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Un Phoenix de gheata (unphoenixdegheata) Instagram Photos and Videos

Un Phoenix de gheata


Comment from Un Phoenix de gheata:

gonna forgive forget because heart mind donttake anymore you your feeling people quote quoteoftheday quotestagram motivation motivationalquotes instagram instaquote instamotivation instadaily instamood instalife phoenix lifequotes

3 Hours ago
Bret Bigham (swolemageddon) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bret Bigham


Comment from Bret Bigham:

HUSTLE EVERY DAMN DAY like everybody is watching, but remember to stay humble. Lift people up along your journey to greatness. oldpicture hustle donttake nevergiveup priorities onedayillbealegend garyvee

5 Hours ago
Weight Banger (weight_banger347) Instagram Photos and Videos

Weight Banger


Comment from Weight Banger:

feed starve quote love hope faith beyou beunwavering find your roots holdyourground donttakeyourselftooseriously give but donttake unselfish individual

8 Hours ago
Sallian Hood Whitnall (short_slim_salli) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sallian Hood Whitnall


Comment from Sallian Hood Whitnall:

N dont you forget it! keepmotivated donttake yourvfingeroffthepulse neverforgetwhyyoustarted beawinner

14 Hours ago
Beauty Skin Sports Nutrition (esamenutrients) Instagram Photos and Videos

Beauty Skin Sports Nutrition


Comment from Beauty Skin Sports Nutrition:

As you get into bed or wakeup, here is something to think about. donttake this complicated life too seriously. lifequotes

2 Days ago
Shypeone (shypeone) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Shypeone:

Just like This jam👌🔥😉sumervibez bsmyth donttake rnb summertime inkjunkiez tattooartist shypeone tattoostudio evilinktattoo studio montijo

2 Days ago
Organized Hustle🍁 (organizedhustle) Instagram Photos and Videos

Organized Hustle🍁


Comment from Organized Hustle🍁:

dontsteal donttake whatsnotyours

3 Days ago
Organized Hustle🍁 (organizedhustle) Instagram Photos and Videos

Organized Hustle🍁


Comment from Organized Hustle🍁:

dontsteal donttake whatsnotyours

3 Days ago
Organized Hustle🍁 (organizedhustle) Instagram Photos and Videos

Organized Hustle🍁


Comment from Organized Hustle🍁:

dontsteal donttake whatsnotyours

3 Days ago
Norman Bates (itsnormanbates) Instagram Photos and Videos

Norman Bates


Comment from Norman Bates:

He sees things in ways we can't even begin to understand.. Repost and go follow @drshaunmurphy freddiehighmore TheGoodDoctor shaunmurphy myedit donttake davidshore antoniathomas nicholasgonzalez @chuksta RichardSchiff HillHarper medicaldrama abc autism house danieldaekim batesmotel normanbates hawaiifive0 lost misfits

4 Days ago
Charisse🇨🇺🇮🇱 (trulycharisse) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Charisse🇨🇺🇮🇱:

Sounds very accurate!!! snakes keepdoingyallthing donttakenoforananswerbeyourown supportyourselffirst

5 Days ago
jk_mcm (jk_mcm) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from jk_mcm:

ぱっかーん、って、レディがそんな格好で寝ちゃちゃダメ❎ Oh my little girl, you must not take such pose while sleeping 🆖 cat catsofinstagram donttake suchpose mylittlegirl sleepingposture wierdcat ねこ にゃんこ にゃんすたぐらむ そんな格好で 寝ちゃダメ 箱入り娘 なのに ぱっかーん

5 Days ago
Rafael Schuabb (schuabb) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rafael Schuabb


Comment from Rafael Schuabb:

"Um templo em mim / Onde eu possa ser imortal" machupicchu pueblo Peru Cusco thewayswe take donttake travel trip LatinAmerica SouthAmerica myownpath America 南米 ラテンアメリカ ペルー 道 恋人と 旅行 楽しみ 疲れた 先週 comSchu piadainterna comigomesmo quesóeuentendo マチュピチュ Andeanresistance

7 Days ago
Febby Queen (febby_queen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Febby Queen


Comment from Febby Queen:

Jangan mengambil yg bukan Hak mu.. Yg sudah menjadi milik org lain.. quoteoftodaydonttakenotyoursse

7 Days ago
Ahmad Kurniawan (awaan20) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ahmad Kurniawan


Comment from Ahmad Kurniawan:

Peace is the beauty of life. It is sunshine. It is the smile of a child, the love of a mother, the joy of a father, the togetherness of a family. It is the advancement of man, the victory of a just cause, the triumph of truth. peace qotd atschool me change to be a better man donttrythis donttake a photos duringclass ✌✌✌✌

7 Days ago
Tammy Thurlow (thurlow_thurleaux) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tammy Thurlow


Comment from Tammy Thurlow:

The vortex newportbeach newportbeachpier lifeguard headquarters bencarlson heroes wecouldbeheroes comfortablynumb orangecounty california californialiving give donttake dountoothers twilight westcoastisthebestcoast justyouandme dorymansfishmarket faithhopeandlove gratitude seethelight respect loveisanaction talkischeap showme love peacefuleasyfeeling californialiving californialiving balboapeninsula pierpressure clarity

8 Days ago
Michael Lyons (recoverysystems) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michael Lyons


Comment from Michael Lyons:

Was this you 😜 reserved chopped donttake mustexercise special message only singaporeans know lmao😂😂😂 humor @recoverysystems

8 Days ago
Jason Fung (jas_waaan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jason Fung


Comment from Jason Fung:

Tiniest print I've ever written in. You can even observe the gradient of when I realized I need to write smaller to make more space for more information. examseason exams kms donttake macm316 cheatsheet readytobedone

