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😍 🐕🐾🌈✌🌊 buddhatherescuepuppy rescuepuppy rescuepuppylife yourescuedme rescueismyfavoritebreed nevis capecod nevistocapecod coconutretriever mixedbreed bestestmench adoptdontshop dogsofinsta dogsofinstgram dogsofig wholetthedogsout

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🐕🐶I will be posting pic daily🐶 (pamelavhe) Instagram Photos and Videos

🐕🐶I will be posting pic daily🐶


Comment from 🐕🐶I will be posting pic daily🐶:

shitzu olddogs dogsofinstgram christmasdog doggroomer

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Raw Fed K9🐾 (rawfedk9) Instagram Photos and Videos

Raw Fed K9🐾


Comment from Raw Fed K9🐾:

Now that we covered HOW MUCH & WHEN to feed, let’s talk about WHERE to get meat! Finding meat can be a stressor, especially when beginning a raw diet. Surprisingly, the majority of the meat I get does NOT come from the grocery store! . 1. ONLINE SUPPLIERS!! Many times, purchasing meat from online suppliers let’s you buy in bulk for more affordable prices. You know exactly what you’re getting, how much you’re getting & how much it will cost you. Many of the suppliers are selling meat directly to raw feeders like YOU! They are like minded people who won’t look at you funny when you tell them, “it’s for my dog”. 😂 I use @simplyrawsome @mypetcarnivore @rawfeedingmiami there are many others but these are the main 3 I have bought from and can say that I’ve received quality product & service from. 2. FRIENDS & FAMILY—Don’t underestimate the powder of word of mouth. Let people know, if they have old meat, freezer burnt meat or are just cleaning out their freezer to think of you. I’ve gotten lots of meat this way, someone will buy a 1/2 beef and not want the liver, tongue, heart, etc. 3. LOCAL WANTED ADS— think Craigslist or Facebook groups. Post an ad that you’re looking for meat. I have a couple templates I would be happy to share with anyone who wants them. This is how my freezer is FULL right now. Venison from hunters, lamb & pork from a farmer. 4. PROCESSING SHOPS— not exactly like the butcher, it’s a place that actually PROCESSES the cattle, pig, etc. Call them, ask them if they ever have left overs or unwanted meat. Ask if they can you bulk organs, marrow bones. Build a relationship with them, buy meat for YOU from them, they will have more to offer the better they know you. 5. GROCERY STORE— I find the store to be one of the last places I go to for meat. It’s usually too expensive. (I like to try to stay around $1-2/lb) However, when there are sales on meat I will stock up on whatever I can. Asian & Mexican markets may have better prices and more novelty items. . . . . rawfedk9 rawdietfordogs rawfeddog rawfeedingcommunity rawfeedingrebels dogsofinstgram barfdiet feeddogs rawdiet doglife whatsinyourbowl

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ColbyWithTheShortLegs (colbywiththeshortlegs) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Christmas light fun with lots of pets from all the little ones too! pembrokewelshcorgi welshcorgi corgi corgis corgiplanet corgilove corgisofinstagram dogswithdiabetes corgigram_ corgipics corgisrule corgicrazy corgicommunity corgination corgipower corgistyle corgimania corgidaily corgiworld dog dogsdogsofinstgram dogswithdiabetes courageouscorgis corgeouscorgis seniordogs dastumpsquad apollosfriends

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All Hail The King👑 (king_aceventura) Instagram Photos and Videos

All Hail The King👑


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Ruth (ruttitutti87) Instagram Photos and Videos



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This husky refuses to sleep inside.. I went to see him this morning and he cared not. He’s too funny.. (we have a nice area out there for him to sleep and relax in) siberianhusky husky dog sunday dogsofinsta dogsofinstgram stubborn goofy

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Zakeya Brown (aniranbloom) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zakeya Brown


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🎶It's the most wonderful time of the year🎵 dogsofinstgram dogs pet animal samwisethebrave christmas christmastree winter

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Mrityunjaya Shrivastava (imrityunjaya) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mrityunjaya Shrivastava


Comment from Mrityunjaya Shrivastava:

All I want for Christmas is you........ r dog 😍🐶❤️😍 . . . . . medogloverd overdogsofinstgramdogsofinstaw nstaworldlovedogscutepetsmasti mastiffsofinstagramcantlivewit vewithoutdogdogofthedaypuppylo

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 (chihuahua_loversclub) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from chihuahua_loversclub:

Hit the link in the bio for your own Chihuahua hoodies and T shirts 👕 Don't forget to follow for loads more adorable daily chihuahua photos 🐾 International P&P available 🗺 doglife dogsofinstgram chihuahuas dogsofinsta chihuahuasrule chihuahuababy dogsarebetterthanpeople dogstargram chihuahuamex dogsrule doggrooming chihuahuamommy chihuahuafanatics chihuahuaclub chihuahuaaddict dogproblems dogsoftheday dogsaremytherapy chihuahuaholic chihuahuanation dogsarethebest chihuahuaofig dogsarepeopletoo chihuahuasofinstagram_ dogdays chihuahuastyle chihuahuadaily dogselfie chihuahuaproblems dogsareagirlsbestfriend

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大本  瑞紀 (mizukichun0416) Instagram Photos and Videos

大本 瑞紀


Comment from 大本 瑞紀:

私フローラって言います🐶💕 ... マルチーズ ふわもこ部 わんこ ペット いぬ 多頭飼い maltese dog dogsofinstgram pet dogstagram animal pets petstagram dogoftheday doglover

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Ben Semisch - Photo & Film (semischphotofilm) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ben Semisch - Photo & Film


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Hugo Garratt 💙👑🐶 (hugo_the_westie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hugo Garratt 💙👑🐶


Comment from Hugo Garratt 💙👑🐶:

What do you mean I’m in the way!? This is me helping! 🙈 • • • • puppy pup puppylove puppygram puppysofinstagram westhighlandwhiteterrier cheekypuppy westiesofinstagram westielife westiepuppy westiegram westiemoments westhighlandterrierpuppy westielove petsofinstagram petstagram petlovers petgram ilovemypet family love puppylife pedigree dailywestie dog dogsofinstgram f4f followme cute fluffypuppy

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Даниел Вучковић (dr_vucko) Instagram Photos and Videos

Даниел Вучковић


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dog dogs dogstagram puppy doglovers doglover pet d dogsofinstagram doglife do doglove dogoftheday dogsofinsta love instadog puppylove dogsofinstgram doggies pets dogpark dogtraining doggy cute dogwalking cutedog puppies dogslife dogsofig doggie

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Duke & Jasper (daily.dukes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Duke & Jasper


Comment from Duke & Jasper:

Fun day snowshoeing!!! snowdog snowshoe snow bordercollie borderaussie bordercolliesofinstagram shepherdmix shepherd rescuedog rescuedogsofinstagram ilovemyrescue doglife dogsofinstgram puppiesofig puppylove puppy puppiesofinstagram bestwoof doggo georgianbay mansbestfriend provincialpark camping campout snowy bestfriends doglovers

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Doby & Baci (doby_gsp) Instagram Photos and Videos

Doby & Baci


Comment from Doby & Baci:

Sometimes I can tolerate her.. sometimes, not always 🐾🙂 dogs dogstagram dogsandpals dogsofinsta dogsofinstgram dogsofinstaworld dogsofig doglife doglove doglovers dogsofig dogoftheday puppy puppies love lovehim gsp fuckcancer germanshorthairedpointer pointer instadog instapup instapuppy instadogs pet beautiful handsome cute maltipoo maltese poodle

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Matt Michael (goody2007) Instagram Photos and Videos

Matt Michael


Comment from Matt Michael:

princessleia mid morning beautyrest with smushyface and all!!! englishbulldog englishbulldogsofinstagram dogsofinstgram

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Hugo_the_frenchbulldog (hugo_the_frenchbulldog2016) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Hugo_the_frenchbulldog:

I just love sitting on faces! 🐶😝frenchiesofinstagram frenchieoftheday frenchbulldogsofinstagram frenchbulldoguk frenchbulldogs frenchie frenchbulldog frenchiegram frenchbulldogsofig frenchies dog dogs dogsofinstgram dogslover sunday sundayfunday snow snowday cold winter christmas

