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Cristian Torner (tornertornerbn) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cristian Torner


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''Mi caída hacía el vacío se refleja en esas estrellas que no se si están arriba o abajo'' ° ° ° ° ° ° photographyislife photographie photographysouls nevergiveup photooftoday photooftheday fotodeldia architecture oldarchitecture architecturephotography bn bnw bnwsplash_spain 3lentescom bnw_life bnw_captures bnw_society bnw_addicted canon_official canon canon750d blackandwhite canonistas blackandwhitephotography reflex blancoynegro darkness ig_contrast_bw untitledphotos thedarkpr0ject9

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Joe (joeeatsla) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Squirrelbae iphone7 iphone iPhonephotography iphonephoto photography photographer photooftheday squirrel squirreloftheday headshot furry nature naturephotography naturelovers shotwithiphone modeling model modellife positivevibes hope happy color darkness light dark squirrellife nofilter dance dancer

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Bionic Bodhisattva (arissonstanfield) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bionic Bodhisattva


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Focused and forgot Now mindfully unaware A novice winter darkness dark black snow blackandwhite drawing awakening eyes love quote quotes poetic poem poetry poet spilledink creativewriting photography cabin photo buddha buddhism buddhist universe winter haiku

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Charlie C. Figueroa (perversohero) Instagram Photos and Videos

Charlie C. Figueroa


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Dark Art by @charliezart photoofday photography dark darkness photography blackandwhite blancoynegro darkworld photogrid edición digitalpainting photoshop art adobe grafic fashionpost moon night

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🌜 Mari 🌛 (http.mari.g) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌜 Mari 🌛


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Que pajaaa. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . me selfie instachile instamoment instalike instapic instagood instaphoto chile chilegram instasize instagram blackandwhite instafollow picoftheday idk lol photooftheday darkness sad khé bored makeup rancagua tumblr grunge hardcore instarancagua lips

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Alexandra Mar (alexandramar10) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alexandra Mar


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Spring cleaning springcleaning spring shell sage smoke darkness handcrafted witchcraft experimenting smokephotography photography

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 (cornfedpixie) Instagram Photos and Videos



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They were almost unfairly sweet, blackberries. Surely something born of bramble and thorn should be bitter and tough and contagiously miserable. There was a hint of this, of course, but the blackberry was determined to ripen all the sweeter for it; its deep loveliness shone not despite of its darkness, but because of it. She popped them into her mouth one by one, her lips puckering happily. blackberries instagram instagood glimpse healthyfood writersofinstagram foodporn berries love darkness darknessandlight

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Lucifer (hail_satanaa) Instagram Photos and Videos



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@iamashleykrantz 🔥🔥 satan 666 satanism evil goth satanist dark gothic witchcraft metal occult lucifer devil demon scary darkness blood blackmetal horror witch creepy hailsatan grunge illuminati demons wiccan emo ritual death black

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beetle night dark darkness izmir turkey photography photo tbt tbtphoto photographer main_vision master_shots

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Cthulhu (aircatuu) Instagram Photos and Videos



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nothing holding me here and nowhere else that I'd rather go blackandwhite ig_bucharest bucuresti metal darkness stairway urbangeometry

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🐾Arianna De Cicco📚🐶 (aris_de_cicco) Instagram Photos and Videos

🐾Arianna De Cicco📚🐶


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Penso spesso che la notte è più viva e intensamente colorata del giorno. 🌙 (Vincent van Gogh) night darkness dark flowers fioridiciliegio colorful colors suggestion relaxyourself berelaxed bepositive beyourself always picofthenight instadark instaphoto instaspring instalike like4like like4alike like4follow likes follow4likes followback follow4follow

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Klaudia / Polska, Jarosław (cieciowo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Klaudia / Polska, Jarosław


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to the moon and back {cześćmarzec uroki rozrywki jarosław podkarpacie polska springfav skyporn sunset sky nightsky nighttime stars lights dusk moon luna darkness landscape view trees nature addicted march spring poland photooftheday}

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Kaslík (telatkom) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Na tuhle fotku jsem 5 let zpátky byla brutálně pyšná 😀 darkness friends field depressed stressed welldressed fuckitall bffs blondeandbrunette czechgirls

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Kirill Komissarov (cyriel_6) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kirill Komissarov


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startanew nature darkness eternal light love

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TøùMâÿLęSs (soulaymabecha8) Instagram Photos and Videos



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 (fardtcn) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Cinayetle ilgili tek olumsuz şey, biri öldürdüğünde artık acı çekemeyecekleridir. burzum vargvikernes quotes blackmetal norwegianblackmetal paganblackmetal pagan paganism dark darkness darkside instamusic metalhead art arts artist evil demon death draw sketch paint surrealism surreal psychosis

