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🌍 📸✈ world lover


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Weekend's meals track 😥 From Friday my weight has remained the same. I have indulged myself in eating pizza on Friday night and Saturday at lunch.. yesterday I had some ice cream (even if it was the soy one with less sugars).. and I did not exercise 😯 so yeah, I am not that surprised. Today I woke up with a swollen belly and probably it has been caused by me messing up with the meals time 😓 I need to get back on track! No messing up again (at least I'll try)! I am eating now porridge every morning and am trying a few variations ( bananaandpeanutbutter , appleandcinnamon , mixednuts ) And besides the glutenfreepizza this weekend I had roastedchicken and sweetpotatoes and some salad What I need to change is the intake of vegetables and fruits, as I am far below the recommended daily portions. I have always been difficult with the food and since I was a child I have never eaten vegs and fruit. I have started tasting some a few years ago and I am still working hard to introduce them slowly in my diet. I know it sounds weird 😂 but that's me. So let's continue with this! I will achieve my goal as I am bloody stubborn 💪 mydiet weightlossjourney konsysdiet diet mealstrack foodtrack healthylife healthyfood overweight samsunghealth caloriestrack keepfit homemadefood glutenfreefood celiac balance caloriesbalance dieting weekenddietfail

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Repost @chroniclesofstrength ( @get_repost) ・・・ 👉How to Failproof Your Diet -- -- We know any diet can work so long as you stick with it. Thus, the “best” diet is not necessarily the one you read about in this or that magazine, but the one you’ll actually get done. And that diet, The Diet that Actually Works, is never found in celebrity gossip columns. Because The Diet that Actually Works always boils down to the same old, somewhat boring thing. Eat mostly whole foods, not too much, and chew with your mouth shut. Yes, coffee is fine. -- -- Now no diet, no one way of eating healthy, is ever a breeze. They all take effort. And they are all somewhat of a nuisance in the sense you have to learn to manage compromises. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too, in other words. -- -- Luckily, my intern @alydifitness wrote a great piece on how to failproof your diet. So, I’m borrowing some of her advice, while adding a bit of my own. -- -- First, is a food journal. Nothing could be more clearly obvious so far as success on a diet goes: those who keep track of what they eat, do better than those who don’t. So, if nothing else, start a log—or, if you want, you can call it a diary--of everything you eat. No, really. It’s *totally* cool to call your food log a diary. Nobody’s going to say anything. Why would they? Just go for it. You’re going to see results from this, I promise. -- -- Secondly, is your environment. Don’t go at it alone. Find someone to hold you accountable on one end, and avoid those who constantly try to trip you up on the other. -- -- Another note about environment: Get the junk out of the house, already, will ya? It's time to start putting success in your way. So have healthy foods handy and make it as hard as possible for you to grab hold of something that might derail you. -- -- Convenience increases adherence. So, another thing: Have a supply of go-to-meals, and use templates if you need. My friend @drnadolsky has a million of these. Use them. Take the guess work out, and make it easier on yourself. Prep your meals. Plan ahead. And don't worry about getting it perfect. Just focus on getting started. -- - Pat -- weightloss weightlosstips weightlosss

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Hoy me he atrevido más y me he comido un donut de chocolate, dos tortitas,jamón dulce,huevos revueltos y para terminar colacao en un bol porque las tazas son demasiado pequeñas😂 Mucha fuerza y animo campeonas,podemos💪🏼😘 comida comidasaludable comidavariada dieting dietasaludable dietasana dieta diet dietavariada food HealthyFood healthy food foodstagram healthybreakfast healthyrecipes healthyfoods breakfast anorexia anorexiarecovery realwoman recoverywin recovery

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170821 친구랑 샐러드 데이트 ✨ 물론 후식은 케이크...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Laura Simpson


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I love a smoothie. But don't be deceived by a picture. I also love takeaways, red wine, indulgent breakfasts (to name a few). Health is so much more than a smoothie🦄👑❤️. Recipe stolen by @jamieoliver Banana, spinach, apple juice and lime. It is bloody lovely.

