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बोला था ना अपनी #Entry लेट होगी.... मगर जब भी होगी साली सबसे #Great होगी....

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#dorothyrep2 hey mariana! 🤗 i hope this entry isn't too late 😬 but i wanted to give it a try (even thought there're so many amazing accounts who've entered already 🙊🙊❤️). i know my account isn't the grandest (nor the greatest 😅), but i really love everything you've made 😭🙌🏼🙌🏼 and i would try my hardest to capture the beauty of your designs. Taking photos is more than just a hobby for me, and photographing amazing creations and books is what motivates me and keeps me going. All of your quotes and ensigns are simply beautiful, and i would be so lucky to have a chance to promote it! i love interacting with my bookish friends about everything bookish (and rhysand 😏😂) and this would definitely encourage some amazing chats! truth be told, i'm not very happy with my feed at the moment, but the photos above are what i hope it will transform to (as soon as i post some recents 🙈💜 i'm working on cleaning it up a bit!) thank you so much for giving us all a chance! any of us would be lucky to work with you!! 😍😍

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Comment from Jamie:

I love this mirror and trunk - so many pretty pieces in every nook here. Goodnight from @506ontheriverinn!

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