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dietsehat dietcepat dietalami pelangsing dietmurah fitness dietampuh dietaman langsing healthyfood dietherbal dietfood dietmayo pelangsingbadan langsingalami dieta pelangsingampuh pelangsingherbal dietitian eatclean tipsdiet fit langsingsehat pelangsingmurah dieting pelangsingalami healthy nutrition food diet

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Let me know if you like the content on it’s my new couples page with @aly_rae_14 ・・・ Welcome to LA & Aly . Separately we were lost and out of control. Aly had 3 children and LA had 4. We both had failed marriages and lots of life lessons that made us learn to fight through adversity . One day God brought us together and for the first time in our lives felt the limitless power of true love 💚 . Together we share a passion for fitness, food, business, and family. Most importantly we feel it’s a privilege and a responsibility to leave a legacy of helping others and giving back . We hope our content of personal experiences and actions will help educate and inspire you to embrace your best possible life and never look back! . Love LA & Aly

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Seguimos adelante, después de más de una semana del vídeo anterior, hoy pude ver algunos detalles más en mis piernas... La piel se afinó mucho más, y hubo otras zonas de mi cuerpo donde también vi el impacto del entrenamiento y mi alimentación. A seguir cambiando, a seguir puliendo y mejorando...! %💯💪💘🔥💣 legs legscheck changes changesup keepthechangesup hardwork motivation selfmotivation gymcoaching selfcoaching training dieting trainforgains eatforgains menshealth mensphysique lookingforabestversionofmyself stayfit staystrong stayhumble noregrets nopainnogain💪

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What are some healthy diet food options? Follow the link in the bio. .............................. .............................. .............................. .............................. .............................. .............................. diet dietplan dieting food foodie betterlife 2018 betteryou foodgram foodlover newyou starttoday positivevibes positivequotes weightlossjourney weightloss healthgoals getstarted makechanges thrivelife pushyourself healthjourney healthyhabits healthfirst lifechange lifechanges icandoit dietmotivation dietlife

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Peanut Butter-Banana Toast + PB Maple Oatmeal 🥜🍯🍁🍞🍌 • Woke up craving peanut butter. Needless to say, that craving is satisfied. • Given all the peanut butter in this breakfast, this is definitely high in calories & considered a “hearty” way to start my it will most certainly suffice as brunch.👍🏼☕️ • This was an unnecessarily large amount of peanut butter...but I’m oddly ok with it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Being happy with what I eat, while still maintaining a calorie deficit is the key to happiness for myself.🔑😁 • • 1/2 banana + 1 whole wheat english muffin + 1 packet maple & brown sugar oatmeal + 4 tbsp creamy peanut butter + 1 tbsp lite maple syrup

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I mean, are your colleagues even your colleagues when you’re at lunch?! 😂

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You can go crazy thinking about what you can’t control. Or you can get results by focusing on what you can control. Great post by @cartergood ・・・ 📍THE TRUTH ABOUT LOSING FAT — Pretty much every single person starting a new diet or exercise program has a physical or measurable goal. You know... they want to lose X pounds, lose fat, lose inches, fit into size whatever jeans... all that good stuff. - And while there ain’t nothin’ wrong with having those goals, the problem comes when you start investing all of your expectation and motivation into achieving those things. - Reason being, they’re volatile. - Sure, you can set your diet and exercise up in a way to lose weight and/or build muscle, but you really don’t have much control over how quickly (or slowly) your body decides to change. - You see, that’s what ultimately fails most people. They don’t feel like the results they see match the effort they’re putting in. Or maybe they don’t see progress at all and lose the drive to keep going. - Here’s the truth of the situation. When it comes to seeing results, there’s a lot you can’t control. If you’re overly fixated on seeing results, there’s a good chance you’re going to burn out and lose motivation 👎 - The absolute BEST thing you can do is be indifferent to how quickly or slowly you’re progressing and instead focus on what you CAN control. - You can’t control how fast the scale moves ❌, but you CAN control how consistently you follow your diet & exercise protocols ✅ - You can’t always control your food environment ❌, but you CAN control your food choices ✅. Or if you do overeat❌, how quickly you get back on track ✅ - If someone you know is trying to lose fat, then send them here. ——— weightlosshelp weightlosscoach weightloss weightlossjourney weightlossgoals weightlossprogress fatloss fatlossjourney losingweight losingfat burningfat fatburn fatburning dieting fit fitness fitnessmotivation fitnessprogress lifting liftingweights nutrition nutritiontips weightlossstruggle weightlosssupport healthyweightloss weightlossprogram

