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Doug (fourgoodpups) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Doug:

Repost @friendsofthefamilyrescue with @repostapp ・・・ DEADLINE! Lucy is a 4 year old shepherd mixed tossed in a kill facility with her two puppies by her owner!! WTH?! Please share and get them safe! K12, Big Spring, Texas. 432 264 2372. Ac shepherd germanshepherd mom abandoned bigspring texas dogoftheday dogs doglover dogstagram dogsofinstagram dog black beautiful scared sweet love adoptdontshop foster rescue home family please help mylife pretty

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Louie 🐞 (louie_bug_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Louie 🐞


Comment from Louie 🐞:

When mama says "treat?" 🤑🐶❤😛🍕🦊 . . . treat hedgehog dog dogsofinstgram dogstagram smile orangedog happy happypup thatface whitepaw cute adorable sweet yorkie pomeranian poodle

27 Seconds ago
Adventures Of Boo Bear (adventures_of_boo_bear) Instagram Photos and Videos

Adventures Of Boo Bear


Comment from Adventures Of Boo Bear:

Checking out the water in the bay . boobear staffy petstagram instadog pet dogstagram doglife instapet dogs staffordshirebullterrier staffygram puppylove bay beach walk nature

27 Seconds ago
Marie-Soleil G Dion (mariesoleilgd) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marie-Soleil G Dion


Comment from Marie-Soleil G Dion:

Farniente. dogstagram dogsofinstgram labradorretriever labrador luigi

27 Seconds ago
NavarreTheDob (themagicworldofnav) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from NavarreTheDob:

Hooligans at IDC WM 2017 ogs_of_instagram dogloverstagram dogoftheday dobermann workingdogs instadog adoptablinddog dog disableddogs workingdog blinddogsofinstagram blinddogsrule dobermannsangels disabilityisnotaproblem dobermannrescueitalia igersdog dogstagram picoftheday animalrights adoption dobermannworld navarre ciorbomafigo dobermannrescue dobermannofinstagram ilovemydog alldobermann ig_dogs doglife

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보리♥️Bori (oh_boribori) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 보리♥️Bori:

. 우리 개딸램 아무리봐도 개이쁜거가틈🙊 . She's so darn cute, I just can't handle it🙊 . . . 이상 주책바가지 개어멈 . Having one of those dog mom moments this morning . dogsofig dogsofedmonton yegpets yegdogs yegpaws 토이푸들 토이푸들스타그램 푸들스타그램 dogstagram 푸들일상 toypoodle toypoodlesofinstagram toypoodlelove poodle poodlesofinstagram poodlestagram poodlelover poodlepuppy poodlesofficial poodleoftheday 펫스타그램 멍스타그램 yeg_dogs poodlesdaily yegdog poodlegram プードル 貴賓犬 pawsomepoodles dogsofcanada

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 (this_is_kotatsu) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from this_is_kotatsu:

🍆🍉夏支度🌻🐚 summergettingsummerreadyhottokyomayminitureschnauzerminiatureschnauzerdogloverdogstagramschnastagrammylovemysonboyミニチュアシュナウザーシュナスタグラム愛犬祭りkotakotapi

34 Seconds ago
Ulrike  Petzold (elderflower73) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ulrike Petzold


Comment from Ulrike Petzold:

I will Rest till dinner dogs frenchies bernadettemyfrench cute ilovemyfrenchie black petstagram naptime timeforanap dogstagram

36 Seconds ago
yelpet ( Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from yelpet:

♡Happy♡ naptime smile smiledog ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ❤︎こつぶ❤︎大好きだよ❤︎❤︎❤︎ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ nap happy frenchbulldog frenchieoftheday frenchiesofinstagram frenchbulldogsofinstagram dog doglover dogstagram cute ig_bullys thefrenchiepost rescueddog buhi フレンチブルドッグ

37 Seconds ago
Hanna Uotila (hannauotila) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hanna Uotila


Comment from Hanna Uotila:

bulldog bulldogs bullies englishbulldogs bulldoglove bulldoglife bulldogsofinstagram bulldogsofig bulldogsworldwide bullypics bulldogpuppy dogs dogs dogsofig dogsofinstgram dogstagram smushface theworldofbullies bulldogram sisters finland

38 Seconds ago
Balder 🐕 (balder_the_mittelspitz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Balder 🐕


Comment from Balder 🐕:

Treasure hunt! Searching for fresh meat 😁 instagood instadaily videooftheday petsagram dogsofinstaworld dogstagram doglife mittelspitz mittelspitzofnorway spitz happydog treasurehunt rawlife rawmeat ilovemydog teamo training

38 Seconds ago
Golden Retriever T-Shirts (goldenretriever.tshirts) Instagram Photos and Videos

Golden Retriever T-Shirts


Comment from Golden Retriever T-Shirts:

Visit Link in the BIO ➡️ @goldenretriever.tshirts We are a Store Dedicated Specially to Golden Retriever 👕 Shipping Orders WorldWide 🌎 Multiple Color Options For All T-Shirts 🌈 Check the link in the bio to buy ==> @goldenretriever.tshirts sofinstagram s puppy brasil puppies world ofinstagram love s_ofinstagram mix sworld lovers club animal pet dogs pets animales pets_of_instagram dogs_of_instagram dogsofinstagram instagramdogs dogstagram dogoftheday lovedogs hound doglover instadog

41 Seconds ago
Emily (simplyemilysaunders) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Emily:

My newest commission is complete! simplysaunders illustrator illustration draw drawing drawanyway commission art artist artwork pencil pencils pencildrawing fabercastell portrait portraitartist pet pets petsofig petstagram petsofinstagram dog dogs dogsofig dogstagram dogsofinsta lab Labrador

44 Seconds ago
Peaches (peachesthepeiby) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Peaches:

Happy TOT, furiends! tot tongueaction tongueouttuesday dogtongue blackdogsrock blackdogsofinstagram muttskickbutt happytuesday sharpeisofinstagram love_sharpei_feature doglover sharpeilife doglife stafford_life dogfeatures dogphotography dog dogsofinstagram hotdog hotgirl dogstagram instadog instapic canadiandog peiby happydoglife

53 Seconds ago
heyPaul_mypaul (heypaul_mypaul) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from heyPaul_mypaul:

내가봐도 난 참 귀엽단말이야?🙌🏻😻🐶 Repost @wednesday_ryu ( @get_repost) ・・・ • 폴나들이 :) • 🐶 🐾 • • "바람의 윈드"를 가르고 있는 나의 개님 🙌🏻 슈나우저 뽀루쨔끼 dog schnauzer dogstagram heypaulmypaul 멍스타그램 나들이

1 Minutes ago
Toni Maroni (toni_maroni_gsd) Instagram Photos and Videos

Toni Maroni


Comment from Toni Maroni:

The sun is slowly going down and we are enjoying the last sunshine of the day ☺️🌞 germanshepherd germanshepherddog germanshepherddaily germanshepherdlovers düsseldorf catsanddogs dogs dogstagram dogoftheday germanshepherd_corner germanshepherd_lover petsofinstagram pet instapet cats gsd gsdofig gsdgram schäferhund deutscherschäferhund belgischerschäferhund summer rivers swim eller excellent_dogs

1 Minutes ago
poopy (mylittlepoopy0815) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from poopy:

dog dogs puppy pup pet pets animal animals InstaTags4Likes cute @appslejandro dogs_of_instagram petstagram petsagram dogsitting photooftheday dogsofinstagram ilovemydog instagramdogs nature dogstagram dogoftheday picpets lovedogs lovepuppies hound adorable doglover instapuppy instadog

1 Minutes ago
Cocoapuff & Nina (cocoaninapuff) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cocoapuff & Nina


Comment from Cocoapuff & Nina:

Small dog. Big T👅T. 🐾🌸 • • Nina chihuahua chihuahuasofinstagram tuesday tongueouttuesday tot bigearsdontcare roar puppyeyes pet petlife happylife pawlife dog dogstagram doglife cutenessoverload cute smalldogbigworld

1 Minutes ago
Muttshots (muttshots) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Muttshots:

My old man. 🐶💕☺️_________________________________________________ . . . . . muttshots loveanimals boxer dogstagram dogs boxerdog boxersofinstagram pet doglover doglove dogsofinstagram boxer boxers boxergram boxerlove boxerdogs boxeraddict ilovemyboxer instaboxer puppylove boxerworld petsofinstagram pets petstagram seniordog whywerescue rescue rescuedog rescuedogsofinstagram canonbringit

1 Minutes ago
Easton PetsHotel (eastonpetshotel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Easton PetsHotel


Comment from Easton PetsHotel:

The perks of being a low-rider 😂😂😂 Gus and Calaway 2017 PetSmart PetsHotel DoggieDayCamp WeLovePets InspiredByPets dogsofinsta columbusohio 614dogs dogstagram dogs🐶 dogsofinstagram dogsarefamily eastontowncenter columbusdogs dogsofcolumbus cutesdogs cutepuppies cutestdog woof woofdaily woofergram @k8sondles @carolewmusic

1 Minutes ago
Shih tzu Jazzy (shihtzujazz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shih tzu Jazzy


Comment from Shih tzu Jazzy:

Me as puppy with my snotty nose 🤧 When i'm excited i sneeze on you sorry 😶😗🙃 trowbackthurstday trowback puppy snottynose sneeze ShihTzu_feature shihtzusofinstagramuse ShihTzulovegram shihtzuofinsta shihtzulovers2 shihtzumoments shihtzusgram shihtzusgram_feature Shih_Tzu_funny_love iloveshihtzu_igram shihtzudogz puppy shihtzu cute InstaDogsnCats shihtzunation shihtzumania dogstagram shintzu_feature cutedog puppystagram smalldog follow shihtzujazz

1 Minutes ago
minae (xxk_minae_92xx) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from minae:

朝お仕事で出発した後すぐにカメラみたら クンクン言ったり遠ごえしてたの😭😭😭 調べたら寂しくてみなえのこと呼んでるんだって😭 もーめっちゃすぐに帰りたくなった😭😭😭笑 めっちゃ甘えん坊だもん 置いてかれるの寂しいよね😭 明日は予定ないからたっぷり甘えさせてあげよーと☺️💗 ほんとかわいい😭💗 . . . ふわもこ部愛犬マルプーわんちゃん小型犬ミックス犬犬ハク愛大切doglife可愛い애견개푸들말티즈가족 doglovehappyfamilymixmixdogcutepetlovemydogdogstagramdoglovedoggyfollowmeplease

1 Minutes ago
Gray (husky_ju) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Gray:

Хаски много не бывает 😻😻😻 . . . хаски husky dog dogsofinstagram dogs instagramdogs instapuppy instagramanet instatag dogstagram doglover doggy dogsitting doggie doglovers dogsofig doglife doglove dogscorner dogslife doggies pup pet pets ilovemydog puppy puppylove puppypalace puppygram husky хаски королев

1 Minutes ago
Rionardo Dogcaprio (theriodog) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rionardo Dogcaprio


Comment from Rionardo Dogcaprio:

I didn't want my mom to go to work today. So this is my face I make. australiancattledogsofinstagram australiancattledogmix australiancattledog cattledog cattledogmix cattledogsofinstagram bordercollie bordercolliemix bordercolliesofinstagram thatfacetho dog dogsofig dogstagram dogsofinsta dogsofinstgram dogsofinstaworld dogsofminnesota rio riodog

1 Minutes ago
Jared Powell (_jared_luke_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jared Powell


Comment from Jared Powell:

When Cooper isn't sleeping, he enjoys sun bathing.... thepowellpups

1 Minutes ago
Hippo (hippo_thebully) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Hippo:

You know what day it is! tongueouttuesday tot

1 Minutes ago
Bailey the Corgi (thecorgibailey) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bailey the Corgi


Comment from Bailey the Corgi:

Sitting pretty.

1 Minutes ago
DogsAndDishes (realdogsanddishes) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from DogsAndDishes:

Chow Chow Pitbull Mix ❤️

1 Minutes ago
Paws & Claws Pet Sitting BoCo (pawsandclawspetsittingboulder) Instagram Photos and Videos

Paws & Claws Pet Sitting BoCo


Comment from Paws & Claws Pet Sitting BoCo:

Meet Oliver, a sweet, gentle 14-year-old poodle mix that loves to go for mellow walks and just be near someone. Such a ❤️! Happy Tuesday!!! 🐶🐾

2 Minutes ago
Amanda👑 (kelpiepudel) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Amanda👑:

Spårat sista spåren nu inför torsdag, hoppas på de bästa!😎 kelpiemarwintullarbackensapellspårbrukstrackingk9workingdogdailydogdogstagramdogofthedaydogstagramdailykelpiekelpiegramaustraliankelpiedailydoginsta_dogsswedenharligahundilovemykelpieilovemydogkelpiekelpieskelpiesofinstagramaustraliankelpiesofinstagramdogsdogsofinstagramdailydogdogslifeaplacetolovedogsinstadoginsta_dogsleather_nosevallhund

2 Minutes ago
HEIDI (heidi_thegiantschnauzer) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from HEIDI:

takemebacktuesday to snow!

3 Minutes ago
Филичкина Ксения (ksenyafilichkina) Instagram Photos and Videos

Филичкина Ксения


Comment from Филичкина Ксения:

После активнейшей прогулки с друзьями! Довольные моси жмурятся на солнышко! Все сидят и только Бруно решил быть выше всех)) Мы редко расширенным составом гуляем, но все таки бывает. А вы часто гуляете компаниями?

8 Minutes ago
Seo Ryoung joo (mayobittoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Seo Ryoung joo


Comment from Seo Ryoung joo:

오뉴월 감기로 고생중인 날 깨우고는 귀여운 척은😥😥😥 . . . 말티즈 크림 강아지🐶 76일째 귀요미발바닥🐾 maltese cream dog dogstagram puppy❤️ petstagram

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