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Yahaira Álvarez (dalis.alvarez) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yahaira Álvarez


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¡Una noche estrellada! 🌌🌠📷 aftermariahurricanemari stunningviewnaturepicbymedarkn darknessobservationnighthomequ omequebradillaspuertoricoselev selevantaenjoyawesomejustpract practicingsimplicitypuertorico oriconewhobbymagicnightsuniver

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 (boo_antonia) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Vita Couture (vitacouture) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vita Couture


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DARKNESS "You said it was the darkness that surrounded me in the light; I wanted to believe that it was the removal of my sight. You cried and begged me "reach out for my touch"; I couldn't understand you, or why you needed me so much. When you fell to your knees and softly muttered there in pain; I lifted my eyes up - and away, looking for the angry, bitter rain." Photo @perazna poetrycommunity darkness bodybeautiful vitacouture vitachique

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Grunge Feelings👽 (prioritygrunge) Instagram Photos and Videos

Grunge Feelings👽


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"Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven." -Milton  _____________________ goth darkness emo sad depressed grunge post like bloody likes strange halloween october black death hell satan satanic ritual likes instagram dead

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Juri Tabata (juri_nyc) Instagram Photos and Videos

Juri Tabata


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SILENCE VIOLENCE VIOLINS tatemodern museum london uk europe design lighting darkness clever wordplay travel worldtraveler wannabeback lifeisbeautiful

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Venus Mars (first_venus_then_mars) Instagram Photos and Videos

Venus Mars


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dream fiction poetry visualart urban lies suggestions remembering thelight darkness fear desire bliss horror

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stay ewanmcgregor naomiwatts ryangosling film sinema movie movies theellenshow fantastic vizyondakiler vizyon filmlife filmler action horror korkuevi korku films hollywood zombi zombie medyum bilimkurgu excorsist darkness poster filmarşivi poster bilimkurgu gerilimfilmi

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RAYEN • POCAHONTAS • JESSE (discopunkfamily) Instagram Photos and Videos




the search for Bela Lugosi continues @xcloakanddaggerx ⚡️🌹⚡️October 22, 2017 Los Angeles, Ca art inspire dtla goth darkness @music

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Sebastian. (_thepolaris_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Just 9 more days... . . . . . . . . . . . horror halloweeniscoming samhainiscoming 🎃 darkness ghost ghostcaughtincamara 31daysofhorror 31daysofhalloween halloweenisalifestyle stephenking hplovecraft

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Flor Garciarena (flor.garciarena) Instagram Photos and Videos

Flor Garciarena


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General La Madrid. nikon nikonphotography nikonphotographer nikond7100 sky stars star night nightout naturephotography naturelove nature sky_brilliance midnight home springishere spring newmoon madness darkness light longexposure

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Peter Gerritsen, photographer (peter.gerritsen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Peter Gerritsen, photographer


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dream fiction poetry visualart urban lies suggestions remembering thelight darkness fear desire bliss horror

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darkness safety trust

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{blithethinrecoveryanamiadepre depressionsadsadsouldepressedl ssedlonelylonlinessbandsmusicb usicbandslikelikeforlikesongly onglyricsbmthsecretsdarknesssa esssadnesspotbongslitstaylitli

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it gets better (crying_yet_trying) Instagram Photos and Videos

it gets better


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skull skeletons blackboots darkaesthetic darkness grungetumblr grungegirl grungeaesthetic aestheticgrunge tumblr tumblraesthetic aesthetic aesthetictumblr latenight

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Trevor Perkins (tuknrolle) Instagram Photos and Videos

Trevor Perkins


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Link shrouded in light keeping him safe from the creatures of the dark... and he really wanted a treat for it 😅❤️

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Jordan Eliart (eliart.jordan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jordan Eliart


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blackandwhitedarknessstyleboyc eboyclassicbgcutetblike4likela ikeladiesfitnessgirlfollow4fol

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Viplav Tandon (viplav_tandon) Instagram Photos and Videos

Viplav Tandon


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Me by Me - - - - - blackandwhite leicaleicalens m26235mmhongkong dark darkness selfie blur mirror grain photography selfportrait

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 (boo_antonia) Instagram Photos and Videos



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@snts_records once again had me hypnotised! ⚔️ WONDERLAND FESTIVAL ⚔️ AMSTERDAM DANCE EVENT ⚔️

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Satyajit (_.satyajit._.2711._) Instagram Photos and Videos



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. 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 light is born from darkness. 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

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— ғᴀʏᴇ ғᴏʀᴅ 🥀 DᴀʀᴋNᴇss (hopiejanfaye) Instagram Photos and Videos

