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Ulisses Forattini (forattini2112) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ulisses Forattini


Comment from Ulisses Forattini:

Escritório.Harmonia. Equilíbrio. Paz. 22/10/2017 paz trabalho arte love sp happiness relaxing universal unconscious drawing painting writing screenplay story movie ink space creativity dream music knowledge focus day night light

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Comment from tb_415:

“People say that your dreams are the only thing that save you / come on baby in our dreams we can live our misbehavior” ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😢😢😢rebellion lies dream arcadefire

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Sandra ♡ (_supersannie_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sandra ♡


Comment from Sandra ♡:

Vandaag 22 Oktober mijn speciale dag ♡ Alweer 15 jaar geleden dat ik er bijna niet meer was... Alweer 15 jaar die ik extra heb gekregen en waar ik zo van geniet... 15 jaar extra met mijn lieve gezinnetje en familie... 15 jaar extra met nog steeds mijn trouwe en lieve vrienden van toen... 15 jaar extra waar ik veel nieuwe lieve mensen heb mogen leren kennen... 15 jaar die zijn omgevlogen... Soms word je geconfronteerd dat het zomaar ineens voorbij kan zijn, dat de tijd voorbij vliegt zonder dat je er erg in hebt, dat je moet genieten van het leven. En genieten dat doe ik zeker!! Voor mij is dit een extra feestdagje, want ik ben er nog...♡ Genieten jullie met mij mee? • • cherishlife lovelife enjoylife grateful feelgood beyourself dream happiness love

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Keune.Pakistan (keune.pakistan) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Keune.Pakistan:

All Set for the Free Consultation Day at Dwatson (Blue Area). However the add on is, you can now get Rs/-100 off at the purchasing of Keune Dream Color. Up for grabs! Happy Sunday :) KeunePakistan HairCare FreeConsultation DreamColor

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Sallayta Afsana shaikh❤❤ (sallaytawrites) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sallayta Afsana shaikh❤❤


Comment from Sallayta Afsana shaikh❤❤:

Beautiful words @saydhar penned by - @sallaytawrites sawrites handwrittenpost passion❤ writersofinstagram girlwriter calligraphy instagramquoets quoets art creativity love beyou future dream writer poetry writingcommunityofig ink black words she youcan keepgoing positivity keepsmiling😊 keepgoing

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Matt Hutch 🔱 (mchutch5) Instagram Photos and Videos

Matt Hutch 🔱


Comment from Matt Hutch 🔱:

golivexplore GLEroadtrip yohonationalpark rockymountains rockymountainroadtrip emeraldlake lakelouise canada banff adventure explorebc travelalberta adventurebc travel roadtrip glacierlake nature wildwest mountainman camping transcanada dream inspire bucketlist travelblogger traveldiaries golden bearcountry canoeing canoe

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Dr. Mohamed El -Khatib (_khatib_official_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dr. Mohamed El -Khatib


Comment from Dr. Mohamed El -Khatib:

Good night ❤ dubai dubai❤️ mydubai mydubailife my uae burjkhalifa dream dreamcatcher dreams motivation power mind beautiful beauty love lifestyle lifestyleblogger myabudhabi uae @burjkhalifa loveit night nights evening sky dreamscometrue catch black blacklove

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FRANCISCO WISLEY TATTOOER✏ (tttio_franciscowisley_zero61) Instagram Photos and Videos




To de coruja fi....🌙 🎪 tattooartist blacktattoo btattooing blkink owl dark owltattoo sketch mistery dream dreamcatcher tattoo tat taot tats tatuaje coruja bsb tttio zero61 df💵💸💵💸

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Otra selfie 💖 cute kawaii maidcafe maidcafesje maid akihabara athome hanami anime maidsama dream cool instajapon insta instachile santiagochile moemoe

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teenage posts 🥀 (loving.sweetly) Instagram Photos and Videos

teenage posts 🥀


Comment from teenage posts 🥀:

forever & always my love ❤️ daily tags: { lovequotes loveyourself loveislove loveaccount tumblrlovequotes lovetumblrqoutes tumblr love peace happiness happy joy smile dream dance sing beyourself top f4f l4l s4s followme jaygainingtrain }

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Nebat Drums (nebatdrums) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nebat Drums


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Amazing night in bordeaux with friends and happy people . Big thanks bordeaux theatro 🎶🇫🇷🍇🎩. . nebatdrums Bordeaux Surf ocean bordeauxcity wine surfing gopro dj music musician electro housemusic nebat nebatsoundsystem deep drums gironde zen happiness travel france atlanticocean birthday happiness crazy public dream live

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Dream.richspace (dream.richspace) Instagram Photos and Videos



