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Swipe 🔜 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • crochetamigurumihandma andmadewithjoannhandmadeDIYdoi IYdoityourselfbunnyconejorabbi rabbitconejitoheartyarnjoannjo annjoannsknitcrochetinginstacr stacrochetcrochetersofinstagra tagramganchoganchillotejidopnw Creations 💕

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Denise Candice


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Makes me feel so good inside to think of babies wearing beanies that I've made instead of curled up in bed contemplating my issues. It's going to be a long night of crocheting but I don't mind it at all! shadesofpurple💜 premmies PrematureBirthAwareness babybearbeanies crocheting GiftsfromGod 💜💜💜

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てしごと屋 S's_craft. (saya_kachan) Instagram Photos and Videos

てしごと屋 S's_craft.


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* * 大人かわいい小ぶりな麻ひもバック ターコイズ 長 イズ 長財布、スマホなどしっかり入れることのできるサイズに るサイズになっております。 ワンちゃんのお散歩やご近所への ご近所へのお買い物にいかがですか? ミンネさんで販売してお 販売しております。 覗いてみてくださいね。 もちろん、DM * * てしごと屋ハンドメイドミンネミンネで販売minne minneminneで販売麻ひも麻ひもバッグ麻ひもバック麻紐 バック麻紐麻紐バッグ麻紐バック夏夏バッグ夏バックカジュアルシ

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💕💏 Meu sonhado lar 🏠💕 (fernanda._.lemos) Instagram Photos and Videos

💕💏 Meu sonhado lar 🏠💕


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💮 Porta sabonete 💮 Amei fazer,fiz mini vídeo com detalhes dele 😍 Crochê CrocheComAmor CrochetandoComAmor FeitoAMao InstaCroche Crochetando AmoCroche Crocheterapia CrocheÉAmor CrocheÉVida AnneCirculo SempreCirculo Crochet CrocheLove InstaCrochet Crocheting Crocheterapy CrochetLovers CrochetAddict Handmade CrochetEveryDay Crochetagram ILoveCrochet CrochetLife CrochetandoSonhos FeitoComAmor CrochenistasDoBrasil

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🦄 hooded blanket is almost finished! 🦄 alot of work and time has gone into this project💕🌈🌈 . . . . . . . cr crocheting crochet crochetlife crochter crochetlove crochetgeek desgining creating crochetersofinstagram instacrochet crafting creations crafter artsandcrafts woolcraft workinprogress wool gettingcrafty project somethingnew lifeofacrocheter lifeofacrafter dogcoat nzmade handmade makersgonnamake makingstuff rainbow unicorn

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Aya K


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It's been a while since I last crocheted! I'm enjoying it 😉 By the way, when we went to see a meteor shower last weekend (forgot to write this till now), the first night was ok but the second night was pretty exciting! We saw many and one of them was really big and bright, we could see it burning red. It was amazing 😳✨ 久しぶりのかぎ針編み&モチーフ。基本棒針編み派だけど そういえば先週末の流星群、1日目はイマイチだったけど2日目は ど2日目はなかなか数見れました。1つすごく明るく大きいのがあ 人気の観察スポットだったので大勢の人たちと一斉ににおぉ〜っと crocheting 編み物 かぎ針編み モチーフ編み

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Rabbitie Chiraporn


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นางได้บ้านใหม่อยู่แล้ว 😚😚

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Rajutan Jamaika (rajutan_jamaika) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rajutan Jamaika


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Kali ini bukan tentang rajut merajut, memanfaatkan kardus bekas snack + krtas kado...taaraaa dan jadilah tempat hakpen sederhana ini ... diy craft crafts handmade crochet crocheting crocheted crocheter crochetlove

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• Adeline Grace • (adelinegraceplace) Instagram Photos and Videos

