhone Warm iPhonePhotography iPhoneography Framez vsco VSCOCAM

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Kyle Behr (inkbear) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kyle Behr


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Finally finished this one up on @oliviapaigexf thanks as always! 🐖🐄🐓.....▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪ neotrad tattooartist tattooworkers tattoosnob eternalink art neotraditionaltattooers ntgallery hushanesthetic tattooart stencilstuff neotraditional eternalink tattooer tattooed tattoosnob neotrationals neotradsub kingpintattoosupply tattooistartmagazine cow pig chicken vegan vegantattoo flowers flowertattoo

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💖xoxo, Mother Monster💖 (lady_gaga_facts) Instagram Photos and Videos

💖xoxo, Mother Monster💖


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🐄fact 465🐄 | There is a cow named 'Lady Gaga' who is native to Germany and is named as 'Germany's prettiest Cow' several times! | Omg😂 ! This is real! Swipe to see 'Germany's prettiest cow"'s photos. The cow stole Gaga's name, gaga stole that cow's relative's skin😂 Btw thank y'all for 5k+ followers!😍 gaga ladygaga meatdress love joanne cow lg6 pawsup getwellsoongaga germany

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Blake Denning (denning63) Instagram Photos and Videos

Blake Denning


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“Got anymore of them there cubes?” ... . . . cattletales texasfarmbureau cow cowsofinstagram igtexas texas texasforever feed chevrolet farmlife ranchlife

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Hania (hania_polka_dot) Instagram Photos and Videos



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"oh no, that weird girl again" 😋🐂💖 . . . . . . . spring springintexas texas southtexas springishere flowers cows cow farmanimals country countryside bluesky

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DVM 💉💊🐾🐈🐕🐅🐆🐎🐂🐄🐖🏖🌴SGU (laurzzc) Instagram Photos and Videos

DVM 💉💊🐾🐈🐕🐅🐆🐎🐂🐄🐖🏖🌴SGU


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Gave Probiotics to a pregnant cow and felt her baby kick 🐮💊 Something else to ✔ off the list! ilovemycareer vetmed vetschool cow pillpopper bolusguntime openwide

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Christie Fisher 🎨 Artist (cfishersart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christie Fisher 🎨 Artist


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Ohhhhh Monday you are not getting me down. The past weekends good vibes are still kickin it in this house! Jamming and painting this day away....... Hope your good vibes are getting you through friends💛 . . . . . . . cow cowdecor whitecow cowpainting cowart farm country countrydecor art painting etsy shophandmade homedecor rusticmademodern wallart neutralcolors neutraldecor farmhouse farmhousedecor farmpretties bedroomdecor livingroomdecor livingroom diningroom

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Death Cow (deathcowband) Instagram Photos and Videos

Death Cow


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First two days of recording were filled with music, naps and easy mac. The schedule for the next two days looks about the same. Death Cow Pictures by: @jlabbs

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design of Norway AS (fabelskog) Instagram Photos and Videos

design of Norway AS


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Design studio in Åbogen designofnorway annastrom designstudio designfirm art hane høne rooster cow dog Åbogen

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Concentrados Agrícolas C.A. (conagrica) Instagram Photos and Videos

Concentrados Agrícolas C.A.


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La leptospirosis es una enfermedad causada por la bacteria Leptospira spp y puede afectar a los animales domésticos, salvajes y al hombre (enfermedad zoonótica). En el ganado vacuno, se manifiesta con nefritis intersticial, anemia, mastitis y el aborto en la mayoría de las especies del género. Presente en todo el mundo, aunque más común en los climas cálidos, Los animales portadores, que actúan como reservorio de la enfermedad, excretan las bacterias causantes a través de la orina, el semen y el flujo vaginal y uterino contaminando así los pastos, el agua potable y el pienso. Las bacterias que infectan el ganado se pueden excretar a través de la orina durante 542 días, un tiempo muy largo, y pueden sobrevivir fuera del animal hospedador hasta seis meses cuando las condiciones ambientales son cálidas y húmedas. Otra fuente de infección es el semen y, en consecuencia, un toro infectado puede contagiar a las hembras durante la monta. TipsVeterinario Conagri Enfermedades Ganado Bovino Vaca Animales AlimentosBalanceados Zulia Cow BienestarAnimal