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dream design sunshine richlife arquitecture

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Misses Kite (misseskite) Instagram Photos and Videos

Misses Kite


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Horror short coming soon.. nightmarefuel ammaturenight filmmaking filming larp cosplay horror suspensethriller purge mask nightmarebeforechristmas luciddreaming dream

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Josh(@Roshanmiracles NEWPAGE) (roshanmiracles2) Instagram Photos and Videos

Josh(@Roshanmiracles NEWPAGE)


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Nebat Drums (nebatdrums) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nebat Drums


Comment from Nebat Drums:

Amazing night in bordeaux with friends and happy people . Big thanks bordeaux theatro 🎶🇫🇷🍇🎩. . nebatdrums Bordeaux Surf ocean bordeauxcity wine surfing gopro dj music musician electro housemusic nebat nebatsoundsystem deep drums gironde zen happiness travel france atlanticocean birthday happiness crazy public dream live

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Roman Collins (who_dat_fam) Instagram Photos and Videos

Roman Collins


Comment from Roman Collins:

Time to focus on me! Entrepreneur Life Baby!! . . businessowners dream ambition goals lifegoals goforit successmindset goodlife motivated entrepreneurmindset thinkbigger dreambigger workathome passion luxury job work newyork affiliatemarketing successful motorclubofamerica herbalife itworks forex dreams networkmarketing marketing wealth cash money

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Kylie Jenner🦋💦 (kyliekily) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kylie Jenner🦋💦


Comment from Kylie Jenner🦋💦:

Caption this🔥😂 -disicks jenners kardashians masondisick regindisick northwest kourtneykardashian kholekardashian kimkardashian dream kuwtk celebkids followme likerecent instagood instadaily like4like follow4follow kyliejenner kendalljenner

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Anna (saida_anna_illustrations) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Anna:

dream bigdancer dancersdreampassiondanceballet ballerina kidillustrationillustratorillu rillustrationartdigitaldigital gitalartartistchicagolightpain tpaintingdrawingsketchscbwipic catdoglamp

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LRBy Lovede Roberts (lrbylovederoberts) Instagram Photos and Videos

LRBy Lovede Roberts


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Listening to Vampire weekend - taxi cab. View: (Portfolio). Subscribe: [$15. a monthly]($1. Trial! 5 days). (Magazine). Shop: Buy direct at: (Online Apparel Store.) [By Lovede Roberts (Lovede & Lovede Roberts & Lovede Mary Roberts & LRoberts & LovedeR & LovedeM Roberts & EdevoL M StreboR & Roberts Lovede - TheGape - PatatoCutes - The Collection Of Lovede Roberts - LRBy Lovede Roberts - MWMPO - Many Worlds. Many Paths. One.). (-) Lovede Roberts | Many Worlds. Many Paths. One. Visit! Portfolio:, Magazine:, Store:! lovederoberts mwmpo lrbylovederoberts magazine business art design grow growth abstractartist news abstractart artcommunity abstract photography modeling more peace be positivevibes crown happyness hippie usa🇺🇸 ideas dream cheese dance brave yourself 💪 Yes zoo! Yaa zoo! [© ALL RIGHTS RESERVED] [PROPERTY OF Lovede Roberts] Lovede Roberts™.✓

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Muranagi (muranagi) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Muranagi:

918 夕暮れ 2017 (10.0cmx14.8cm) 懐かしいお伽話を、ひとつ。 artist artwork painting illustration drawing acrylic paint nature woods forest sky field dream moon grass minne 絵画 森 生き物 動物 アート 雑貨 インテリア ムラナギ作品 昔話

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강병섭 (kangbyungsub) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 강병섭:

데일리 델로스 박경미 류갑규 일상 미술 힐링 그림 꿈 강남 더페이지 강병섭 artist painter painting art artwork dream daily healing kangbyungsub sketch drawing artnwork thepage

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Andre 🇯🇲🇬🇭✊🏾|🥑🍍🍄🌴 (that_vegan_melanin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Andre 🇯🇲🇬🇭✊🏾|🥑🍍🍄🌴


Comment from Andre 🇯🇲🇬🇭✊🏾|🥑🍍🍄🌴:

It's ok if you're different. The future is bright for you. No one could ever tell you no, you have full control. Their happiness is not yours. Your sadness is not theirs. When they feel, you will not. Unless there is a emotional or spiritual connection. You're confident you will get that job because you know you deserve it. You're trying to build your own business, knowing that the journey will be lonely and long, but thats ok, you are mentally prepared. No one understand your sacrifice. You are doing this for you and only. Living for you and not for the people who envy you. Right now someone does because you are doing you. Not everyone will understand your journey. Thats ok. You're here to live your life, not to make everyone understand.... Life is too short to try and understand someone's vision... Stick to yours and you will understand why a journey is a mission....🌱 • • • life people journey liveyourlife doyou focus goals dream world men women millennials instagood beautiful beyourself blessings blessed free