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Menajem Marco (malvecamu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Menajem Marco


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La verdadera humildad thebarberpost inked tattoed darkness intheshadow

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Daniel Kerschner (kdeniel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daniel Kerschner


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hashtag owl colors color darkness chill feeling why justbecause owlagain

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Mandy Lou (miss_mandy_lou) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mandy Lou


Comment from Mandy Lou:

In darkness or light, always shine bright 🌕🌞 poem poetry poetryinmotion igpoetry writingcommunity literature wordsmith love darkness walls writing original words heart moonflower flower trust protection poetrycommunity poems heartfelt

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Dean 📷 (deanjones297) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dean 📷


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VIDEO: Out-of-focus filming of the Newtownards Road in East Belfast 🎥 • • • Photography Filmography Film Video UrbanPhotography Cars Focus BlurredBackground Night Darkness Sky Silhouette Skyline Landscape City Lights View Taillights Motion Sony SonyCybershot DSR Camera Samsung GalaxyS7edge Belfast NorthernIreland Ireland UK.

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FashionEdit/Design&Stylist-ARG (boogieboy_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD. style & clothing by me. @octa.papalini boy. @the.polf ph. @magafrigerio m.up. jeff clover: hair. like likeforlike like4like l4l hdr makeup hair hairstyle boy boymodel instagood instalike instapic picoftheday dark darkness night fashion fashioncampaign fashionmagazine fashionph

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Tormento (tormento_photographer) Instagram Photos and Videos



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storm stormporn wildsky earth nature videooftheday lightning sky skyline skyporn videography premiere strikes darkness city modern citynight citylandscape

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Cheree Karlsson (dawn_at_musko) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cheree Karlsson


Comment from Cheree Karlsson:

When everything is a snowy blur. . . blur snow snowflakes snowfall darkness bnw blackandwhite monochrome svartvitt monokrom bnwphoto bnwphotography smartphone night motion

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S.Gap (mm.vanhouten) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Gladiusssv2 (gladiusv2) Instagram Photos and Videos



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instaboy polishboy alone darkness MC park daywithfriend moonlight night

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Oli (oliwolf_06) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Back To the childhood 🎈 it clown horrormovie horror nightmare scream stephenking fear darkness monster

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Depressed As Fuck🐛 (depressed_and_down) Instagram Photos and Videos

Depressed As Fuck🐛


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Depressed Depression Suicide Suicidal Anxiety Cutting Down Sad Selfharm Dutch Stressed Stress Cut Deadinside Cutter Lonely Boy Guy Dark Feelings Feels Darkness Pencil Sharpener Blades Lost Hopeless MentalIllness Mental Illness

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Cé 🌻👽 (pvrpletrip) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cé 🌻👽


Comment from Cé 🌻👽:

sunset countryside valley wires clouds sunlight skyporn sun darkness contrast trees horizon

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ekaterina (kaa006) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ekaterina:

невижу череп темнота idonotsee skull darkness

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Lucifer (hail_satanaa) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lucifer:

🔥🔥🔥 satan 666 satanism evil goth satanist dark gothic witchcraft metal occult lucifer devil demon scary darkness blood blackmetal horror witch creepy hailsatan grunge illuminati demons wiccan emo ritual death black

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MiA (angelfire_02) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MiA:

Caught in a limbo, trapped in a wall I could step over easily, yet behind the wall I remained. Stubbornly I held on, like a drowning man clinging to a raft. I held on even when the water turned shallow and still. I held on because I was petrified of what awaits in the shore. I keep feeling two forces trying to tear me apart and I continually dig deep into my psyche looking for answers but I cannot find any clarity. I am caught between life and non-life, craving company but resenting any intrusions in my solitude; wanting desperately to dive into the unknown but terrified of not knowing what lies ahead; wanting to be home yet needing desperately to run away from everything familiar. I should have figured life by now. But I am lost. Trying to rise up but being pulled relentlessly down by the inner demons trapped where the old me used to be and no matter how loudly I screamed no one can hear my anguised cries. Somebody, save me. paradox life writing words prose travel placesescape missingyou halflife sadness bahrainfort wanderer emotions lost walls bahrain alone loneliness darkness clouds

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Bienvenue dans mon univers🕷 (twinsoulsuniverse_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bienvenue dans mon univers🕷


Comment from Bienvenue dans mon univers🕷:

Graph - Radiation -girl fille art drawing dessin darkness horror horreur

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Elisa Rangel (elisarangelcs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Elisa Rangel


Comment from Elisa Rangel:

Taquei a tesoura em casa mesmo! Ia corta r bem curtinho, mas preciso de dois meses pra crescer o local onde raspei ehuwhuehue 😁✂ hair franjas franjinha newlook selfie darkness instagram photographer photooftheday

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