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English quotes & lovely photos


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realman trueman gentleman reallove truelove rightperson truerelationship kind kindness cruel lips lipstick mascara cry crying makeup ruin respect

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murder feelings die witness brutal cruel Follow my writings on yourquote

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loveanimals this is truly fuckedup humanrace can be cruel !!😞

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Dia-z Dias


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belgium brussels familyregisterinvestigation cruel awful christianity museum art realistic ベルギー ブリュッセル 戸籍調査 残酷 酷い 美術館 芸術

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Revolutionary Reem


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I would be buried under somebody's Prison if that happened to my daughter. Un-fucking-believable...Prayer to this father. I can't even imagine. R.i.P baby girl. . . aniya aniyaday justice feels sad justiceforaniya family child children father mother cruel murder forgive god emo prayers pain love passion wow tears emotions idk blacklivesmatter staywoke woke tragic dobetter elevate

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pll prettylittleliars prettylittleliarsfan mistycfalls thevampirediaries rosewood teenwolfmtv realidad cruel sad

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San Motta®


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Todo mundo sabe quem matou Odete Roitman, mas até hoje se faz a pergunta. Quero vê matar a fome dessa senhora, que espera a noite cair e vai comer lixo. Isso mesmo, ontem me deparei com essa cena devastadora. Pensa que isso não é crime? É. É um crime que vem aumentando dia após dia, e ninguém vê tanta repercussão na mídia, sabe porque? Porque ela como tantos outros, é apenas mais um qualquer na sociedade. Raça de víboras, mata uma população aos poucos, e quando uma morre, uma que tem destaque, se apegam ao caso, e passam por situações como essa sem nem olhar. Não sou contra investigação de crimes como o atual, mas sou revoltada contra um fato que preferem nem vê 😠! fomemata fome crime vergonha sandramotta46 politicos cruel mateafome

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. 🌹 Edit Kaya Scodelario 🌹 * * kayascodelario kaya kayascodelarioedit editkayascodelario editteresa teresaedit mazerunne themazerunner elcorredordellaberinto teresa newt minho thomas gally cruel avapaige brenda . * ⚠️ Si coges da Créditos/ If you upload, give credits ❤ ⚠️ . * * * Att: Damon's wife 🖤

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Zclub Dj's


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DJ MALENKII - DRAGON ONE DJ's PODCAST (002) Downloads : zclubuu @z_club_uu @zclubdj @bassjackers vip @bounceinc deorro slvr eddiepay plastikfunk gta @damienndrix jeanbeatz merk moska timmytrumpet🎺 timmytrumpet tvnoise electro dance 1 onedirection house housemusic dj podcast ghouse dance @dj_malenkii fuck cruel

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What type of Islam do Arrogant powers have no qualms with? . .This country did not enjoy independence for many years. The quasi-independence that existed was political. But the key of the government and the country was in the hands of other people. It was they who made the decisions. It was they who did everything. There were some people inside the country, some of whom were attached to them and some of whom were not very attached to them, but they had to follow them. Independence is resistance against such a condition. . .Well, arrogance is opposed to this reason. If one feels the name of Islam causes others to oppose the Islamic Republic, they should understand that this is not so. The name of Islam, Islamic practices and obligations do not lead anyone towards opposition. . .today, some countries carry Islam's name and they observe Islamic obligations, more or less; however, their oil, their supplies, and their vital resources are in the hands of arrogant powers; hence, the enemies don't express any opposition towards such countries. On the contrary, they have friendly relations with them. . . . .saudisaudiarabiau abiausacruelwarchild_killerYem

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Twig Ninja


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Cruelty of nature... nature naturephotography cruel cruelty daffodils flower flowers snow winter death dying life living cold bitter garden elements exposure

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A starving boy and a missionary in Uganda, 1980. Photo by Mike Wells. repost @historyphotographed peopleheartbreakingworldstrong tronghelphumancreatestarvingmi ingmissionarylifeideaworkkindn

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Cruel AprilFools Prank Joke Easter Grapes Idea Funny

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Another one bites the dust cruelcantcutthembrutaltreessav essavethemtheymakebombaygreenb mumbaibombayindiadontcuttrees dontcuttreesplantthem

