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Ali Çalışkan (alicaliskannn93) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ali Çalışkan


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evolve believer

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CarolAnn Walkes (sweet_honesty76) Instagram Photos and Videos

CarolAnn Walkes


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MATTERS OF THE HEART❣(Love Thyself).."Inner PEACE begins the Moment One CHOOSES not to Allow Persons or Events to Control your EMOTIONS..VALUE Oneself".. with Love😙 Godfirst nourishyoursoul lovethyself findthyself cultivateyourmind clearvibes consciousness Awakening Innerstanding understanding depth awareness Evolve livelaughlove

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Johanna Quintero (johannaquinteroyoga) Instagram Photos and Videos

Johanna Quintero


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Beautiful quote by Diego Perez aka Yung Pueblo youngpueblo selfrespect om love godspeed evolve tolerance lifeisbeautiful nurture create transformation

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forever forward love poetic positive motivated evolve awareness awesome happy beautiful quotes follow4follow confidence zen

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Kevin Anderson (kevinandersonu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kevin Anderson


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Tamela Koshiol Art (tamelakoshiolart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tamela Koshiol Art


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This painting is a perfect representation of my life as of late...I am rushing around trying to get something going and then coming back to clean up the details. But honestly painting for me is about letting go of the fine details. Allowing myself to be loose, relax, and truly enjoy something magical...Really to relinquish control and become inspired... . . . artist art loveofart doitfortheprocess tamelakoshiolart tamelakoshiol joyinthejourney painter painting evolve grow peace inspiration magical artistsoninstagram instaart

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King Eli👑 (ej_davis98) Instagram Photos and Videos

King Eli👑


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My life. ftm transman transisbeautiful topsurgery transgender trans transguy transindustry femaletomale ftmtransgender selfmademan transmenofig lgbt lgbtq thisiswhattranslookslike lgbtqia noh8 itgetsbetter queer transmenofinstagram comparison transmasculine f2m evolve nonbinary changes transandproud ftmsofig genderqueer

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The Hirode Watches (thehirode) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Hirode Watches


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More than happy to be a grub for a while, eat to my hearts content, have a nap and be transformed into a gorgeous butterfly. Just need to dodge those hungry birds. Oh the places we would go, if only we had wings.

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A Conscious Consumer (ciousumer) Instagram Photos and Videos

A Conscious Consumer


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"KairootsMusic" Official Page (our_roots_run_deeper) Instagram Photos and Videos

"KairootsMusic" Official Page


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. . . justvibing abstract liveit alternative livemusic kairoots motion evolve mood lifestyle shoots @senor_selwyn

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Person Defined (person_defined) Instagram Photos and Videos

Person Defined


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U.N.MASK Y.O.U.R E.X.C.E.LL.E.N.C.E In each and every one of us exists a potential buried between our fears, doubt and the will to try again. It's not an easy grave to dig up, sometimes our 6fts are deeper than others... That we don't even try. Let's help you find you. : : personaldevelopment Iam iknowbetter Ican I growth Persondefinedrolesdream whyme purpose will freedom adapt evolve invent childlikehope breakthrough absolution actualise BeAdreamer beArea

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Dr. Katherine T. Kelly (drkatherinetkelly) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dr. Katherine T. Kelly


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A quote from my book, SOUL HEALTH - Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living- "Like" my Facebook page, soulhealth radiantliving selflove soul growth evolve evolution

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Hong Le 👾 (xrevokedz) Instagram Photos and Videos

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Hong Le 👾


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A throw back at broke east in Rhode Island. PC : @mwphotographyct lowlife mitsubishimotor evolve candygreen green greenevo evox evo evoxmr sst mitsubishi lancernation lancerevolution evonation evogram evosociety evolutionsandralliarts rhodeisland broke brokeeast brokeallday 4b11t cz4a workwheels workemotion workemotioncr2p aeroflow aprsplitter autoflex

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Babbie (babbiemillenium) Instagram Photos and Videos



