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Could you tell me what happened here, Between these broken walls. Why did we all fall? Why do the flames burn so tall? The words burry us in the grave like were nothing at all. As we walk through a forest of dead trees, Each of us falling to our knees, we all cry with our own pleas. Why do we all fall? Is there a reason at all? Nothing real left to me, Nothing anyone would want to see. The world dies, full of lies, and everyone cries. The feelings inside, All of them i try to hide. No magic or rainbows to save my life. So i run a stainless rode, Like the abandoned lies of an empty soul. I wander down an aimless road, Sinking from the weight of this world. And you pick me up, then drag me right back down. Now i know, You are the demon i call home. : #songs #songwriter #mymusic #copyright #donttake #walls #fall #burn #pleas #everyonecries #nomagicorrainbows #cansavemylife #emptysoul #yourthedemond #icallhome #black #emo #unicornsandsmileyfaces

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