• Adeline Grace •


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Megan at @addsomestitches has some serious talent. She crochets hats and has graciously asked us to brand rep for her. They are not only great for costumes, but also just for normal everyday wear. We have had a lot of compliments on ours! Check out her etsy! We love how unique each of her hats truly are!! . . . . . . crochetaddict crochet crocheting yarn handmade crochetlove yarnaddict amigurumi crochetersofinstagram instacrochet crochetlife wool knittersofinstagram knitting knitted knitstagram yarnaholic handmadewithlove handknitted yarnlover yarnlove creative igcrochet handknit knit cutecrochet crafts cute originallyhandmade

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Rabbitie Chiraporn (rabbitie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rabbitie Chiraporn


Comment from Rabbitie Chiraporn:

ได้ค่าขนมเพิ่มอีกล้าว ขอบคุณนะคะที่อุดหนุน 🙏😘

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Iranilde Criações ♥♥♥ (iranildecriacoes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Iranilde Criações ♥♥♥


Comment from Iranilde Criações ♥♥♥:

Mocassim em crochê nas cores amarelo ouro/marrom e amarelo/branco 🐼. Tamanhos 👟... 1 a 3 meses 3 a 6 meses - - Enviamos para todo Brasil ✈💨.. - - Informações e pedidos pelo whats 📲(85)999161708 😊 - - crochet mocassim crochetaddict crocheting yarn crochetlove mocassim craft doily doilycrochet hechoamano crocheted babygirl croche вязание كروشية ballet flower crochê ilovecrochet hobby crochetersofinstagram grannysquares artesanato feitoamao arte boanoitee instacrochet feitoamão decoração Versículo 🙏 Salmos 1-2 Antes tem o seu prazer na lei do Senhor, e na sua lei medita de dia e de noite.

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Melissa Hendricks (melsjh) Instagram Photos and Videos

Melissa Hendricks


Comment from Melissa Hendricks:

Working away at another project I am procrastinating on...the modernfarmhouseblanket crochetblanketpattern from @yarnspirations while watching hitchhikersguidetothegalaxy... I'm on the very last rectangle and the end is nigh (or rather, about 6 inches away. . stitchflixcontest crocheting

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Dani Bryant (_withtheflow_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dani Bryant


Comment from Dani Bryant:

All of this yarn was dyed with natural products ranging from eucalyptus leaves to berries! Such a beautiful collection of colours already 🙌🏻 more experimenting and perfecting then etsy shop here we come 👍🏻💗 naturaldye naturallydyedyarn naturesgift knittersofinstagram dyedyarn dyersofinstagram knitting weaving crochet crocheting

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Wayuu Mochila Bags


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I know you want one of these tapizado beauties ❤️❤️❤️Visit the shop for newproducts wayuu wayuubags wayuumochila wayuulifestyle wayuutribe crocheting summer2017 beachstyle beachbabe crochetaddict summerfashion ootd newfashiontrend handmadebag handmadeisbetter fairtrade native indigenousart ethicalconsumerism ethicalfashion fashionwithaconscience madeincolombia

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บิกินี่ถัก Bikini Crochet Crop (crochet.bikini.bynnc) Instagram Photos and Videos

บิกินี่ถัก Bikini Crochet Crop


Comment from บิกินี่ถัก Bikini Crochet Crop:

พร้อมส่ง1ค่ะ ถักรอบตัว มีเชือกผูกปรับกระชับด้านหลังค่ น่ารักมาก ลูกค้าออเดอร์เลือกสีได้นะคะ ส : 550฿ Line : @natnichabrand crochet bikinicrochet onthebeach handmade bikinicrop croptop summer sea bikinigirl kniting crochetaddict crochetbra crochetlove crocheting handmade bikinis bikinihandmade swimsuit บราถัก บราโครเชต์ ครอปโครเชต์ บิกินี่ บิกินี่โครเชต์ รูปถ่ายจากงานจริง

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Crochet By Allison J 💗 (crochetbyallisonj) Instagram Photos and Videos