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Mama On A Diet


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Fresh new week and a fresh new start after kidding myself for weeks! Plan to track all my food from now on and be more active starting with my 1st PT session in months! weightwatchers healthynothungry dieting weightlossjourney trackingmyfood ptsession

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motivation workoutmotivation transformation bodybuildingmotivation gains travel bodybuilder muscles gains guitar travelblogger training photoart bodybuilding trainhard hardcore style gymselfie gymjunkie liftheavy beard beardedmen ink selfie bearded fitness brutal massmonster oldschool dieting biceps

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Jom fit & bakar lemak dgn Ramping Balm 😙😙😙 . . kurus kurus_pantas suriasecretrampingbalm inginkurus dieting bencigemuk lemak weightloss inchesloss fatburner feedbackSuriaSecretRampingBalm SatisfiedcustomerSSRB kuruskanbadan gemuk nakkurus produkkurus sayajualSSRB produkhangat terlajaklaris miracleslimming advanceslim onlineshoppingmalaysia instaniaga sayajual sayajualmurah instashopmalaysia visitig visitmyig sado.

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Myprotein Hong Kong


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🍩Perfect Pronuts🍩 Ingredients: 2 scoops Vanilla Impact Whey Protein 30g Protein Pancake Mix ½ tsp. baking powder 2 medium egg whites 60ml milk of choice 12-15 drops Vanilla FlavDrops🙈 myprotein fuelyourambition protein fitfam fitness dieting lifting muscle shredded abs healthy workout training gym nutrition eatclean weights health exercise bodybuilding fitspo motivation

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Freshly served with love !! health healthyfood lowcarb lowcalorie platdujour fit fitness lunch lunchbox protein diet dieting dietician

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Myprotein Singapore


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🍩Perfect Pronuts🍩 Ingredients: 2 scoops Vanilla Impact Whey Protein 30g Protein Pancake Mix ½ tsp. baking powder 2 medium egg whites 60ml milk of choice 12-15 drops Vanilla FlavDrops🙈 myprotein fuelyourambition protein fitfam fitness dieting lifting muscle shredded abs healthy workout training gym nutrition eatclean weights health exercise bodybuilding fitspo motivation

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M A N D Y • W A R D


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✨Thumbs up 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 people if you'd like to start seeing my workout routines 😝 || fitnessroutine ✨ ____________________________ _____________________________ ____ fitnessfitbodybuildingcar ngcardiogymtrainingdreambodyab odyabsstrongfitnessmodelfitnes itnessaddictweighttrainingHIIT gHIITmorningworkoutfitnessgirl sgirlfitnesslifestylefitnessgi essgirlsmotivationfitnessmotiv motivationfitnessgoalfitnessin essinspirationlifestyleblogger

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Lifetime Nutrition


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❌⚠️ For those who take more than One Chocolate Bar 🍫 a day ⚠️❌ . . . lifetimenutritionhea onhealthylifestylehealthychoic choicehealthyfoodhealthymoodea oodeathealthybehealthystayheal yhealthyfitfoodbefitstayfiteat iteatfitfitmoodmotivationhealt healthyhealthylivinghealthymot hymotivationshealthytipsnutrit utritiontipsnutritionmotivatio vationnutritiondietdietinglosi glosingweightweightmanagementf

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Myprotein Vietnam


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Cơ thể chắc chắn và dẻo dai là tiêu chuẩn mới của phụ nữ sexy hiện đại nhé. @vanessa__mariposa myproteinvn myprotein fuelyourambition protein fitfamfitness dieting lifting gesunderezepteshredded kekse healthy gymtraining workout yoga fitsuperwomen health exercise fitgirlfitspo motivation

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Myprotein Newzealand


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Matcha iced latte 🍵 Switch up your morning coffee for this antioxidant infused creamy drink💪 ✓ 200ml cold milk (of choice) ✓ 8 ice cubes, or as much as you need to fill the glass ✓ Pinch nutmeg ✓ 5g Organic Matcha Powder ✓ 1 tsp. vanilla extract myprotein fuelyourambition newzealand myproteinnz protein fitfam fitness dieting lifting muscle shredded abs healthy workout training gym nutrition eatclean weights health exercise bodybuilding fitspo motivation instagood sport

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How to Lose Weight Fast & Easy


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💪🔝Awesome 🏆👍 Follow @cecilia.marley . . Check out my Fat Burner Program📝 😍 . Link in My BIO 🚏👉 @cecilia.marley to see all the other things you've been misinformed about 😉 . . . . Lose up to 21 pounds in just 21 days START NOW. Link in my BIO @cecilia.marley . . Follow 👉👉 @cecilia.marley Thanks 😘 📖 . . 📷 Pic👍👌 • • • • • weightlosssurgery nutrition gymgirls fitnessmotivation fitnessgoals fitnesslove eatcleantraindirty follow dieting weightwatchersjourney beforeandafter gethealthy weightlossph bbg transformationtuesday vsgjourney fitnesspage fitwomen staypositive weightwatchersfamily dietfood motivationmonday strong losingweight fitnesschick youcandoit food weightlossgoals fitnesswoman

