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THIS SUNDAY ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ WHATS DONE IN THE DARK COMES TO THE LIGHT Location: 1906 S. Rittenhouse Square , Phila PA. 19103 Time: TWO SHOWINGS 4pm/7pm TICKETS: $35.00 Sales by Phone : (215)-869-3509 mention KERISMA ⭐️ ______________________________ _____________ whatsdoneinthed stageplay repost repost ethicaltheatre rittenhousesquare kerisma actress artists actressmade beauty reality philly likes moves comedy dreams directors actress PhillyMADE @theofficialempressone

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Miamilifelovelikelittlecitydre tydreamsdressseeoceanswimswing swingswimweargoodgolikelovelov

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If the whole world was blind. How many people would you impress? . . . couplegoals couple inspiration motivation marriage marriedlife sex dreams future spirit goals lifestyle lifelessons lovers lover lovequotes loveforever loveofmylife focus wife husband thoughts relationshipgoals faith love trust hope patience success

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Summer love from our gardens . Follow/write us to design your trip to Baltic countries today! travel riga latvia tourism tourist wander wanderlust berries summer dreams love vacation holiday european Indianglobetrotter yahisahihai berryzindagi Indian desiberry foodlife foodisgood traveltoeat

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So sparkly 😍

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Happy start of the week, guys!! I hope you are starting this week with a new set of goals or motivation to improve the way you do things. For example, I feel I am efficient. But, since I work from home, and I am most of the time by myself, I feel that I need a white noise in the background to keep me company 😂 So, I put on Netflix. These days I have greysanatomy on. I have to admit, this is one of my favorite shows, so inevitably, I am constantly just staring at it for a few minutes. Therefore, I get distracted and less efficient. ⠀ I am inspired this week, by this set of inspirational words I made for my friend @simplybybethaina for her 1K follower's giveaway. Congrats, girl! 👏👏 I feel extremely blessed and thankful for all the friends I have made with this business, through my colleagues, clients, and students, that I want to be more focus so I can become better. With that said, I will switch this week from having something to watch to something to listen to and see if I can still remain focused. Find something that motivates you to be inspired!! Happy Monday!!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ . sayingoftheday motivationalquotes monday loveyourself dedication meditation greatness bepresent dreams vision ideas procrastination mindset confidenceon nolimit quote motivationquote stayalive bepositive positivevibes herbalife perspective healthyeating ontrack focus inspration blog paperlovemecalligraphy

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No matter what happens, in the end, it all works out. I had a dream last night, and it was so deeply simple. In it, the answers to many of life’s questions just appeared to me. Smiling, and with complete understanding, I felt myself let go of all my mind’s burdens, fears and worries and when I awoke, I felt a complete new man, cleansed and free from the weight of issues. I now know that everything that happens only truly makes sense when we leave this world, so until that day, my amazing friends, don't ever fear that anyone – or even life itself – is ever against you. Keep your faith and know that each test and challenge just shows you how truly strong you are. Tomorrow is another day and magic is always being given to us, one way or another. Believe and trust, and see your signs as your heart opens up to this new energy on this new day. Mark Bajerski dreams dream trust love heal vegan healing yoga believe Bali baliretreats marbella wisdom happiness spirit life joy ibizaretreats baliretreats

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Countryside fragments. Those places for gatherings. . . . . . gathering countryside dishes kitchendesign village slowliving visualdiary nothingisordinary aesthetics pleasuresoflife choosetoliveextraordinary lifefragments inspiration dreams harmony livethelittlethings openyoureyes visualdiary thecreation

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فانز ايهاب امير الاردني ❤🌹غاما


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Nobody can destroy your dreams. . . . حسابات فنان ايهاب امير ⬇ . 🔴 instagram: @ihabamirofficiell 🔴 facebook: ihabamir11 🔴 twitter: @ihab_amir 🔴 snap: Y.ihabamir جديد فنان ايهاب امير وحدة_وحدة_عليا رابط في البايو ⬆ . . . . @ihabamirofficiell الفانز_الايهابي_الاردني ihabamir fansIhabAmir . . . Hi plz follow 👉👉 @ihabamirofficiell cute talented singer 여행 아침 주말 잘자요 일상 저녁 하늘 여름 데일리 데일리룩 얼스타그램 옷스타그램 맞팔 팔로우 선팔 광주 졸려 굿밤 안녕 반가워 셀카 셀스타그램 안녕 반가워 셀카 셀스타그램 굿밤 굿밤 광주 선팔 팔로우 맞팔 옷스타그램 얼스타그램 데일리룩 데일리

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Bernard Dsaa


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Get Started Now Via @foundr powerquotes bernarddsa raindropscompany inspired circle life love success opportunity best goals dreams dreamscometrue hardwork riseup nofear brave writersofinstagram books booksofinstagram bookstagram bookshelf books poem poetrycommunity books poem

