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Im That Kid (fxckboyblood) Instagram Photos and Videos

Im That Kid


Comment from Im That Kid:

👽same👽tumblr trippy trippyart trippyquotes tumblrtrippy trippytumblr grunge aesthetic grungegirl grungeaesthetic grungetrash grungeart tumblrgrunge grungetumblr sadteen sad aesthetic aesthetic april aprilfools why white tumblrwhite chill grey skeleton cry creepy greytheme greytumblr blackandwhite

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Excellence On Ice, LLC (excellenceonice) Instagram Photos and Videos

Excellence On Ice, LLC


Comment from Excellence On Ice, LLC:

Who else feels the same? I know I've learned some of my toughest life lessons at the rink. icerink homeawayfromhome rinkrat wayoflife skatinglife hockey skating figureskating lifelessons success cry laugh success failure whereibelong figureskating icehockey excellenceonice

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Mrs. Kate Holland ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Mrs. Kate Holland

Comment from Mrs. Kate Holland:

Fuck. This. Night. ... I look like a fucking clown when I actually cry 😭 imvu imvucry imvuavi imvudrama imvusad sad cry ilooklikeaclown messedupface

2 Minutes ago
Zefriansyah (zefri1) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Libur ya? Libur kan? Kok monkey sedih,, dompet udah tipis ya? 🙈🙉🙊 . . sketch sketchbook autodesk autodesksketchbook drawing pencil doodle doodleart doodling monkey sad cry

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Luisa Castillo 🇨🇱 (lutihlu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luisa Castillo 🇨🇱


Comment from Luisa Castillo 🇨🇱:

Es triste. Pero la vida sigue Mi vida sigue lutih withlovefromthestars alien aliengirl sad cry crying namida ufo

2 Minutes ago
_________METAL HEAD________ (metal________head) Instagram Photos and Videos

_________METAL HEAD________


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sad unhappy cry crying instasad break sadness depressed tears badmood stressed goingmental cheermeup hate annoyed hateyou funckinglive lifesucks unloved upset alone help lonely why photooftheday

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Adolescentes Tumblr∆ 4k. (untumblrmas) Instagram Photos and Videos

Adolescentes Tumblr∆ 4k.


Comment from Adolescentes Tumblr∆ 4k.:

No pienso seguirme humillando de esa manera, ¿Crees que no he sufrido bastante por ti?, te olvidaré y seguiré mi camino... - -Ritza 👑 Boy Tumblr Cute Happy Beautiful Smile Dream Believe Girlfriend Boyfriend Always Dreamer Forever Alone Sad Bad Loveme Lovewins Loveislove Feelings World Unicorn Couples Relationship Goals Baby Cry Meandyou Me You

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tha names dakota (undesirablesoul) Instagram Photos and Videos

tha names dakota


Comment from tha names dakota:

i think I've fallen out of love with you

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 (mymusichm) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from mymusichm:

For the First Time by The Script 👫😁🔜😭🕗1⃣ forthefirsttime firsttime thescript music playlist lyricscard song smiling smile tears cry sadness hapiness first time thescriptfamily follow4follow 📸 By @dfreske

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A.swrites (arzoo__j) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from A.swrites:

Set yourself from the prison,that u created by yourself.. . . . . . . . her tears pain broken heart heartless girl cry scream hurt dead art artist artlover arts art🎨 artwork artstagram artlove addicted drawing draw drawings draw drawingart pencil pencilsketch sketch pencilart portrait drawinglover

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Pandaa210❤🐼 (enahpnda20_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Apa kurangnya aku di dlm hidupmu, hingga kau curangi aku😭😩 sad badmood cry instagood instagram instapic lfl fff followforfollow like4like likeforlike morning

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Gay Retard (bleach_lords) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gay Retard


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Relatable in my own way~Bleached Lord -------------------------------- Follow us for more @bleach_lords dankmemeslmfaorobofam funny omg dank funny hillarous cry strangerthingsomg funnydank funny drugs fazeup fazeclan methrainbowsixsiege

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lauren & emma™ (yodeling.lauren) Instagram Photos and Videos

lauren & emma™


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PlayCamCine🎬🎥 (playcamcine) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Todos así al darnos cuenta que mañana es lunes.... 😭 elfindesemananodura quierootrodomingo weekendend cry hateumonday

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.. (mentallyydepressed) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ..:

I'm afraid of getting hurt.