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Well it was a 1lb loss for me this week. I didn’t deserve it but I’m grateful for it all the same! It all started when I made a really lousy lunch last week. The jacket spud in the photos. It was so bland and boring, I actually felt crap afterwards. I never feel like that! But anyway, I think the dreaded star week is upon me, and if it wasn’t nailed down, I ate it! Feel so much better today, like I’ve got a clean slate. I didn’t really have breakfast this morning so I’ll make up for it throughout the day and post more photos later. slimmingworlduk slimmingworld slimming slimmingworldfood diet dieting food eating weightlossjourney weightloss instafood hungry

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Spingiti sempre oltre i tuoi limiti! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ bodybuildingmotivation fitlife fitness gym diet gymmotivation gymlife gymtime fitnessmodel fitspiration fitnessmotivation fitnesslife fitspiration muscles muscle biceps triceps abs sixpack dieting lift lifting trainhard training trainer healthylife health shredded shred fitnessitalia

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Hydration is key!!!💦 I know we have all heard it before, but if you are looking to lose weight, have better digestion, clearer skin or more energy it all comes down to hydration! I don't go anywhere without my water bottle. I love to put a couple drops of essential oil in it, currently I love lemon and onguard essential oils together. This helps me drink more as it tastes good, and goes down easier. Another tip is to buy a water bottle that you like. Sounds silly, but if you think your water bottle is cute, I guarantee you will be more likely to carry it around 😉

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Sophie Young


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The Fact is that nature does not want you to lose that stubborn body fat. Mother Nature Wants to Fatten You Up. Our bodies are made to withstand extraordinary challenges. The human body is a perfect survival machine: it could store up fat Then use that fat for energy months or even years afterwards. The only problem is… you don’t want to hold on to that fat anymore! In today’s world, we simply don’t need body fat to live. My bio link has more information weightloss healthy bodytransformation dieting instafit fitfam fitnessprogress

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Yes! Great info graphic from @bodyevidencescans with @get_repost ・・・ Regrann from @syattfitness - 💥BMI SUCKS (here's why)💥 - 🐿I found this image on the Google machine & traced it back to so huge props to them for this graphic. - 🍕BMI stands for "Body Mass Index" and it's a [flawed] way of estimating how much body fat you have. - 🐳Without going into the nitty gritty, BMI is based purely on your height and weight. And while it can be a *somewhat* decent measure for the general population, the more you lift and build lean muscle, the less accurate it's going to be. - 🌵That's why both of these guys - even though they're clearly no where near the same body composition - are essentially marked as "equally obese." - 🐙But truth is, I didn't make this post to bash the BMI. That doesn't do much good for you or me or anyone. The reason I made this post is because too many people focus on arbitrary numbers instead of what really matters -- how you look and feel. - 🍣Way too many people care entirely too much about what the scale says. Or how high your BMI is. Or what the shitty handheld body fat measure clocks you in at. - 🏌🏻‍♀️And the cool part doesn't matter. None of it. Obviously it's not good to be 50% body fat but that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying it doesn't matter and no one cares or can tell if you're 17% or 19% bodyfat. What matters -- ALL that matters -- is that you're making progress, moving in the right direction, and are happy with how you look and feel. And don't let any number or measure or tool or article or IG post or person make you think otherwise. - 🙏❤I hope this helps and, as always, any questions leave em below 💪 - iifym ifitfitsyourmacros flexibledieting diet dieting dietplan dietfood dietitian nutrition nutrients nutritionist nutritioncoach weightloss weightwatchers weightlossfood weightlossdiary weightlosstransformation weightlossmotivation weightlossjourney personaltrainer strengthcoach fatloss fatlossjourney fatlossmotivation fatlosstips alwaysoptimal - regrann

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French English Muffins. The best way to get your family to eat more eggs. - breakfast frenchtoast englishmuffin familybreakfast diet health wellness nutrition nutritious carbs fat healthyeating healthy healthychoices healthylifestyle food recipe healthyrecipe fitness fit getfit flexibledieting healthydiet dieting eatclean fitnessaddict fitfood foodie healthyrecipes dad

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4.5 syns for afternoon snacks slimmingworld sw swuk slimmingworlduk slimmingworldfood slimmingworldmeals slimmingworldjourney slimmingworldfollowers slimmingworldsupport slimmingworldlove swinsta onplan foodoptimising food fooddiary diet dieting dietfood weightloss weightlossjourney slimming healthyfood healthyeating instafood foodstagram corn

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The Truth Behind Fat Loss: . 80% of my clients come to me with the primary goal to lose weight, and the other 20% that come to put on size & weight still say they want to lose belly fat. That’s 100% of my past and present clients all with the same goal to decrease body fat, it’s universal . Unfortunately not 100% of them will reach that fat loss goal, if I’m been honest 50% would be a push . Losing weight is easy, it’s a simply formula: consume less calories than you burn off. Weight loss is a lifestyle, it’s a mindset, it’s a need . Here’s my top weight loss advice, see your weight loss goal as a need, not a “I want” or “I would like” but “I need” to lose weight. It’s like sleep, or water. I need these to survive. . Don’t fall at the 1st hurdle because you’ve “had a bad day” or because “everyone else was having dessert” . You and only you can achieve this goal, put the work in, stay focused and enjoy the results. Once that weight starts dropping off it will be well worth it . fatloss weightloss motivation hardwork focus training dieting diet dicipline willpower mindset water sleep survive workout exercise healthy healthyfood healthyeating healthandfitness lifestyle leangains toned beachbody summerready summerbody summerholiday wedding pt leeds

