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Comment from 🌸Anouk:

express yourself through art, not hate.🎭 🎨🎸📚 📷 AllArtIsGoodArt Make DontTake

1 Days ago

Dima Kay


Comment from Dima Kay:

stayloyal stayyoungathearted showlovetofamily makesureitsfamilyfirst youhaveurfamily whichdontshareblood realbloodtoo realeyes realize reallies dontbelieve dontbeafraid donttake. небойся неверь небери thank God for what I have today. Thank God wake up in the morning throw on tfillin if you know about it and pray for family and people that are watching over us as much as you can. Love mother that doesn't want to admit it but she loves me and will rip anyone's throat out for me she's everything to me and I love her tell my last dying breathe. And she knows ill go away for life for her. I just throw words when we argue it's all love. A few words for mom.

2 Days ago



Comment from F_dot_Cee:

Don't take any bullshit today. Have a good day! 🙂DontHaveTime ForThisShit TodaysMood TuesdaysBeLike FuckIt Hustle Grind Work Play HaveAGoodDay DontTake Any Bullshit

4 Days ago



Comment from Derryl:

Make it as a tools to grow, not as a tools to break your heart. . notetoself personalexperience experience observation book life meaninc write writerofinstagram copywriting positivity story words optimism . feedback critics donttake meant past pastself work honestwork present future lessons happens done

5 Days ago



Comment from i- am- NICOSBAY:


6 Days ago

Andrea Leonardo


Comment from Andrea Leonardo:

Don't take candies from women. women donttake candies attention warning danger dangerouswoman dangerous chupachups protect takecare defend heart spring2017 amazing study picoftheday like4like cia

7 Days ago

A b i D e w b e r r y


Comment from A b i D e w b e r r y:

❤️ Most importantly love ❤️ radiate your gift, don't drain the gift of others give donttake lovedeeply letgo nothingmatters connect bepresent

8 Days ago

G'mar Poett


Comment from G'mar Poett:

New single donttake of my debut EP lovelearn gmarpoett

9 Days ago

only 1 of me!


Comment from only 1 of me!:

Gm!! Have a blessed one!! donttakemykindness foraweakness

9 Days ago

The Artist


Comment from The Artist:

Heres myass on socialmedia 😳Instagram whatdoyouthink howcute donkey toocute style actorslife actor comedy comedian asianmodel asianactor men menstyle mensfashion menwithstyle menwithclass blogger styleblogger donttake life tooserious beingreal and laugh seriously thinkaboutit

10 Days ago

Salimah Adams


Comment from Salimah Adams:

Laugh Your Butt Off..A merry heart doeth good like a medicine..A broken spirit drieth the bones..Laugh at yourself..befunny dontTake Everything so serious smile joke Dance Have fun with life and life will have FUN with YOU..BEE'S HAPPY 🐝😂😁

11 Days ago



Comment from 🙊🙈🙉:

It's true, you know 😇 love lovelikenoother give donttake heal dontwound care dontdisappear eat 😂 beforeyouredeadmeat 😂😂 shinebrightlikeadiamond intheenditsjustgonnabe_u_ so_live_everymoment love_everyother ☺ justkeepswimming 12.03.2017 💙

13 Days ago



Comment from •--••••••-:

As ordinary as it could be, As ordinary as just paying attention to someone. Suddenly it feels like you’ve been running And now you’re short of breath Lungs filled with laughter and eyes full of desire Sparks of fire lit when he touched my skin Burning flames in just a matter of seconds Sizzling and skittering against each other You’ll say “just one last time” But you’ll grow to love the light And the warmth of the flame Your heart would speak strange things Such as “what if you could keep him?” That’s when you realize that small flames Make large fires and before you know it Everything around you is burning to the ground And you two are caught in the middle Watching each other get licked by the flames The smart ones always turn for the door They learn to cut the strings and move on Other sits in the mess of burned skin and broken strings Pain seething through even though you’ve felt it before Maybe that’s why they warn you not to play with fire. A.M. 24.1.16 (Check out my blog. Link in bio) •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• instagram instaquote dubai love poem donttake dontsteal mine life boy blog write feelings fuck this instagood weather skinny

14 Days ago

Mary Ratterman


Comment from Mary Ratterman:

"Mother Mary's Plea" orignal.... melody ukulelesong ukulele me originalsong orignal catholic mothermary mary mother pure innocent mysong young simple easysong gentle sweet beautifulchild mychild donttake ukuleles blessedvirgin

15 Days ago

Maribel Vargas


Comment from Maribel Vargas:

The stealing problems my house goes through lmao wtf crazymomma donttake

16 Days ago

La' Vita Raynor


Comment from La' Vita Raynor:

Yassss He Knows How to Treat His People No Fuckery JustCamENTheGame GodsChild GiveBack DontTake DoUOweYourPpl AnyCash ChanceTheRapper IsARealBoss Leader GodSeeAll

18 Days ago

Rose Lee


Comment from Rose Lee:

Be thankful of what you have...Maybe you will get more...💯 newlook90daytransformationceoentrepreneurfitnessmotivationbodybuildingqouteofthedayGodblessingsdonttakeyourblessingsforgrantedstopcomplainingandgivethanks.

19 Days ago

_David Torrez_


Comment from _David Torrez_:

Be thankful of what you have...Maybe you will get more...💯 newlook90daytransformationceoentrepreneurfitnessmotivationbodybuildingqouteofthedayGodblessingsdonttakeyourblessingsforgrantedstopcomplainingandgivethanks.

19 Days ago

Leicester Square


Comment from Leicester Square:

You miss 💯% of the shots you don't take. Thanks craigc58 for this inspirational Monday quote 🤗 Miss Shots 💯 DontTake TakeIt MondayMotivation Motivation LeicesterSquare London LondonUnderground NorthernLine PiccadillyLine Tube TfL WestEnd QuoteOfTheDay TubeStation Station TransportForLondon Inspiration KeepGoing

19 Days ago

💕💍Dizney 💍💕


Comment from 💕💍Dizney 💍💕:

In the end, We only regret the chances we didn't take💓👍like tumblr water ocean beach likeitup likeforspam likeforfollow followforlikelike4like likeforlike likeforlikesdauphinisland grunge blackandwhite makeupartist makeupforever makeup makeuphaul starbucks starbucksdate 2017 highschool regret chances donttake 2k17

20 Days ago