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life ShotoniPhone running coffee travel fitness dreams yes reflection hot original color love instagood day healthy happy workout me good studio music photography beautiful movies party awesome 1 hollywood model 🎧 Dinner - Un-American Women

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_ ❌ ERFOLG IST EINE TREPPE, KEINE TÜR. ❌ Wenn du etwas verändern willst, musst du dafür jede einzelne Stufe erklimmen. Egal wie hoch sie sein mag, du musst sie überwinden! Du musst es nicht anderen beweisen, sondern dir selbst. All dein Können und Potential vollkommen nutzen, um einmal sagen zu können: "Ich habe alles gegeben!" Wenn dein Ziel nicht näher kommt, bist du an der Reihe einen anderen Weg einzuschlagen um die Stufe zu überwinden. Es gibt immer einen Weg, du musst nur deinen finden! Ich hoffe ihr hattet alle einen erfolgreichen motivationmonday 💪🏼 🔳 Raketencrew 🚀 @fabi_dmnk @bambiee90 @mr.ironsky @michael_vogel86 @laura_kruschi @shadow_simon @jeey_dee_ @mp97fitness_ @fitness.prinzessin @eatsmart.trainhard ___________________________________________________ Mehr Motivation gibt's hier: @jax.vita @fitness_huseyin @juliphysique @fm_fitness @henri_cipl @sniperaz7 ◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾ motivation fitnessmotivation success work dreams dreambig workharder life instadaily instagood reality remember instapoem spokenword instamood evening photooftheday musclegain successful erfolg lifegoals fitnessgoals bodygoals mindset

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Steve Weatherford


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⬇️READ➡️ I've had such incredible life experiences with the most incredibly impactful life lessons. _ On that journey I've learned the difference between HIGH achievers and the "norm" is the ability to take massive action toward a goal w/ consistent intensity. _ I take pride in being a HARD HARD worker, but I do struggle with "planning" my work. So I started taking 1 hour every Sunday night to create my "action plan" for Monday. Repeating this week after week I've experienced a noticeable difference in productivity and execution. _ The momentum I gain from crushing Mondays carries over to Tuesday, then Wednesday, and I'm unstoppable by Thursday. And it all started with a little planning on Sunday _ VISION | PLAN | EXECUTE TunnelVision

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❤👠⭐ Heels dreams love coloredhair BlueHair PinkHair sidecut wonderland magic feelings scene dance mermaid fashion unicorn colors darkness MUA

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Many years back a lovely lady Alice Ferguson subliminally introduced me to "The Law Of Attraction". During a music workshop "The Keymix" Alice asked me to stand up in front of a class and write on the board some goals, things to aim for no matter how big. After writing - Dj at Creamfields I got a laugh from the class, that was maybe 15 years ago! I thought it was only recently my goal setting has been coming true but it was the age of 16 I put the Cream logo on my chest. This Saturday Ciaran McAuley plays Creamfields @creamfieldsofficial @cream_official @rongevents @alicedj3 @fergiedj @lawofattraction0 trance trancefamily upliftingtrance me dream dreamstate dreams goals trancefamilysf trancefamilyla trancefamilydc trancefamilynl trancefamilyto trancefamilygermany trancefamilyindia trancefamilyoz trancefamilymia fitness fit fitnessmodel gym gymshark inspiration ciaranmcauley tranceaddict tomorrowland creamibiza creamfields

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Lisa Kasale


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I am continually grateful to the Universe for Everything in my Life 🙏 Peace. Love Serenity ✨ . . namaste love light magic goodvibes peaceofmind trusttheprocess gratitude thankful beautifulfamily wonderfuljob awesomefriends dreams goals growth quote motivation inspiration positivity spredhappiness spreadlove spiritual yoga meditation peaceful bliss beautiful universe lifeisbeautiful

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This is the girl of my dreams Yeah, and is she good as what she seems? Or am I lyin' to myself? Aye, should I try and get some help? This is the girl of my dreams Is she as good as what she seems? Or am I lyin' to myself? Aye, should I try and get some help? Dreams relax comfortable educateyourself jcole

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Otherwise, you can't enjoy success. quotes quotesaboutlifequotesandsaying dreams success pain winning

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Basuh kaki sebelum tido. Moga mimpi korang indah indah. 🤗 . terapiinstagram ajimaura

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DiaN NooR 🌿


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Gdn everyOne.... 🕚😇goodquotes nightsdreamspray

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Limitless Brand


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In order to get to where you want to be, think outside the box get out of your comfort zone and think LIMITLESS‼️ if you only do what you can and know, your dreams won't go to their fullest potential . Push through and strive to be the greatest you, that you can be 😉 Remember : a limitless lifestyle leads to endless possibilities. Be you . Be free. Be LIMITLESS🐼✨ mondaymotivation belimitless gofurther wantmore domore limitlesslifestyle endlesspossibilites entrepreneur selfemployed dreams beyourownboss richbefore25 hbcu ophio17 ogres onyx11 quintessence hu18 hu19 hu20 hu21 hamptonu18 hamptonu19 hamptonu20 hamptonu21 weworking comingsoon staytuned TurnOnPostNotifications

