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🇺🇸 Excuses vs executions! Do not wait for perfect conditions! Work! Lose fat, Gain muscles: For 1 On 1, Online Coaching: (t nutrition programme, personal trainings) 🇨🇿 Zdravim ze sveho ledoveho kralovstvi! :D Zbav se tuku, Naber svaly: Osobni, Online Spoluprace: (tréninkové, výživové plány, osobní trénink, konzultace) ► facebook: instagram: tanislav_fitness/ vyzivovepor jidelnicky hubnuti treninkoveplany osobnitrener fitness svaly sila pekacbuchet - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - abs muscle wellbeing dieting deadlift squats gethealthy healthyliving fitfood eatclean trainhard fitnessmotivation noexcuses getfit nopainnogain

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How to Lose Weight Fast & Easy


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💪🔝Awesome 🏆👍 Follow Me @cecilia.marley . . Check out my Fat Burner Program📝 😍 . Link in My BIO 🚏👉 @cecilia.marley to see all the other things you've been misinformed about 😉 . . . . Lose up to 21 pounds in just 21 days START NOW. Link in my BIO @cecilia.marley . . Follow 👉👉 @cecilia.marley Thanks 😘 📖 . . 📷 Pic Shown: @julie_fit_chick 👍👌 . . . weightlossmotivatio weightlossstory weightlossgoals weightlosssurgery weightlosssupport weightlossinspiration weightlosstips weightlosssuccess weightlosshelp weightlosstea weightlosscommunity weightlosstransformations dietingproblems weightlosstruggle weightlossph weightlossgoal weightloss3week weightlossproblems the3weekdiet dieting weightlossprogram weightlossfood myfitnesspal lossweight 3WeekDiet loseweight FatLoss weightlossjourney diettips

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As it's -6 here in Freezing Scotland ❄️ Nothin else for it but Scotch Broth with nice big chunky Veg. Tasty, Warming & Filling 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼soup lunch veggies healthyeating swinsta instafood slimmingworld transformation slimmingworldfood instagood slimmingworldmeals weightwatchers weightloss slimmingworldjourney swmafia slimmingworlddiary foodblogger slimmingworlduk motivation slimmingworldrecipes fooddiary cleaneating dieting fit weightlossjourney blogger foodie food fat freezing

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Chad Hackman


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🔥TACKLING THE TIME BARRIER TO EXERCISE 🔹 The most frequent reason given for not exercising is lack of time. A lack of time to do anything can make your day stressful especially if you’re trying to do something that will improve your health and your body. But usually the remedy for the issue with time is to look at your schedule a little closer and see how you can prioritize things throughout your day. Something like getting a time journal which will allow you to keep track of what you do during your day to get a general sense of how you use your time. You may find out just how much extra time you’d have if you didn’t spend as much time watching TV, surfing the web, or social media. In this picture there are some other ways to help you open up some extra time to get your workouts in. 🔸 ▪️Take your kids with you. Join a gym that offers a day care service or take the little ones on walks with you. ▪️Set your alarm clock for an earlier time. This goes back to what’s a priority. Go to bed earlier to wake up earlier so you can workout. ▪️Choose something over nothing. Moving is better than not moving at all. Try and sneak a walk in on your lunch break. Or decrease your workout times by lowering your rest periods. You don’t have to workout for 5 hours a day. ▪️Make your workout fun. You’ll make it more of a priority if you actually enjoy training. 🔹 These are only some of the ways you can add some extra time to your day so you can get your workouts in. But remember the most important is how you prioritize your day. You’ll make time for what’s truly important to you and you’ll make excuses for the rest.