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IFBB.PRO Franklin Valverde


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em 2016, vi como cheguei ao nível profissional e, em 2018, no meu Olympia, me tornei parte da LEGA PRO e um prazer e uma alegria para cumprimentá-la e, com sua bondade e grande caridade, as melhores benções 🏆🏋🙏workout fit work motivation beast gym cool bikinifitness bikiniproamazing fitness life style fun npc photooftheday lol smile traning dieting sheruclassic diet olympiamateursouthamerica mdlatino genuinebodybuilding medellin ,nopainnogain aesthetic npc transformation bodybuilding respect

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Anyone who knows me knows I’m crazy for soft-serve! It’s true, you can eat ice cream and still reach your goals with fitness and nutrition. I think it’s important to work a treat into your to day to keep you feeling satisfied. When people start restricting foods completely is when they tend to want them more! If you’re eating 80% whole, real foods everyday and save 20% for a treat you can still be a lean, mean fitnessing machine 💪 What’s your vice? Anyone love cones as much as I do?? Also, does anyone know how you become sponsored by McDonald’s? Or DQ? Asking for a friend.. conelyfe 🍦✌️

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✏️__2018.02.21__✏️ 요즘 올림픽보는 꿀재미🥌 GIRIDIET 다노샵 습관성형 다이어트다이어리 다이어트 다이어터 식단일지 다이어트일지 아침식단 점심식단 저녁식단 운동일지 dietgram dieting diet dieter 헬스타그램 헬스 fitness health healthy

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Akşam yemeğim koca bir kase ton balıklı salata 🥗 akşamyemeği dinner diyet diyetteyim diyetteyiz diyetgünlüğüm diyetgünlüğü diet dieting sağlık saglikliyasam sagliklibeslenme temizbeslenme healthy healthyfood healthydiet healthylifestyle health kiloverme zayıflama form weightloss weightlossblogger weightlossjourney weightlossstory

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From egg nesting box, to pan, to my breakfast 🍳 collecting fresh eggs from my hens every morning is very rewarding and satisfying to know where they came from🐥 also the colour on that yolk 😍 flexible dieting gym gymaddict freerange organic homegrown eggs protein iifym gymmotivation yolkporn hens humpday

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Świetne produkty @noblehealth 😍 . . . . . diet noble poland post girl instablloger instapost instablog tagsforlikes followme like dieting celulit motivation

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💥💥EXERCISE SELECTION FOR MUSCLE GAIN AND FAT LOSS!!!💥💥 Repost @mazerfitness - 🐣See the difference? No me neither…😉 - ✌️That’s the point! There’s no difference in exercise selection for general muscle gain or fat loss!! It should all be the same, the only difference you really make in training is the amount of training volume you’re doing. - The amount of sets and reps needed for muscle gain is more than for fat loss. Because you need the stress to be forced on the muscle to really force the muscle to grow in a surplus. If you’re in a deficit however, you’re training to preserve as much muscle as possible and maybe grow some muscle. - Knowing that, we can talk about the real difference in fitness for muscle gain or fat loss. As you probably already know, it’s not so much about training. It’s way more about nutrition. - It’s about how much you’re eating, how much protein you’re eating. Maybe how many carbs and fats you’re eating if you’re up to tracking that. That’s the true difference. - You see, for most people, what you actually do in the gym doesn’t matter as much as you think. Yes, get a good training program specified towards your goals and needs but don’t stress about the small stuff. You probably don’t even have your calories and proteins completely dialled in so please don’t worry too much about EXERCISE SELECTION. Which is like 2% of what really matters. - 👊First, focus on the big rocks, get those dialled in and if you have those dialled in we can take a look at exercise selectio - ✌️If you need any help, please feel free to send me an email to willnelsonfit describing your struggles and we’ll take it from there.📧 . . . . . . . . . . . weightlossjourney weightlossdiet weightlossplan diet dieting fatloss fatlossjourney nutrition nutritiontips nutritioncoach fitness fit fitnessmotivation fitnessjourney dietplan dietfood dietstartsmonday nutritionplan caloriecounting countingcalories losingweight howtoloseweight highprotein wholefoods healthydiet healthyweightloss

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LEG DAY PREP! 😃😃 . . . . gym workout diet stomach training fit fitness strong strength dieting weight 6pack weightloss fatburner dedication success exercise videooftheday igfit preworkout legday supplements performance motivated motivation dedication inspire video sixpack love gymlife