— ғᴀʏᴇ ғᴏʀᴅ 🥀 DᴀʀᴋNᴇss


Comment from — ғᴀʏᴇ ғᴏʀᴅ 🥀 DᴀʀᴋNᴇss:

ᴍᴀʜ ғᴀᴍɪʟʏ • 👽🥀• riverdale riverdalecw darkfeed darkness

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Zombie Post-Mortem (zombie.post_mortem) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zombie Post-Mortem


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skull gothic night darks night night terror horror photograph photo mask zombie party blackandwhi black instagrammer like4like likeforfollow likeforlike instagay crazy bi mask movie zombies blood boy boy dragqueen darkness makeup

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Herbert Walker (ickzer1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Herbert Walker


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Trying out my new fog machine. . . starwars lightsaber starwarstoys jedi gamer biondiverickzer cosplay blackisbeautiful toycollector toyslagram toygraphyid toygroup_alliance justanothertoygroup blackseries fogmachine gains fit darkness

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ANONYMOUS U (writer_anonymous_u) Instagram Photos and Videos



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HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT....Share Your Opinion In The Comments Below.... writing quoteslovepoemsemotionalselfma elfmadenewanonymousurelationsl success memoriesmovingequalityhopewill ewillstormfailureloveracismhat sharepainlearn

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I'm a creep. (speedmetowardsdeath) Instagram Photos and Videos

I'm a creep.


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urbanexploring urbex ruin filth dirt dirty hole notresspassing wandering adventuretime deeper abandoned abandonedplaces dontstopexploring alone follow picoftheday wander explore exploring industrial dontstopexploring filthy trash trashy altbeauty dark darkness darkbeauty dare

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-- Let madness release you -- (sanityisaprison) Instagram Photos and Videos

-- Let madness release you --


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dark darkness darkart gothic madness horror blood crazed terror schizophrenia insanity horrorfan massacre suicidal bloodfan creepy evil depression nightmare twisted sadness possesed demons death alone bloodart suicide emotional dead psychiatric

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Steve Babcock (steve.babcock) Instagram Photos and Videos

Steve Babcock


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justsmile darkness truestory

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Eva La (evangelinela) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eva La


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Nanjing, China 🌳🕸 . . china nanjing lightandshadow light tree perspective leicam10 leicam leicacamera leica 🔴📷 summilux summilux50 50mm digitalphotography asia streetphotography chinastreetphotography urban green nightshots darkness contrast

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Imron Karebet (imronkarebet) Instagram Photos and Videos

Imron Karebet


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Santri untuk negeri... Selamat hari Santi, Piyé kabar kendilmu? vsco vscocam dark darkness morning cold cool nice folk folkindonesia instagram instadaily vscoindonesia instagood explore lfl l4l like4like likeforlike terfujilah fujifilm velvia fujifilm_id hypebeast harisantrinasional streetphotography street

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Gilito Alvarez (charrito_alvarela) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gilito Alvarez


Comment from Gilito Alvarez:

Ironically, our darkness is also our light. Through our darkness we discover our light, so we do need it. We need it deeply. darkness light picofthenight

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🔥poledancer RYOTA 🔥🐉 (kogepiii) Instagram Photos and Videos

🔥poledancer RYOTA 🔥🐉


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⚜️⚜️💀⚜️⚜️agehatokyo ageha Halloween darkness poledancerRYOTA momoMc costumeHIROSUMI

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Charlie (homemonte) Instagram Photos and Videos



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oldphoto blackandwhite guy gay dark darkness blur

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Nimanéh (nu.rinai) Instagram Photos and Videos



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... Hey, look up! Don't make a shadow of yourself, Always shutting out the light. Caught in your own creation. Look up, look up! I tore you open And oh, how much! . Hey, look up! You don't have to be a ghost, Here amongst the living. You are flesh and blood! And you deserve to be loved and you deserve what you are given. And oh, how much! . 'Cause there's a hole where your heart lies And I can see it with my third eye. And oh my touch, it magnifies You pull away, you don't know why. . But your pain is a tribute The only thing you let hold you Wear it now like a mantle Always there to remind you . I am the same, I'm the same. . . . . . . Florence and the machine - Third eye . . . . . . trickster god loki reminder of love heart light darkness healing selfie witch witchesofinstagram pictureoftheday art lyrics poetry florenceandthemachine thirdeye blonde piercing ink fingertattoo inkedgirls selflove holy mary awakening instaart instaartist

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Michael Haggerty-Villa (mhaggertyvilla) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michael Haggerty-Villa


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The house that fear built winchestermysteryhouse candlelighttour hauntedhouse haunted sarahwinchester eerie spooky scary halloween fear helenmirrenwashere ghosts ghostadventures ghoststories seance spirits doortonowhere egretfountain cemetery darkness

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