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When you wake up and learn there is no bigger truth than this! 💚🌱GO VEGAN🌱💚 govegan inhumane china usa vegan veganpower goveganfortheanimals cowspiracy vlife animallovers animalrights evolve kindness animalliberation wakeup veganaf veganismisthefuture spiritual love veganismistheanswer mercyforanimals plantbased rawvegans namaste vegansunited vegangirls vegansunited

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Mettā Yoga Luxembourg ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Mettā Yoga Luxembourg

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. Yin Yoga TT [Day 1].: I learned that... . • "constant stade of change" = "changelessness" . • "recognize beauty and ugliness is born, recognize good and evil is born" ~ nothing in Yin/Yang is absolute. . • connected tissue lies between the spinal cord, nerveous system & the organs. (another post on fascia will follow soon). ----------------------- -------------------------- Con I learned so much on the first day, people are very nice & I saw this beautiful sunset on the beach. 😍 . . . . . . . . ytt tt yoga yinyoga yogateachertraining teacher student learning travel evolve learn sunset summer picoftheday water ocean sea yogaeverydamnday fascia connectedtissue takecare begoodtoyourself grateful seasalt beach merci luxembourg noordholland yoga photography instagood

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Hwahwa-Rahadjeng (veganbanana) Instagram Photos and Videos



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God teach us love, doesn't matter what your holy books say, God teach us love. And God's compassion is beyond measure. If we can't even look at animals being slaughtered without a pain in your heart, how do you think God would feel? Repost @the_vegan_soldier ・・・ To start off, this is not an attack on religion. I've got no issue with religion, but I most certainly have a problem with its use as a justification for needless torture, cruelty, and death. No deity from any recognized religion in the modern world preaches oppression, subjugation, or exploitation. No god wants their followers to torment the defenseless, according to the teachings of every one of their respective ideologies. Yet people use religion to excuse away genocide every single day. If a person follows a faith and they believe that faith grants them license to exploit and exterminate anyone whose suffering benefits them, they're spitting directly in the face of whatever god they bow to. The first rules of any belief always include kindness, compassion, and peace. Why, then, do so many people who believe in gods feel the need to twist the messages their deities supposedly passed down to them? Surely, were there a god of any kind (not challenging anyone's religion here, for the record), he or she would be ashamed of each and every one of their followers who behaved in such a manner. Kindness, compassion, and peace. It's that simple. If you follow a faith, follow it right. Whether you have a god or not, you can strive to be a decent, compassionate human being. Go vegan. ⚫ vegan govegan whyvegan ethics truth evolve consciousevolution conscience meat dairy eggs bacon burgers chicken beef pork milk cheese cruelty rightfromwrong think god faith religion

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Trevor Butcher (treebooch) Instagram Photos and Videos

Trevor Butcher


Comment from Trevor Butcher:

I have to say that harvesting seeds is one of my favorite parts of being a gardener. For me, it's a time to reflect on the journey and life cycle of...well, everything. Life is so precious. I'm grateful to witness the changing of the seasons. I'm impressed that one tiny seed can produce a 6' flower that, with the collaboration of the soil, sun, and the bees, can create the potential for so many more like it. Here, we have the seeds of 3 different sunflowers. To my knowledge, I only planted 2 varieties. There has clearly been a mutation somewhere. An evolution. When I plant these next season, what will the next evolution look like? life evolve growth mysecretgarden growfoodnotlawns homegrown vals sunflowerseeds varietypack reflection

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Xbox gamertag- lord osiriss (xbox_gamer75) Instagram Photos and Videos

Xbox gamertag- lord osiriss


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Just Katie & More (kss.metanoia911) Instagram Photos and Videos

Just Katie & More


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💯💯❤ growth change energy lessons journey zen freedom higherconsciousness spiritual awakening awareness peace heal namaste higherknowledge enlightenment goodvibes meditation chakras manifest lightworker evolve indigo positivethinking lawofattraction Repost @free_inherwildness ・・・ thoughts selflove monday

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Kristina 💜💛 (13_magical_unicorn_13) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kristina 💜💛


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Always find time to meditate & recenter yourself. grow learn evolve from @highervibezzz always having some dope post to brighten your day! beyourself loveyourself embrace weird goofy alien

