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Jacqueline (aliubsayswhoa) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jacqueline:

Regrann from chancethedog_5 - Repost from dogmeetsfamily using RepostRegramApp - I almost missed Zane because he is so tiny and was the only one in his kennel at the time. He was crouched in the corner and as I looked closer, I saw how badly he was shaking. He wouldn't come over, and I just wanted to hold him. Poor little guy was terrified. He is a 2yo neutered chihuahua who was found as a stray on 2/11. He is in need of a home, some love and security and is available now. Poor little buddy. 😢 5150149 Downey Animal Care Center 11258 S Garfield Ave Southgate, CA 90242 (562) 940-6898 dogmeetsfamily adoption dogs doggie dogsofinstagram cutedogs adoptdontshop pets dog dogoftheday doglover ilovedogs losangeles longbeach orangecounty sandiego photooftheday picoftheday iloveanimals potd dogslife picoftheday dogsofig dogstagram dailyfluff dogsofinsta instadog

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Jaime 🦋 Pixie (jaime_1231) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jaime 🦋 Pixie


Comment from Jaime 🦋 Pixie:

Get to spend a whole week with one of my besties! 💖

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luna bear 🌙🐻 (thehuskynamedluna) Instagram Photos and Videos

luna bear 🌙🐻


Comment from luna bear 🌙🐻:

dog park days.

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Rachael LeeAnn (rachael_lee_ann) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rachael LeeAnn


Comment from Rachael LeeAnn:

Wayne came in from our first camp fire with cheese on his face and the second fire with ketchup on his back!

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Olive And Brie (bffrenchie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Olive And Brie


Comment from Olive And Brie:

puppydogeyes . . . . . . . . . frenchbulldog frenchiesofinstagram dog dogs doggie doglife dogsofinstagram dogsofig dogsofig pup puppies puppy puppydog puppylife cute cuddle miami bluefrenchie snuggles

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Charlie (charliethepuglet) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Charlie:

pug pugs puppy puglove pugface puglife pugsnotdrugs pugstagram dogstagram dog dogs doggie instadog instapug dailypug dogsofinstagram ilovemypug ilovemydog sgdogs sgpug dogsarefamily dogoftheday pugoftheday doglover puppyoftheday pugsofinstagram squishyfacecrew flatnosedogsociety curlytailgang aplacetolovedogs

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Akita dogs Lover (akitadogs_lover) Instagram Photos and Videos

Akita dogs Lover


Comment from Akita dogs Lover:

. Be sure to hit follow for awesome pics! 😊 Double tap and tag your Akita loving pals in the comments! 🐾 Reposted from @akita_en_france

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Ella and the Mighties (ellamighties) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ella and the Mighties


Comment from Ella and the Mighties:

Ella is all ready for bedtime 😊❤😴😪

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Frei (frei_the_dog) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Frei:

Look ma, no hands.. . . adoptdontshop tuesday throwbacktuesday centurylinkfield seattlehumanesociety . dog dogs dogsofig dogsofinstagram instadogs instagramdogs doggo doggie fluffer tails pupper puppy puppiesofinstagram puppies adoptdontshop nwdog animals animalsofinstagram woofer woof woofergram bullystick chew bones

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Adriana💋🦄️ NA👩🏽 (adriana_olulu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Adriana💋🦄️ NA👩🏽


Comment from Adriana💋🦄️ NA👩🏽:

🐶🐶年怎么可以不放🐶🐶的照片应景应景一下? 狗年行大 狗年行大运,汪年旺旺旺🐶🐶 • • • • • • p • • puppydogdoggiepuppiespuppi puppiesofinstagramipohperakasi akasiacutecutedogcutedogscny20 cny2018happinesslovehealthyhea hyhealthyfullofloveadrorablead bleadorabledogpuppydogadorable rablepuppypuppysofinstagramdog

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“독스 에끌리어” 마스코트 순돌 (dogs._.eklear) Instagram Photos and Videos

“독스 에끌리어” 마스코트 순돌


Comment from “독스 에끌리어” 마스코트 순돌:

귀요운 댕댕이들 ❤️ 강아지 멍스타그램 개 dog dogs dogstagram 맞팔 like today daily selfie 소통 좋아요 animal puppy 애견카페 위례카페 카페 커피 cafe dogseklear 독스에끌리어 l4l instadog follow doggie 위례 위례맛집

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Brenda I Rubio (breysel_r) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brenda I Rubio


Comment from Brenda I Rubio:

Pelonas las dos/Lula❤️ little doggie girls smile beauty doggy love lastnight newlook portrait black

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Vanessa (vanessa_slayyyys) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Vanessa:

Dis pic slaysss 😍🔥lolz doggie

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Steven McKeown (chiefdrago17) Instagram Photos and Videos

Steven McKeown


Comment from Steven McKeown:

More art coming your way @camerajacob! I’ll be transferring this onto a computer at digital media so I can trace over this and color it because I suck at coloring on paper! Lol! traditional traditionalart art artistic realism awesome great doggo doggie doglover @rexo.the.labrador draw drawing drawings sketch sketches sketchbook pencil paper doodle doodles guy artist arty me friends snowboarder snowboarding

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Scruffy To Fluffy (scruffy_to_fluffy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Scruffy To Fluffy


Comment from Scruffy To Fluffy:


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 (vansyl_lau) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from vansyl_lau:

super cute doggie angpow from Aunty Nga Nga schnauzer

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K-9 Top Dog Training (topdogtraining) Instagram Photos and Videos

K-9 Top Dog Training


Comment from K-9 Top Dog Training:

Skateboard dog dogtraining doggosforlife dogsofinstagram topdogtraining doggy doggys doggie 3052006695 trainerlove dogtrainer k9training k9 k9trainer k9love k9life doggydaycare doggydogworld rescuedog trainingforlife puppy puppies puppiesofinstagram puppieslove puppylove puppystagram doggo doggos dogprotection

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Tientien and Lianlian (tientien_lianlian) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tientien and Lianlian


Comment from Tientien and Lianlian:

(2017.12.23)Take a sunbath!💕💕💕 vsco ilovemydog bordercollie dogoftheday doggie doglife bordercollies bordercolliesoftheworld bordercolliefans bordercolliesofinstgram instadog happytimes ボーダーコリー大好き ボーダーコリー

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Judy Stein (_ohjudy_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Judy Stein


Comment from Judy Stein:

Going to work on finishing “Butterbean” ♥️ copicmarkers copic copicart markers ink drawing memorial draw drawing drawn sketch pet pets rip petportrait dog doggie doggo buterbean frenchbulldog frenchielife frinchies art artistsoninstagram artist artlife color draweveryday

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Famous Dogs (fam.dogs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Famous Dogs


Comment from Famous Dogs:

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emilyiong (bitterswiss) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from emilyiong:

My new neighbour😂 chiwawa chiwawadog longhair doggie baby

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TheCutestRottweilers (thecutestrottweilers) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from TheCutestRottweilers:

* * * * * rottweilersclub rottweilerschäfer rottweilersforlife rottweilers rottweilers_cute rottweilersweden rottweilersrule rottweilersofintagram rottweilersoflebanon rottweilerslovers rottweilersinstagram rottweilersfan rottweilersdaily rottweilersofinstagram rottweilers_world lovemydog doggie puppy puppystagram dogsitting dogstagram puppyoftheday doggy puppysofinstagram puppypalace dogsofig instagramdogs lovedogs puppygram puppysketch

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Alexandria Janeski (alexandriajaneski) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alexandria Janeski


Comment from Alexandria Janeski:

Well she found a pillow!😂😂😂😂😂cute awesome weird doggie

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Kitty (romie_and_mochi) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kitty:

Waiting for daddy to come home by the door... dogs doggie dogmom doglove dogsofinstagram dogsofinstgram doglover dogoftheday doglife dogsofig dogslife doglovers dogsofinsta dogs_of_instagram dogsofinstgram lovedogs lovemydog yorkiepoo yorkiemix cutedog smartdog smalldog dailyfluff petsofinstagram barkpuppy spoileddog カリフォルニア ヨーキープー ヨーキーミックス 犬大好き