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Mima Douglas


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Η Μαριάννα στο ΑλλαΖω έδειξε τι σημαίνει θέληση και θετικότητα! Φύγανε τα πρώτα 12 κιλα, τώρα πάμε για την τελική ευθεία! cambridgeweightplancyp cambridgeweightplan cambridgediet cambridgedietcyprus cwp cwpcy cwpgirls cwpmafia cwpfamily cwpfriends cwpdiet cambridgeweightplan cambridgeweightplancy cwpcy cwp dieting lifestyle healthyliving style lifestylemakeover makeover beauty larnaca limassol nicosia paphos cyprus greece australia

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Dott. Mariano Miraglia


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Spesso il litchi è usato alla stregua di un dessert esotico mentre in realtà ha importanti valenze nutrizionali: è particolarmente ricco di vitamina C, tanto che 100 grammi di polpa forniscono più dell'80% della dose giornaliera raccomandata; inoltre ha tracce di molte altre vitamine, specie quelle del gruppo B. Poverissimo di grassi e sodio, fornisce invece rame fosforo e potassio all'organismo che rendono tonico il cuore e l'apparato circolatorio. Il frutto possiede una vasta di polifenoli dalle proprietà antiossidanti e nella medicina popolare cinese viene indicato come rimedio per il mal di testa, probabilmente grazie alle proprietà vasodilatatrici dell'acido nicotinico. Questa ultima sostanza facilita la purificazione del sangue ripulendo dal colesterolo cattivo e altre sostanze tossiche e così insieme altri principi attivi dal potere antiossidante si può considerare un alimento funzionale proprio verso la prevenzione dell'arteriosclerosi. Infine nel litchi è presente un polifenolo chiamato oligonol con attività antiossidante e antinfluenzale quindi è in grado di combattere i virus. healthy healthyfood healthylife healthyeating food foodpics foodgasm foodshop eat eating eatfood eathealthy fruit litchi nutrition humannutrition diet dieting dietfood dietcoach doctorme nutritionist mediterranean mediterraneandiet mediterraneanfood weight loss weightloss weightlossfood

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Hedef -5 🤗


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Yine tatlı bir ara😋😎 doğadanbeyazçay sütaştatlım ve malesef free shop çikolatası geldiği için bir tane ponçik guylianseashells dieting cheatmeal fitlife

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Holly Proud


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Lunch was a delicious Italian salad! Consisting of: Goats cheese (hexa +3 syns) Butternut squash (S) Green beans (S) Lettuce (S) Sun-dried tomatoes (S plus 3 syns?) Lentils (P) (White balsamic dressing- 3 syns)? Guestimating 9 syns for the lot, which sounds mental for a salad, but it was frigging delicious 👌👌👌 slimmingworldjourney weight weightloss diet dieting healthy health healthyeating healthyfood weightlossjourney happy bodypositive plusside smile inspiration goals food foodporn fitness gym gains workout fit Slimmingworldcommunity protein fooddiary slimmingworld slimmingworlduk slimmingworldfamily foodporn

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Berbagai makanan yang enak dan lezat berdatangan ke perut, sayangnya banyak diantaranya yg tidak baik untuk kesehatan ( lemak, gorengan, makanan bersantan, berkolesterol tinggi dll ) Dengan FIFORLIF akan membantu melibas "sampah racun/ karsinogen" dalam usus besar kita Manfaat fiforlif 1. melancarkan Bab dan mengeluarkan sisa kotoran lama yg menempel pada dinding usus besar 2. menjaga kesehatan saluran pencernaan 3. mengatur kadar gula darah 4. membantu menurunkan kadar kolesterol sehingga menurunkan resiko penyakit jantung 5. membantu menurunkan berat badan karena aman dan sehat untuk diet juga 6. merampingkan perut INFO & ORDER HP/WA : 0822-3900-9645 (Tsel) PIN BB : D9E276B4 LINE : husnaherbal fiforlif foredi ladyfem tisumanjakani orisbreastcream fiforlifpekanbaru fiforlifpelangsingherbal fiforlifcilegon fiforlifpontianak fiforlifcaraminum fiforlifcarapakai fiforlifbpom fiforlifaddict fiforliffiber fiforlifpromo dietgm dietmayo dieteterna dieting energydiet dietalami dietitian dietfood dietherbal whatdiet ayutingting ayutingtingraffiahmad ayuting ayuting2 ayutingting92fans

