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kATiE Holcomb


Comment from kATiE Holcomb:

The reason the winter is known as "flu season" is because this is the coldest time of the year and people stay inside more often. This leads to a lot of people inside in close corridors and germs are spread much easier. As a nursing student, we do clinicals in hospitals every semester. Some of the hospitals we have clinicals at have had to shut down entire floors just to dedicate to people with the flu. This seems to be one of the worst years for the flu yet. Getting a flu vaccine is the best way to protect yourself, your families, and your classmates from influenza illness. Although the vaccine efficacy this season is estimated to be about 30%, vaccination can still weaken the intensity of the illness, reduce risk of hospitalization, and help protect those more vulnerable in the community. Vaccination remains beneficial as long as influenza virus is circulating in the community, which can be as late as April. If you do end up getting the flu or a really bad cold and want something soothing on your throat try this hot lemon water. Recipe: 1 cup of hot water Juice from 1/4 of a lemon 1 tsp raw honey A pinch of cayenne (more or less depending on how much of a kick you want💥) This drink is soothing on your throat and a good immune booster when your bod needs a little extra help. And just remember, you can eat all the nutrients in the world to try to get best but the best thing you can do for your body is SLEEP😴 but a little hot lemon water doesn't hurt either. Stay healthy this flu season! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ fluseason stayhealthy lemonwater immuneboost nursing cleaneating eatgood eatgoodfeelgood healthyeating eatclean cleaneats health healthy healthspo healthfood nutrition healthylifestyle feedfeed thefeedfeed diet healthydiet nutritionfacts

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Rob Watts


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Korean Chicken | Jambalaya | Brownie Sunday | Food Coma

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Executive Chef Santos


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My hot wifey representing Maxfit! Awesome shirt! @maxfitmeals @shopmaxfit @201main healthyfood healthylifestyle healthychoices readytoeat mealstogo salinas monterey cheflife chefsofinstagram shirts lovemywife hotmess eatgood food

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And I made homemade zebra cakes for dessert. yum eatgood homemade zebracake cake

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Crystal Wadlington Martinez (crystalsinthekitchen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Crystal Wadlington Martinez


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Grillin and chillin 😎 warmerweather finally outdoors grilling hibachi patio veggies chicken steak lobster friedrice healthy clean feelgood eatgood spring

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Eat Phoenix


Comment from Eat Phoenix:

100% obsessed with this tea from @ruzecakehouse ___________________ eeeeeats yougottaeatthis eatfamous foodstagram goodeats foodie foodphotography buzzfeedfood foodbloggers yummie instafood foodporn foodlove foodies foodblog foodpics foodlover foodcoma foodart foodforfoodies foodoftheday foodaddict foodography foodtime eatgood eatstagram

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The Tap Trailhouse


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Orders up. We’ve got one with your name on it. lobsterroll brioche boston bostoneats boston faneuilhall freedomtrail historicboston bostonfoodies ordersup eatgood thetaptrailhouse siplocalsuds

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If you're ever in the Northern Beaches, you have to check out @mexicano_restaurant 💀 With dishes made for sharing, everything we tried was amazing - The fish tacos were next-level with the sweet pineapple chutney and punchy chipotle mayo, while the slow cooked pork tacos had crispy skin and tender meat. 🌮 The churros with dulce de leche were the perfect finish! - - - • Fish Taco - battered fried fish, chipotle mayo, slaw & pineapple chutney • Slow Cooked Pork Belly Taco - pickled red onion, pickled fresh jalapeno & aioli

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Stephanie Papazois (lepeph) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stephanie Papazois


Comment from Stephanie Papazois:

Brunch 🍳 foodinsta foodshot foodtime eattolive foodielife foodjournal eatgood eatstagram instaeat melbournefoodie melbourneeats mealplan fitfoodie livehealthy eatfresh healthydiet healthymeals wholesome breakfastclub healthyfats poachedeggs healthymeal brunchtime

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Katie Gordon


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This is how my life shall be lived from now on ✌ imdoingme drinkwater eatgood getfreaky

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Comment from Jess:

Adventures in pasta making! We love cooking together, and this is one of our favorite dishes to make. We had this when we were in Rome. Cacio e Pepe! yum eatgood pasta rome homemade cacioepepe marriage

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#ฟิโอไม่รู้จักอะไรคือไดเอ็ท (fheowhoneverdiet) Instagram Photos and Videos



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🧡🧡🧡 ฟิโอไม่รู้จักอะไรคือไดเอ็ท 🐷 เป็ดอย่างถูกตัวละ350฿ ถูกกว่านี้ไม่มีละ 55555 เคยชิมของเพื่อนเอาเนื้อเป็ดทำเ วันที่เราไปเค้าไม่ทำเมี่ยงไม่ร ☺️ กินจนสะใจ !!!! จุกไปตามๆกัน

