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Lacey Welby (laceywelby) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lacey Welby


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Sunday readings ✨ tarotcards reading sundaze 3ofcups grow evolve growth vibratehigher goodenergy goodvibes witchywoman change goodmorning happysunday wisdom tarot spiritual

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Hardik Minocha (hardikminocha) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hardik Minocha


Comment from Hardik Minocha:

justlikethat randomposing blackandwhite shadowplay evolve everyday

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Kavi (kavi360xo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kavi:

SelfieWithSue Evolve FieldMuseum

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ANT BEASTLY (Chewie Buffett) (antbeastly) Instagram Photos and Videos

ANT BEASTLY (Chewie Buffett)


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I think I'm in the 12 to 23 percentile with that body fat shit, I don't like this feeling btw bulking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . mass colossal immense iq strong stretch grind work stack 365 fat bone earth earn build 247 mold jugg trap shine floss dunk evolve great grow live potd

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AJ Styles Mark lP1l #BAYBAY (xdiamondstyles) Instagram Photos and Videos

AJ Styles Mark lP1l #BAYBAY


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GM☀ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ NXTwwewc wwewcwecwwwftnarohrphashtagwre agwrestlingnjpwheelfacerealluc alluchaevolvegfwglobleforcefol cefollow4followlike4likeactive

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T Lyn (naturallyandbeautifullymade) Instagram Photos and Videos

T Lyn


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Mood🕉👑✌🏾wombman yoni yoniverse creator nubian mother heaven love naturallyandbeautifullymade thirdeye goddess wisdom empress melanin blackgooddess elevate evolve manifest meditation knowledge knowthyself lovethyself god greatness namaste loveismyreligion higherconsciousness naturalbeauty consciouslove tlyn

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Brian (z3npandamov3m3nt) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Most importantly think for yourself and don't let the corruption infect you consciousstarterpack conscious consciousness EVOLve freeyourmind breakthechains commercialismmustbestopped jointhemovement zenpandamovement

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Ashoka aka Shoki Moki (ashokasinstapage) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ashoka aka Shoki Moki


Comment from Ashoka aka Shoki Moki:

Beloved Mountain Tops pyramidsofsenja mountains explore hike landscape nature breath peace expand evolve light taowa senjainmysoul loveisalifestyle multidimensionalliving conscious creative inspired photography

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Belle Âme (embrace.the.mystery) Instagram Photos and Videos

Belle Âme


Comment from Belle Âme:

Cherish those around you, not the things around you. . . . donttakeforgranted love fearless cherish evolve growth mindset mindfulness positivity itswithinyou whodoyouwanttobe leap curiosity energy live meditation yoga shift change acceptance quotes reflect embrace simplicity brilliance soulful innerbeauty innerlight selflove

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Tamara (tamara10_10) Instagram Photos and Videos



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AnonNova💫ConsciousBeardman™ (conscious_beardman) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind 🙏🏻🙌🏻🙏🏻 - Picture via the kind soul @thisspirituallife - consciousbeardman kind kindness lifestyle live learn evolve payattention higherconsciousness freeyourmind AnonNova standup bethechange

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Matan Tzinamon (matan.tzinamon) Instagram Photos and Videos

Matan Tzinamon


Comment from Matan Tzinamon:

"Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend." - Albert Camus friendship cherish learn from mistakes evolve into your desired version no correcting the past but applying it to the future enjoy the ride forgive yourself open minded open hearted love believe burnbabyburn

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T Lyn (naturallyandbeautifullymade) Instagram Photos and Videos

T Lyn


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wombman yoni yoniverse creator nubian mother heaven love naturallyandbeautifullymade thirdeye goddess wisdom empress melanin blackgooddess elevate evolve manifest meditation knowledge knowthyself lovethyself god greatness namaste loveismyreligion higherconsciousness naturalbeauty tagtheartist tlyn

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Lulu Rose May (samyama_yoga) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lulu Rose May


Comment from Lulu Rose May:

Samyama Yoga will now be holding monthly Sisters Circles 🌍~ Join us under the New Moon on Thursday October 19th from 7pm 🌙~ We will gather together to share, listen & support one another as well as be guided in setting intentions for ourselves ~ Surprises will include some uplifting Spoken Word performances, Vegan nourishment & a Dreamcatcher making workshop 💫 We will end the evening with a healing Gong Bath & Sound journey ~ £20 ~ limited spaces, message Lulu to reserve yours ~ event on Facebook 💖 ~ sisterscircle samyamayoga healing togetherness womenunite womentogether share support listen strengthinnumbers sisterhood friendship strongwomen wolfwomen wildwomen womenwhorunwiththewolves intention fullestpotential newmoon livefully beyourbest spirituality intuition love growth evolve

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Flery Ramos (fleryramos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Flery Ramos


Comment from Flery Ramos:

Be the most brilliant color in the box Life is Art, live yours in color! Se el color más brillante en la caja ¡La vida es arte, vive el tuyo en color!

