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Leonid Afremov. Official Page🌎 (afremov) Instagram Photos and Videos

Leonid Afremov. Official Page🌎


Comment from Leonid Afremov. Official Page🌎:

Vincent Van Gogh: "I dream of painting and then paint my dream"👨‍🎨 Do I have artists among my followers? 🎨😁 Oil Painting "London's Dreams" afremov london dream cityscape lights

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The Eiffel Tower (_eiffel_towerr_) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Eiffel Tower


Comment from The Eiffel Tower:

🌒🌛💫 dream love loveeiffeltower eiffeltower atnight

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Daily Drawing Log ✍🏻🎥 (dailydrawinglog) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daily Drawing Log ✍🏻🎥


Comment from Daily Drawing Log ✍🏻🎥:

Day40. In front of a big tree. ✍🏻 dailydrawinglog drawing illustration artwork art doodle pencil concept instaartist world character characterdesign story imagine dream childhood nature tree animal earth house life robot universe cosmos creature mind supernatural

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FBI AGENT JOHN TURNER (fbi_agent_john_turner) Instagram Photos and Videos




YOU'RE ALL QUALIFY!!!🙋 We help more & more satisfy clients get back their cash everyday! It's a quick and simple process, Text how if you want to know how to get back your cash if you flipped with the wrong person i am always available i am here to build and make America a better place People who don't have discipline can't handle money Once you decide to take action towards something, that is the day when everything changes... Double TAP if you support this message & TAG someone you would LOVE to motivate, empower and inspire! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Follow 👉 @fbi_agent_john_turner Follow 👉 fbi_agent_john_turner ━━━━━━━━ Turn On Post Notifications To See New Posts 💡 Share With Friends & Family . . . . . . startuplife businessowners ambition dream goals lifegoals goforit nevergiveup successmindset success businesslife entrepreneurlifestyle goodlife motivated entrepreneurmindset thinkbigger dreambigger makingsuccessonline England california Texas Maryland NewYork tennessee ohio

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Rp-disney-frozen-elsa (whoxjulie) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Hello my kawaii's😍 This is such a cute edit of Elsa, I mean 😍 You can't really say no to that puppy❤️ Don't always know the artist😭But if you know or can read it pls comment! ☺️🙈. Will post more soon 😱 _____________________________ disney dreamworks httyd elsa rapunzel tangled merida hiccup jackfrost rotg easterbunny rp roleplay modernelsa Disneyland disneylandparis disneyworld dream love couple fandom jelsa disnerd disneymeme jelsacomics

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BIZARRE JEWELRY (secret_viva) Instagram Photos and Videos




오늘 작업할게 많아서 표면을 다듬으며 생각을 좀 했는데,난 잘하고 있는걸로 생각하려한다.많은 주얼리를 만들었는데,그 아이들이 어디에 있을까도 생각했다. 미국,러시아,호주,중국,싱가폴,아이슬란드,일 나라에 누군가가 나의 주얼리를 가지고 있다.셀수없이 많은 사람은 아니지만,좋아해주는 사람은 깊숙히 좋아해주는 나의 주얼리이기 때문에 지금이 더욱 소중한시간이 아닌가 싶다.잘하고있어.나의 감각과 선택을 믿자.✨jewels ring handmade 반지 accessory 핸드메이드 주얼리 세공 bizarrejewelry rings jewelry 귀걸이 earrings necklace 실버 design 분위기 링 실버링 mood 실버반지 디자이너주얼리 디자이너브랜드 symbol 실버주얼리 silver dream

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Sean C Official (seancofficial) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sean C Official


Comment from Sean C Official:

▪️Chest▪️🎥 Angles upon angles to make a chest grow for growth . Mad crazy pumps with this lil tri set . Felt like I could have wrote a big 'S' on my chest after this 😂💥💪🏾💥 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖🔴⚫️➖➖➖➖➖ ha love happy fun fitfam fitness art instahealth diet exercise determination photooftheday Canada London Miami NewYork LA mensphysique motivation dream goals workout diet exercise ukgarage