Crochet By Allison J 💗


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Alien Halter Top in Hot Pink 👽💘 available in sizes XS-L 😋 crochetlove crocheting crochetgirlgang crochetbyallisonj crochetaddict crochetcroptop crochethalter edc edmgirls edmbabes plur alien alienbabe spacebabe psychedelic groovy handmade madewithlove etsy etsyshop etsyseller goodvibes happiness lovelife

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Crocheteando Ideias (crocheteando_ideias) Instagram Photos and Videos

Crocheteando Ideias


Comment from Crocheteando Ideias:

Está fluindo..... Boa noite meus queridos😘😘 crocheteandoideia decoracaodeinteriores handmade crochet croche amigurumi instacrochet homedecor crochê crochet crocheting crocheaddict yarn diy artesanato artesanatobrasil feitoamao crochetando quartoinfantil blanket fattoamano hechoamano artesanal decoracaodequartoinfantil artecomasmãos artecomamor love cute followme art

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Kayla // Arrow & Archer Co. (arrowandarcherco) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kayla // Arrow & Archer Co.


Comment from Kayla // Arrow & Archer Co.:

Works in progress. So many projects, so little time. Sigh.

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TheSerialKnitterAndCrocheter (theserialknitterandcrocheter) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from TheSerialKnitterAndCrocheter:

Loving this tarn! 🏐 🏐 🏐 crochet crocheting hookedoncrocheting crocheter crochetersofinstagram crochetingmama ilovecrocheting crochetaddict crochetlove tshirtyarn

15 Minutes ago
Só se for crochê (soseforcroche) Instagram Photos and Videos

Só se for crochê


Comment from Só se for crochê:

Aproveitando que hoje ainda é hoje e em comemoração aos nossos novos projetos, taí o tbt de um trabalho muito querido feito mais ou menos nesta mesma época do ano passado - nosso casal de almofadas mais querido dos últimos tempos, Caquita e El bigodon.😍 Muito amor em uma foto só!❤❤ cacto almofada decor decoracao rosa sala quarto croche crochet handmade feitoanao crocheting yarn casal cacatosdecroche soseforcroche

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ThatGirlWhoCrochets (thatgirlwhocrochets) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ThatGirlWhoCrochets:

When you love a pattern do you make it over and over again? crochet crocheting crochetersofinstagram crochetaddict happyhooker crocheteveryday instacrochet crocheters crochetlove crocheted yarn fiberarts ilovecrochet thatgirlwhocrochets yarnporn crochetgirlgang boyeyarncrafts australiancrochetcommunity

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Sheep Thrills Yarn Store (sheepthrillsfl) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sheep Thrills Yarn Store


Comment from Sheep Thrills Yarn Store:

Join us starting Friday, September 22nd from 11 am to 6 pm, Saturday, September 23rd from 11 am to 6 pm, and Sunday, September 24th from 12 pm to 5 pm for our Baah Hand Painted Yarn Trunk Show. We will be featuring Baah Yarn's new collection: LaJolla, Manhattan, Aspen and Savannah with lots of samples and pattern inspiration. You already got a taste of how beautiful their yarn is by the exclusively-dyed color for our yarn crawl earlier this year. Come and see more of their line and choices in fiber combinations with this trunk show. sheepthrillsfl @baahyarn baahtrunkshow yarn yarnstore yarnshop yarnstagram yarninspiration knittinginspiration knitting_inspiration knitting knittersofinstagram knittersoftheworld crocheted crocheting crochetersofinstagram weavers weaversofinstagram

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Love it! So true! (Repost) crochet crocheter crocheting crocheters crochetersofinstagram yarnaholic yarnaddict ilovecrochet addictedtocrochet crochetaddict crochetaholic

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marni (mbm_madebymarni) Instagram Photos and Videos



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I love this little wine bottle crochet cozy pattern.... Because in between long projects it's sure nice to make something that only takes an evening and uses up stash yarn -- all while having a glass or two of wine 🍷it's a win win situation 😊 crocheting instantgratification fingeringyarn wool winelover yarnlover haekeln weintrinken

