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MMJ Canada

Comment from MMJ Canada:

⠀ While there’s very little scientific evidence that cannabis cures canines or other pets, there are plenty of reports that ill dogs respond to it in very positive ways. At the end of the day our dogs just want to feel good and be loved and if cbd takes away their anxiety or pain, it is worth the try. 🌱🐶 doglove ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ . health wellness lifestyle dogsofinstagram craftcannabis marijuana doggies weedstagram MaryJane medicalmarijuana mmjcanada birthdaycake artofvisuals toronto toronto420 dogphotography bloorwestvillage bloorstreetwest yorkvilletoronto ©fotolia ⠀

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luigi colurcio (luigicolurcio86) Instagram Photos and Videos

luigi colurcio


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Come sei dolce briinstagoodfollow4followfotog fotografiainstaloverscokerspan rspanieldogsofinstagramdogslov gslovercokerlovecokersofinsrag

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George Sayers (georgesayers1993) Instagram Photos and Videos

George Sayers


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Some quality time spent with my soul mate ❤️ love kiss dog arthur dogsofinstagram bestfriend cuddles weekend home

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Kairo the GSD (kairo_gsd) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kairo the GSD


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At the lake earlier this week! He'd swim forever... 🌊 lakelife iphone swimmingdog offleashsisterhood germanshepherd gsd lakedog dogsofinstagram minneapolisdogs mplsdogs dogsofmsp mngsdpack stillconsiderourselvespartofth pnwgsdpack sidewalkdog minnesotadog mndogs midwestdogs

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Storm of joy (stormsamoyed) Instagram Photos and Videos

Storm of joy


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Обожаю кататься!)))samoyed stormofjoy stormsamoyed белыйпес самоед самтылайка самоедскаясобака самоедысибири самоедыроссии dog followme dogsofinstagram dogs instapuppy instagramanet dogstagram dogoftheday doglover doggy dogs_of_instagram dogsitting doggie doglovers собака собакадругчеловека собакаулыбака собакалучшийдругчеловека собакилучшелюдей собакадруг samoyedworld

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Jean Nasser (jean_nasser_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jean Nasser


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New pics! 😉😀 lit l4l fun haircut photos snapchat selfie love f4f hot friends friend dogsofinstagram fun headshot actor hairstyle losangeles photooftheday bestoftheday dope likes mcm cool follow4follow followme follow like4like tbh

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Maya Speights (mayasheania) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maya Speights


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Daisy telling me off. She is quite opinionated. 🐶 dog dogs cute dogs_of_instagram pet pets petstagram petsagram dogsitting photooftheday dogsofinstagram ilovemydog instagramdogs dogstagram dogoftheday lovedogs lovepuppies doglover instadog tantrum dogtantrum

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Roni M (roni_m_29) Instagram Photos and Videos

Roni M


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If u chase after birds u don't always get them 😂 @bellinitheboxer boxer boxers boxersofinstagram puppy pup birds vintagepatek vintagewatch vintagewatches watchoftheday watchesofinstagram watchporn wristporn dog wristshot orologi orologio montre montres montre hodinkee dogsofinstagram dogsofinstgram

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Alesia (al351a) Instagram Photos and Videos



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No words for how much I love this guy 😊 furbaby snuggle bordercollie lovehim bestfriend dogsarebetterthanpeople dogs dogsofinstagram

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Jessica Bock (jessisok) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jessica Bock


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Possibly the cutest Izzy has ever been. dog muttsofinstagram dogsofinstagram

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Sam Rooke (sammy_84) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sam Rooke


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Walkies 🐶💙 gizmo JRT dog dogsofinstagram

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Iris and Kaitlyn (iristhemix) Instagram Photos and Videos

Iris and Kaitlyn


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"I wish I was inside eating chicken." Iris when I tell her it's time to get off of her bland diet. . This bandana is from @wixomswhimsies !!! We are so obsessed with it. It fits PERFECTLY and I wouldn't change a thing about it! Head on over there and tell them I sent you! . . 🐾Check out my pawtners!🐾 @keno_themix @lucy_and_grizz @whiskeygroot @life.with.2.heelers @roxietheboxiesaschathemix @the.lehning.project @star.pups . adoptdontshop brindlepup dogsofinstagram iristhemix houndstoothco brandrepresentative modelpup dog instapup bostonterrier dauchsand bostonmix daddysgirl discountcodes brindle instapuppy lovedogs instadog doglover

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Molly Dog With A Blog (molly_dogs_blog) Instagram Photos and Videos

Molly Dog With A Blog


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Having a sleep mollydog mollydogwithablog dogsofinstagram dogsofig dogsofinstaworld cockerspaniel cockersofinstagram cockerspa cockerspanielsofinstagram spaniellove spanielsofinstagram spanielsofig workingcocker workingcockerspaniel workingcockerspanielsofinstagr assistancedog assistancedogsofinstagram servicedogteam servicedog servicedogsofinstagram englishcockerspaniel englishcockersofinstagram dogaid dogassistanceindisability LucyandMolly

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Winston Kado (supimwinston) Instagram Photos and Videos

Winston Kado


Comment from Winston Kado:

When the hangover hits hard 🤕

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Freddie 🐶 (imfreddie17) Instagram Photos and Videos

Freddie 🐶


Comment from Freddie 🐶:

whatyoulookingat springerspaniel springerpuppy dogsofinstagram 🐶☺️

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Lili e Bolota (liliebolota) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lili e Bolota


Comment from Lili e Bolota:

Gente, eu fui vítima de um golpe!! A mamãe me deu um passeiozão, mas depois eu acabei no chuveiro! Vocês acreditam que ela fez isso comigo?? E agora está tentando me reconquistar, dizendo que estou muito cheirosa! Mamãe, não quero papo! 😒😤😩 . . Guys, I was the victim of a blow !! Mom gave me a wonderful ride, but then I ended up in the shower! Do you believe she did this to me ?? And now she's trying to win me back, saying I'm very smelling! Mom, I do not want to talk! 😒😤😩 . . . . filhotes puppylove puppy viralata goldensarethebest goldentrip goldenlove goldenretriever cachorro caocidadao cachorrosdobrasil cachorroétudodebom liliebolota dog doglovers dogoftheday dogsofinstagram instapet catioro cãocidadão viralataétudodebom cachorrododia instapet petstagram petlover pet dogstagram mutt amordeirmã connectingdogsandpeople

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 (red_dog1437) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from red_dog1437:

Just got back from a run, I'm pooped!💩 Time for a nap vizslasoftheworld vizslasrule vizslasofinstagram velcrodog pawesomepics dogsofinstagram

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Jennifer Hall (jennifer_hall77) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jennifer Hall


Comment from Jennifer Hall:

So excited for this challenge. Usually my Bella joins me on the mat anyway and chewy you can seeing pigging out at his food bowl. So of course this is the perfect challenge. Repost @thisgoatslife ( @get_repost) ・・・ 🎉Omgosh seriously y'all gotta play along!!!🎉 👉CALLING ALL MY ANIMAL LOVING YOGIS!!! ❤️🐕🐱🐰🐍🐴🐔❤️ Join us fun pet loving hosts, and our adorable pets, in a 9 day FURBABYYOGIS yoga challenge 💥Aug 20-28💥 We want to see you and whatever furbaby you have, even a reptile baby 🐍 Incorporate your yogi pets into your pics or poses and share with us. We have some amazing sponsors 💫 @shimmering_willow_jewels @dinoapparel @pawpawyogawear @gitayogaclothing @jakeanthonyart @casmala.designs @downdog_products @vermontdogeats . And of course some badass hosts @blklze @thisgoatslife @lesliestorms @erica_whitman . Rules *follow all hosts and sponsors *post for all days by end of challenge to eligible for prizes *use the challenge hashtag each day *share the flier *invite some friends to join in That's it! Then just have fun!! . POSE LIST 1. Malasana 2. Downdog 3. Dancer 4. Camel 5. Headstand 6. Wheel 7. Up dog 8. Reclined hero 9. Yogis choice . yoga yogi yogini igyogachallenges igyogafam yogapets yogachallenge yogaaddict yogadoesthebodygood goodvibrations yogawithdogs dogsofinstagram goat goatsofinstagram mr_bittles rosiebeag beagle silly fun smiles lulu texasheeler love fun explore wander win giveaway

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Danielle Quinn (danielleqquinn) Instagram Photos and Videos

Danielle Quinn


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Always after me dinner dog doggo dogsofinstagram pets petsofinstagram rottweiler rottie rottweilerofinstagram puppy cute love bff iphoneonly goodvibes becurious

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Ready for my car ride. dogsofinstagram dogs_of_instagram shibainu shibagram shibalove shibadog @pvtpepper dog shibalove toppaw toppaw toppawapparel petsmart

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Thames Gia (thames_gia) Instagram Photos and Videos

Thames Gia


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Took the doggy out for a spin. Puck doggy timeforawalk hiking dogsofinstagram Hockai Ardennen nature trees green bff qualitytime defyinggravity

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Susanne Hemet (herdwizdom) Instagram Photos and Videos

Susanne Hemet


Comment from Susanne Hemet:

One of my new best friends from this past week. He is so f-ing cute. (He hears that so much he probably thinks it's his name.) I could just eat him up. He's 80lbs of pure love. chocolatelab labradorretriever dogsofinstagram newlove

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Karma is a bitch (karmathebullyy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Karma is a bitch


Comment from Karma is a bitch:

From today's walk😍pitbulllove pitbullsofig bullylife bullypups americanbully bully puppy americanbullyxl pitbull bullbreedsofinsta bullymagazine pitbullsofinstagram dogsofinstagram dogoftheday dog puppiesofinstagram

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No, I don't know what privat space means! 🙄😄

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RILEY (rileydoodledoo_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from RILEY:

Permanently rocking a smoky eye 💁🏼🐶💄blessed

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Millie 🐾 (millieandthecity) Instagram Photos and Videos

Millie 🐾


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Chris Bucher (x_bucher) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chris Bucher


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Lilly Neitzke (lillyneitzke) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lilly Neitzke


Comment from Lilly Neitzke:

It's 101 degrees outside! Feels like 128 with heat index! 😰 Better stay inside to stay cool! 😙 texas texasheat

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Rhône (tails_to_tell) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Rhône:

All my favorite things, stinky shoes and my woobie. dogslife spoiledpup

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n u g g e t (nugget._.thecorgi) Instagram Photos and Videos

n u g g e t


Comment from n u g g e t:

adventurer explorer

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Jackie Todd (jackie.and.django) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jackie Todd


Comment from Jackie Todd:

Weekends bring smiles for this little guy. I'm so thankful to have a buddy that shares my adventurous spirit. He keeps me going, and gives me a reason to wake up early on a Saturday morning. Plus that face! 🙌 • • • • adventuretime adventure adventuredog adventureisoutthere dogs dog dogsofinstagram rescuedog adoptdontshop rescuemutt outdoors getoutside hiking hikingwithdogs hikingadventures dogwalk forest weekend weekendvibes bestfriendgoals thegreatoutdoors canadiandog canada

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Jessie Rose (jessierosemaher) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jessie Rose


Comment from Jessie Rose:

It's CLEAR THE SHELTERS DAY!!!! That means adoption fees around the US are waived in an effort to give homeless pets a new lease on life. Otherwise, who will check your car for cats???

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