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. 💙 Fondo/ Edit Newt 💙 * newt newtedit editnewt thomasbrodiesangster thomasbrodie thomas thomasbrodieedit thomasbrodiesangsteredit wallpaper wallpapernewt wallpapermazerunner fondonewt fondoelcorredordellaberintofon fondodepantallaelcorredordella fondomazerunner fondodepantallathomas wallpaperdylanobrien wallpaperdylan mazerunner themazerunner elcorredordellaberinto teresa newt minho gally cruel avapaige brenda . * ⚠️ Si coges da Créditos/ If you upload, give credits ❤ ⚠️ . * * * Att: Damon's wife 🖤

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"Why did they make birds so delicate and fine as those sea swallows when the ocean can be so cruel?" E. Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea hemingwayquotes seatreasures 🍀 powerofpositivity heartandmind water sound colour beauty lofotenpåsittbeste

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Георгий Винтовкин


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I have been in love with rupikaur for some time now. I pull her books off my shelf when I’m struggling to grasp why people can be so cruel or when I feel overwhelmed. She’s like medicine. . . . poet poetry lifeanddeath painandjoy saltandsugar meandyou thesunandherflowers

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💖🎀Lidiane Maia🎀💖


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“Toma consciência dos teus pensamentos; pois resultam em palavras. Toma consciência das tuas palavras; pois resultam em ações. Toma consciência das tuas ações; pois resultam em hábitos. Toma consciência dos teus hábitos; pois resultam em caráter. Toma consciência do teu caráter; pois resultará no teu destino.” 💕 🌱 🌺 🌷 ☘ 💕 🌱 🌺 🌷 ☘ 💕 🌱 🌺 🌷 ☘ 💕 🌱 🌺 🌷 ☘ . . . destino cruel maisumdiadecadavez vamosvivertudoquehapraviver vamosnospermitir bomdia naoetaosimplisavida brasileirapeloomundo bremen germany

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İdil Güneş


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Cruel ☯

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타이타닉 감성파괴 명작파괴 모자이크 떡칠 이장면 보려고 2시간 기다렸는데... 슈퍼액션 변상하라!! TV화면 고장인줄.... mozaik bomb breaking movie cruel superaction

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A true beauty 🥀 kacyhill beauty beautiful gorgeous pretty cute style music cruel fur redhead red stylish aesthetic outfit antidrama

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Harry Styles.


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My dad's professor talk went really well today. I am so proud of him! Everything that happened just now was absolutely fantastic! ❤ // How was your day? I hope it was amazing too! . . . [ 📓 Page 78 / 365 / 2018 ] . . . zaynmalik tattoos suit tshirts streetwear casual longcoat designer givenchy richardjames she wrong likeiwould cruel songs lyrics muse british zayn zaynie bradfordbadboy 1d onedirection theme music

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Liza Earle


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Yusuf Erol


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Mavi, bir renkten daha fazlası bence. Sonu olmayan bir gökyüzü, umut dolu bir deniz. 💙😌 oan me photo fotoğraf life picoftheday instagood instamood instacool instalike sun keyif huzur seagull smile funny like happy sunset weekend blue photography spring nice amazing marmara istanbul turkey cruel

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R.I.P my nigga cruel wasted

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shivansh mishra


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livelaughlove posingvintage spexynevergiveupthrowback dontmesswithme dslrcruel smile

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Becca Louise Coates


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When you remember that your best mates are total 🍆heads ... 👌🏼🖕🏼 . . . . friends friendship bestmates bestfriends cruel mean nasty love sleep bed sleepy girl plussize plussizegirl dickheads truelove effyourbeautystandards

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- - - animaux bambi faon cutebaby babyboy cute illustration illustratrice dessin graphic design instadraw instaart instagood animal I cruel nasty baby dysney forest

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Fabian Molina


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“The Last Three” Sculpture by Artists Gillie and Marc Schattner to create awareness to the near future extinction to the Northern White Rhinos , from 40,000 to these last three:Sudan is the Father, Nahum his daughter and Fatu his granddaughter . They are been guarded 24/7 high security in ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, so poachers don’t get to kill them for their horns which are worth more than their weight in gold.😩😢

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Ya terminamos con el respondecomomuggle, pero aún quedan 3 horas para seguir comentando ❤❤, y después de dar todos los puntos doy la tabla de puntuación 😘 . . . suicidamuertelifeemos eemosmilenavajamiahappyllorarh orarhelpcrueldesilusionfeminis ministaperfectotraicióndesespe sesperaciónautolesionsociedadd edaddemierdadesconfianzanochei

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Nihar Vaidya


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allaudinkhilji sketch cruel ranveersingh padmavati

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