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Nick Redding (venom6425fitlife) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nick Redding


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mold transform change evolve fitnessmotivation work desire fitbody fitstagram tattooed inked gainpost core body bodybuilding trainer fitlife

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Felippe Pagotto (fepagotto) Instagram Photos and Videos

Felippe Pagotto


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Mantenha o equilíbrio ! . . . EVOLVE treinointeligen equilibriocorpoemente niketraining

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B R E A N N A • H E N R Y (breehenryy) Instagram Photos and Videos

B R E A N N A • H E N R Y


Comment from B R E A N N A • H E N R Y:

There's really only two things you need to do to be successful and see change in your life: 1. Believe whole heartily that you can do it. 2. Make your actions match your beliefs.

22 Minutes ago
The Wellness Chaser (reverenceapparel) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Wellness Chaser


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Sassy Mood

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Mohap Aziz (mohap_aziz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mohap Aziz


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Go for all or nothing at all!! evolve shoulders shredz bodytransformation bodybuilding legs squad beast genetic huge bodytransformation bodybuilder bodybuilding champion likeforlike follow video

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Alex Mazzurco (almazzurco) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alex Mazzurco


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🍩 ever give up. 💕💪🏼

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Townsend Eaton (emeraldtransendence) Instagram Photos and Videos

Townsend Eaton


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It’s been a minute. goodvibes art digitalart tyeanddye vibe create evolve groove fest music design grow

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Chris Theo (chris_theoharides) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chris Theo


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Make your own lane, there's less traffic ☑️ UltimatePerformance Work Dedication Success Entrepreneur TunnelVision Grind Motivation DestineNutrition CogniTune FineTuneYourMind Business Evolve LevelUp Grow Destine DestineNutrition Fitness

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Nereeda McInnes (nereedamcinnes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nereeda McInnes


Comment from Nereeda McInnes:

Play it your way. . . . . . keepgoing awesome freedom motivation quote quotes inspirational inspire inspirationalquote words writer explore playityourway seek truth beyou bekind grow evolve spiritual love nature believe real trust trusttheprocess power flow intention thetruthofyourreality

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HomePotions (homepotions) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from HomePotions:

In 2007 my world turned upside down. I like to look at this selfie (before s were a thing) to look myself in the eyes and remember all the pain there was...and know the strength that evolved from it. It had to take its course. This is one reason I started this journey to a more holistic self. We all get so caught up in the everyday to-do's & must-have's. Then, you forget you. I want to try to get past that, as much as I can, and be more present. For me, it helps to stop, be mindful, create, and attempt to live more simply. I love discovering & learning from individuals who live it, and have made it a lifestyle and trade. It's very inspirational, and use to feel out of reach for me. But I realized i can take it one tiny step at a time. This, for me, is empowering, fun ❤️ and the best metime . . . And it's a gracious nod to mothernature :) . . bestrong selflove mindful mindfulpractice journey littlesteps outsidecapitalism create foryourself learn discover evolve foryou

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Michelle Brunetti MS Psy (consciouslivingcoach) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michelle Brunetti MS Psy


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What will your contribution be? To learn more about creating an affordable coaching program uniquely designed for you visit me at: conscious consciouslivingcoach mindfulnesslifecoach goalsstrengthmotivationevolvep olvepositivitymeditationsucces uccesshappinessmanifesthealthy althycreatemanifestpassionlawo nlawofattractionintentionchang changeloveactiondreamworkdisci

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Cecilia Stockholm, Sweden (cillabox) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cecilia Stockholm, Sweden


Comment from Cecilia Stockholm, Sweden:

Finally...! It took about a year 😁😂 pokemongo pokeball pokemon evolve machop machope gamergirl gamer pokedex

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Alkamye (alkamye) Instagram Photos and Videos



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ALKAMYE - Taking something ordinary and transforming it into something extraordinary. ✨ . . . . . . . . . . . . . a alchemy alchemist transformation transforming mindbodysoul alchemist evolve magical gold quoteoftheday quotes life beautiful instagood personaltransformation extraordinary loveandlight inspired

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