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Dogshop (dogshop_jr) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Dogshop:

👕 Grab your choice! NOW by clicking the link in my bio (profile) ➡ @dogshop_jr 👌 Printed in the USA 💯 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! 📦 Worldwide Shipping 👫 Tag Your Friends⤵ 🐕 dogs dog dogwalking dogtraining dog🐶 dogpark doğa doglovers doggies dogsofig dogscorner dogwalk dogfashion dogsitting dogoftheday doglove dogsofinsta dogslover dogselfie doglover dogslife dogumgunu dogsofinsta dogsofig dogstagram dogsofinstgram dogsandpals

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Ice My Bull Terrier (icemybullterrier) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ice My Bull Terrier


Comment from Ice My Bull Terrier:

Domingando 🐕🌲🐾⚽🍁❄🍖🍃💜🔝 icebaby familygrowing truelove icemybullterrier bullterrierlove bullterrierpics doglovers bullterrier bullterrierofinstagram bullterrierfans bullterrierpuppy puppylove instabullterrier bullterrierportugal ilovebullterriers englishbullterrier instapuppy photographydog lovemydog dogsofinstgram cutepets bullterrierlife bullterrierstyle iceiceicebaby outdoorplaying outdoorlife outdoorlovers autumntime weekendmode

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The Blue Aussie (the_blue_aussie) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Blue Aussie


Comment from The Blue Aussie:

Samstag ist Badetag :-D . . . puppy dog puppylove puppydog dogs instadog puppiesofinstagram cute doglover dogsofinstagram dogsofinstgram dogoftheday love dogwalking ilovemydog aussie australianshepherd australianshepherdsofinstagram australianshepherdworld bluemerle forest nature naturelovers photooftheday beautiful instagood naturephotography goodlife weekend dogwalk

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Crunchie the Rescued Dog 🐶 (crunchie.the.rescued) Instagram Photos and Videos

Crunchie the Rescued Dog 🐶


Comment from Crunchie the Rescued Dog 🐶:

10'c walkie with mama. Stay warm fellow doggies 🐶❄️ 🐾 🐾 🐾 dogsofinstgram dogsofinsta dogsofig mydog doglife dogstagram dogsofinstaworld dogoftheday lovedogs rescuedogs rescuedogsofinstagram adoptdontshop instagramdogs instadogs puppyface puppylove hkdr hongkongdogrescue

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 (_doxie_jackrussell_pups) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from _doxie_jackrussell_pups:

Our first Christmas party🎄😘. . dogs doxie doglife dogsofinstagram dogs_of_instagram doglife doggie doglover doglove dogsofinstgram dogsofinsta pupsofinstagram puppy puppylove playtime perros dachshund dachshundpuppy dachshundpuppies dachshundoftheday dachshundsofinstagram jackrussel jackrussell jackrussellsofig jackrussellterriersofinstagram dog family babies sisters party christmas

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Bowie the Corgi (bowienubs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bowie the Corgi


Comment from Bowie the Corgi:

Good morning ☀️☕️ . . . bowiethecorgi corgi corgisofinstagram corgination corgicommunity corgistagram corgilove corgipuppy corgis corgigram corgiaddict corgiplanet corgilife corgis_of_instagram corgigram_ corgimix corgeouscorgis corgi_feature myfavcorgi corgilovegram aussie corgiaussie aussiesofinstagram dogsofinstgram puppy puppies dog dogs dogsofig dogstagram

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@Kuno_gsd (kuno_gsd) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from @Kuno_gsd:

Good Morning! ☀️🐾 shorelife puppy puppydog puppygram puppylove germanshepherd germanshepherddog germanshepherdnetwork germanshepherdnetwork germanshepherdsofinstagram gsd gsdlove gsdofig gsdpage gsdlover 11months dog dogslife doglovers dogoftheday dogsofinstgram

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Cassidy And Oliver 🐶❤️🐶 (cassidyandoliver) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cassidy And Oliver 🐶❤️🐶