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Diana Vegan-Field  Ⓥ (veganzeus) Instagram Photos and Videos

Diana Vegan-Field Ⓥ


Comment from Diana Vegan-Field Ⓥ:

😢💔 😢 “I’ve been inside numerous abattoirs and watched the killing. No horror movie or graphic video can begin to compare to what these animals go through. Their terror, fear and panic upon entering these industrial killing houses, that reek of spilt blood, is mind numbing. Some of the animals go into a trance while others scream, kick and fight all the way to their death. The non-stop violence in our midst may be out of our sight but it is overwhelming, unjust, unacceptable and must be stopped.” ~ From Animal Liberation Victoria Founder, Patty Mark *This post was from theveganmothership on Tumblr. wakeup govegan evolve suffering blood cruelty abuse exploitation violence pigs farmanimals allanimals justice truth RESPECT ethics empathy vegan veganism thesavemovent animalrights animalliberation endviolence crueltyfree meatismurder freedom

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The Pokecatchers!👊 (pokecatches_) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Pokecatchers!👊


Comment from The Pokecatchers!👊:

Imagine waking up to this!😱 . . . . 27 LIKES?!😱🔥👍 . . . . pokemon pokemongodk pokemongo Gen2 elekid pineco pokemontrainer nice hat niantic pgo scyther nerd evolve pokedex togepi Lapras egg Ursaring bulbasaur kingdra tangela nerd sick gamer Dragonite dratini tagsforlikes ditto onix Magikarp

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Nehemie (NAY-mee)/ पद्म RYT200 (padmabyoga) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nehemie (NAY-mee)/ पद्म RYT200


Comment from Nehemie (NAY-mee)/ पद्म RYT200:

I love almond fudge brownies, red wine and watching Netflix. I also love doing yoga, eating veggies, and drinking fresh fruit smoothies. That is what life is all about; BALANCE. Anyone else love them some brownies & yoga?! ☺️🙋🏾 like or comment with fave type of brownie & yoga pose 😁 * * * * * crowpose yoga balance yogi blogger wanderlust traveler travel seetheworld love inspire blackgirlmagic haitianyogi yogateacher flexibility strength beauty spreadlove positivevibes evolve namaste melaninpoppin yogaeverywhere gratitude padmbyoga

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KavsKlassics (kavsklassics) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from KavsKlassics:

Education is key. No matter what you do in life keep expanding your knowledge base and increasing your brain power knowledge education learning growth business businessbooks

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After 1100m 🏊🏊 😎😅😂 fitness fit flex focus hungry musculation bodybuildingmotivation bodytransformation transformation bodybuilding oldschool morning shape goodmorning instagood like4like instagram selfie french coach coaching squats french evolve evolution run Nike evolve evolution coach heavy fun

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🚨Hub tops 🚨 (hub_tops) Instagram Photos and Videos

🚨Hub tops 🚨


Comment from 🚨Hub tops 🚨:

The new Eurocopter's babe👌VS their first 1955's child the Alouette II Good job guys💪💪 The X3 an experimental high-speed compound helicopter able to reach about 300mph.🚀 🚁Looking forward to fly in this 2270ch bird🚁 👉leave a like and sucribe👈 @Hub_tops helicopter eurocopter evolve X3 concept passionsky old dream

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Courtney Deann (courtn3ydeann) Instagram Photos and Videos

Courtney Deann


Comment from Courtney Deann:

I fall for you a familiar stranger and I have come unglued much like chasing stars in city streets or shadows in the sun a battle between almost lovers that just cannot be won writersofinstagram love poetsofinstagram gratitude newbeginnings evolve beherenow consciousness

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Wrestling Fan 💎 (thekingofwrestling1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Wrestling Fan 💎


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stonedandwild_mom (stonedandwild_mom) Instagram Photos and Videos



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vibrational frequency everythingisenergy vibration lightandlove lightworker collectiveconsciousness cosmic shakti weekendvibes sundayvibes raiseyourvibration vibratehigher manifest a better reality manifestpositive chooselove releasethenegative 😘✌️💙❤️💜 create grow learn evolve dream dreambig focus focusonthepositive

