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Šípková Ruženka (sipkova_ruzenka1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Šípková Ruženka


Comment from Šípková Ruženka:

My sweetest thing Mushu is not well. His paws are burnt 🐾🐾🐶🐕😪😢 doggy noears no ears dog mushu pacient medicine medicines burnt sunisbitch dnesnosim sick tired ill paws dogoftheday dogofinstaootd outforarip chihuahuas chihuahuasofinstagramwhite animalals cute cutie nunu

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Altora Kuaför Güzellik (altorakuafor) Instagram Photos and Videos

Altora Kuaför Güzellik


Comment from Altora Kuaför Güzellik:

Altora kuaför ARTIST YASIN BEY ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★inshot girls cute summer blur sun happy fun dog hair beach hot cool fashion friends smile follow4follow like4like instamood family nofilter amazing style love photooftheday lol my cananakt atalay.hazal nilaygokk

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Not In The Dog House (notinthedoghouse) Instagram Photos and Videos

Not In The Dog House


Comment from Not In The Dog House:

Ice cream solves everything icecream 🍦💕 🐶📷 @ps.ny. . . . . . . . dog dogsofinstagramspanielsofinsta workingdoggundog spaniel cockerspanielworkingcockerspan bestwoofexcellent_dogs excellent_puppiesspringerspani dogblogdogscorner buzzfeedanimalsthetailwagger sendadogphotoblogger dogblog dogbloggerweeklyfluff instagramdogs

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Adam Brock (only42night) Instagram Photos and Videos

Adam Brock


Comment from Adam Brock:

Note to self - Don't let your wife shop alone in shops that sell dog clothes... dog dogsofinstgram

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 (lifeisshort_date2night) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from lifeisshort_date2night:

ceo girls cute summer blur sun happy fun dog hair beach hot cool fashion friends smile follow4follow like4like instamood family nofilter amazing style lovephotooftheday

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ともりんご+あんず (tomoringoo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ともりんご+あんず:

. いい感じに収まってる寝😴 * 仲良しりんず りんず姉妹 癒しのわんこ frenchbulldog フレンチブルドッグ フレブル ブヒ buhi dog 犬 201706りんず 日曜日のりんず

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Great Dane Are Awesome (greatdane_are_awesome) Instagram Photos and Videos

Great Dane Are Awesome


Comment from Great Dane Are Awesome:

Tag your friends Double Tap to LIKE greatdane_are_awesome dog lovedog greatdane greatdanes greatdanepuppy greatdanelove greatdanesofig greatdanemoments greatdaneproblems greatdanenation greatdanelover greatdanesunleashed greatdanesofinstagram greatdanesunlimited greatdanephotography

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Valeria Cannata (valeriacannata__) Instagram Photos and Videos

Valeria Cannata


Comment from Valeria Cannata:

💋💓 saturdaynight chicas bedde girls cute summer blur sun happy fun dog hair beach hot cool fashion friends smile follow4follow like4like instamood family nofilter amazing style love photooftheday lol my nocrop

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Winnie (winnie_the.pooch) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Winnie:

Winnie was very excited this morning after having spent her first unsupervised night outside her crate ☺️ She was loose from 1:30 AM to 7:30 AM, all by herself, and didn't cause any destruction! We know she won't pee or poop in the house - she hasn't since the first few weeks she was home - but we continue to crate her overnight because, as you all know, she's ornery, and has a fondness for mischief 😜 I don't think we're ready to leave her out every night just yet, but we hope to gradually increase the frequency. How has everyone else transitioned from crating to freedom? I don't remember what we did with our last Collie, because he was a puppy 15 years ago! 👏🏼❤️🐾 WinnieThePooch Winnie Collie ColliesOfInstagram RoughCollie RoughColliesOfInstagram ColliePup Puppy PuppyPlay PuppiesOfInstagram Dog DogsOfInstagram GoodGirl AwCute

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cocopugstyle (cocopugstyle) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from cocopugstyle:

🐕💙🐾 guapo carlinos puglover mydog pug carlinostagram postureo cocoloco carlinomolon carlinosespaña pugsoninstagram pugloversclub pugsnotdrugs barcelona carlinopug bcn pugcarlino puglife pugstagram instapug dog igers

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ちぢみ (chizimi623) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ちぢみ:

ウチの子になって23日目のちゃめ。 初シャワーあんまりビビら 첫샤워해 봤는데 별 무서워하지 않았네 그동안 샤워놀이한 성과일까? 아무튼 우리 참외 수고~ dog カニンヘンダックス ダックスフンド닥스훈트 パピー犬 犬なしでは生きていけません会 シャワー

17 Seconds ago
Inge Kato Våland (kennelcosmicdream) Instagram Photos and Videos

Inge Kato Våland


Comment from Inge Kato Våland:

Sollar-Bliss Rakesha " Solar " 1 year and 1 month old keeshond kees germanspitz wolfspitz wolf smilingdutchman champion march doglover dogsofinstagram instagramdog dog bestfriend i_love_norway norway showdog showdogmodel doginactiono norway spitz dogshow spitzdog jæren agrianorge

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Barbara Knade (euphoria_fitgirls) Instagram Photos and Videos

Barbara Knade


Comment from Barbara Knade:

Biały miś 😍 akita akitainu jang ❤ dog princess lovly❤

17 Seconds ago
Hello~I Am GINO🐶 (a_ginogino) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hello~I Am GINO🐶


Comment from Hello~I Am GINO🐶:

FaceTime with my friend 📱😂 . . 嗯...我找不到鏡頭😯 . . 視訊 蒟蒻日常 鏡頭 找不到 台灣土狗 台灣犬 taiwandog dog friend facetime challenge hello hithere gino cute funny dogreaction 可愛い 自分撮り 犬 台湾犬 日曜日 友達と

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Joep Joris (joep_entlebucher) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joep Joris


Comment from Joep Joris:

Sunday funday 💓💚 entlebuchersennenhond entlebucher pup puppy love dog dogoftheday dogofinstagram

18 Seconds ago
Chaos Boston Setton (chaostheshepherd) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chaos Boston Setton


Comment from Chaos Boston Setton:

AHAHA get it...the dog was terrier-fied! 😂 • • This is our entry for the gowildgopro contest by @_tillyandco @wildwildmax @lincoln_the_pointeraner • • 🐾check out my pawtners🐾 @havoc.the.gsd • • • • boopmysnoot gsd gsdpage puffedpuppy gsdlove gsdpuppy gsdstagram gsdofig gsdsofigworld chaostheshepherd dog dogs dogstagram dogsofinsta germanshepherd germanshepherdpuppy germanshepherdsofinstagram germanshepherds

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Monika Dybał 🌸 (monikadybal) Instagram Photos and Videos

Monika Dybał 🌸


Comment from Monika Dybał 🌸:

Mója mała Fado ❤️ pies dog fado mylittledog pozujemy

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은행동 헤이독 실장 조민지 (heydog1001) Instagram Photos and Videos

은행동 헤이독 실장 조민지


Comment from 은행동 헤이독 실장 조민지:

말티말티즈올빡강아지애견반려견미용대전대전애견대전애견미용헤 애견미용헤이독은행동heydogDoggroomerdogg

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FLUFLUTINA Sandy (fluflutina) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from FLUFLUTINA Sandy:

Sundays fun days! . . . dog fluflutina rescuedog hongkong hongkonger animalaugh lifestyle happiness mindfulness tongueouttuesday terriermix terrier instadog terrierofinstagram instaterrier puppygram puppy puppylove doglife petphotography photography adventures photooftheday facetime ilovemydog doggystyles animalloversofinstagram followforfollow like4like photography instagood

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Angel Becerra (anxo1972) Instagram Photos and Videos

Angel Becerra


Comment from Angel Becerra:

Duna goldenretrieversofinstagram goldenretrieverenglishcream goldenretriever golden dog doglover dogstagram dogoftheday dogofinstagram dogsofinstagram dogs

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Alaskan Are Awesome (alaskan_are_awesome) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alaskan Are Awesome


Comment from Alaskan Are Awesome:

Tag your friends Double Tap to LIKE alaskan_are_awesome dog lovedog malamute alaskanmalamute alaskanmalamutes alaskanmalamutesofinstagram malamutes malamuteaddicts malamutelovers dogstgram instadog

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Hey Charlie & Bjanca (hey.charlie.bjanca) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hey Charlie & Bjanca


Comment from Hey Charlie & Bjanca:

My baby <3 Bjanca Down to Earth doberman dogfriend dogslife dog dobermanpride dobermanpinscher doberman_pinscher doglove dobermann dobermanlove instadobes instapets dogsofinstagram mylove dogslife dogfriend love petinstagrams

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@pilar_dieta (pilar_dieta_saludable) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from @pilar_dieta:

Fin de semana de lujo, en paz y armonía con la naturaleza. Caminando para descubrir lugares maravillosos. naturaleza paisaje bosque río cascada perro dog vacaciones disfrutar salud bienestar caminar 🌲 paisajesdeensueño

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KT (katy09260) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from KT:

梅雨の過ごし方 ①呆ける ②怠ける ③漂うのみ englis dog rainyday 梅雨 明日も梅雨

22 Seconds ago
Yuka Abe (y_c_y_ab) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yuka Abe


Comment from Yuka Abe:

我が家の黒い悪魔ヨーダさん😈ψ 観葉植物の土をほじほじする じほじするので、本来の使い方ではないけどゲージでガード(。• ード(。•́︿•̀。) これまでいくつか対策を講じましたがど ましたがどれも突破されました💦 運動量が足りないのかな… griffon petitbrabancon griffonbruxellois grumpygriffons dog ilovemydog instadog グリフォン プチブラバンソン 犬バカ部 鼻ぺちゃ

22 Seconds ago
Maria Beljanina (marijka5) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maria Beljanina


Comment from Maria Beljanina:

Amore mio ❤️🦊 dog spitz camomile lovemydog pomeranian instadog like4like estonia

22 Seconds ago
Rachel Hart (littlerachh) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rachel Hart


Comment from Rachel Hart:

My favourite walks are country lanes. Surrounded by fields and mud 😂 dogwalkcountrysideshihtzu

23 Seconds ago
girlslayj (girlslayj) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from girlslayj:


27 Seconds ago
Animals are Companions🐨🐾 (animals.are.companion) Instagram Photos and Videos

Animals are Companions🐨🐾


Comment from Animals are Companions🐨🐾:

cutepetclub bestmeow dog dogs puppy pup cute eyes instagood dogs_of_instagram pet pets animal animals petstagram petsagram catsitting photooftheday dogsofinstagram ilovemydog instagramdogs catstagram dogoftheday lovedogs lovepuppies adorable doglover picoftheday instapuppy instacat📷

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Arielle (lia.lithium) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Arielle:

Taking a walk with Kiara... and Wasabi 😅🙈 dog dogs doglove dog🐶 germanshepherd germanshepherddog germanshepherdmix labrador labradorretriever labradormix cat kitten cats

2 Minutes ago
YaroSLava MeSchiy💫 (yasia_me) Instagram Photos and Videos

YaroSLava MeSchiy💫


Comment from YaroSLava MeSchiy💫:

Ліфт до успіху не працює ... Скористайтеся сходами ...

5 Minutes ago
*Адель* (____accidental____) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from *Адель*:

шпиц собака dog

1 Days ago
Yasin Dülger (_yasin_53_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yasin Dülger


Comment from Yasin Dülger:

inshot girls cute summer blur sun happy fun dog hair beach hot cool fashion friends smile follow4follow like4like instamood family nofilter amazing style love photooftheday lol my nocrop

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