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Emma Clayton (emma__clayton_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emma Clayton


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My baby smiles so I smile 😃🐶💗 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• labrador labpuppy labstagram labsofinsta fab_labs_ labsofinstagram labradoroftheday worldoflabs labradorretriever puppy puppyfriends dogs dogoftheday dogsofinsta doglover donaldtrump like4like likeforlike like4follow family fitness love travel adventure animalsofinstagram

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LIGGRAND🐾Rottweiler kennel🐾 (liggrand_rottweiler_kennel) Instagram Photos and Videos

LIGGRAND🐾Rottweiler kennel🐾


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Mayk Betelgeze Alpha rottweiler_in_Ukraine rottweilerstyle rottweilers Liggrand Liggrand_kennel LIGGRAND_kennel rottweiler dogs rottie rottweilers rottweiler_world rottweiler_in_Ukraine

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By by SicilyRepost @teg4friends special tks @brussels_airlines for my safe travel 🐾 ・・・ • Bella storia • ..."Lord Otto" 💂🏻‍♀️ in partenza per Londra 🇬🇧con la sua nuova family! Adozione senza frontiere. L'amore trova sempre le soluzioni teg4friends catania nicolosi london love otto rescuedog puppy doglover iragazzideicroccantini teg4freedom 4amici italy nuovavita friendsforever petslover dogoftheworld travel etna newadvendures dogs cannecorso petsofinstagram startastoryadopt

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Katrina Tauro (katmeetsw0rld) Instagram Photos and Videos

Katrina Tauro


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Those puppy dog eyes though 😍 🐶 • • • • • katmeetsw0rld travel travelblogger dogs dogstagram dogsofinsta shotoniphone7plus sotd potd dogsofinstagram labrador travelblog shotoniphone iphoneography labradorsofinstagram instablogger rescuedogsofinstagram vsco rescuedog doggo vscogrid canon followme petstagram worldshotz labradork agameoftones blogger bloggerlyf vscocam

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@arianagrande evil videos dogs soyluna2 cat animales love soylunaconcierto arianaarmy selenagomez johnnydepp judtinbieber beatiful lutteo😍 combatearg kardashian gentemaravillosa selfie instagram arianators like4like lifestyle followforfollow chicasychicos communityovercompetition coment4coment snoopdog personas awesomeshot newyork

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Romeo & Brix Deathrow Network (romeo_and_brix) Instagram Photos and Videos

Romeo & Brix Deathrow Network


Comment from Romeo & Brix Deathrow Network:

SAVE PELUSA! (3rd Night on the Kill List! Adoption Fees are Waived!) Public must adopt or foster this publicly adoptable dog BEFORR 12PM ET tomorrow 5-24-2017; otherwise she will be killed at Brooklyn Center. . My name is PELUSA. My Animal ID A1110710. I am a spayed female brown and white am pitbull ter mix. The shelter thinks I am about 4 YEARS old. I came in the shelter as a OWNER SUR due to ALLERGIES. . Although no concerns were noted by the previous owner and Pelusa was social and affectionate at the start of her stay, she has begun to show resource guarding in her kennel and increasing reactivity toward other dogs in kennel and on leash. She needs to leave the shelter environment. . A volunteer writes: Pelusa is a sensitive little lamb of a dog that has stolen my heart! She is a little anxious to find herself away from her whole-life-family, but has found an adorable way of coping with it by using toys like pacifiers! She talks to me from her cage (really, she’s on the verge of stringing sentences together) and is just as sweet as can be. She likes carrying toys around in her cage and LOVES to play with them outside (she drops them right in my lap when she’s ready for another go…she is so fun and it’s the perfect outlet for her energy!). She loves treats and already knows “sit”, “paw” and “down” and she’s happy to take a belly rub as a reward for the latter. She’s super affectionate and likes becoming one with my lap and kissing my face clean. We’re told she does well with strangers and children and wants to play with other dogs. She is TRULY a doll and eager to find someone to be the apple of her eye (and she’ll be your sunshine in return!)…come check her out at Brooklyn ACC! . RECOMMENDATIONS: Experience (suitable for an adopter with some previous dog experience). . If you are local to the Tri-State, New England, and the general Northeast United States area, and you are SERIOUS about adopting or fostering one of the animals at NYC ACC, email helpdogs Experienced volunteers will do their best to guide you through the process.

