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Ignore that: ritzen selbsthass svv suicide wanttodie fucklife tired imlonely ignored scheiße depressed klapse klinik multilation psychiatrie cry loveyouforever suizid

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「 マンゴー 」 ♧ 12 ♧ Kitsune


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"It hurts, but does anyone even care?" . - Miku Hatsune, Bacterial Contamination . First part of a vent that I'm working on. You'll see why I'm so sour nowadays once I've compiled the pieces. . 「 Tags 」 . 「 art artsy artist artwork traditionalartist traditionalart artistoninstagram youngartist furryartist furryart fursona vent suicide depression cry originalcharacter oc animals fox doodling drawing illustration doodle draw sketch micron pentel pen mechanicalpencil 」

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@chazzsen musicallyindia musical duet bff friendship friends dailogue dub innocent love sharing caring cry laugh enjoy fun instagood instagram instamusicals instanew wow likeme me crazy madness

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Hey. Hier ist meine neue Seite. Ich bin ein Junge der sich selbst verletzt. Sei kein geisterfollower. Melde mich nicht - schau es dir einfach nicht an.! ◾ Ignor Tag❗ depressed depression depressionen depressiv sad sadness alone lonely anxiety suicide suicidal suizid selfhate selbsthass svv selbstverletzung german cutting ritzen socialanxiety ugly pain selfharrm dying fakesmile hurt cry grunge

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Day 28: Idol crying. 😭 • • • • pewdiepie pewds felix felixkjellberg felixarvidulfkjellberg cute scute socute sweet adorable fabulous love myhero perfect perfection beautiful handsome youtube instagram 30dayidolchallenge day28 idolcrying crying cry sad • • • • @pewdiepie

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一个人躲在一个角落里,一个人低声哭泣,一个人看着自己的影子 @yungchean.chen klcc malaysia amazing instagram instagood kualalumpur bar edit photography photoshoot photographyislifee edited picsart sad rain cry broken love dark dream snap snapchat

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Life Hack


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Follow @thegoodpositive for more! 🍀positive motivation quotes quote dailyquote baby eyes furrow cry faces

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😂😂😂I can't breath!!! repost funnycats lolcats cats catsofinstagram cat @tonybakercomedy jokes imdead hilarious funny cry crying instagramlikes instagramers instagram instalike instago instagood instahub instafun like follow share toomuch ilovecats

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❤A N A S T A S I A❤


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Go shopping shopping instagram beauty girl time teenage 2017 love cry cosmetics photo fashion beauty

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SoMe daY u wiLl cRy FoR mE LIke i CrIeD FoR u SoMe daY u'll MisS mE LIke i MisSeD u SoMe daY u'll NeEd mE LIke i NeEdEd u SoMe daY u'll lOve mE "BUT i WONT LOVE YOU"

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The 'To-Bees'


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First breakdown! All grooms be ready to wipe ur bride's tears wen it all goes down... weddings breakdown cry bridezilla bride groom wedding engaged ring

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Nobody... • • sad sadness sadquotes sadnessquotes cutting suicide suicidal iloveyou ineedyou sorry depressed depressing deppression depressedquotes lostgirl girl behappy beautiful beyourself lost cut crying cry quote quotes itskillingme killingme selfharn selfhate selfharrm

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Anime & Manga


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Dont cry darling. Im here for u Haha . love cry favoritecharacter animemanga animememe anime animeworld animes animelover animeart manga mangagirl animelove animemes anime4ever funny meme funnymeme fun

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Hey • • • • • • Tags[[anime]] [[otaku]] [[death]] [[end]] [[blood]] [[die]] [[dead]] [[hate]] [[pain]] [[lie]] [[cry]] [[darkanime]] [[horroranime]] [[bloodanime]] [[tokyoghoul]] [[ghoul]] [[aogiri]] [[human]] [[creepy]] [[creepypasta]] [[horrorgirl]] [[scary]] [[amv]]

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I don't really care if you cry 🤙🏼 liluzivert xotourllif3 song quote fav cry dontcare fy girl smile scfilter sc flower brows adidasoriginals adidas

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12:09am // i can't do this anymore. i can't do school work unless it's literally the last couple couple of hours before it's due. My mind and motivation are like two different things and unless I am under the ultimate pressure to have something done, I can't do it. It's been like this for 7 months now and I have no idea what to do anymore I'm so fucked for a history test tomorrow. I only got to writing notes at about 7:30pm the night before. It's not like I'm doing other stuff because I don't want to be studying, I physically can't and fuck the teachers and friends who don't understand what this feels like but I'm being completely honest like seriously why would I want to put myself under all this pressure and get so beyond stressed out. My body is so tired and my mind is empty. I can't remember things anymore I have no idea what the history test is on. I'm so sick

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Theme ☺ Melanie Martinez Mel Poland Crybaby Cry LBBH LittleBodyBigHeart @littlebodybigheart

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Mismo dolor, diferente persona


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cafeyletras frases frase suicida suicid cry crygirl sad depresión depresivo depresiva cutting soledad

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Girl 14 y/o 🔥🥀


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Hey💭 • • Die Narben verblassen, doch der schmerz bleibt. • • ---------------------------------------------------- Ignore that: deprivideodeprieditborderlinebrokendestroyeddepressedscarsselfhateselfharmsuicidcuttingritzenbulimieanorexiaanacryfml

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It's gotten hard to want to fight • • • sad die depressed useless ugly anamia worthless razor traurig trigger pills die dumb depressed sad sue selbsthass scars suicide fat hate horrible kill leben cry cut cutting bulimia needless mia

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Theme ☺ Melanie Martinez Mel Poland Crybaby Cry LBBH LittleBodyBigHeart @littlebodybigheart

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Theme ☺ Melanie Martinez Mel Poland Crybaby Cry LBBH LittleBodyBigHeart @littlebodybigheart

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Depressionen sad broken depressed ritzen love stupid blood angel friendship cut hass hate suicide suizid devil sprüche deep girl nutzlos memories rip lifeisajoke cry music world suicid suicide

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Blonde? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ mel melanie melaniemartinez melaniemartinezfanaccount fanaccount fanpage cry baby crybaby crybabyalbum album crybabytour tour blonde blond poloroid spam rare 1k

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My only wish... • • • sad sadperson sadgirl sadboy quotes quote depressed depressedboy depressedgirl depressedteen sadteen depressedteenager sadteenager broke broken cry crying tears lost noidea nobody quote quotes relate relatable hug

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Игорь Греков


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Это - мемориал 9/11. Два гигантских фонтана на месте рухнувших башень-близнецов. Огромные потоки воды, символизирующие слезы, уходят глубоко под землю, туда, откуда нет возврата. На металлической обшивке вырезаны имена погибших людей и организаций. Рядом - гигантский музей, хранящий все, что удалось сохранить с того страшного времени, от личных вещей жертв до элементов фундамента. Когда находишься там, когда думаешь об этом, все внутри сжимается. И тогда ты чувствуешь, что един со всем человечеством. Побывав там, могу сказать точно: в этом фонтане есть и мои слезы... 9/11 ny peace cry

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Theme ☺ Melanie Martinez Mel Poland Crybaby Cry LBBH LittleBodyBigHeart @littlebodybigheart

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Seth Apper


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a true test of mindfulness and existence in the present is venturing through this pivotally pensive place in the world without breaking down. to date, thinking of the shoes was enough to send me over the edge; now, beyond the edge there is the void. . . . bookwithaXcess SARainbowTours aXcessIsrael israel jerusalem holocaust memorial yadvashem neverforget history lessons learned righteous soul emotions edge cry feel mindfulness void present focus

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