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Avitamininden zengin olan havuç tokluk hissini artırarak zayıflamamızada yardımcı olur. Ara öğünlerimizde rahatça tüketebiliriz🥕🥕❤️ diyetdiyetisyendiyetisyenimkil imkilovermezayıflamakhavuçhavu çhavuçsalatasıdietdiyetteyizdi yizdieticiannutritionfitnesshe esshealthyfooddietfooddiyetyem etyemeklerimeyvevitaminsağlıks ğlıksağlıklıbeslenmefitnessgir ssgirlcarrothealthhealthylifes

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Daniele Ferrara


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😃🍴💪🔝 lunch lunchtime lunchdate dinner pasta delicious gnam tasty good picofday like likes likeforshare restaurant tbt food foodporn likes tastyfood foodie healthy diet dieting cibosano chef masterchef kitchen foodblogger fish likeforlike healthyfood

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It's breakfast time again and it's Monday. What does that mean for breakfast? Nothing, same breakfast as normal lol The reason why I do this is so I don't have t think about whay I'm having and leave my thinking to not important things.. there is a reason why Steve Jobs wore the same clothes all the time. Not saying if you wear the same clothes and wear the same clothes you will become Steve Jobs, but you are creating habits that put you on that path. mondaymotivation - iifym macrocounting countingcalories diet flexibledieting fattofit fitfood breakfastideas weightloss dieting fatloss weightlossjourney getinshapeclate foodideasfoodjournal consistency

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Stephie M


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Breakie this morning was granola with orange and pears 😍 I didn't use milk as the juice from the fruit was enough 👍 40g granola for the first of my hexb slimmingworld slimmingworlduk slimmingworldsupport swuk swfamily swmafia slimmingworldmafia slimmingworldmeals slimmingworldfood slimmingworldjourney slimmingworldlife slimmingworldsp weightloss weightlossjourney losingweight dieting diet healthyeating healthylifestyle healthy foodjournal fooddiary

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Ollie Jowett - Project 168


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😋What Should You Eat Before a Workout? ______ 💦Lets go back a few steps and look at why you are eating something before a workout anyway. ______ 🍌Food is energy. We need energy and food provides that for us. It's a pretty good idea to have energy for a workout, therefore it usually makes sense to eat something before you train. ______ 🍎Generally speaking, a food/meal source containing some protein and carbs is best for most. ______ 🍗Without getting sciencey (or too boring), protein before a workout can help not only provide your body with energy but also prime your muscles for your weight training workout ahead, which will lead to better results. Protein post-workout is usually a great idea too! ______ 🍲Carbs before a workout definitely makes sense - although most tend to avoid carbs (for whatever reason), it just so happens that Carbs are actually you body's preferred fuel source - so if you feed your body carbs, you feed your body with energy, and lots of it. ______ 🍳The more energy you have, the better you perform in the gym, the greater you then feel and the more results you see from it. ______ 🍬That being said... ______ 💩Not everyone can, or likes, to eat before a training session and can in fact cause them digestive issues such as bloating, indigestion and burping. ______ 😷 Burping during a set of Burpees is a no thank you! ______ 🏃🏼‍♀️So trial it. See how you feel during a workout having eating an hour or so before. If you feel great, continue to eat before a workout. ______ ☕️But if you feel like you're going to throw up (before a set of squats) then maybe just stick to a good, strong black coffee! ______ 🙋🏼‍♂️For bespoke Nutritional help or advice, get in touch @project168 ______ ChangeTheWayYouDiet ______ Project168

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•l█─ 💪ZAK💪 ─█I•🔥#DoIt4TheBurn🔥


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💪🔥GYMTIME 🔥 💪 CHEST,shoulders,rear delts,abs 💪💯💪👊👋😍👏✌👌👍 gymlife bodybuilding weightlifting fitness beastmode gymaholic gains gainz fitness health protein powerlifting gymmeme iifym pizza fitfam myfitnesspal gymrat love diet macros dieting gym squats rhb healthylifestyle gymislife aesthetics myprotein abs

