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SANDRA 💫 (srculence.maleno) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from SANDRA 💫:

XoXo 💋 xoxo kiss love prettygirls heart snap snapchat instagood instasnap instasnapchat shouldbesleeping tbsaturday wedding weddingfun fun silly cray followtrain followme srce slicica poljubac poljubizaradost sreca pratiteme prati peace✌️

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Eloise_BøøBoo (booboosoox) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Eloise_BøøBoo:

'Jetlag.' That blue flash is an inconsistently timed flaw in my heater. That is blowing warm air into my face. Captured on boomerang while trying to fall asleep. The flash goes off between every 30 secs to 1 minute every minute. With varying degrees of brightness of flash also... Timing is everything. It took one hour to get it. One hour of looking into my fan in the dark to capture one of those flashes that no one even knows existed in an attempt to fall asleep. & Now as I write this I'm actually feeling tired. Finally. 04.04 Are you asleep yet? jetlag boring sleep london cali cray light art red snooze timing everything create hot camden hashtagyourlifeintopieces torture pleasure lastresort timeisgold time hours restwell vamplife mybrain blue

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Jem Michelle (jem_michelle) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jem Michelle


Comment from Jem Michelle:

crazy Gracie cray kitty petlife

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SalaLife (thesalalife) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from SalaLife:

The struggle is real...trying to get a decent photo..but can’t quite a grip on the is an art form! livethesalalife

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Lance Murphy (murphspen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lance Murphy


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There’s a new villian in possession on the infinitygauntlet and he’s gonna be tweeting about it trump tweetybird doodle doodles doodlesofinstagram donaldtrump infinitystones avengers infinitywar marvel marvelcomics comicbook cartoons cartoonist illustration illustrator sketchbook artwork art phonesurfing phone inked markers cray

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♂Հարություն Բաղմանյան♋ (harutbaghmanyan_official) Instagram Photos and Videos

♂Հարություն Բաղմանյան♋


Comment from ♂Հարություն Բաղմանյան♋:

axjik vor chxjiker u gisherner chkar music melody rap arm armenia armrap song songs cray beautifulsong beautiful

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Alana Solá (alanasola) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alana Solá


Comment from Alana Solá:

Work fam • Pura vida BiancaJagger holiday party xmas winter17 fashion family design fashion nyc 70s theme cray slayer

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Jupiter Mystic (jupitermystic) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jupiter Mystic


Comment from Jupiter Mystic:

Because if you don’t program your mind, it will be programmed for you. woke awake spiritualgangster cray different strange fuck sheep dontgobacktosleep original resistance lookbetweenthelines eye useit intuition spiritual memes

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百々音momone (momone_ceramic_art_studio) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 百々音momone:

・ 包みちゃん展 にこちらの二色小鉢と檸檬色の鉢を追加納品しました。 ご案内 ご案内に追加がございます。期間中18日(月)は休廊です。

2 Hours ago
Lyrics Rabino (miss_ellez) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lyrics Rabino


Comment from Lyrics Rabino:

That soft glow, pink and purple?! SunsetSky TransAmerica SanFrancisco Hella Local SFLocal SFChick Ombre Cray MotherNature Lets GetIt FinancialDistrict TGHCP EllezWorld

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U. (theeccentricqueen) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from U.:

Lovely day yesterday I made everyone around me take a picture with this backdrop. I laaaaaaaaaveet! Cray crazyeyes inthemoment youonlyliveonce grateful theeccentricqueen thickums beingmyself ilovemyhair

2 Hours ago
Charlotte Chow (charlottecwy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Charlotte Chow


Comment from Charlotte Chow:

Boys only want love if it's torture - True? blankspace . . . . . music taylorswift 1989 popmusic cray craycray relationshipquotes relationships love

3 Hours ago
Romeo Junior Ukena (boythejit) Instagram Photos and Videos

Romeo Junior Ukena


Comment from Romeo Junior Ukena:

Story Post. BeWithMe grindHard goHard rapper rapsong boythejit i nuffsaid likeyah crazy cray

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Libby (__ldb88__) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Libby:

Holiday Party 2017 🎄🎉 . . . . holidayparty holidayseason festivities zeigfeldballroom work party funtimes lit cray december 2017 coworkers nyc newyork kettleonedirtymartini yum

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The Adventures Of Kona (konathevizslapup) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Adventures Of Kona


Comment from The Adventures Of Kona:

Welcome crew: part 2 (continued..) cray perpetuallyconfused sharkattack alldayeveryday vizsla velcrodog pointer bayareavizslas bayarea vizlasofinstagram vizlasofinstagram101 dog dogstagram velcrovizsla pointersofinstagram vizsla_feature vizslasoftheworld vizslalovers_feature pupper puppylove dogsofinstagram vizsla_feature vizslasarethebest vizslalover gundog birddog vizslacute vizslalovegram

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Lexi Neitz (lexineitz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lexi Neitz


Comment from Lexi Neitz:

This picture pretty much sums up their personalities to a tee...chill cray

4 Hours ago
Taylor Rousell (tayrou22) Instagram Photos and Videos

Taylor Rousell


Comment from Taylor Rousell:

OfficeChristmasparty at the top of the Columbia tower. @mushr99 Seattle PNW happyholidays Cray