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Jennifer (jennifer.telfer) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jennifer:

I want to do more. I'm never satisfied with what I've done... Shannon Hoon dream believe explore live life learn beinthemoment change travel

3 Minutes ago
Juliano Rodrigues (superjulianorodrigues) Instagram Photos and Videos

Juliano Rodrigues


Comment from Juliano Rodrigues:

Sou do tamanho do que sinto ....' ✌😁🍃🙏 l4l dream behappy tbt

3 Minutes ago
 (thirdeyecandy_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from thirdeyecandy_:

Walked to the top of the bridle path this morning, was sooo hard but SO worth it. Unbelievable view, it was bliss 💎💎💎☀️☀️☀️🍃🍃🍃💎💎💎🌼🌼

3 Minutes ago
oo.lisalisa (oo.lisalisa) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from oo.lisalisa:

• The most precious thing we have in life are moments. Let's make the most of them before they disappear. Let's see the world while we still can and cherish those while they're still here. No matter how hard our life is. We still can find way to overcome. Enjoy every moment and get back our original passion to our job. Life can be easy. Depends on how u think. :) lifeeasymomentlondonpinkaftern fternoonteacherishourfriendfam

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Jennie Cross (jennie.c.cross) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jennie Cross


Comment from Jennie Cross:

You seriously don’t want to wait🙀. $49 holds your spot in the binary😲 All training provided for you! No ingredient list to learn👏🏼🙌🏽 DM for a short video💕 freewine

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v3g4n_v3®s10n®41n80w_w4®®10®™ (4rt.ill3ry) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from v3g4n_v3®s10n®41n80w_w4®®10®™:

Tilt your phone or your head and watch the image change Please read 🔊🔊🔊 What are they doing to us? Is all we see part of the psychological warfare that's being waged on us? If so, who's involved? Are they benign or are they complicit in the planned and staged Illusions meant to bring our demise? And that opens up a whole new line of thought. What is real? When you think about that question in the context of psychological warfare it opens up a myriad of possibilities that for some are dizzying. For others they begin to see and peel back the multiple veils that confuse and obfuscate our views and experiences in our world. 😌✨⌚ Here's a share request for my friends and followers to see who's paying attention. Take the words in this pic or caption, hashtag them, then share with a pic you choose to go with the hashtags. Shout me and I'll re-share. Or share this pic and caption, shout me and I'll share something from your page plus I'll add new hashtags. Let's amplify🔊📡🌍 [hashtags optional if you don't use them] 〰〰👻🔮👻〰〰 ghost ghosts shadow shadows haunted darkplaces monsters shadowhunters nightmare dreamscape baddream moonchild afterdark dreamwalker lucid luciddreaming thewave dreams dream thedream darkartist insomnia negative negativespace shadowban shadowbanned darkmatter downtherabbithole somewhere somewhereovertherainbow

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Thomaz28-oline (thomaz28oline) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Thomaz28-oline:

O sonho é desde pequeno! believe dream 🙌🏼 Feliz dia das crianças ❤️

4 Minutes ago
Dream.richspace (dream.richspace) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Dream.richspace:

house richlife dream luxurylife

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stay positive 😊😜 (posilogi) Instagram Photos and Videos

stay positive 😊😜


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Good morning friends😊 Tnx @jeanettelumio for this beautifull pictrue he took 😊🌷 See my previous posts It make you feel better 🎆Tag your friends 🎆 Follow us and be happy🌹🌷 🎆🎆🎆🎆 behappy live send lifeisbeautiful dontregret lifeisgood followme change love plan inspiration follow positivevibes surprise staypositive win bepositive like morning positive smile thought 🌷dream wisewords your_thoughts tag positivelogic

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唄い屋 (utaiya_life) Instagram Photos and Videos



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登坂広臣さんの、「Link」歌ってみました。上手く歌えない( _))ペコリ 3代目jsoulbrothers 今市隆二 登坂広臣 岩田剛典 3jsb chemistry exile atsushi 清木場俊介 instagramgood 歌ってみた 歌好きな人と繋がりたい singer 倖田來未 ldh generations 赤西仁 akanishi dream JAYED カラオケ好き 郷ひろみ 10969 deep カラオケ好きと繋がりたい 黒夢 音楽好きな人と繋がりたい oneokrock

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Today's inspiration...💭

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