9 Days ago
Crystal Bell-Burton (ms.knowitoil) Instagram Photos and Videos

Crystal Bell-Burton


Comment from Crystal Bell-Burton:

whenyouhavemoreyoucangivemore giveback charity rescue foster adopt givegivegive donttake

9 Days ago
Marcus & Martinus ♬ fp (swedish_mmer) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marcus & Martinus ♬ fp


Comment from Marcus & Martinus ♬ fp:

TB TO THEIR AMAZING SUMMERCONSERTS! marcusandmartinus myphoto donttake liseberg summerconcert goals happy eyecontact mmer mmfamily funny cute twins beutiful music singers artist

9 Days ago
TV1 (teee_jona) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from TV1:

A sinners sin effected your life through devious acts that victimized you and now your living in pain or loss... Generations of hurt, lies, and deciet.. For years some of us have hidden or filed away the inevitable. Some of us have lived in the depths of someone else's loss or hurt, causing a domino effect of sin, hurt, pain, anger, hate, death.... A world of hate full of lost souls and a bunch of people that dont want healing, dont understand, dont know what to do, or just dont care to understand.. But yet some jugde or have a say! Time to step on some toes, not physically but Mentally and Spiritually through a "process" for the power of healing to move forward in your life. Find the source. Accept the problem for what it was. Begin the process of healing. Dont be afraid. Walk in it neighbor. 😗 Who cares who did it, who cares who was not there, or  who didn't love you?? Now it's about you! Take down those foolish walkers, transition your atmosphere Fam! BeThe1 Dontdie2sin DontdieInSin Dontdieinhate dontdieinfear DontDie2thebullet DontKill donttake LiveItRight😏🙏 SorryNotSorry DeepHoleOfPain Hurt unforgivingheart LostSoul SleeplessNights Anxiety Depression Sucide Uh Ohh.. Smh stuff that we want to brush under the rug. Years of pain..Years of death to real love.. Your healing is at the door. Go ahead and open the closet of filth. Go through the closet. Bring the problem to the forefront. Face it head on. Healing you shall receive. The power of healing shall be revealed in Jesus name!!!! I want healing from everything for all my neighbors! Sickness to everything dies. Sickness from everything healed. Cleanse Repair Strengthen Revive Rejuvenate OpenUp BringItdown liveAgain TrustTheProcess WordsFromTheWise

9 Days ago
Marj⭕️ (marjohsalo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Marj⭕️:

Ostin tänään dymo 'n 🤔 Villi veikkaus, kenen käsiin laite joutui ?? 😅🤣 eisaaottaa donttake äläotamunpullia

10 Days ago
Anne Burger (anne__burger) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anne Burger


Comment from Anne Burger:

Complètement empouvoirées après seulement deux jours de fpdc ! So much love and energy I could (I did actually) cry! bestteam give donttake empowerment

11 Days ago
hi (furrywaterbottle) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from hi:

"Goodbye" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ----- to some of my molars...i just got some taken out, and I was pretty loopy. Go check out my story too see some loopy texts 🤷‍♀️😂 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ------ mine drawing cool beautiful pretty lol ha hehe lolol ha awesome anime manga donttake copyright goodbye dentist story

13 Days ago
Veronica Crisi (verovero9313) Instagram Photos and Videos

Veronica Crisi


Comment from Veronica Crisi:

•E io avrò cura di te regali che scaldano il cuore azzurro, sei mioo• 💎 finally napleslife naplesmania forzaazzurri forzanapoli foreverwithme perfection collection ciucchinomio great scenary totalligthblue colours picoftheday photo fashionpic mood toysimagine diamant pelusche myworld donttake donttouch bestgoals thankyoumother bigmama happiness myparadisesummer dream

13 Days ago
ARY NUNEZ (arysamerica) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ARY NUNEZ:

14 Days ago
wendii (earth.angel.64) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from wendii:

We are strongerthanpeoplethink youarestrongerthanyouthink. youcanandyouwill. donttake any nonsense. If you are in a controlling relationship or an abusive one. getoutnowvisitors

15 Days ago
Deblias Sisters' Productions (debliassisters) Instagram Photos and Videos

Deblias Sisters' Productions


Comment from Deblias Sisters' Productions:

Don't take her doll.... donttake creepy doll maryalice marylu behindthescenes photography blackandwhite crawling creepy horror woods location indiefilm indiemovie debliassistersproduction

16 Days ago
😇Adel🌈 (adelimmac) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 😇Adel🌈:

Integrity is earned.

17 Days ago
Jackie Gies (jackiegies_photos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jackie Gies


Comment from Jackie Gies:

fireworks photography photographer 4thofjuly🇺🇸💥🇺🇸 boom donttake loveu

17 Days ago
Lola 🇬🇧 (lolatheminisaus) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lola 🇬🇧


Comment from Lola 🇬🇧:

No take. Just throw throwthetoy playwithme donttake toy playing dachshund minidachshund dachshundpuppy minidachs minisausage minisausagepuppy doxie minidoxie doxielove dachshundobsessed dachshundlove weinerdog weeniedog longdog justdachshunds dachshundofinstagram

17 Days ago
Aspiring Photographer (_p.h.otography_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aspiring Photographer


Comment from Aspiring Photographer:

Today's Lion King cat wild sunshine sidewalk plants summer pet sun sunrays sunglare warmth colorful patterned landscape vibrant saturated nonchalant chill tired rugged laying sunbathing photography colorburst copyright donttake photographyaccount personalwork hmu

18 Days ago
Sara Grubb (sarasoulsistaa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sara Grubb


Comment from Sara Grubb:

Something to think about tonight. wednesdaythought donttake lovealways

18 Days ago