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Ana Laura Lira Vilela


Comment from Ana Laura Lira Vilela:

Meu par, minha cia... coisasdavida pordosol intense meuamor fimdetarde evolve justlive 🌺

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Comment from smile_for_the_gram:

Shit.. He waved back!! 👋👋 Fun Funny Comedy Hilarious Joke Jokes LMFAO LMAO LOL Awesome Wow Brilliant Amazing Cool LoveIt WTH OMG Incredible Wonderful Quality Chameleon Lizard Wave Evolve Wild AnimalLovers Hi Hello Clever Smart

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Ma. Angelica A. Villesenda


Comment from Ma. Angelica A. Villesenda:

I finally got you to evolve to a 6 star, Rain..... Red, Red, Red <3 <3 <3 <3 finalfantasy finalfantasybraveexvius ffbe game rpg evolve levelup Rain 6star red rainbow ❤

10 Minutes ago

Pokemon Go Worldwide Community


Comment from Pokemon Go Worldwide Community:

Cross Generation Evolvechart pokemongo generation2 worldwidecommunity evolve kingsrock metalcoat dragonshard upgrade sunstone sakura tamao

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Comment from 🇺🇸⚫️🔵⚫️🇸🇪:

💟😍🌀🕉 smile positivevibes positivethinking positivevibesonly love loveyourself loveyourlife lovethelifeyoulive livethelifeyoulove aum namaste motivation meditate plur plurlife plurvibes lawofattraction lawsofattraction strength evolve

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Comment from Evolve:

Repost @jordangillfitness with @repostapp ・・・ Repost @evolve_coaching with @repostapp ・・・ New video up on YouTube now! Click the link in my bio to see me and Jordan take on the Manthtahlon challenge putting our strength to the test! evolve @themartinrooney strength workout beast hardcore fitness weightloss musclemass benchpress pullups watchit humpday fitfreak cool awsome work fun hustle upperbody pump funnyvid comedy love abbs 6pack hiphop sunday flashback

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Comment from Evolve.:

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ѕαmαnthα mєѕѕíαѕ


Comment from ѕαmαnthα mєѕѕíαѕ:

"You are allowed to change" Give yourself that space and time to become who you truly would like to be.... There's no rush but remember to be gentle and look at all the amazing things you've achieved so far along the way of becoming the highest version of yourself. Much love, peace and positive change. namaste changeisgood growth evolve mindset become iam higherconsciousness spiritualgrowth selflove lovinglife lovinglife vegan veganlife veganfitness veganbodybuilding hclfvegan digdeep success journey live life sweetveganartist artist quotes instaquote quotestoliveby youarebeautiful crueltyfree

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Raph Paq


Comment from Raph Paq:

Keep growing, evolving, changing like way of nature. It's in our makeup, from skin to flesh to bone. ☀️ • Love you mother nature • • • naturecalling spirits hippie spiritual highlights nature naturelover healing humanity happymind happyheart humbleyogis humbleandkind bekind thankful presentmoment iamblessed beyourself blessed evolve change cycle lifeisacycle mothernature yogi yoga yogaeverydamnday yogainspiration meditation staygrounded

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Comment from S0uljah:

eevee evolve to umbreon pokemon pokemongo new pokedex

26 Minutes ago



Comment from DJ CHERRY BOMBS:

On the floor! Do it!!! 💣courage ThatsTheSpiritBaby ______ DailyBombs eliminate goals negativity keepgoing love evolve motivation ❤️ passion Positivity doit vsco black rebel courage ownit mood beautiful positive motivation quotes currentmood spiritanimal lifequote liveyourlife finditliveit ThatsTheSpirit instamood

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Comment from Amrik:

What's under your bonnet? eventuri evolve evolveautomotive carbon kevlar enginebay carbonkevlar bmw bmwf10 f10 f10m5 vossen vossenwheels mpireuk mpire germanwhip bmwfamily carbon stage2 carporn instacar supercar bmwclub bmwcars bmwindividual bmwinstagram bmwgasm loweredlife bmwgram bmwperformance blue

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Nico From Ré


Comment from Nico From Ré:

Only ⚡ electricskateboard evolve bambooseries longboard nicofromré mystuff

39 Minutes ago

Dassanayaka Yoga


Comment from Dassanayaka Yoga:

We think our thoughts are who we are but really they are just a shadow of something much more substantial - your being. It can be called many things, your consciousness, your higher self, your soul - it is who you are stripped of all the roles and ideas that you have for yourself. 🙏🏽

41 Minutes ago



Comment from Mr_C_gam1ng:

Just a quick evolve video that thank you everyone for the love and support you guys are giving me on theses videos with out yous non of this would be possible thankyou bless loveyou evolve gamerguy xboxone xbox gamerboy gamerman xboxlive

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Comment from Deimos:

I must be fire proof after all the hell ive been through... Deimos shredded mma hardestworkerintheroom bigthingscoming animal beast training lion nodaysoff letsgo photographer photoshoot model monster lambstolions gladiator graciejiujitsu fight fighter nextlevel prowrestling beastmode spiritanimal fit swole gymlife strongstylebrand strength

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Comment from JLC❤👑💜:

Self love??? Such a fine line between love and hate. The war within can be brutal! LOVE❤💚👑 LOVEMESUMME EVOLVE HYPNOSIS BILLIONAIRELOVE PHILANTHROPISTGOALS selflove decide Grateful Thankful blessed

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Comment from 💥EVOLVE💥:

İçinde yaşattığın evren, içinde yaşadığın evren; sonsuz seçenekler, sınırsız olasılıklar ile dolu. Neyi mümkün kılmak istediğini bilmen, o olasılıklar arasında seçim yapabilme gücünü kendinde bulabilmen için önce kendini farketmen gerekir. Hadi bırak bugün bahaneleri bir kenara ve kendine vakit ayır. Keyif alacağın bir sey yap. Şahane Pazarlar... 🙏🎈🕉🕯☯🕯🕉🎈🙏 gozdeturkmen evolve yasamkocu lifecoach mantra changeyourlife istanbul ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Universe that lives within you, the Universe that you live in; is full of vast choices, endless possibilities. In order to know what you desire to enable, to possess the strength to make a choice between those possibilities, you need to observe/notice your trueself. Now, ditch all your excuses and spare some time to yourself today. Do something you enjoy. Have a fabulous Sunday... love & peace 💜✌ namaste lifestyle lifechange selflove selfrespect selfbelief coaching awakening gf_daily me turkey gf_turkey light thirdeye om kisiselgelisim teaaddict

56 Minutes ago

Shelly Shello


Comment from Shelly Shello:

Grow through what you go through. growth growthroughwhatyougothrough evolvefam evolve develop improve selfimprovement selfimprove selfimprovement stronger strength

1 Hours ago


Comment from C.C.:

in progress watercolor malecharacterdesign illustration instaart nature poppieshops infinity markers drawinglive create evolve

14 Hours ago