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💙5 MILLION STRONG💙 We want to say a huge thank you to our 5 million customers!🙌 As always, we're going to be thanking you in style so... watch this space!💪 myprotein fuelyourambition protein fitfam fitness dieting lifting muscle shredded abs healthy workout training gym nutrition eatclean weights health exercise bodybuilding fitspo motivation

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Ian Burns


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"Motivated by the people who support you." This post is as much about motivation as it is about appreciation. Many of the photos on my page are taken by my little brother; he's always pushing to take photos, coming up with ideas of shots that would best depict the physique I've been working on for this entire 20 week prep. His dedication to helping me succeed in my goals is the foundation of my motivation for today. Surround yourself in people who want you to succeed just as bad as you do. I'm lucky to have such a supportive family who stand by me in all aspects of my life. Check out @lasseyy 📸 he's the real MVP 💪🏽 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . family appreciationpost progress progressnotperfection posing dedication fitnesslife fitspiration fitnessmotivation fitnessjourney motivation mensphysique physique physiqueupdate physiquecompetitor competitionprep 7weeksout iifym dieting shredding gymlife gymmotivation tattoos tattedup nurse nurselife filipino icnqld gym4

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BIOIMIS Accademia Alimentare


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Food is not only something to eat is something to share together 👫 Il cibo non è solo mangiare ma vuol dire condividere un'emozione assieme! 👫 • • bioimis bioimisdiet diet dieta food foodblogger oliveoil healthyfood lifestyle healthylife chef cooking dieting foodnetwork foodporn nature cucina dieting looseweight recipe ricetta health

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Вкус Жизни, здоровое питание 💚


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🌱Хорошей недели, друзья! Хотим поделиться информацией о мегасупернизкокаллорийных спагетти и рисе😳 Такие можно даже на ужин, честное слово!😉А еще их могут есть люди с аллергией на глютен. И даже Дюкан их порекомендовал бы для своей диеты😊 🌱ШИРАТАКИ РИС, 340г БЖУ:0/0/0,6 Безкалорийные, обезжиренные, безлютеновые. Цена - 149 руб. 🌱ШИРАТАКИ СПАГЕТТИ, 340г Цена - 149 руб. Состав: мука из коньяка, вода очищенная, кальция гидроксид Всего 9 калорий! Белки 0 г, жиры 0 г, углеводы 0,6г , диетическая клетчатка 3,56 г Ждем вас за покупками!😉 вкусжизни31 белгород россия диетадюкана диета сушка безглютена fitness фитнесбелгород фитнес ширатаки dieting dietfood

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My yummy breakfast of oats, raspberries, almond, yogurt and honey! raspberry raspberries almonds nuts nutty yogurt honey oats breakfast healthy healthybreakfast healthyeating healthyfood healthylifestyle diet dieting fruit tasty food fresh cleaneating weightloss weightlossjourney

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Iron Paradise

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💥 5 Best Chest Exercises & the Ultimate Chest Workout 💥 . 💪🏻 This blog contains all the information you need to build mass in your chest in the most efficient and optimal way. Whether it's exercise choice, rep ranges, rest periods, or how to structure your training split, this article has it all. . 🏋️‍♀️Everything is backed up by scientific research, so it's not broscience, it's based on actual research and real world experience of what works. . 🍗 Make sure you check out the article by clicking the link in my bio ( right now. . 🔥And make sure you let me know how you get on with applying these principles. It would be awesome to see those progress pics in a few months time 💪🏻. . 🦄 Remember to bookmark all these posts so you can refer back to them in the future. Just hit the bookmark icon in the bottom right corner. . weightloss weightlosshelp weightlosstips mealprep mealplans mealplan mealplanning buildingmuscle losingweight fatburning dieting diettips diethelp fitness fit nutrition chest nutritioncoaching nutritioncoach weightlosscoach fatlosscoach weightlossfoood training chestday flexibledieting caloriedeficit caloriecounting paradise