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서계영:솔롱고스 (iamkyeyoung) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 서계영:솔롱고스:

추억 .. 호연지기 .. 몽골-러시아 국경. 새벽에 일어나야하는데 사진첩을 넘기며 뒤척거리다 🤗 . 책에서 보던 침엽수림 - 더 넓은 대륙을 보면서 꿈을 향해 달려가는 상상을 하는 지금이 좋다. . 이번 주도 수고했다.. 다음 주도 매 순간 소중히 생각하며 살자☝️☝️☝️. . 러시아 국경 몽골 tour selfie biz dream 사업 열정 계획 노력 행복 휴가 부자 자산 광산 구리 사금 은행 부동산

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Dasha  Dolgopyatova (dashadolgopyatova) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dasha Dolgopyatova


Comment from Dasha Dolgopyatova:

Работа....я скучаю...😢workliveloveеlectri

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Kaewkan W. (kw_noon) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kaewkan W.


Comment from Kaewkan W.:

🌚Dear mind, Please stop thinking so much at night I need to sleep 😴💤 tower light dream BKK cityscape goodnightsleeptight ☪️

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Revelled (vincenzopisanoart) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Revelled:

Shard of a dream! garden flowers oldcity countryside river ruins bridge stone dirtroad etching engraving illustration drawing ink etchingpress art etcher monochrome blackandwhite artwork tree memories ig_palermo ig_art

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 ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Comment from


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welcome to my Gothamcity (ARJ) (abdulleh.aburwag98) Instagram Photos and Videos

welcome to my Gothamcity (ARJ)


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Snapchat: a.rj1964 Ask FM :Mr_abdulleh98 insane believe mindfreak one bad day follower folllow dark Gotham follow like4like l4l enjoy f4f follow4follow laugh picture thejoker joker the_joker jokerworld hope happy dream cool amazing ARJ smile me

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Harry Potter  ⚯͛ (harrypotter_jusst) Instagram Photos and Videos

Harry Potter ⚯͛


Comment from Harry Potter ⚯͛:

Omg guys 😂😳 , I thought it was Emma Watson 😂

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Sarah Donati (donatisarah) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah Donati


Comment from Sarah Donati:

M-3💒 C'est parti pour enterrer ma vie de jeune fille célibataire😜❤️ enterrementdeviedejeunefille bestfriends disneylandparis aventure fun copines love dream unepagesetourne newadventure momentdequalité

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NARA💫Singer🎤Model💃🏻Actress🎬 🕊 (princess_sheherezada) Instagram Photos and Videos

NARA💫Singer🎤Model💃🏻Actress🎬 🕊


Comment from NARA💫Singer🎤Model💃🏻Actress🎬 🕊:

🌺🌸🌺🌸🕊🕊🌸🌺🌸🌺 The Words in which I have seen a lot of sense:✒️📓 "People rejoice at the Sun, and I'm dreaming of the Moon" P.S Sincerely yours * NARA *💃🏻👸🏻 ✨✨✨✨💫🎶🎬🎤💃🏻🎥🎼 Слова, в которых я увидела много смысла:✒️📓 "Люди радуются Солнцу, а я мечтаю о Луне" P.S Искренно ваша * NARA *💃🏻👸🏻 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🌺🌸🌺🌸🕯🌸🌺🌸🌺🌺🌸🌺🌸📖🌸 naranowcom princesssheherezada NARA singer model actress НАРА принцессашехерезада певица модель актриса usa америка beautifulgirl красиваядевушка words слова seen увидела sense смысл people люди sun солнце dream мечта moon луна

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Jonathan Saitzyk (kaduwin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jonathan Saitzyk


Comment from Jonathan Saitzyk:

"Classically Curvaceous" Pt.1 This example of the now defunct American manufacturer "Kaiser" is 1 of only 435 ever built. Post WW2 financual troubke, lack of performance, and pressure from european competitors led to the demise of this car. Taken with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. kaiser darrin american s6 classic heritage gt caroftheday beauty style picture car cars race fast speed greatest interior explore wheel f1 formulaone formula1 style exoticcar dream engine carporn lemans luxury