Comment from Cassidy And Oliver 🐶❤️🐶:

Sources in Las Vegas say Santa was forced to recruit help to deliver his presents! 🎅🏻❤️🎁🎄santa friends presents christmas love santapaws pomeranian cute dog pom cutedog instadog pomlife pomeranianpage pomeraniansofinstagram worldofcutepets mydogiscutest dogsofinsta vegas lasvegas photooftheday picoftheday instadog dogs_of_instagram dogmodel dogsofinstgram coolangel369 dogstagram dogs dogoftheday doglife

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🌸▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️🌸 (freya_and_rupert) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🌸▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️🌸:

Feeling festive 🎄❤ 🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸 germans gsdsoftheworld germanshepherdlove germanshepherd germanshepherdpuppy gsddaily gsdsoftheworld rescuedog rescuedogsofinstagram romaniandog romanianrescue rescuedogs crossbreed mixedbreed dogsofinstgram dogsofinsta puppy puppies puppiesofig germanshepherds germanshepherddog gsd gsdofinstagram dogsofinsta dailydog germanshepherddaily instadog christmastree germanshepherdsonline alsatian rescuedog rescuedogs followforfollow

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Zeus 🐾 (zeus.retriever_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zeus 🐾


Comment from Zeus 🐾:

Eu aumei esses snacks assados da linha DogMenu. Tudo natural, como minha mamãe gosta 💙😍 Aubrigado LuoPet . . . . . goldenretriever goldensofinstagram goldenretrieversofinstagram fotografiapet goldenretrieverpuppy dog dogsofinstgram puppy puppylove puppygram puppydog puppyoftheday puppyboy puppies smile happy happyday happydog goldensdepernambuco photo photography photogram photoshop photographe snack

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Duncan Donut 🐶 (mrduncandonut) Instagram Photos and Videos

Duncan Donut 🐶


Comment from Duncan Donut 🐶:

She always has to be close 🐶❤ snuggle besties bestfriends dogfriends duncandonut brindlebaby brindle rosedarling dog dogoftheday instadog mutt mutts dogs dogsofinstgram dogsofmadison muttskickbutt muttsofinstagram mixedbreed rescuedog rescuedogsofinstagram adopt instagood cute ilovemypet ilovemydog bestwoof doglife

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 (shanti_the_cockerspaniel) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from shanti_the_cockerspaniel:

Дело было вечером...🐱🐶💬 золотаясобака рыжик россия собакаизроссии russiandog englishkokerspaniel любимаямордочка моясобака люблюнемогу летающиеуши instagram instadog shanti годи8 my_sweet_shanti республикататарстан зима2017 английскийкокерспаниель декабрь dogsofinstgram spanielsofinstagram всегдавместевсегдарядом скороновыйгод2018 китти

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Roxy 🐶 (roxygirl_the_maltipoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Roxy 🐶


Comment from Roxy 🐶:

Good Morning Everyone! Just relaxing on a very cozy pillow. 🐶😍 relaxing cozypillow morning maltipoo dogsofinstgram

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Adventures of Honey & Cedar (honeyandcedar) Instagram Photos and Videos

Adventures of Honey & Cedar


Comment from Adventures of Honey & Cedar:

Snowball fight game face🤟🏼

12 Minutes ago
Alfie the puff (alfiethepuff) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alfie the puff


Comment from Alfie the puff:

Marry Christmas to all my friends! 🎄🎁 alfiethepuff 🐶🐾

12 Minutes ago
Australian Shepherd Duke (unser.duke) Instagram Photos and Videos

Australian Shepherd Duke


Comment from Australian Shepherd Duke:

Wir wünschen einen schönen 3. Advent! Duke hat uns heute ausnahmsweise richtig lange schlafen lassen ... 😮 bis kurz vor 8!!! Da er uns sonst pünktlich um 5 weckt war das echt angenehm 😄. australianshepherd aussie dogstagram dogsofinstgram hund dog lieblingshund bürohund agenturhund officedog redmerle besterhund besterfreund unserduke pubertier agenturleben hundezeit qualitytime christmasdogs 3advent

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