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-saat 3.15 PM- ara ogunum🌿 ders oncesi kahveye kesinlikle ihtiyacim vardi, yanina da kakao ve sisirip kattigim chiali bar da yanina cok yakisti🤤 kakaoyu cig yiyen birisi olarak(takipten cikmayin😅) kakaolu bir seyler yemezsem deliriyorum o yuzden onceden mutlaka boyle seyleri yapip buzlukta sakliyorum🙌🏼 bu sefer Ecem Abla’nin barlarina farkli bir yorum katip icine ekstradan kakao ve agave surubu ekleyip, daha sonrasinda da biraz suyla buzdolabinda bekletip sisirdigim chialari ekledim😻 bu sanat eserimi Veganz’nin cok sevdigim bir barina benzetmeye calistim, tek farki kaju ve kakao-nibslerin olmamasi. tabikide Veganz’nin bari bana gore daha lezzetli ama her seferinde 6₺ civarinda bara para vermekten iyidir🙄 ay yine cok konustum ama tarife etiketimden ulasabilirsiniz😅💖 sudeninbllogutarifler ~ healthy cleanrecipes getfit healthysnack vegeterian govegan parttimevegan healthyeating foodporn nutrition healthychoices şekersiz21gün nosugar nosugaradded nosugarneeded preworkout dieting womenshealthtr study coffeeaddict

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Tag a friend you want to see this. Follow us for more here @yourdietguru24

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Lunch • snackin chicken 2sp, grapes 0sp, babybel 1sp, skips 2sp . . . . . . ww wwsupport wwsisterhood weightwatchers weightloss eatclean eathealthy transformation instafit instafood progress losingweight happy healthy healthyeating diet dieting slimming motivation smartpoints smartpointsplan wwonline wwcommunity wwproducts wwflex theflexeffect wwflexplan

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😃🍴💪🔝 lunch lunchtime lunchdate dinner pasta delicious gnam tasty good picofday like likes likeforshare restaurant tbt food foodporn likes tastyfood foodie healthy diet dieting cibosano chef masterchef kitchen foodblogger meat likeforlike healthyfood

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HAPPY WEDNESDAY ❗️ Back & Biceps tonight...💪

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probablytrue lol dieting

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Regrann from @allisonmoyer - Competing, as a woman, is NOT the same as competing as a man. The entire process, from dieting down into a contest, to raising calories and reverse dieting post show impacts us differently both psychologically and physiologically. _ It is for these reasons that @csfpcoach and I came together to offer MIND BODY & SPORT, an interactive workshop and seminar, for women, by women. We wanted to be able to dissect the process of competing, from a holistic standpoint and discuss it in a meaningful way. It's not that posing, suit, hair and makeup aren't important- they are- but those types of prep seminars are a dime a dozen nowadays. If you want to REALLY learn how to successfully navigate the mental, physical and emotional impact competition prep will have on you, as a woman, you WON'T want to miss this opportunity. _ On March 25th, join Tina and I in Alexandria VA as we discuss competing ENTIRELY for women. Space is limited and filling fast, so register now and save with early bird pricing (ending on 2/28) 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 LINK IN BIO _ And even if you aren't local to Alexandria, VA you can join us via live, interactive video conferencing from anywhere (pre-registration required). _ DON'T MISS OUT!!! Come surround yourself with other like minded women as we encourage, inspire, educate and motivate each other to greatness! _ (if you prep female athletes and feel they might benefit PLEASE feel free to share and tag! ) _ allifitness empoweringwomen contestprep prepcoach dieting nanbf ocb ipe wnbf bodypositive bodybuilding health naturalbodybuilding fitness nutrition exercise strengthtraining bodybuildingdiet strongwomen girlswholift fitgirl fitgirlfam fitgirlsguide reversedieting gains seminar motivation inspiration fitnessfreak physique

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No waste, whittle the waist line. Our eating plans are all about creating three meals out of one - so no waste, it’s quick, it’s easy and you don’t have to spend a small fortune (although we do have a RAW Reboot programme that ain’t cheap!). This is (swipe for final pic)Broccoli, Celeriac and Cumin soup made fro Sunday’s leftover celeriac mash. We whizzed it up with broccoli, added seasoning, plus cumin and Dijon mustard for a delicious, nutritious soup served with Rye bread. I stick to Rye if possible because eat less of it. I’ve read somewhere that having to keep food out of your house that you can’t control yourself around means you have a food ‘issue’ which needs to be addressed. This may be true but jeez, on an average day, we have enough to juggle and deal with. If you know you can’t have chocolate or chewy brown bread In the house without wanting to devour it, don’t buy it. why bother expending any more energy on the issue than that. Path of least resistance people. Life is short!

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