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Beauty by Becci (beautyby_becci) Instagram Photos and Videos

Beauty by Becci


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frenchblend acrylicnails nails acrylic natural classic naildesigns swarovski crystals accentnail beautybybecci nsi opigelcolor

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Megan Rae (megan_dearest_666) Instagram Photos and Videos

Megan Rae


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New crystal ball ring from @worship13 🌑🔮🌑 witchesofinstagram crystalball crystals crystalhealing witchywednesday onwedesdaywewearrings 666 witchcraft

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Mimos Da Mi 💎 (mimosdamijoias) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mimos Da Mi 💎


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😱💁🏼🔝🛍🌶 💎💎💎 Semi Jóia Fina!!! ✨ ☎️Chame uma de nossas atendentes e faça o seu pedido. WhatsApp 27 99910-9857 Léia 💁🏽27 99911-0439 Ceia 💁🏼 19 99114-8918 Eliane 💁🏻 19 99969-3946 Michele 💁🏼 mimosdamijoias marketingdigital360 MKTDigital marketingdigital ilovemimosdami mimosdami coisasdemulher brinco crystals aneis accessories amomuitotudoisso style dicasinstagram fashion fashionjewelry jewelry instajewelry todamulhermerecemimosdami tendencia arraseprincess podetudo colecaoiluminar cravejado

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Atomic Atelier ⚗ (atomicatelier) Instagram Photos and Videos

Atomic Atelier ⚗


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Dla mineralogów i petrologów halit (słony kamień), dla chemików chlorek sodu, a dla kucharzy i mam sól kuchenna. Pod wpływem temperatury następuje parowanie, natomiast na nitce osadzają się kryształy o przeważającej budowie sześcianu w układzie regularnym. Co ciekawe, w zależności od temperatury i szybkości parowania można uzyskać kryształy różnej wielkości - w wysokich temperaturach są bardzo małe - analogicznie przy wolniejszym parowaniu kryształy będą o wiele większe.atomicatelier science sciencefun scienceathome scienceoninstagram salt saltcrystals crystals crystallography planetaziemia ziemia earth chemia chemists chemical chemistry chemistryathome physics physicsathome physicalchemistry whitecrystals solution watersolutions water

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Sparkle Baby (oh_sosparkle) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sparkle Baby


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✨ C A S U A L ✨casual casualsparkle croptop sparklecroptop fashion rippedjeans skinnyjeans fitgirl babe crystaltop crystalbra glittery sparkley sparkle sparkles rhinestones crystals crystal sparklesparkle fashion fashionista fashionaddict

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✨Above and Below Studio✨ (aboveandbelowstudio) Instagram Photos and Videos

✨Above and Below Studio✨


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✨Quartz from Austria. DM with Interest.✨🌈All items from Above and Below Studio are curated and custom blessed and enhanced by Visionary Master Healer, Hanson Tse.✨Follow him at @hanson.tse and learn more at divine healingcrystals spirituality metaphysical crystalhealing crystals amethyst crystalsforsale meditation healing wow aboveandbelowstudio instagood instagramhub instagram insta

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Queen Isadora's Shop (queenisadoras_shop) Instagram Photos and Videos

Queen Isadora's Shop


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🌵Hey There Sunshine🌵 I've teamed up with 13 other talented artists to bring you Witchy & Succulent Rebirth Giveaway!!! 14 Shops = 14 Prizes. The rules are simple! 🌻Follow my page( @queenisadoras_shop) 🌵Like this Post. 🌻Answer each of our questions, My question is what are you dressing up as for halloween?  do the same for ( @feltnlove) 🌵Once you hit me again, that's it, you've entered. 🌻Winners will be picked on October 15th. 🌵Prizes to be announced 🌻No giveaway accounts allowed please. 🌵This giveaway is in no way sponsored  endorsed or administered, by Instagram. 🌻Must be 18 or older to participate. Void where prohibited by law. 🌵U.S. entries only 🌻Have fun and Good Luck! queenisadoras_shop queenisadora giveaway hippie succulents rebirth givingback customerappreciation love gypsy wanderer dreamer dance create creator plants nature art artist crystals chakras minerals meditation witch herbs flow oils witchy