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Tina (tinalewlew) Instagram Photos and Videos



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I really wish we had a milkman and milk in glass bottles oldisgoldmilkmilkmancowglassbo

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Soob Wisconsibly (soobwisconsibly) Instagram Photos and Videos

Soob Wisconsibly


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Just another MuddyMonday...✨🐄✨muddy gotmud RallyCow Subaruing 📸 courtesy of starcownation member @odyandfriends. Thanks brother, for repping the RallyCow out in SoCal!

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Dhamen toot (dhamentoot) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dhamen toot


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Depuis qu'il a decouvert cette petite creature tout les animaux sont devenu des "mooooooooooo" il voit des "mooooooooo" partout 🐄🐄🐄 . . . kids😍 animals cow vache animaux ferme morning igmoms happytime son lovestunisia decouverte moms moo childhood chezpapi natural nofilter nature igersoftheworld igkids kiss instamoment instalike instamom instacool babylove baby nofilter

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güvercin sevgisi (guvercin_sevgisiii) Instagram Photos and Videos

güvercin sevgisi


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catbirddogfishparrothamster dovecowsheepgoatchickenturkeyr rkeyroosterduckgoosehorserabbi rabbitbigcamelsparrowtigerlion

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Ine Willemsen-Verstraaten (ine.willemsen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ine Willemsen-Verstraaten


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Wandkleed met gerafelde rand stof bij de eethoek,regelmatig hang ik er iets anders neer ! Blij met de lampen omdat je dan ook nóg kan zien wat er aan de muur hangt! walldecorwandkleedwallclothcow thcowhandmadehomestylinghomede decorselfmadeplantspaintinteri nterieurstylinginteriormyhomea homeartdecortofollowmydecorigd origdecorinstadecordecorationc tioncreativecreëerjeeigenwoons woonstijlstoerwonenhomedetails

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güvercin sevgisi (guvercin_sevgisiii) Instagram Photos and Videos

güvercin sevgisi


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catbirddogfishparrothamster dovecowsheepgoatchickenturkeyr rkeyroosterduckgoosehorserabbi rabbitbigcamelsparrowtigerlion

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something. photography photo cow mood pics travel lust wanderlust animal love nature sweetie color all_shots exposure composition focus capture classical clean beautiful perfect shiny amazing best colorful illustration mood moodygrams photooftheday

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Victoria (as.a.farmgirl) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Elle fait sa timide 🙈❤en vérité c'est une vraie fofolle ^^ shy cute sweet baby puppy puppylove calf cow holstein farm farmanimals farmlife farming farmphotographydaily farm_snaps animal animallovers picoftheday photography pocket_farms

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Looks angry but this lil bull is very sweet just like his mom! bull brocklefacecalf tiny cow barn D1

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Chirag Jain ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Chirag Jain

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Jaisalmer city inside the fort is very small. Its a living fort. We can see lots and lots of small streets filled with locals, tourists and cows. . Local musical instruments and petas seems to be hit amongst tourists. . The layout of the house usually also has an open verandah facing the street on which people sit and share the news of the day doing ‘timepass’ and creating community bonds. . The architecture  of Jaisalmer is famous for the intricate art but this article is about the tiny lanes. . jaisalmer street golden city tourist man cow local outdoors explore roadtrip rajasthandiaries rajasthantourism streetofindia jaisalmerdiaries coloursofrajasthan colourofindia _soi streetphotography yourshot_india inspired_traveller canon_official wanderlust incrediblerajasthan incredibleindia

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