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Kiyota (bakachin_kiyochin) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kiyota:

バテバテな夜トレ。 フィットネスライフ鼻が矢印↓筋育 胸ぺち life muscle night chestday morebig morepump evolve yeah

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Garth Voisin (iamgarthvoisin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Garth Voisin


Comment from Garth Voisin:

I’ve always maintained that becoming a writer/author CANNOT be about fame or becoming famous because it takes away from the authenticity of the writing itself. The Journey Continues-EVOLVE came about because I made changes in my own life and saw the massive results of those changes. The book is meant to teach , motivate and hopefully encourage others on a similar path , to empower them to see that a passion can become a purpose if you decide to work on it. If I reach even one person , what I have set out to do has been achieved. The Journey Continues- EVOLVE Coming soon to 📕 iamgarthvoisin author thejourneycontinuesevolve thejourney speaker iwritebooks writers instadaily iwearcrazysocks picoftheday ebooks follow4follow empowerment socks motivation Redhat inspiration selfhelp evolve NYC ATL MIA LA Cali california strawberriesandplanerides

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Nikki LovesLife (nikkiloveslife1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nikki LovesLife


Comment from Nikki LovesLife:

I'm grateful to be who I am, and learning has been such a crucial part of my being. Better and better, I hope to become, while realising the time it must take to become a best self. Forgive me for feeling like a child still wondering, playing, yet way too serious in my understandings... It's what I know. I'm willing to know more, but 4 walls surround me. Doors open as needed, as deserved, aren't I deserving? It is said we create our own walls, then teach me to undo. Keep pushing, keep reaching, keep striving, can I be joyful? It's difficult to be a true self when in this time of wanting wealth, I can see how money would help. Evolve... Grow better, but maybe can I get a hand, as you understand that my outside world and inside world are in conflict. I will continue in patience, searching to evolve, simply because, it's what I know... Nikki writing thoughts wondering evolve writer prayers learning growing reaching striving life love patience conflict meditation questions grateful

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Giselle🌱🌻💛✨♏️🇩🇴 (gmat28) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Giselle🌱🌻💛✨♏️🇩🇴:

Whenever you think things aren't working out on time or unfolding in the time frame you've set for yourself, believe that your journey is right on time. Remember, things may not happen as we plan them to, but they always happen as they should. Trust the process. Trust the Universe. Trust the journey. Trust yourself! -GMat ✌🏽️✨🌻 perfecttiming life Truth Love Evolution lightworker TrustTheUniverse TrustTheProcess LOA synchronicity growth Grateful hopeful humble thankful faith shineon radiate evolve peace lifeisgood lifeisbeautiful perspective BeautifulStruggle goodvibes positiveenergy liveandlearn blessed

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thenomadbloke (thenomadbloke) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from thenomadbloke:

In order to move forward to our fullest 🔋 We need to dive into the darkest areas of our subconscious mind ⚫ I'm talking trauma and grief 👿 I had a wise lady friend educate me recently on the impact such topics have on our ability to evolve as a species 🐒 We need to face uncomfortability head on 🐗 Alot of us in are denial about the current state of the world, because we can't sit with the idea of what has been lost and what could potentially be lost 🤔 Until we grieve for our planet, our interrelationships with other beings or for our collective modernist identity, we can not move forward➡️ Is there a way you could approach trauma or this dark topic easier? I would love to hear your thoughts.. Just don't throw obstacles in the way, It is as easy as you make it. Remember you always have space to be heard 🗣️ Voice your truth and bring your demons to light 💡 The revolution starts in the mind 👽 Namaste 🙏🏽🕉️ ∆ ∆ ∆ ∆ grief trauma revolution yoga yogi nature naturephotography naturaldisaster motherearth photooftheday vegan holstic movingforward hippie barefoot adventures traveller lightworker demons obstacles truth educator guru tantra shakti evolve inspire motivate

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Natalie Marilyn (nataliemarilyn) Instagram Photos and Videos

Natalie Marilyn


Comment from Natalie Marilyn:

This is how we started our Sunday morning! We love that you love dogs and cats but please also love all animals. We are all the same.

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☀️ kristine crouch ☀️ (fruitfullykristine) Instagram Photos and Videos

☀️ kristine crouch ☀️


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Sarah (chimerasarah) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sarah:

Release that which no longer serves you. -every yoga teacher ever yoga quotes evolve

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Jocelyn Noelle (jocelynnoelle_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jocelyn Noelle


Comment from Jocelyn Noelle:

About yesterday: Working PFW2017.....Thanks for everything @classymarie215 💜 prgirlshustleharder

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