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Puptown Lounge (puptownlounge) Instagram Photos and Videos

Puptown Lounge


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Enjoying this fine Tuesday weather 🐶

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Who miss our granopening of grandparkvets grandparkanimalhospitalet me introduce our dentalcare of our furryfriends dogs and cats dogandcat in dtla we are located in littletokyogalleria littletokyola 2ndfloor check your pets teeth

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Mocha (mochatheyorkiepoo_official) Instagram Photos and Videos



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I'm a little poof ball, short and stout mochatheyorkiepoo yorkiepoo yorkiepoosofinstagram mocha dogs dogpicoftheday chirussellsofinstagram chirussell poodlemix yorkiemix fluffydog

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ФОТОСЕССИИ ВАШИХ ЖИВОТНЫХ (pets.photographer) Instagram Photos and Videos




dog dogs pet pets doglover puppy dogsofinstagram puppygram dogstagram собакин собакалучшийдругчеловека собакабарабака собакадруг собакалюбимая собакаулыбака собакилучшелюдей домашниепитомцы лучшийдруг photo фотосесиия photoofday фотограф фотобезфильтра вдобрыеруки photographer instagood amazing cute love like4like

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Lauri Lamplough (lauriml16) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lauri Lamplough


Comment from Lauri Lamplough:

Repost @janeevil ( @get_repost) ・・・ PLEASE DONATE TO HELP- PLEASE SHARE / REPOST !!!Repost @dixie812 ( @get_repost) ・・・ NYCSCR NEEDS OUR HELP AND MOST IMPORTANTLY TOMMY DOES🙁💔Repost @romeo_and_brix ( @get_repost) ・・・ TO THE MONSTERS WHO ABUSE ANIMALS. HELL IS REAL AND YOUR DAY WILL COME, . by @nycscr: . Tommy needs a miracle............... Animal Control was called by a witness who found this tiny puppy stuffed in a duffel bag on a college campus, BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Tommy is now paralyzed due to blunt force spinal trauma. Tommy needs your help right now (as in as we speak) because as every minute goes by the chances of him ever walking again diminishes and we need to get him to an emergency center to see what other internal damages he may have. He can't control his bladder and he is very confused as to why someone would do this to him and why he can no longer walk and play as an innocent puppy should. . Spinal traumas are one of the most risky pulls for rescues due to the fact that they usually require A. A specialty emergency center B. A neurologist C. would need an MRI asap to determine the integrity of his spine= well over $5,000 AND THAT's just the beginning(not including if he is a candidate for surgery or months of PT). Most small rescues will not touch a spinal trauma but we need you to help us take that risk for Tommy and pull him from the shelter to give him his life altering care that this baby deserves. Every minute that passes he will lose pain sensation and his nerves will no longer respond. If you believe this puppy deserves the opportunity to walk again and get to the ER, please donate at:➡️➡️➡️ . We are a volunteer run rescue with no government assistance. We are a 501c3 which means your donation is tax deductible. No donation is too small or large and all he has is us today. Thank you for hearing Tommy's story bigthingscomeinsmallpackages IAMTOMMY puppy abused why help share donate dogs puppies pup cruelty

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Katie (scatterbolt) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Puppy dog freakout dog dogs dogsofinstagram doggo pitbull pitbulls pitbullsofinstagram pibble petstagram cute adorable pibbles pibblesofig dogstagram pets weeklyfluff pet instadog pupper boopmynose boop

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 (therealnebraskanative) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Taking this handsome devil out for a walk. germanshepherd germanshepherdsofinstagram dog dogs dogsofinsta dogsofinstagram puppy maverick

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Bailey 🐾 (bulldog.bailey) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bailey 🐾


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Hey mom... are you taking pictures of me again 🙈🐾 Dogs Puppy puppie puppies puppyday dogsofInstagram puppiesofInstagram bulldoglove bulldogpuppy bulldog AKC akcbulldog akcbullies Doggo dogdays bulldogbailey sweetie cutedog bulldoglife pupper bailey cutepuppyclub cutepuppy cutepuppies

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Keira (zekey_wekey) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Hiiiii Hey guys I love my car rides carrides car rides puppies pups puppy dog dogs american bulldog americanbulldog fullbreed cutedogs funny

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 (gaiainpugram) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Muito pensativa nessa terça-feira​ 😮 pug🐾 puglove pug🐶 instapug pugsoninstagram puginstagram instapugs puglife instadog instadogs pugsnotdrugs pugselfie dogsofinsta dogs dog gaiainpugram canilpugmaniacos aguasclarasdf águasclarasdf brasilia

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Katie (tn_crusader) Instagram Photos and Videos



