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Shelley 🤘🐚 (navygurl194) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shelley 🤘🐚


Comment from Shelley 🤘🐚:

God, Bring me light in my dark times. Bring me peace upon my anxious soul. Give me wisdom from the ones I love most. Give me kindness to give to my nagging foes. Teach me to give without selfish thoughts. Teach me why awful things occur in this world. Be our hope, Be our compass, Make my heart content. peace light lightinthedark God help darkness spotlight wisdom LANY guideme guidance patience tucson darkphotography illuminate

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TheMightyO (wherermyphotos) Instagram Photos and Videos



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darthrevan jedi starwars jediknights unknowncosplayer. starwarscosplay lightsaber darkness movie film cartoon. animation comicbook disney lucasarts. popculture. thx scifi cosplayer cosplay mcmexpo mcmlondon

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Christopher Schlierf (christopher_schlierf) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christopher Schlierf


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Waiting girl blackandwhite bw girl shadow wall streetlamp instacinema model waiting light darkness dark highcontrast picoftheday moodygrams

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Jen (dramaqueen_92) Instagram Photos and Videos



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goodmorning have a nice friday😊 meselfiebrownhairbrowneyesglas sglassesmakeupskullbacardineck inecklacejewelryiphone7lovetow vetowearblackgothicnobodycares caresmusicmetalrockdarkdarknes

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Brenna Raven Miller (brennaravenempire) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brenna Raven Miller


Comment from Brenna Raven Miller:

london ontario darklight darkness abandoned abandonedbuilding buildingporn buildings grime grunge Grime_Lords broken peeledpaint graffiti abandonedporn abandonedproperty urbex bando mccormicks cookiefactory magick

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bede26 (bede26) Instagram Photos and Videos



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darkness light hate love simple

5 Minutes ago
˗ˏˋ sofiya ˊˎ- (coccolinos) Instagram Photos and Videos

˗ˏˋ sofiya ˊˎ-


Comment from ˗ˏˋ sofiya ˊˎ-:

Просто зайти, і вийти . . . лампочки світло кафе лампа я олесик васьок аліна настя кава фотка багатодужехештегів ай менівсерівно затобудебагатолайків light lightbulb darkness dark cafe coffee lampa

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Tommy Sheffield (tommy_sheffield) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tommy Sheffield


Comment from Tommy Sheffield:

City of Light, 4 Fairfax Virginia America UnitedStates photo picture nature naturegram naturelovers experimental beautiful strange cool abstract dark awesome night darkness minimalism follow landscape colors love light instalike instago igers instadaily picoftheday look

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Kakesu Sama (kakesu_studios) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kakesu Sama


Comment from Kakesu Sama:

When a man learns to love, He must bear the risk of hatred. -Madara Uchiha _____________________________ madara naruto boruto narutoshippuden uchiha reningan sharingan amaterasu itachi obito danzo sasuke hiddenleafvillage nagato gods anime darkness susano kekkeigenkai kakashiofthesharingan

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brigitta arum setyorini ティタ (brigit.ta) Instagram Photos and Videos

brigitta arum setyorini ティタ


Comment from brigitta arum setyorini ティタ:

I like the darkness. There's something to the feeling of not knowing your surroundings, not seeing the color of things as they appear, but as they truly are. There's something about the unknown, the quiet, the cold. There's something unspoken about the dark, something i can never quite put words to. Something terrifying yet beautiful. . . . . . . . . dar twilight sky sunset words quotes life vscocam photography

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JC (jcornwho) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from JC:

darkness sextoys

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Tonietama (tonietama) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Great hall

7 Minutes ago
tumblr.girl💙 (bunte_traene) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Every Person is a different door to a different world💜 tumblr girly girl darkness

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i n s a n e (instant.dead) Instagram Photos and Videos

i n s a n e


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Foto vieja megothdarkgrungemetalblackandw kandwhitedarknessoldpicseriago

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pablitoqilin (pablitoqilin) Instagram Photos and Videos



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nightwalker darkness whitewalker catlife light peace buddhahood czech cat earth

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Yana (ya_mihallna) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Мой темный рыцарь 🦇 темныйрыцарь ужаснакрыльяхночи черныйплащ инопланетянин ночь луна ночнойгость darkness nightmoon богомол mantis насекомое insect olenevka crimea

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Brian Krijgsman (krijgsman.brian) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brian Krijgsman


Comment from Brian Krijgsman:

one of the best portraits ever taken of me taken by the talented @addhawk 📷😎👌 blackandwhite portraitphotography photographerslife darkness throwback timeless monochrome lovingit

10 Minutes ago
Rodmon Wilson II (blackout993) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rodmon Wilson II


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yoga nightsky 🌙 blackpanther ninja blackink redwine defenders marvel kage shadow dark darkness calm