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Jasmin (supermacjasmin) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Our happiness is in our hands.. crystalclear crystals swarovskicrystals 💎

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Orgotton (orgotton) Instagram Photos and Videos



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STAYL◈W JEWELRY Instagram sale happening now!! Check out our insta stories for all the deets! @staylow_jewelry ▴▾▴▴▾▴▾▾▴▾▴▾▴▾▴▾▴▾ staylowjewe staylowbyorgotton orgotton special sales instagram insta instagramsale instasale earrings necklaces ooak handmade getemwhileyoucan crystals gemstone jewelry madeinusa philly fishtown ethicalfashion ethicaljewelry

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♡♡ Karma Nichole ♡♡ (colorado_bass_kitten) Instagram Photos and Videos

♡♡ Karma Nichole ♡♡


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New album drops tomorrow, Illenium lovers! festival nature lovequotes happiness edmlifestyle edmnation edmfamily dancemusic music wirewrapped colorado hiking wirewrap electronica goodvibes plur plurvibes wander indigo bass dubstep relationships love electricforest wanderlust inspiration chillvibes crystals 303

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A Surplice Of Spirit (surpliceofspirit) Instagram Photos and Videos

A Surplice Of Spirit


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More thunderegg action from last weekend's visit to @thunderbirdpark thunderegg geode crystalhunting

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✨New Items On Sale✨ (thirdeyecrystals) Instagram Photos and Videos

✨New Items On Sale✨


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💕FLASH SALE💕Giant Rainbow Bismith skull on sale for only $89!! To claim this amazing piece just comment SOLD below👇👇 crystals bismuth crystalsforsale gemstones minerals rainbowbismuth crystaldecor goodvibes minerals largecrystals giantcrystals crystaldecor bismuthskull skulls crystalskull

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🔮✨Psychic•Angel•Grace🔮✨ (angel.gracepsychic) Instagram Photos and Videos



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psychic intuition intuitive meditate meditation me lightworker crystals crystalhealing chakras chakrahealing aura lightworker goodvibes positivevibes healingcrystals uk health motivation inspiration relationshipgoals independentwoman travel losangeles california Dubai vibes soul peace innerpeace

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Crystalistener (listeningtocrystals) Instagram Photos and Videos



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🐬LEMURIAN CONNECTIONS KIT🐬$99ps. Sparkling with rainbows and light, this lovely, large 4" dolphin of grace swims upon a current of an aqua agate slice. The polished Lemurian point stands ready to share, filled with the wisdom of Lemuria. Light the flames of the sea mist soy votive and feel the healing waves of ancient Lemuria wash over you with serenity and light. crystals intuitivereading crystalhealing energyhealing crystalgrid intention spiritguides reiki metaphysical lightworker indigochild shaman yoga dolphin energyhealer earthquake crystalwand crystalsforsale healingcrystals crystallovehealingstones lemuria amulets shaman angels pyramid pastlives lemurian pagan

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Sara Hart (psychichartsoflove) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sara Hart


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Hello...My name Sara and I'm a renown love psychic specializes in love problems I Will solve any love problems you are having , if you are separated going through a divorce interference from an ex I will help you and guide you on the right path of love. Help find your true soulmate career and finance guidance success health restore your luck and removes any negative energies. I will help you find the happiness that you've been waiting for❤️Don't pass this up call ME today and stop being alone everyone deserves a miracle . ❤️ CALL NOW for your first time free love reading +1(725)500-7916 chakra chakrabalance tarot tarotcards psychics psychic mystic psychicreading aura cleansing sage crystalball crystalhealing chakras lovers crystals zodiac fortuneteller phonereading crystalhealing truthbetold love worth honesty trust realationshipgoals pain hope sexuall

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🕉 Terra 🕉 (milehiconsciousness) Instagram Photos and Videos

🕉 Terra 🕉


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☄ JUST IN! Available Now ☄ OMG Look at these stones!!! Beautiful Purple Charoite Polished Tumbled Cubes are in!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 . . 👉 Find these online in the New Arrivals section (also in Tumbled Stones section) 👆 Link to my shop is at the top of my page 👆