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Macro Mike - Clean Treats®


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When you go from getting excited about posing 5 orders in a day to posting close to 40! The MMHQ is in FULL SWING! We took our foot of the gas for a couple of weeks (not that you probably noticed) 😜😜 just while we put the systems in place to scale and grow! But now watch this space. There is SO SO SO much exciting stuff coming between now and the end of the year! This is only just the beginning! ➖ Thanks to each and every single person who has helped us get to where we are today! It's not been easy by any stretch of the imagination. But we are thankful! ❤️❤️💪🏽💪🏽 ➖ Keep making those Macros Count! ➖ ✅Gluten Free ✅Dairy Free ✅Vegan Friendly ✅Macro Friendly ✅100% Natural Guaranteed ➖ 💦 Just Add Water ➖ ⬇️ ⬇️ Click the link in our bio @macr0mike and tantalise your tastebuds 😍😍👅👅💦💦 - - - - bodybuild bodybuilder leanin15 icn lean shredded icnqld muscle fitfam peanutbutter brownies abs australia baking blondies compprep dieting fitness instagood vegan macrodieting macrofriendly iifym veganbrownies goldcoast veganfood glutenfree paleo fodmap

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Diyetisyen Rabianur Çizmaz


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Günaydın 🐓 diyetisyen dietitian eatclean cleaneating health healthy healthyfood healthylife fatloss weightloss fit fitness dieting dietfood diet eathealthy eatright burnfat snack breakfast protein gluten saglikliyasam zayiflama kiloverme diyet sağlık form healthyeating follow

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Nicola Duke


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6SP for breakfast this morning 👌🏼 Love this one! I had £5.50 H&B voucher so I used it for a couple of Carb Killa bars - I've ran out of them from my protein bar stash 😭 Going to have to stock up soon if anyone knows any good offers?

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Weight-Loss Quick & Easy!


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Congrtas for your goals @pissichrissi . You looks beatyfull😘 --- --- . . ➡ SHARE, COMMENT & GET WHAT YOU WANT IN ✔ @fitboy8nutritions - weightlossjourney weightloss fitnessmotivation weightlossmotivation fitgirls fitlife losingweight fatloss slimmingworld weightlosstransformation weightwatchers dieting diet fitnessjourney fitspiration fattofit iifym keto bodypositive beforeandafterweightloss bbg beforeandafter transformation fitfam instafitness progress healthyliving determination

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J o a n n a M a r i a


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Was literally SO tired yesterday so I didn't have the energy to post 😂 I wasn't even hungover but I think my body is still wrecked from Thailand! Breakfast this morning was 2 Danish slices of bread (3SP) scrambled eggs (2SP) and a little bit of ketchup ❤️ back at the gym this morning for body attack!

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☀️🐝💕TUGBA🐝☀️💕RNY 06/01/2017


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Breakfast😋🌈☀️ goodmorning gunaydin breakfast kahvalti mondaymotivation diet dieting diyet diyetteyim diyetteyiz diyetzamani rnyeats rnylife rnyfamily rnyjourney wlsfood wlseats wlsstrong wlsfamily weightlossjourney weightlosssurgery gastricbypasssurgery healthymom healthyfood healthydiet healthylifestyle obeziteameliyati obezitecerrahisi fattofit

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Natalie Bartlett


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sw swuk slimmingworlduk slimmingworld slimmingworldmotivation healthyfood healthyeating healthandfitness dieting diet myweightlossjourney weightloss weightlossjourney slimmingworldjourney slimmingworldmums backtoit determined letsdothis

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Alan Muukkonen


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Today was legday, I had good Flow and mood In workout and the feel In my legs was great 🔥 Oli testissä uudet kuteet @guudmuudclothing :lta ja pakko sanoa että oli mukavat päällä treenin aikana, kevyet ja hengittävät, suosittelen 👍😏 bodybuilding dieting cinnamonbun training legday monday chickenislife crossfit roadtoviking striketeamsavo

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E L E N A   H A R I T A K I S (eleaharitakis_x) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Diet Day 1: Black Forest Smoothie💜🖤

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First day back at work greggs is the law isn't it??? calories caloriecounting diet dieting mfp mfpjourney myfitnesspal myfitnesspaluk myfitnesspaljourney slimmingworld slimmingworlduk weightloss weightlossjourney weightwatchers weightwatchersuk ❤️

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Jessica Bailey


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Working off all the bad food and alcohol I consumed over the weekend 😅

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