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This may be the greatest photo I've ever taken of my dog, Jango Fett. pitbull pitbulls pibble pibblemix pibblelove pibbles pibblesofig pitbullmom pitbulllove pitbulltherapydog pitbullsofinstagram pitbullsofig pitbullsofig pitbullsofficial rescuedog rescuedismyfavoritebreed dontbullmybreed dog dogs dogsofinsta dogsofinstgram dogselfie photo photogenic

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Charlie & Me (charlieandmeus) Instagram Photos and Videos

Charlie & Me


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Tonight I'm off to club BED, featuring DJ PILLOW and MC Blanky 🐾🙌🏼 // shop beds at charlieandme misterhound

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Mickey The Dog (m1ck3y_7h3_5h1h7zu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mickey The Dog


Comment from Mickey The Dog:

After the word treat is mentioned. treat shihtzuboy shihtzusofinstagram shihtzucommunity shihtzudog shihtzu shihtzulife shihtzulovers cute dog dogs love

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Puns😂memes puns funny fun laughs animals dogs beer

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ФОТОСЕССИИ ВАШИХ ЖИВОТНЫХ (pets.photographer) Instagram Photos and Videos




dog dogs pet pets doglover puppy dogsofinstagram puppygram dogstagram собакин собакалучшийдругчеловека собакабарабака собакадруг собакалюбимая собакаулыбака собакилучшелюдей домашниепитомцы лучшийдруг photo фотосесиия photoofday фотограф фотобезфильтра вдобрыеруки photographer instagood amazing cute love like4like

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Elena Soitu (elenasoitu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Elena Soitu


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Aniol (aniol9515) Instagram Photos and Videos



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husky husky❤️ malamut malamute snowdog dog dogs pies pieseł haski hasky

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Shelly (hiddencreekcatahoulas) Instagram Photos and Videos



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They sure love car rides! Even if it's just down the road to the store for a minute they love to go! Who else dogs just love truck or car rides? 😊catawhat catahoula catahoulacur catahoulalove catahoulaleoparddog catahoulaleopardhound catahoulasofinstagram catahoulaoftheday ukc nalc nalcregistered ukcshowdog ukcchampion ukcregistered hiddencreekcatahoulas catahoulaleopard huntingdogs dohgsofinstagram excellent_dogs dog dogs petsdaily louisianacatahoulaleoparddog carrides sillydog

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バーバラ (1018_barbara) Instagram Photos and Videos



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. . 柴犬 柴 赤柴 shiba shibainu shibaken shibastagram shibagram shibamania shibadog shibalove dog dogstagram dogs イヌ いぬ部 いぬすたぐらむ いぬら部 柴犬マニア 柴犬部 柴犬大好き しばいぬ しばけん しばマニア

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Ted Castro (ted.shihtzu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ted Castro


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Boa noite galerinha... austava tentando fazer pose de cãoroto fofo😊, austou me achando com minha ecobag, necessaire e minha bandana personalizada 💙🐶✨ aumei demais! @oficina_da_cor TED 💙🐶✨

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Pilouf 🐾 (accessoires_pilouf) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pilouf 🐾


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Shauara (shauarinha) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Agora que sorri pra foto, mamai?

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クイちゃん バッグ を広げると入ってくる!可愛い クイちゃん カラー でトートバッグ を縫い試し入り が、しかし入ったのにお出かけなしで寂しそう(*´∀`) ボストンテリア ボステリ ワンコ 🐶 bostonterrier bostonterrierlove quincy bostonterriercult dog dogstagram dogs bostonterrierlife bostonterriers

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KALA CARDONA (kala_cardn15) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Cosmic Home & Pet (cosmicpet1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cosmic Home & Pet


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The balance between flirty and hard to get is a delicate one. Boo has it down. shishpoo shitzu poodle loveu shitzulovers poodlelove shitzusofinstagram poodlesofinstagram boothepug pugsofinstagram puglove instapug pugsrule pugoftheday labradoodlelove instalabradoodle doodle labradoodlesofinstagram dogs cutedog cutepetclub barkhappylabradoodlelove instalabradoodle doodle labradoodlesofinstagram dogs cosmicpet instadog instadogbreeds instapet instacute seattledogs

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Would love for you to follow me on Facebook @iartyourpet. abstractpetart artofinstagram cartoon animate pets petart art art🎨 dogsofinstgram crazydogs happy fun artist artistofwisconsin muttsofinstagram weinerdog funart dog dogs creative

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Ike and Eva taking their training seriously. vizsla brotherandsister stoic seriousface pose headupchestout seeingdouble highlandcanine trainingintherain handsome dontblink dogs dogsofinstagram

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