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Comment from dogmyfriend:

ロンドン「コーにい、もっと、あちょぼー!」コーディ「本気で噛 「本気で噛むんだもん...痛いんだもん...」←弱々 cod cody_the_cockerspaniel cockerandcorgi corgi london_the_corgi doglife doglovers dogsoftheday doggie 多頭飼い weeklyfluff dogstagram dogsofinstgram instadog

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🐾German Spitz Larry🐾 (illarion_dog) Instagram Photos and Videos

🐾German Spitz Larry🐾


Comment from 🐾German Spitz Larry🐾:

dog dogsofinstagram dogs instagramdogs instapuppy instagramanet instatag dogstagram dogoftheday doglover doggy dogs_of_instagram dogsitting doggie doglovers dogsofig doglife doglove dogscorner dogslife doggies pup pet pets ilovemydog puppy puppylove puppypalace puppygram

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nichtexistenz by Renate Sch. (nichtexistenz) Instagram Photos and Videos

nichtexistenz by Renate Sch.


Comment from nichtexistenz by Renate Sch.:

chilling in the bed with my mommy's pyjamas dog doglovers dogphotography relax instadog Please give me your Like on facebook thanks dogkisses doggie paula paulaunddiewelt

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K-im 🕊🐉🐺🔥👊🏻J.R. (kimj.r) Instagram Photos and Videos

K-im 🕊🐉🐺🔥👊🏻J.R.


Comment from K-im 🕊🐉🐺🔥👊🏻J.R.:

Since you came into my life, you turned it upside down! And now I look at life through your eyes! Wherever you go, I'll go too... 💜🐕👸🏼 whereigoshegoestoo togetherforever dog doggie dogsmakelifebetter dogsareagirlsbestfriend youka mybestfriend mybestbud mylittlewolf myspiritanimal mysoulmate mylove myheart adoptdontshop

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Marco Geeroms (marcogeeroms) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marco Geeroms


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Fat doggo dog doggo doggy doggie puppy pup pupper puppies dogofinstagram dogsofinstagram dogofinsta pet canine animal baby puppyofinstagram pupofinstagram fluffy cute 9gag 9gagfunoff @9gag

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Bichon-purin🐶 (bichon_purin) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Bichon-purin🐶:

학교 운동장에서 산책 중인 푸린♡ 홍익대학교운동장산책반려견강아지puppy멍멍이do 멍멍이dogdogstagram펫스타그램멍스타그램개스타그 램개스타그램instadoginstapuppypupdog updoggie비숑비숑프리제 bichonbichonfr

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Comment from Lisa:

Missing this guy.. Can't wait to see him! . . . cutestdogintheworld puppyface puppyforever pomchi ilovemydog

6 Minutes ago
Nori The Rottie (nori_the_rottie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nori The Rottie


Comment from Nori The Rottie:

norithepuppy rottweilerrottweilerpuppy doggie pawspuppylove rottiepup rottweilerdog rottweiler_kingdomthisismyrott doggie pawspuppylove rottweilersofinstagram rottweilersocietydog rottielove rottie_planet rotties cute cutiepie

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Alex M Yanaki (alexyanakiofficial) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alex M Yanaki


Comment from Alex M Yanaki:

vive tu vida sonrie 😀 live your life smile little dog doggie lumia caption blackandwhite photography lovebsas cellphonepic moments pure love pets buenosaires argentina argentinaAR southamerica ✌

6 Minutes ago
🇬🇧Monti ❤️ (monti_the_beagle_girl) Instagram Photos and Videos

🇬🇧Monti ❤️


Comment from 🇬🇧Monti ❤️:

Sometimes I do the chores to get treats🍪🐾🐶 beagle montithebeagle dog puppy doggie beagling beaglepuppy beaglingaround beaglingwithmonti pup puppiesofinstagram puppies puppylove dogsofinstagram happypuppy instabeagle beaglegram

7 Minutes ago
Mgr. Vladimíra Vargová, MBA (wladhka) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mgr. Vladimíra Vargová, MBA


Comment from Mgr. Vladimíra Vargová, MBA:

My love 💖 newfamilymember doggie honey puppy cocker cockerspaniel cockerstagram englishcockerspaniel englishcockerpuppy 8weeks hanny littledevil love fun 🐶🐾

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 (baxter_and_jackymoon) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from baxter_and_jackymoon:

A moment of contemplation chihuahua chihuahuagram chiwawa chihuahuasofig cute pup pups puppy dog doggie chihuahuasofinstagram chihuahualove chihuahualife chihuahualover chihuahualovers chihuahueño chihuahuas chihuahuanation chihuahuaproblems chihuahuaaddict instachihuahua chihuahuafanatics lovechi ilovemydog worldtopdogs dogsofinstasg dogfeatures lovedogs onlychihuahuas chi

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Laele 🌈 (littlelaelethewestie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laele 🌈


Comment from Laele 🌈:

Good Morning Everyone😀 I'm feeling happy and bouncy today, have a wonderful day! westie westhighland westhighlandterrier terriers westiegram pet dog doggie pup puppy cuddly cute pretty happy love dogs sister baby scruffy white fluffy fluffball

8 Minutes ago
Kelly Wilson (rubyred.rose) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kelly Wilson


Comment from Kelly Wilson:

Happy 12th birthday to my gorgeous girl fur baby. You are the bestest puppy dog I could have ever wished for, and I hope you enjoyed the massive bowl full of bacon 🥓 bestdogever dogbirthday doggie dog pet furbaby birthday birthdaygirl bacon party partyhat k9

8 Minutes ago
barkwoofhowl (barkwoofhowl) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from barkwoofhowl:

Happy Wednesday!! • • • • • • • Bark SunshineTheBC BorderCollie BorderCollies BorderColliesOfInstagram BorderColliesOfTheWorld Collie Collies InstaCollie ColliesOfInstagram RedMerle SGDogs SGPets

8 Minutes ago
Akmerkez Petworld (akmerkezpetworld) Instagram Photos and Videos

Akmerkez Petworld


Comment from Akmerkez Petworld:

Muhteşem güzellikteki Jack Russell Terrier yavrularımıza sahip olmanız için mağazamıza bekliyoruz 🐶💕 jackrussell puppy jackrusselterrier akmerkez petworld instadog jackrussellsofinstagram dogstagram petstagram jackrusselllove dog pet istanbul etiler doggie canpaksoy picoftheday photooftheday love cute sweet funny ilovemydog instapuppy puppylove doglover iphonesia animallovers

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Jazzmin (jazzmin_isabel) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jazzmin:

happygirl home homesweethome doggie love chillout entspannung urlaub 😃🏡

10 Minutes ago
Piwy's cakes (piwyscakes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Piwy's cakes


Comment from Piwy's cakes:

Jero ansioso por probar su porción de pastel 🐶🍰♥️ doglove cake dogcake ilovedogs mascotas pastelparaperros birthdaycake dogbirthday dogbakery pupcakes cupcakesparaperros dogfood cakesforpets dogparty galletasparaperros pastelesparaperros dogstagram perros petdeli dogfoodporn foodporn petbakery doglover petstagram bakeryfordogs hills puppy cupcakes doggie bodeguero

11 Minutes ago
Sunshine (sunshinethebc) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sunshine:

Me: "Gimme a belly rub." @RainbowTheJS: "I'm gonna look elsewhere and pretend that she didn't say anything." • • • • • • • BarkW JapaneseSpitz JapSpitz Spitz SpitzLovers SpitzOfInstagram SunshineTheBC BorderCollie BorderCollies BorderColliesOfInstagram BorderColliesOfTheWorld Collie Collies InstaCollie ColliesOfInstagram RedMerle SGDogs SGPets

11 Minutes ago
최시루 (choisiru) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 최시루:

20170920 잘때랑 먹을때는 좀 못생긴 편이에요 💕💕💕💕💕 dog doggies doggie puppy 멍스타그램 포메스타그램 장모치와와 독스타그램 강아지 개린이 포메라니안 포메 믹스견 폼치 반려견 강아지

13 Minutes ago
Rainbow (rainbowthejs) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Rainbow:

@SunshineTheBC with a funny expression and a happy me. • • • • • • • BarkWoofHowl RainbowTheJS JapaneseSpitz JapSpitz Spitz SpitzLovers SpitzOfInstagram BorderCollie BorderCollies BorderColliesOfInstagram BorderColliesOfTheWorld Collie Collies InstaCollie ColliesOfInstagram RedMerle SGDogs SGPets

13 Minutes ago
🐾Vet's Kitchen🐾 (vetskitchen) Instagram Photos and Videos

🐾Vet's Kitchen🐾


Comment from 🐾Vet's Kitchen🐾:

@yogitheeurasier was caught red handed trying to get into his packet of Little Stars Treats! They're so tasty, your pooch won't be able to resist...