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CACADOR DE FITNESS (cacadordefitness) Instagram Photos and Videos




MUSA FITNESS 💪👙 @eva_andressa 👙💪 💪👙 @eva_andressa 👙💪 💪👙 @eva_andressa 👙💪 ______________________________ tem um corpo sarado? É a mulher que para o trânsito? Tem foto na academia? 📥Mande sua foto por direct. Ou nos marque em sua foto com a cacadordefitness ____________ ______________________________ saude gym natural naturalbodybuilding goahead foco results dream suplementos frangoebatatadoce dieta fodaseopadrao esmagaquecresce girlfitnessmotivation girlfitness beleza treino nopainnogain maromba girlfit train modelfitness amazing squat ficagrandeporra girls girlsmodels treino motivation

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s•o•u•l 🖤t•r•e•k•k•e•r👣 (soul_trekker) Instagram Photos and Videos

s•o•u•l 🖤t•r•e•k•k•e•r👣


Comment from s•o•u•l 🖤t•r•e•k•k•e•r👣:

Rotterdam is easy to fall in love with! . . . . . . Beautiful City View Explore Rotterdam Netherlands Holland Europe Beauty Architecture Train Adventure Travel Live Life Love Amazing Journey Dream Trip Instatravel Instagood Instadaily Travelgram iPhone Wanderlust NoFilter TravelPhotography

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Dreamocean (dreamocean_shop) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Dreamocean:

"Прошлое в прошлом, а настоящее - сегодня" живи момент, люби жизнь ❤️ цветы краски свитшотцветысвитшотсцветами красочныесвитшоты футболкаспринтом свитшотспринтом футболкиспринтом свитшотыспринтом футболка футболки свитшот свитшоты скидка скидки sale мечта мечты мечтайте dream dreams dreamocean dreamworld

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الطريق الى الله 🌹 (tarik_el_hydaya) Instagram Photos and Videos

الطريق الى الله 🌹


Comment from الطريق الى الله 🌹:

صل الله و سلم و بارك عليك يا حبيبي يا محمد 😢💘 صلوا عليه 💘 live love faith allah islam muslims worth think discove astaghfirullah dream islam❤️ religion salam peace mouhamed prophet سلام دين رحمة الله استغفر_الله_العظيم_الذي_لا_إله ا_إله_إلا_هو_الحى_القيوم_وأتوب استغفر_الله worldwide spread astaghfirullah help follow لا_حول_ولا_قوه_الا_بالل حب الله_اكبر القران_الكريم دين allahakbar

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Aleigha (lularoebyaleighapruitt) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Aleigha:

Junior & I just got our running around done! Now we are visiting Gigi & Great Grama before we head home and continue to pack for our big move! But I can hardly focus! I am so excited to see what Gigis, Lynnaes and Shirleys (also some leggings) come in! Weather is cooling down a bit and today I am rocking capris, black Classic T and my Joy. All make it easy and stylish as I complete what I need to do! Before we go 📺LIVE📺 tonight make sure you are taking advantage of every oppurtunity for LuLaCash and giveaways I have going! ✔GIF war happening now ✔ AugustPhotoChallange happinging now ✔ Dream house post happinging now And last but not least: ✔RSVP for the sale tonight! Sharing is caring and during the LIVE I will pick a random winner that shares the while it is happening for a special prize!! So many chances to win! Let me know who's in by dropping your favorite FRIDAY EMOJI! 🥂 LuLaRoeAleighaPruitt LuLaRoe ThePruitts 20LIkes

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 (alternosnoboutique) Instagram Photos and Videos



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• ✈️💕 • holiday dress dream dreams love believeinlove flowers summer evening london🇬🇧 paris🇫🇷 parisfashionweek losangeles newyork newyorkcity sewing project projectrunway