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Life Influences


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Never quit. Always keep moving, You can’t be able to always stay on top of you quit. . . Follow @lflnfluences for more . . . lifequotes startuplife me buisness lifequotessuccess smallbuisness lifestyle entrepreneurs buisnessowner quotes ambition hardwork passion life dreams inspire buisnessman digitalmarketing seo entrepreneurship quoteoftheday everydayishappyday wiseword sayings happiness workhardplayhard entrepreneurship entrepreneurlife

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Con filtros y el sudor de mi frente. actriz actrees escribir workinprocess lifestyle happy happyness day me i motivation dreams

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Be different, not average :) Entrepreneur Entrepreneurship Business Mindset Startups WontStop Lifestyle Wealth Success Freedom Hustle Watch Passion Dreams BusinessOwner SmallBiz EntrepreneurLife Leadership Mentoring OnlineBusiness BizOpp ResidualIncome Coaching Inspire Ambition Wisdom ThinkBig Foundr Startup

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Amem Thank God Repost @hopefulavenue . . . denzelwashington denzelwashingtonquotes pray thankgod graceofgod begrateful kindness jesuslovesyou truequotes wordofgod jesusislord christianlife keeppraying spiritualquotes inspirationalquotes believeinhim myhopeisinthelord peace truelove noothergod onlyjesus holybible quoteoftheday faith hope dreams love

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Welcome bitch❤ la fatica è sempre ripagata! me rangerover evoque b&w dreams car caroftheday picoftheday camouflage summer gift

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Don't look back, you aren't headed that way...🖤🌑✨ love puppy iloveyou monday hello awake believe beautiful earth mylife beauty dreams dogs healing magic peace wanderlust friends organic hippie gypsy soul mood moon

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Hi everybody 🙋 The fees for the trip have already begun) ... Уже нахожусь в предвкушении поездки. Хоть и сам выезд в среду утром, но уже сегодня собираюсь, ведь на завтра уже весь день расписан, и точно не будет уже когда собираться. … Все эти приготовления так волнуют🙊. Нужно ничего не забыть☝. И сделать так, чтоб много вещей не брать с собой. Хотя девушка которая живет в каждой, хочет взять и то и сё, и обувь на вечер 👡, и платьице интересное для прогулки👗, на вечер и фоток, а не просто только удобные шорты и футболку👕. Но знаю же, что потом я буду о том жалеть, ведь натаскаться с тяжелой сумкой будет не просто😔. Потому нужно немножко ограничивать свои желания👌. К тому же, нужно взять еще средства по уходу, особенно за моимы любимыми волосами👱. … Вот так вот… а еще конечно продумать маршрут прогулок по великолепному городу, помимо основных экскурсий🏰. Сколько дел, голова кругом. Побежала дальше собираться😙 … А что вы обязательно берете с собой в путишествие??? . 🔹🔹🔹 . Alth leaving on Wednesday morning, but today I'm going to, because for tomorrow a lot of work, and there will be no when😊. ... All these preparations are so exciting🙆. It is necessary to forget nothing. And do so that many things not to take with them. But I so want to take and then and this. But I know that later I will regret about it, because it will not be easy to train with a heavy bag. Therefore, you need to limit your desires a little👌. ... And of course to think about the route of walking through the magnificent city, in addition to the main excursions. How many things ... my head is spinning. ... And what do you take with you on the road? . мечты сбор волнение чай мойчай красиво мысли фото tea mytea cupoftea instacup teagram instatea dreams beautifulphoto photogram photogramfuturetravel traveler traveltheworld vacationtime vacation instatravel instatraveling instatrip tourist tourism

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Fast forward to Croatia, to stars, beaches and beyond . . . . . galaxy milkyway night light photooftheday dreamer black bestoftoday stars sleep dream l dreams dark amazing star instagood thestars nightsky sky primeshots nature gorgeous nightphotography camping croatia topdeck topdecker

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Faithful Contracting


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Anyone believe in ghosts? Anyone want to try to explain these orbs? Anyone else scared? @matt_of_faithful hates ghosts. Don't tell him I told you. Photo: @joerio81

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Acclimated Apparel


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Views so good you'll never want to leave.

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We can help you turn your living room into your dream come true! Bring us a picture of something you like from social media and we will make it happen! 👌🏽 @budgetblindssouthetobicoke had to share this one such a stunning set up!❄️🙂 ••• canadianfurniture interiordesign cdnfurnshow kevincostner boats dreams visions modern oldfurniture morten eq3 furniture sofa upholstery idstoronto torontodesign canadianmade yycmade customfurniture yyc finishedsewing modernsofa canadiandesigner canadiandesign minimalism styling interior interiors interiordecor decor

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