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Meghan Miller (m._miller) Instagram Photos and Videos

Meghan Miller


Comment from Meghan Miller:

touchofgrey is really working for Josie. distinguished doggie

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•Taylør Spønberg• (taylors_photographry) Instagram Photos and Videos

•Taylør Spønberg•


Comment from •Taylør Spønberg•:

Sumner, Washington 📍 “Simply excited” Taken: 11/16/17 Tags~ photography photoshoot photographylife photographyislife photo dog cutedog whitedog picture pictureofdog funny funnydog photographylover like4like fallowme cute dog doggie fun summer sumner sumnerwashington washington photoofanimals photoofadog dogs fluffy fluffydog

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Silas the Golden (thesilastreatment) Instagram Photos and Videos

Silas the Golden


Comment from Silas the Golden:

One day I am going to grow up and be a BIG dog! puppyplay doggie snowday winterwonderland

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あんちゃん (peco2570) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from あんちゃん:

休日のペコ長女撮影インフルにおつきあいありがとうイヌ mix犬 イヌ部 シュナチワ いぬシュナウザーチワワ犬バカ部わんこペコミニシュナいぬdog いぬdoggiecutedogdogChihuahuaMin uaMiniatureSchnauzerSchnauzerd uzerdoggiedoggycutedogbellfixm

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Sunpi Loves Mom (sunpi_christadee) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sunpi Loves Mom


Comment from Sunpi Loves Mom:

🌷Today is my 2nd Birthday..🐶🎂 .....but mommy was not here. Last week she went to Japan and promise me to back home soon with a lot of presents for me..jiaaayyy.. 🐶🐶💖💖💖💖 Can't wait to kiss mommy again.. Miss you momm.. 🐶🐶🐶🐶 sunpi christadee dee mydee lovely love lovelydog iloveyou cute sweet beautiful maltese malteselovers themalteseworld themalteseworld_feature malteser maltese101 maltesedog happybirthday malteseofinstagram dog doggie doglovers dogsofinstagram puppy puppylovers pet petsofinstagram petlovers petstagram

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dogs_in_our_lifes (dogs_in_our_lifes) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from dogs_in_our_lifes:

Waiting for Mum to finish work like 😒 It’s Friday and I’m ready PAWty ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ via @bernard_and_lola Follow👉 @Dogs_in_our_lifes for more! Tag a friend 👇also ilovedogs dogsofinstagram dogs instadog dogstagram doglover dogoftheday ilovemydog doggy instagramdogs lovedogs frenchbulldog bulldog dogsofig doglovers doglife mydog rescuedog instadogs cutedog dogsitting doggie doglove dogslife lovemydog happydog englishbulldog dogscorner androidography mydogiscutest

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John Dailey (therealjohndailey) Instagram Photos and Videos

John Dailey


Comment from John Dailey:

Max and I waiting for Max’s test results. max mansbestfriend doggie

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Johnny C. (johnny0106) Instagram Photos and Videos

Johnny C.


Comment from Johnny C.:

포미와 함께.. 난 허리와 어깨가 아프고 포미는 다리 쩔뚝이면서도 끝까지 달린 우리.. 근데 넌 왜 따라온거뉘.. 나이키 조깅 나이키런플러스 나이키런 nike nikerunplus nikerun nikerunclub dog dogs doggie jogging run 운동 런닝 running puppy 부상 반려견 산책 멍스타그램 개스타그램

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Par-Té Events (parte_events) Instagram Photos and Videos

Par-Té Events


Comment from Par-Té Events:

Pop's Blaaazin Paw-ty! Personalized Doggie Bowls for every guest. parteevents . . . . . . . . . pawpatrol doggie heros theme cartoons birthday 2ndbirthday toddler february party partyplanner partyplanning details personalized favors ricekrispies treats eventplanner dmv dmveventplanner

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