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mimmi_mossa (mimmi_mossa) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Nofilter noedit predator's eye in the night. moon moonrise darkness photo

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Giø💀 (xpsycho.gio) Instagram Photos and Videos



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the book of my life. medarkblackgreytumblrboy lrboydepressedsadalonesealight lightsdarknesstumblrboycreepyh eepyhairharrypottereyesfeeling elingsindierockgrungealternati rnativegrungeboyalternativeboy veboypicofthedayspamforspamlik

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Vylaness ™ The Red Queen 👑 (vylaness) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vylaness ™ The Red Queen 👑


Comment from Vylaness ™ The Red Queen 👑:

if you stick around long enough, you will witness the "Transformation" & realize it doesn't only happen on "Tuesdays" darkartists darkpoet recordingartist vision Villain message voice darkness iamtheredqueen horror gothic lifestyle iamvillainess music heavymetal transformation goodnight 🌛 sweetdreams Vylaness RedQueen 👑

11 Minutes ago
Ceefu (ceefu_2743) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ceefu:

If you are on the truth and know it to be the factual truth based on evidence and reason... then remain upon it and believe! Believe, even if you are the only person within the world believing. Falsehood is short-lived. The truth will manifest and overwhelm everything. Truth will vanquish falsehood just as light destroys darkness. Soon you will see the masses making an about turn and joining you in the truth. Keep marching soldier! ceefu_2743 truth facts reason lonely direction believe falsehood light darkness marching drill soldier desert footsteps footprints sand walking journey life depressionfree thankful enemies friendship companionship againsttheworld vagabond bedouin

12 Minutes ago
Feel Out Loud (feel.out.loud) Instagram Photos and Videos

Feel Out Loud


Comment from Feel Out Loud:

papercuts ||⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ heartbrokenquotes heartbroken sadquotes darksouls darkness deepquotes depression depressedquotes depressed depressionquotes anxiety anxietyquotes anxietyattack mentalhealth mentalillness spilledink brokenheart brokenpeople meaningful meaningfulquotes soulful wordart wordporn wordsmiths darksouls writingcommunity bymepoetry wordswithqueens poetryhive redinkpoetry

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Suchi Subhra (minion.blinks) Instagram Photos and Videos

Suchi Subhra


Comment from Suchi Subhra:

Just fall in it.... . . . . nature natural beauty beautiful scene scenery landscape gogreen green trees plants darkness free love instaclick insta bestmoments lovely weather india photography photographer natgeo forest wood

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blvckwyrt (blvckwyrt) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Abandoned barn ✨ . . . . barn old abandonedplaces photography wood beams light clairobscur dark darkness gloomy ambient horror horrorfilm death occult witchcraft sorcery farm building construction architecture

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Ellen Storli (storliellen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ellen Storli


Comment from Ellen Storli:

We stay together.......nature nature_magical storyteller macromagicalmacro dof_brilliance fiftyshades_of_macro macrolique light darkness lightworker ig_myshot igers igeroslo

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Dianne (piczella) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Dianne:

Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness. darkness edited bnw myclicks

14 Minutes ago
Just Call Me Animal! (man_is_just_an_animal) Instagram Photos and Videos

Just Call Me Animal!


Comment from Just Call Me Animal!:

Dark Darkness Evil Satanic Occult Gothic Gore darkart horror hailsatan hailsatan666 creepy morbid occultism witch

14 Minutes ago
Depression.doesnt.go.away (depression.doesnt.go.away) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Depression.doesnt.go.away:

I can't handle it anymore.... after two years clean I need to cut.... everyone around me is so what does it matter anymore.... depressionquotes depression blithe bpd cutting sadness darkness suicidal fml help helpme killme endit depressingvideos cuts blade die

15 Minutes ago
• Her Own World • 🥀 (ownherworld) Instagram Photos and Videos

• Her Own World • 🥀


Comment from • Her Own World • 🥀:

I don't need no love, no friendship, no nothing. I just need someone to get lost with.

15 Minutes ago
Wandering Mind (the_wandering.mind) Instagram Photos and Videos

Wandering Mind


Comment from Wandering Mind:

Farce and Tragedy ChroniclesOfAWandering

16 Minutes ago
Sandra Wüthrich (sandra_wuethrich_fotografie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sandra Wüthrich


Comment from Sandra Wüthrich:

darkdarkness dunkelschwarzweissmanmannstron strongschattenshadowsblickpers kpersonblackandwhiteNikonD750n

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Tash Andres (batsie420) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tash Andres


Comment from Tash Andres:

wordporn photography darkness innerdarkness weird

23 Hours ago