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The Crystal Temple Bondi (thecrystaltemplebondi) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Crystal Temple Bondi


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Bronte sunrise welcome to another amazing day. Athena xx❤️beach sunrise waterseanaturemorning lovehappy inspiration life live bondi crystals yoga namaste calm

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✨Above and Below Studio✨ (aboveandbelowstudio) Instagram Photos and Videos

✨Above and Below Studio✨


Comment from ✨Above and Below Studio✨:

✨A fabulous, Chlorite-Dusted, Smokey Quartz from Galenstock, Switzerland. Great clarity, condition, and energy. DM with Interest.🌈All items from Above and Below Studio are curated and custom blessed and enhanced by Visionary Master Healer, Hanson Tse.✨Follow him at @hanson.tse and learn more at divine healingcrystals spirituality metaphysical crystalhealing crystals amethyst crystalsforsale meditation healing wow aboveandbelowstudio instagood instagramhub instagram insta

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Amber Vizzaccaro, CHHC (amberdawnwellness) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amber Vizzaccaro, CHHC


Comment from Amber Vizzaccaro, CHHC:

chickpea lentil pasta + salsa (ran out/didn't feel like making more tomato sauce...and this actually tasted amazing 😂) + cashew mozzarella cheese chunks + kale chip bits // TAP FOR BRANDS (not tagged is the salsa: Field Day Organic). ________ This is a great example of how to throw together a quick, healthy, and plant-based meal when you're like me right now....too busy and tired to cook. 🙅🏽 ________ If you have been keeping up with my snap stories on the natural healing of my chronic cystitis (UTIs/bladder infections/inflammation) without antibiotics and you would like me to post more on exactly what I'm doing, let me know! I've gotten a lot of messages about it so I'm thinking I might need to share more of this part of my life. It's been an incredibly interesting process, even though I've been in pain all week and many times before, I know it is part of my purpose as a future physician to experience ailments like this (that are not currently understood by medical research) for myself, and to see what truly works and what doesn't work so that I can better serve my future patients. 💗

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Kya Dubois (souloftheboreal) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kya Dubois


Comment from Kya Dubois:

•|| Crystal Kush ||• This piece has definitely got to be in my top 10 favourite tattoos I've done 😍😍 Pictured here, the bud is healed and the UFO & confetti beam are fresh. I would absolutely LOVE to do more pieces like this! So hit me up if you're interested! • • • • tattoos weedtattoo cannabis cannabistattoo cannabisculture crystals crystaltattoo spiritualtattoo spiritualartist spiritual plantmedicine ufo ufotattoo femaletattooartist cheyennehawk dotworktattoo budsandbabes stoner bctattooartist bcbud cranbrook halfsleeve yyc

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Rose Shepard (rose.rising) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rose Shepard


Comment from Rose Shepard:

I'm moving out of this apartment at the end of this month, so no more hand over the railing pics. Good news is ive decided to live outside again so it'll be hand over the everything pics, This pendant and a few others are still for sale, dm me bitch.

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🎀{V. 🇮🇹 The Dreamer 🦄🌈 (the_dreamer_86) Instagram Photos and Videos

🎀{V. 🇮🇹 The Dreamer 🦄🌈


Comment from 🎀{V. 🇮🇹 The Dreamer 🦄🌈:

review collaborazioneamazon jewels jewel fashion gems ladycolour swarovski bling stones stone trendy accessories love crystals beautiful bestoftheday style fashionista accessory instajewelry stylish cute followme fashionjewelery heart picoftheday Anche il pendente è un must, in quanto è il giusto compromesso tra il classico e il moderno ed è romantico ed elegante. Vi riporto di seguito i pro che ho riscontrato: - raffinata ed elegante - romantica - luminosa - regolabile nella lunghezza - ottima attenzione ai particolari - perfetta con qualsiasi outfit - ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo

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Cecile Chiasson (heavyweathercook) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cecile Chiasson