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This weekend was a busy one and not completely on plan either 😬 Sunday was synfree and SP but Saturday started out well, then had tapas with the family.... Still but probably laden with syns and then..... Well chocolate! 🙈 needless to say I didn't picture all of the naughty stuff but I'm pretty proud of myself for getting back on it yesterday 👍 and today is an on plan, day.... Spent mainly in the library writing essays! 😣 slimmingworld slimmingworlduk slimmingworldsupport swuk swfamily swmafia slimmingworldmafia slimmingworldmeals slimmingworldfood slimmingworldjourney slimmingworldlife slimmingworldsp weightloss weightlossjourney losingweight dieting diet healthyeating healthylifestyle healthy foodjournal fooddiary

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Monday! Let’s start! bodybuilding nutrition training fitness diet transformation motivation biceps abs chest ifbb gains workout gymmotivation boy muscle fitnesslifestyle dieting progress physique journey palestra

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Patrick Moorshead


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Bench press session and hypertrophy horizontal push + pull with @willbarbcustard

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Keeping the diet clean bits clean and the naughty bits - don’t ask 🙈😂 It’s festive season well and truly and too many meals out and lunches to enjoy😋 Monday roast chicken breast with sweetheart cabbage somewhat camouflaged by tasty @seasongod garlic and lemon 🍋👍🏼 lunch postworkout postworkoutmeal chicken vegetables chickenrice legday protein lowfat dieting diet girlswhosquat instafit instafitness tagforlikes weightlifting bodybuilding monday girlswholift iifym iifymgirls lean healthyeating fitness exercise gym gains fitfam christmas

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Le Royaume des Lions


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Hey foodies - heute gab es kelloggs Rice Krispies, Coco Pops und Frosties zum frühstück / breakfast 😜- Happy 😃 Montag 💚🌱 ad monday diet food foodstagram foodblogger foodoftheday instafood instagood instagram picoftheday blog blogger healthy lowcarb dieting dietfood weightloss highprotein leroyaumedeslions munich leipzig berlin follow like4like

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R&G Fitness


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teamNOsleep ⏰⏰⏰⏰ Roll over hit that alarm clock in the head and let’s move 😊 - It’s winter so we hit the filter that gave us a tan. Just a reminder to fight 🥊 for this summer body now. (Most wait about 2 weeks before June hits to start training.) focus teamrng - embrace the rise&grind 🚀🚀🚀 mouthbreather - weightloss weightlossprogram weightlosstips fatloss fatlossjourney losingfat losingweight diet dieting nutrition weightlifting liftingweights strengthtraining muscle buildingmuscle fit fitnesstips mckinneytx fitnesscoach personaltrainer mobility motivationalquotes fitness photography workoutmotivation fitspo

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Wooh! This is a first for me, coming number 1 in a step challenge. Very chuffed. That’s what a weekend in London will do for you! So much walking this weekend, my feet feel bruised haha weightwatchers ww WeightLossJourney weightloss diet dieting exercise fooddiary diary healthyliving healthylifestyle stepchallege garminstepchallenge garmin walking

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The TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan


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Make the next couple of weeks before Christmas count 🙌🏻 weightlossinspiration weightloss weightlossjourney goals support feelgood weighin eatrealfood justask progress weightlossbeforeandafter results food recipes loseweight transfomation weightlossstory weightlosssupport terriann123dietplan diets dietplan dieting summerbody

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Sane alternative.. magari aromatizzate alla cannella 😍 . . . serenacapursonutrizio serenacapurso biologonutrizionista nutrizionistaromaprati roma dolci snack apple mela chips cannella cinnamon monday bake dieting healtyfood mangiacolorato nutrizione dietaequilibrata nutrition instafood instadiet instagood foodlovers lovefood healthyfood etucomelocucini

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Not Pro Ana! Not Giving Tips!


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Here’s a few more. I must seem really vanilla to you guys

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Το Ultra είναι ένα από τα πιο πλήρεις φυσικά συμπληρώματα στην αγορά, η πολυλειτουργικότητα του, σας επιτρέπει να διαμορφώνετε το προϊόν στις ανάγκες σας και να έχετε ένα ή όλα τα οφέλη που θέλετε. Με το ULTRA Z / X μπορείτε να γίνει η απώλεια βάρους, τόνωση της μυϊκής μάζας και η αύξηση των επιπέδων ενέργειας για τη σωματική δραστηριότητα.