15 Minutes ago
뽀뽀언니💃 (bbobbo.y) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 뽀뽀언니💃:

➡➡➡ 새집증후군이 뭡니까?🤔 . 고약한새집주인

15 Minutes ago
Laurence Franko (oy_vey_13) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laurence Franko


Comment from Laurence Franko:

Qui joue avec moi ?lovemydogs cutie cutedogs puppycutedoggie picoftheday dogstagram 🐾

16 Minutes ago
Wispa_thehearingdog (wispa_thehearingdog) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Wispa_thehearingdog:

NOPE! I am pretending to sulk… dogs dog dogo doggy doggie doggies cockerspaniel cocker brown chocolate spaniel englishcockerspaniel cocker puppyeyes assistancedog servicedog hearingdog clever clevergirl sweetie play sulk sulking sulkingdog ashamed sad loveme

16 Minutes ago
Aili in Concrete Jungle (ailiailiwong) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aili in Concrete Jungle


Comment from Aili in Concrete Jungle:

Aili~❤️ photooftheday island sea chill beach hkig hkgirl hkboy hk husky huskypuppies huskypuppy huskylove huskynation huskygram huskypics love lammaisland dog dogs doggie doğumgünü

16 Minutes ago
💝🎀N I K K I 🐶🐾💞 (nikkiyork) Instagram Photos and Videos

💝🎀N I K K I 🐶🐾💞


Comment from 💝🎀N I K K I 🐶🐾💞:

Лежит вкусняшка , меня ждёт...точно знаю🍗🍖🍗 А я не могу до неё дотянуться 😠🤤🤤🤤Друзья, где же справедливость??? Where is the justice! I can't reach it 🍖🍗🤤 🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻 yorkiesofinstagram dog dogsofinstagram dogs instagramdogs instapuppy dogstagram dogoftheday doglover doggy dogs_of_instagram dogsitting doggie doglovers dogsofig doglife doglove dogscorner dogslife doggies pup pet ilovemydog puppy puppylove puppypalace puppygram dog dogsofinstagram dogs instagramdogs instapuppy dogstagram dogoftheday doglover doggy dogs_of_instagram doggie doglovers nikkiyork yorkiesofinstagram1 🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻

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Rottweiler Cute (rottweiler__cute) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rottweiler Cute


Comment from Rottweiler Cute:

👕 SHOP your Shirt, Mug, Legging NOW by clicking the link in my bio (profile) ➡ @rottweiler__cute 🎁Perfect gift for your family members and friends 👫Love to tag? Please do!⤵ * * * * * rottweiler rottweilers rottweilermix rottweilerpuppy rottweilerfans rottweilerclub rottwelerlove rottweilersofinstagram rottie rotties rottielove rottiesofinstagram rottiemom rottiepuppy dog doggie puppy puppies

18 Minutes ago
xlocksandlashesx (xlocksandlashesx) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from xlocksandlashesx:

Mummy Lockey having her lovely marvel lashes done and the comfort of Ivy woo 🐶 Ivy does love a cuddle 🐶💕 . . . . semipermanentlashes lashextensions marvellash lashes lashesfordays nomoremascara lashgame individuallashes lashesonfleek lashenvy classiclash lashlove lovelashes iwokeuplikethis goldenretriever doggie dogcuddles ilovedogs🐶

18 Minutes ago
1살 최둥이 (dung_yomi) Instagram Photos and Videos

1살 최둥이


Comment from 1살 최둥이:

가만히 있다가 사진 찍는 소리나니까 화면 쳐다보는중 ㅇ<-<

19 Minutes ago
Lexi dog diary (lexi_dog_diary) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lexi dog diary


Comment from Lexi dog diary:

little puff WhenYouLoveP❤️M dailypomeranian pomeranianclub best_pomeranian pomlove pomeranianlovers pomeranian pomeranianpage pomeranianpuppy pomeraniansofinstagram dogs dog doggie doglove dogsofinstgram dogsofinsta cutedogs animal babygirl cute loveher

19 Minutes ago
🌟 Bling Bling 💫 (pinklinggg) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌟 Bling Bling 💫


Comment from 🌟 Bling Bling 💫:

Keep your smiling :) blackandwhite mylovelygirl blackhair shorthair

4 Hours ago