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Diego Baldon (diego_baldon) Instagram Photos and Videos

Diego Baldon


Comment from Diego Baldon:

Lutas, superação, aprendizagem.. Enfim, uma experiência fantástica em minha vida. Finalista top 6 do concurso nacional de beleza ( Mister Brasil Oficial 2017). Obrigado 🇧🇷🙏 obrigadodeus cnb mister instasize me love thanks happy dream believe dreamscometrue

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MUA and Beauty Enthusiast (idaretno) Instagram Photos and Videos

MUA and Beauty Enthusiast


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My dream book 📜 And I'm grateful with God, cause my dream one by one can be come true 😇 And the best moments is when I cross out the my dream one by one ✔ gratitude gratitudejournal dream dreambook bestbook book moments thebestmoments

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Ana Beatriz Souza (omeujeitodeser) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ana Beatriz Souza


Comment from Ana Beatriz Souza:

Vamos cantar um pouquinho agora? VAMOS moda life blog brazilliangirl postagem pretty awesome ana makeup smile look sing belived dream curitiba tardezinha

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Mary Mooney (lashesbam) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mary Mooney


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Friyay! ✨ Eyes: Palette 5 (Brilliant, Suspicious), Precision Pencil-Perfect, Cream Shadow-Unapologetic, Epic mascara Brow Palette-Brunette Face: Glorious Face Primer, Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation-Taffeta, Skin Perfecting Concealer-Scarlet Cream Luminizor-Benevolent, Blush-So sh-Sophisticated, Bronzer-Mali Oppulence Lipstick-Well To Do <> hustle younique LashesBAM makeup motd beauty bossbabe whorunstheworld networkmarketing dream makeupaddiction YFlourish2017 youniquelife youniquecorporate momlife fabulousforties makeupandsmellthecoffee

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JAQUELINE GULDI (jaybee_makeupartist) Instagram Photos and Videos




Casual todayyy ✨ ootd casual fashion vibes work shooting makeupartist dressingroom walkincloset dream appartementgoals

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Danny Fandino (danfandan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Danny Fandino


Comment from Danny Fandino:

Full video in bio. Click link. / This commercial is to express the desire to achieve greatness. No matter how painful or tough life can be there is always a way to overcome it. My goal for this project is to show the inner personality, the determination, and the motivation in order to complete an objective or dream. The mood I want the audience to feel is inspiration and relatable. I did not want this commercial to look too cinematic but instead I wanted the footage to look more on the raw side. This portrays the real image of the actor and the real determination or hunger to win at life and expressing the actor as real as possible makes it relatable to the audience. Cinematography: @danfandan Editing: @danfandan Actor: @kofiyankinn

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Get Me Here (feature_out) Instagram Photos and Videos

Get Me Here


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When the darkness gets filled with light the angels roam about. Follow @lensationque !!💕💕💕💕⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ Comment @lensationque !! 💕💕💕💕⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ Like @lensationque !!💕💕💕💕⚡⚡⚡⚡ Share lensationque!! 💕💕💕💕⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ To find this magnificent photography skills ⭐⭐⭐⭐ @lensationque !!💕💕 : photographygoals goals goalspicture Photography beautiful skills editing instagram photos pictures images light girl camera shots blue magnificent stylish beauty dream travel hair goalsimage

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Queengirl (girlsstupids) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Artcianyu (artcianyu) Instagram Photos and Videos



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這是一個感動的夜晚,謝謝好友們的情意相挺,畫了這一張獻給支持 張獻給支持我的好友們!對我來說飛機是夢想的象徵,願大家的夢想 大家的夢想都能實現!這個畫面飛機正在補充油料,象徵一起加油! 一起加油!畫圖的時候時間很快也很快樂,我會努力讓自己畫得更好 painting sketch airplane airport china airlines trip Refuelingcheerup frighting💪💪 dream workhard love sky friends taiwan 水彩水彩画 drawing art painterartwork

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Anais Meyns (anais_meyns) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anais Meyns


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Remember 💭

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