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Knitwear crochet patterns hats (tigstogs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Knitwear crochet patterns hats


Comment from Knitwear crochet patterns hats:

Thanks Evelyn @muskrosevintage for including my Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows pom pom scarf on @australianwandarrah's website . I've got 10 % off on Etsy and @madeit on all ready made items ( excluded pdf patterns and crochet kits ) . Now's the time to buy one of those beanies or scarves you've seen through winter . shop auswandarrah bendigowoollenmills auspinners snowboard beanie scarves handmade crochet crocheting knit_inspiration knitting knitwear tigstogsknitwear tigstogsscarves

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🎊Handmade Shop🎉


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Order กระเป๋าถัก มีซับในกระเป๋าช่องเล็ก . . 🎈ต id : atnonb . . รับสั่งทำกระเป๋าเชื เลือกแบบเลือกสีได้คะ กระเป๋าถัก กระเป๋าชิคๆ กระเป๋าสวยๆ กระเป๋าสวย กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง กระเป๋าเชือกถัก กระเป๋าทำมือ กระเป๋าพร้อมส่ง กระเป๋าน่ารัก กระเป๋าเก๋ๆ crochet crochetbag crochetlove handmade handmadebag handmadebags crocheting handcraft owl owlbag owlbags

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Handmade Of Art


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พวงมาลัยโครเชต์crochetcrocheti chetingjasminesteeringwheelhan handmade of Art

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Crochetaria Gerando Vida (crochetariagerandovida) Instagram Photos and Videos

Crochetaria Gerando Vida


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Mais uma encomenda terminada. Esse colar vai para minha clincrochê @daniellecristinas. MAXICOLAR PEROLADO artesanatoemcrochê amocrochê handmade artesanato arte art crocheting bijudecrochê bijuteriaartesanal bijuCGV maxicolar maxicolaremcrochê

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Fabíola Deiró (fabiola.deiro) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fabíola Deiró


Comment from Fabíola Deiró:

Boa noite! Tô apaixonada por essa linda blusa de crochê da tia perucas a querida atriz @prisol da novela Carinha de Anjo SBT Amei!!! 😍😍 Parabéns a artesã que confeccionou esta maravilhosa blusa!👏👏👏👏 . . Rensta Repost: @prisol via @renstapp ··· . . . . . prisol artesanato crochê artesanal crocheting carinhadeanjo crochet croche crocheteira handmade inspiração blusadecroche boanoite modafeminina modacroche moda fashion tiaperucas

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Dita Julian Pramesty (julianpramesty) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dita Julian Pramesty


Comment from Dita Julian Pramesty:

Tas rajut hobo.. warna is my fav 😍😍.. sederhana tp manis.. bahan nilon.. dipake nyaman banget.. tasrajut rajutan jualrajutan perajut croche crocheting crochet crocheter crocheted crochetlove crochetporn crochetpattern ilovecrochet crochetaddict crochetgram crochetbag handmadewithlove handmade yarnporn instabag instacrochet julianrajut crochetisfun

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💁 10marifet knit orgusepet sepet penyesepetpenyeip orgucanta banyobebekodasicocukodasiderya örgüoyuncak sepetyapimi video handmadejewelry crochetcrocheting fistikcanta crocheterknittingyarncrochetvi orgupusetpenyeipcanta crochetbagkapıdaödeme

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💁2 💗 10marifet knit orgusepet sepet penyesepetpenyeip orgucanta banyobebekodasicocukodasiderya örgüoyuncak sepetyapimi video handmadejewelry crochetcrocheting fistikcanta crocheterknittingyarncrochetvi orgupusetpenyeipcanta crochetbagkapıdaödeme

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🍀Nana Peng🍀 | USA (dcyogi_nana) Instagram Photos and Videos

🍀Nana Peng🍀 | USA


Comment from 🍀Nana Peng🍀 | USA:

Finishing up this crochet vest for my 1 year-old nephew😘 3rd week of crocheting🎈

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