4 Hours ago
maggie (mwexhalelove) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from maggie:

.rings of Presence. beherenow remembering that I am in choice about Who & What Make their way into my sacred center, my heart of hearts, always a good reminder around the holidays. Reach out if you feel that no one is close enough to understand. Let go if someone or something has burrowed itself too close for comfort. Never underestimate the Power of your Presence. . I’m so grateful to my gal @_loosepages for making special selfcaretattoos for Steeping Wellness this month- she has more available in her own designs (and lovely zines ) Find the tools that work for you and use them! Stay sane and healthy however you can. . . . yoga meditation selfcare resourcing selfregulation ecstaticunfoldment leanin notwithoutmyhomies holidays cray deepbreaths love kindness practice presence

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Alex Panda (alexpandatheog) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alex Panda


Comment from Alex Panda:

Main Stage at Tight Crew's Nightmare before Christmas dj djlife djlifestyle raver rave raverlife raverlifestyle dancemusic edm gangster medicalmarijuana stoner stonerlife stonerlifestyle breaksdj breaks panda cray

4 Hours ago
Cray Wheels (craycorvettewheels) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cray Wheels


Comment from Cray Wheels:

The Rotary Forged Mako is a refined multispoke design that is available in 18” through 20” sizes exclusively for the Corvette. cray craywheels chevrolet corvette vette c5 c6 c7 z06 zr1 stingray

4 Hours ago
Мастерская Ручной Работы (_green_amber_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Мастерская Ручной Работы


Comment from Мастерская Ручной Работы:

Вкусненько?🍰 капкейк вкусняшки сладости полимернаяглина polymerclay craft Cray handmadekhv handmade сделановручную своимируками магнит хабаровск khv khv27 khabarovsk instakhv

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Koji Tajima (koji_tajima_rlf) Instagram Photos and Videos

Koji Tajima


Comment from Koji Tajima:

師走と聞くと 師を想う 寺本守 RLF rawlifefactory raw_life_factory

4 Hours ago
Rajat Gandhi (confusedmystic) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rajat Gandhi


Comment from Rajat Gandhi:

I don’t really pose, but when I do I make sure I am in Rajasthan driving a 4x4 in the dunes and it’s winter. Headed back to Rajasthan for magfields2017 magnetic music holiday cray fun seeyou

5 Hours ago
JnK (jnk_accessory) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from JnK:

新作二点🌼 1枚目 4枚花の大きめイヤリング、ピアス💠 花びら1枚ずつ広げて作 つ広げて作っています😌 なかなか満足に形作れなかったので、 厚めのフレームにスターフラワー、バラの花びらなどを散りばめて 散りばめています🌹 ぷっくり艶々です😋 こちら二つとも コトモノマルシェ様に納品予定です。 JnK jnk_accessory jewelry swarovski earring pierce cray crayflower handmade accessory flower 手作り 樹脂粘土 樹脂イヤリング 樹脂 ボタニカル おしゃれ 紫陽花 バラ スターフラワー ハーバリウムイヤリング ピアス

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Golchin (houstonhomes1) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Golchin:

cypress birds somany wow cray everywhere hitchcock scary watchout

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DeanMcMeme (deanmcmeme) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Pobodys nerfect 😂memes😂 hilarious funnyaf funnyshit mememaker memesdaily funnypost lol rofl hahaha hahahaha meme laughs laugh comedycray craycray dankmemes lolz funnymemestripped isawthat veryfunny pododysnerfect

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Touryn Hudson (tourynrio) Instagram Photos and Videos

Touryn Hudson


Comment from Touryn Hudson:

Eyeball issues. spaz eyeball issues cray weirdo text coffee drawstring eyelash ow

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Jenni Quintana (1quintanaj) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jenni Quintana


Comment from Jenni Quintana:


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Carla Soares Prettha (carlasoaresprettha) Instagram Photos and Videos

Carla Soares Prettha


Comment from Carla Soares Prettha:

Lembrar e viver 😊 rjteam_official rj photo hits tbt photography ny brasil jamaica goo inst happy craybicth

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Migz da Barber (migdavinci) Instagram Photos and Videos

Migz da Barber


Comment from Migz da Barber:

workgrustlebarberbarberlifegri cleanniceworkgoodpeopleswhipli factsbeardlifeblowoutstapeswav

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Zuzanna Wisniewska (0_no_eyes_art_0) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zuzanna Wisniewska


Comment from Zuzanna Wisniewska:

blackandwhite girl woman bodygoals longhair bw art drawing beauty sad cray depression

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Ur Playing With Da Big 👬's Now (ur_playin_with_da_big_boys_now) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ur Playing With Da Big 👬's Now


Comment from Ur Playing With Da Big 👬's Now:

Happy TBT... 🤪😜😂🤪😜🤣💪🏽 Cray LOL Abs Fitness Fit FitFam AbsWorkout Workout Vibes VLines SixPack Motivation Discipline Progress Gains Muscles Goals Core Dedication Exercise Thursday Machete TBT Instagramers Instagram GayMen InstaGay Gay Guys InstaFit

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dale (drvinno) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from dale:

Gippsland Burrowing Crayfish. Finally caught one of these with my proper camera (not my phone!) and then accidentally deleted the best shot... They leave their holes all over the place, but I've only actually seen a handful of the inhabitants. cray claw burrowingcrayfish countrylife farm rural fishing backyard jindivick bawbaw gippsland visitgippsland victoria australia outdoors nature wildlife sonyimages a77

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