12 Minutes ago
Trouble. (trouble_disorders) Instagram Photos and Videos



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depressed depression depressing alone alone friends parents dead death family sad sadness quotes anime drawings art blackandwith noiretblanc hand smoke suicide suicidal crying cry invisible hurt pain selfharm mutilation bullying

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Sayaka Tominaga (sayaka_judson) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sayaka Tominaga


Comment from Sayaka Tominaga:

お父さんの友達ダニエルが怖いみたい。ヒゲのおじさん。Mia +Uncle Daniel =😭😭😭 uncledaniel cryヒゲ おじさん hahaha こわいよー パパの友達 ダニエル dontcry itsok

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(*´꒳`*) (oilspik) Instagram Photos and Videos



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💠Little water💠 - - - - - - - - - - xpoll art blackandwhite grey artistsofinsta artistsofinstagram kawaii retro cry sparkle oilspik gothendel zazzle drawing art instagood sketch semirealisim shy kawai butt booty longhair blush inkedart

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makeda Armstrong (hamilton_trashbash) Instagram Photos and Videos

makeda Armstrong


Comment from makeda Armstrong:

My sweet baby cute artist drawing cry digitalart digital cartooning cartoonist characterdesign art oc illustration

14 Minutes ago
I'm an avid swimmer (deepwaterinternetcatch) Instagram Photos and Videos

I'm an avid swimmer


Comment from I'm an avid swimmer:

I live in a perpetual purgatory ⚜ of pain 📴. Mark 4:20 ⚛ 💡FOLLOW?💡 @deepwaterinternetcatch for more shit posting . . . bible church jesus cristianoronaldo soccer tagging tagg painting paint art art🎨 indie hipster mordercity city citylife street thug cry christianity love meme memes dank dankmemes dankmeme funny funnymeme funnymemes lol

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Be unstoppable (mrs.unstoppablex) Instagram Photos and Videos

Be unstoppable


Comment from Be unstoppable:

💭Sleeping is hard when the mind is full of bad thoughts💭 cigarette smoke sad cry sadness depressed mood badmood moods upset stressed lifesucks bnw blackandwhite monochrome monotone

18 Minutes ago
Nicole Felix (nicolefelix3120) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nicole Felix


Comment from Nicole Felix:

sadness sad broken hate frases escritos cry

19 Minutes ago
dispaminajaa (jojomanis_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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 (ane_sad) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ane_sad:

'-' sad toptags sad nothappy cry crying tears instasad sadness depressed alone help hope insta mood badmood moods upset stressed goingmental cheermeup me hate annoyed lifesucks nolove broken sadness sadboy sadgirl

21 Minutes ago
Esteban Gallegos (eban_gallegos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Esteban Gallegos


Comment from Esteban Gallegos:

AUN ESTOY EXCITADO!!! (Si, ese es el sentimiento) EL GRAN FREEZER!!! (Gerardo Reyero) Primero recibo la mascara de Jojo' Bizarre Adventure de manos de mi shotita @chayannexe y ahora esto... No hay excusa, Kars y Freezer Seran las metas cosplayer de este año. Gracias por el regalo de cumpleaños @solebreilh 💝 te has ganado el cielo. Happy Cry DragonBallZ Freezer gerardoreyero cosplay CosplayChile Gym Fitnesscosplay Valdivia QUIEROLLORAR l4l f4f

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Melón. (soy_un_melonx) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Melón.:

Te amo. . . . tumblr tumblrgirl tumblrboy emo emostyle emogirl emoboy violet goals city night photography picsart suicidal web suicide unicorn 11 iloveyou dark darkness alone sola cry baby dead

23 Minutes ago
Jessica🤘 (chimchim_no_dimdim) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jessica🤘:

Wat a beautiful transformation, I love it👏👏👏👏👏👏 - - - - drama breakup sketch wip bishounen doodle art draw drawing myart animestyle mangastyle animeart mangaart cry transformation handsome

23 Minutes ago
RaeChell (coach_chell) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from RaeChell:

I debated over this art. Is it too bold or too revealing? Or does it highlight our need to feel vulnerable but yet safe? You can be vulnerable without being a victim. Or off balanced. Basically, you can be human. I hope that you all have a safe place to be human. We all are where we are in life because God allowed it. Not just because we chose it or because a certain state of being was forced upon us. art artist mirihirano iloveart balance balancedlife truth safety Godsplan vulnerability is strength youreok cry grow and repeat youarenotlost or forgotten yougotthis evolution change apartoftheplan Coach_Chell

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Linesofdepression (linesofdepression) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Linesofdepression:

sad depresion suicida Frases cry alone cortadas die hate soledad muerte tristeza

25 Minutes ago
Aries ♈ (aries._slime) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aries ♈


Comment from Aries ♈:

To many video but the connection 👿😢 sorry😫🙇 lfl fff video photos slimevideo connection wth cry slime slimevid

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Indra Daswandi (idr_identity) Instagram Photos and Videos

Indra Daswandi


Comment from Indra Daswandi:

Can't cry hard enough. leaving aeroplane departure window plane thinking cry

2 Hours ago
 (ane_sad) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ane_sad:

It hurt so much :-[ sadness badlove sentimentos much sofrendo broken sad sad😢 sadgirl partido broken💔 hurt hate 😔 sad toptags sad nothappy cry crying tears instasad sadness depressed alone help insta mood badmood moods upset stressed goingmental hate annoyed

9 Hours ago
 (ane_sad) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ane_sad:

🤗 sadgirl sandnes bad tristeza senpaii souarainha cutegirl 😔 sad toptags sad @top.tags nothappy cry crying tears instasad sadness depressed alone help mood badmood moods upset stressed goingmental cheermeup me hate annoyed lifesucks nolove

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