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🌙 Christina (cosmicthina) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌙 Christina


Comment from 🌙 Christina:

Din Tai Fung for brunch for CNY. 😋 Shrimp and pork wontons in spicy sauce, XLB dumplings, noodles in spicy sauce, and shrimp and pork siu mai. Spicy sauce with everything!!! 🔥

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El Habanero & Churrobar (elhabanerochurrobar) Instagram Photos and Videos

El Habanero & Churrobar


Comment from El Habanero & Churrobar:

@mel_tel I just love him!!!! cutiepie whenfoodisthatgood lol ... hopefully hubby saved you some!! cubanfood therealdeal scarborough eatgood

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😋GOOD FOOD is GOOD MOOD😋 (bond_foodguru) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 😋GOOD FOOD is GOOD MOOD😋:

Kouen is coming soon (Mega Bangna) พบกับโคเอ็นสาขาใหม่เมกะบางนาเ างนาเร็วๆนี้ครับ ติดตามข่าวสาร เพจ แล้วพบกันนะครับ ชาวบางนา ฝากพี่ๆน้องๆเพื่อนๆด้วยนะครับ ขอบคุณครับ Bond 😋😋 😋😋😋 chill wongnai lp eatandshout itan ppgallery food foodporn aroi aroibkk starvingtime eatgood streetfood thailand sushi sushilover foodie_munchies chasing_delicious bonappetitbkk

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Jenn Hodder (imstilljennyfromtherock) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jenn Hodder


Comment from Jenn Hodder:

On tonights episode of “What Jenn is eating”... WINGS! bigs wings eatgood

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Cooking 👩🏻‍🍳 (mommy_nina_cooks) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cooking 👩🏻‍🍳


Comment from Cooking 👩🏻‍🍳:

Chicken satay and sweet chili chicken for dinner tonight! since there is going to be a snow storm tonight into tomorrow morning I’m pretending it’s warm out , and that it’s grilling season . ! eeeeeats forkyeah feedfeed foodinspo alwayshungry icook ilovecooking instacook instameal mealshare chefitup dailyfoodfeed cookwithme healthydinner mindfuleating healthyfamily healthyfamilymeals healthyfoodshare eatgoodfoodart cooksofinstagram buzzfeedfood foodnetwork foodaugraphy mealsfromscratch f52grams wannabechef foodgawker

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Comment from jungle_kitchen101:

Classic chicken caesar salad 🥗🍗😍😍 classic chicken caesarsalad salad eatgood eatclean healthy healthyfood healthyeating gains superfood colourpop colourful continental foodie like4like followme

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Surma Sarah Anne (girlmangia) Instagram Photos and Videos

Surma Sarah Anne


Comment from Surma Sarah Anne:

So tonight I attempted making a creamy garlic Tuscan shrimp. The pictures where I got the recipes looked gorgeous but mine has a mind of it own. In the recipe they had veggies I didn’t like such as sundried tomato (repulsive) but I stuck with the spinach and later on i chopped up a baked patato and threw it in the pot. I had issues with the sauce thickening. The sauce was difficult because I used almond milk. Thanks to FaceTime my parents showed me how to make a roo so it would thicken. I wish I thought of adding mushrooms but it was still good. A nice and light meal perfect for the snowy weather ❄️ Some main components of this recipe was shrimp, spinach, I added potato, and milk with some cheese. In a way this meal remind me of the potato and sausage meal I made a couple weeks ago. I love how it’s not very filling. amateur amateurcook icantcook imnotablogger spinach shrimp potato delicious lightmeal healthyeating healthyeats foodstruggle alwaystry pinterest pinterestrecipes onepotmeal garlic enjoy eat eatgood mangia

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Comment from Amelie:

Tartare de saumon 🐟🥑 asperge & patate douce 🍠 . . . . chefamelie tartare tartaresaumonavocat avocat fumé asperge patatedouce

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JOM MASAK PASTA SAYUR! (mai.eatalianexpress) Instagram Photos and Videos




Regrann from @bloomingsarahh - spinach pasta, cajun chicken and cucumber salad. lunch gengbekal healthybento eatgood eatwell loveyourself eedp eepasta greenspinach bayamhijau eatalianexpress makanansihat

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Kathy Martinus (steelabsmomma) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kathy Martinus


Comment from Kathy Martinus:

I think the snow just enhances the flavor of these piedmontese sliders instafood eatgood nomnom grill beef lean yummy carnivore fitfoodie protein dinner weekend saturdaynight homesweethome foodstagram foodgram foodporn meatsweats

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Jillian Tremont


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The perfect snack from natures health food store 😛 chaargeats healthyfood strawberries eatgood chaarg uconnchaarg

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Cris Super Chef 🇪🇸


Comment from Cris Super Chef 🇪🇸:

Sunday breakfast because everyday is important for you body. Chicken schnitzel with avocado, spring onion, spinach and grolled egg. breackfast breakfastathome healthyfood healthtips healthy fitness fitnesslifestyle fitnessmodel fitnessmotivation fit fitfood eat eatgood gym weightlosstransformation lowcarb protein vegtables eggs chefs cheflife🔪 cookingforfriends cooking cookingmelbourne instagood instagram delicious melbourne australia personaltrainer

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Comment from ✨Maggie✨:

When is your body good enough? When you’re barely eating to stay alive? When your body has gone into gluconeogenesis (the body starts to breakdown muscle tissue for energy)? When you workout 2+ hours a day; 7 days a week? Once you’ve lost that weight, are you happy with how you look? No because you always want more! I remember my first day in the gym and @makefithappenwithmadeline asked me to do pushups. Easy, right? Nope. I couldn’t do one, and not even on my knees! I will never forget, I cried all the way home thinking what I had done to myself. BUT I didn’t give up and did not let my eating disorder win. I continued to go to the gym 3 days a week for 30 minutes. I tracked my calories to make sure I ate enough. Slowly, I got stronger, I built muscle, and I was able to lift heavy! Two years ago, I would have never been able to do cleans and not at this weight! So why does it matter if I don’t have abs, I don’t have a thigh gap, or don’t have 18% body fat? My body is worthy and capable of lifting heavy things! I should be proud of myself! Do not let your mind win. You’ve got this. • • 👉🏼Video 1 @55lb. 👉🏼Video 2 @65lb. 👉🏼Video 3 @75lb. • • • • • • • • healthy healthyfood cleaneating liftheavy fitness goodeats healthychoices intuitiveeating foodlover instafood iifym healthyrecipes fitood fuelyourbody dietitian foodie treatyoself flexibledieting treatyoself instafit fitfam nutrition nomnom strongnotskinny balance eatgood behealthy crossfit cleanandjerk pushyourself

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Entre Platos & Sabores (entreplatosysabores) Instagram Photos and Videos

Entre Platos & Sabores


Comment from Entre Platos & Sabores:

El menu de @figarocafeargentino me sorprendió, la gastronomía argentina simplemente es deliciosa! Chuleta de Cerdo, papas a la francesa & ensalada de champiñones y aguacate. Un plato típico argentino🇦🇷

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Ana Milena Riaño Riaño (anamilena1430) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ana Milena Riaño Riaño


Comment from Ana Milena Riaño Riaño:

Sábado de cena y antojo! Salchicha asada con (1) 🥔 al horno condimentado con paprika y sal marina. A un lado 1/2 🥒 ( sencilla- fácil y deliciosa) dinner dinnertime healthyeats eathealthy eatclean eatgood eating eatingwelleats eatinggood eatinghealthy healthyfood healthyrecipes healthylifestyle healthy healthylunch healthyeating healthychoices healthydinner healthyeats justdelicious goodfood

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Comment from Jessica:

such a fun time celebrating Heathers birthday today. Great food, good laughs & a gorgeous day! Blessed. saturday brunch goodeats laughs LA foodporn sogood friends eatgood foodpics thatsdarling seekthesimplicity republique saturday weekend

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Jabrell Roland


Comment from Jabrell Roland:

food blackpanther movies movietavern eatgood blackculture africanculture welcometothespotlight

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Tania Beatriz do Nascimento (deliciadabibia) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tania Beatriz do Nascimento


Comment from Tania Beatriz do Nascimento:

Essa fofura nem entrou na nossa time line e já foi vendida!!!! Pra que esperar a Páscoa se chocolate 🍫 é tuuuudo de bom!!! pascoa2018 brownie browniealamode deliciousfood eatgood follow4follow followme gourmet chocolate nutella paçoquita sobremesa café felicidade happy comemorando deliciadabibia novaiguaçu rj happybirthday leitemoça docedeleite saborartesanal brownierecheado confraternização novaiguaçu páscoa

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Rony Sudomo


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latepost dinner slow cooked asian style pork stew cooking dailyfoodfeed eatingfortheinsta eatgood freshfood foodblogger foodism foodielife foodie foodlover foodphotography foodpost foodforthought homecooking homemade simple ingredients instafood instapic bonappetit delicious yummy

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нєαℓтну ℓινιηg


Comment from нєαℓтну ℓινιηg:

Super quick and easy dinner! Baked salmon (lemon, butter, garlic glaze) over sautéed spinach and garlic. Cabbage, leftover quinoa, and 🥑 ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ dinnerseafoodseefoodfoodofi healthyfood eeeeats healthyfeedfeedeatgoodeatgoodf goodfoodeathealthyproteinfitfi fitfitnesshealthyrecipesfitfit itfitnessworkouteatgoodfeelgoo

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Jem Vaughan


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Ice cream 🍨 zero icecream chocolate cream houston cypress vintage foodie food fridays eatgood desserts texas texasartists acousticguitar acoustic

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