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 (crystals4sale) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Beautiful amethyst and citrine briolette 14k gold filled earrings $20 shipped💫 amethyst citrine 14kgoldearrings amethystbriolette crystaljewelry highquality crystalearrings amethystearrings citrineearrings crystals minerals auracrystal

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Lexi Kay (mermaidlexikay) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lexi Kay


Comment from Lexi Kay:

Hemp choker made with fire agate, citrine, wood, and a cowry shell to center all that Earth and Fire. May you be empowered, confident in your creations, and protected by the Goddess of the Sea. hempjewelry crystals shell choker

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The Rooted Crystal (therootedcrystal) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Rooted Crystal


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Mixed Crystals ~ Size ~ These crystals range in size from 24mms to 31mms Quantity ~ 8 crystals total in this set 6 different types of crystals total in this set Aquamarine  Rose Quartz  Diopside  Blue Apatite  Lepidolite  Amazonite You will receive all the crystals in this picture All pictures of our Crystals are taken in natural light You can find these beauties and so much more at Link to our Etsy Shop is on our Instagram Page crystals quartz finegemstones chakra lepidolite mixedcrystals amazonite apatite therootedcrystal diopside emeralds gemstones chromediopside emerald emeralds amazonite apatite blueapatite chakracrystals shopforcrystals rosequartz wirewrap etsy wirewrappedcrystals spiritual energy mystical

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Christina Greenz (texasgreenz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christina Greenz


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drawing sketch flash pencil mechanicalpencil tattoo art black color new crystals coverup magic getatattoo sanantonio sa artist femaletattooartist tattooartist book surreal 💎🕯

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Viviana Fernandes (viviana_fernandes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Viviana Fernandes


Comment from Viviana Fernandes:

❤️ We can try and PUSH each other away, we can try and DENY what we feel when 2️⃣ hearts have connected 💕 and 2️⃣ souls have been reminded of LOVE, 🌺 but there is no way {FATE} can keep us apart 🔐💘♥️💫 love blessed peace spirituality spiritualityawake amour loveyourself namaste crystals energy goodvibes angels god awareness conscious quotes reiki happy tarot spiritual lightworker healer holistic intuition shaman inspiringpictures witchlove wildheart wicca magic conscious

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Indigos Tavern Of Treasures 🌞 (_indigogoddess_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Indigos Tavern Of Treasures 🌞


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kundalini indigo moonchild moonphases consciousness truth indigogoddess higherself om divine higherconsciousness thirdeyetribe thirdeye awakening awareness higherknowledge consciousness crystals chakra

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Critter's Crafts (critterscraft) Instagram Photos and Videos

Critter's Crafts


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Did I mention we got accepted to do Flux in Arkansas? Hell yeah! This will probably be the best festival @bartelfish x @critterscraft has done this year!!! Super stoked for this one. We're going places brotha! Making moves and selling art is the name of the game.🎨🌌💚 • festival vendor booth art dreams crystals painting gems wirewrap music supportsmallbusiness flux aliens motivation jewelry handmade local buylocal arkansas

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Brad Holland (mineralkingdom) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brad Holland


Comment from Brad Holland:

Photos really don't do this piece justice! "Black amethyst" (quartz over black chalcedony stalactites) from Uruguay * Please DM with interest or inquiries

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Website Launch Coming Soon🌈 (theecultivator) Instagram Photos and Videos

Website Launch Coming Soon🌈


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Late 1960's Psychedelic Abstract Cream Paisley Button Up! In shop! Quick, grab this baby before it's too late !!! 👡🌿 • • • • • • • • theeculti vintageetsy 1960sstyle 1970sstyle modstyle sanfrancisco losangeles london hippie haightashbury vintage girlboss feminist psychedelic psychedelicmusic groovy retro mamasandpapas beachboys thedoors ledzeppelin cream burgerrecords crystals magick spirituality spiritualfashion 5thdimension 5D californiadreamin

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✨The Sacred Dimension✨ (thesacreddimension) Instagram Photos and Videos

✨The Sacred Dimension✨


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SALE Right now I'm selling these raw Australian opals for $185 original price was $235. Comment SOLD to purchase. PayPal or card accepted. Free USA shipping only.

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