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첫줄 오늘 집에만 있으려고 했지만 치과갈 준비하고 나왔는데 얼어죽는줄🌨🌬 그래도 막 껴입고 나와서 다행...ㅎㅎ 치과 치료받고 칫솔사서 나왔는데 추워서 바로 옆 유니클로 들어가서 몸 녹이고 집에 엄청 빨리 걸어옴ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 오늘 한 일도 없는데 벌써 밤이다🌙✨ 시간 너무 빨라ㅠㅠ . . . . . dietdietingdiet gdieterselfieselstagramdaily다이 ily다이어트다이어트중다이어터셀피셀스타그램얼스타그램데일 타그램데일리일상치과스켈링임플란트치료후유니클로에서몸녹이기

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fitnessmotivation burnfat muscle diet dieting weightlossjourney cardio eatclean health healthybody healthcoach squats protein whey bodygoals lifestyle motivation bodybuilding fitness fitnessgoals fatloss protein veggies water movement exercise

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Fiona Mackenzie


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Ritu Raj


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This is dieting looks like when you are on a restweek 🍝🍛🍗🍷 . . dietgoals diet dietplan weightloss weightlossjourney healthy bodygoals fitness healthyfood goals dieting healthgoals food dietfood dietlife foodie nutrition weightlossstruggles weightlossdiaries nutritionfacts healthydiet weightlossadvice eatclean health fitnessgoals foodgoals

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Bolatito RN 🎓🇮🇪🇳🇬


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🔥6 Ideas for a Quick and Easy Lunch🔥 🍛From my experience over the years working with people in different professions, lunch time is usually the most rushed, or at least the one where people spend less time thinking about it (and sometimes miss it all together) I once knew a lady who chose to take 15 mins lunch break instead of half hour so she still got paid for that half hour 😂😂 . . ⏰I get it though. Busy day at work, you don’t want to break stride by sitting down for an hour for lunch. . . 🌮I also find a lot of my online coaching clients prefer a smallish lunch and to save more of their calories for the evening when they have more time. Therefore, I like to give them lunch ideas that are quick and easy, like the ones in the infographic . . 🥗Some of these are bought in store and some are made at home. Even the ones made at home don’t involve any cooking time (except leftovers, but that’s from the night before) just some good old slicing and dicing! Of course, feel free to change ingredients. These are just ideas 💡 Cc @sam_xceedfit . . weightlosshelp weightlosstips weightlossfood weightlosscoach weightlossmotivation weightlossjourney calories caloriecounting fatloss fatlosshelp fatlosstips fatlossjourney dieting diettricks diettips diethelp dietplan ifitfitsyourmacros iifym flexiblediet flexibledieting healthydiet dubaifit dubaifitfam dubaifitness dubaipersonaltrainer lunchidea lunchtimes healthylunchbox

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Michelle Kemp


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Early lunch this cold is making me hungry ALL the time lol! Leftover spaghetti Bolognese with half my lighter cheese HEA. Get in my belly, is it bad I'm still a little hungey 🙈🙈🙈 slimmingworld slimmingworldmafia slimmingworldsupport slimmingworldfriends sw swblogger swmeals foodoptimising extraeasy beforeandafterweightloss weightloss weightlossmotivation weightlossjourney weightloss weightlossmotivation motivational mondaymotivation inspirational diet dieting gettinghealthy healthy healthyliving me bodygoals monday lunch

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Özlem Delikanlı


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En tatlı sabahlar lapayla başlar 🎉 Yulaf yerine buğday ruşeymi tercih etmeye başladım şu sıralar 🙌🏻 ⭐️ruşeym buğdayın en değerli ve besleyici değeri en yüksek kısmı ve aynı zamanda bol miktarda protein içeriyor ⭐️ . . . porridge healthyfood healthylifestyle healhylife healthyeating healthyeats healthybreakfast healthychoices healthyliving eatclean cleaneating eatcleantraindirty diet dietfood dieting dieta vegan veganfood veganism diyetteyiz diyet sagliklibeslen saglikliyasam nosugar

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