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john (johnd.g) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from john:

part dos.

1 Minutes ago
n u r b a n u. (hayaltaciriniz) Instagram Photos and Videos

n u r b a n u.


Comment from n u r b a n u.:

Bir çatının altına, bir pencerenin arasına, bir bacanın dumanına sığardık aslında seninle ama yaşamak beceriksizliğimize denk geldi.

1 Minutes ago
Justine Grace Photography (jgrace_photos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Justine Grace Photography


Comment from Justine Grace Photography:

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Timon van Spronsen (timonvanspronsen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Timon van Spronsen


Comment from Timon van Spronsen:

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1 Minutes ago
Leo Nordén (leonnorden) Instagram Photos and Videos

Leo Nordén


Comment from Leo Nordén:

Under the cherry blossom

1 Minutes ago
Bussiglieri Francesco (francescobussiglieri) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bussiglieri Francesco


Comment from Bussiglieri Francesco:

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1 Minutes ago
Kirsten J Lee (leesadventures_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kirsten J Lee


Comment from Kirsten J Lee:

The final portion of our 3 day trek. A traditional boat through Inle Lake to Nyaung Shwe!

1 Minutes ago
G Tang (8citiesaweek) Instagram Photos and Videos

G Tang


Comment from G Tang:

🇳🇴🍷If the mountain's upside down, you've had too much to drink. Skål Norge Norway Norge Forde Førde travel travelbloggers travelblog vacation holiday trip instatravel instatraveling igtravel wanderlust exploreexploreeverything 8citiesaweek

1 Minutes ago
Bons Selvagens (bonsselvagens) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bons Selvagens


Comment from Bons Selvagens:

festival selvagem da charcutaria e do vinho possível em mata alheia, Madalena Bons Selvagens representa aventura mergulhados em natureza e amigos de qualidade🌲 Com o apoio @merrellportugal bonsselvagens vadiagemoutdoors aminhanatureza wkndescape rionabao tapportugal treeprotector naturephotography hikingadventures wilderness wildcamping visitportugal adventuretime natureza portugal instaportugal portugaladventures liveadventurously eldoradoexperience getoutside getoutdoors wildcamping vsco theadventureproject theoutbound neverstopexploring exploreeverything

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Christian (krischanview) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Christian:

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Daniel (abduxion) Instagram Photos and Videos



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👉 TAG: abandoned_slovakia 👈 (abandoned_slovakia) Instagram Photos and Videos

👉 TAG: abandoned_slovakia 👈


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 (nikikouri) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from nikikouri:

2 Minutes ago
Julia Luckett Photography LLC (julialuckett) Instagram Photos and Videos

Julia Luckett Photography LLC


Comment from Julia Luckett Photography LLC:


2 Minutes ago
Lauren Marttila (laurenjmarttila) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lauren Marttila


Comment from Lauren Marttila:

It's nicer in Nantucket 🌼

2 Minutes ago
JON OXBORN (jonoxborn) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from JON OXBORN:

2 Minutes ago
CJC | Julian 📸 (shotbycjc) Instagram Photos and Videos

CJC | Julian 📸


Comment from CJC | Julian 📸:

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2 Minutes ago
Ꮭαυяєи 🥀 (chuckysbride_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ꮭαυяєи 🥀


Comment from Ꮭαυяєи 🥀:

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Joecelle Candelaria (_jpc8) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joecelle Candelaria


Comment from Joecelle Candelaria:

Shine Brightly. ootd ikawangsunshineko

3 Minutes ago
_ (omomuro_m) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from _:

Going to the promised land, in the dark . . . . . . . . . . urbanandstreet torontostreetsoftorontophotographerphotograph blogtojustgoshootlikeforlikestreetdreamsmagtoptorontophotocreatorclassthecreatorclasscreateandexplorestreetleaksartofvisuals visualsoflifeyngkillersexploreeverythinggameoftonesweownthenight_tomoodygrams streetmobsway2illstreetselectvisualambassadorsillgrammerscreatecommunefatalframesshoot2kill instagood

3 Minutes ago
Megan Crane (meganmcrane) Instagram Photos and Videos

Megan Crane


Comment from Megan Crane:

Basically the Lewis & Clark of hounds. OregonPorn

3 Minutes ago
AVENUE ( Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from AVENUE:

We are grateful everyday. Especially when we are getting paid to hang out with and photograph people in locations like this while sipping on cocktails and watching the sun set. What a life! {1 of 2}

3 Minutes ago
AVENUE ( Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from AVENUE:

We are grateful everyday. Especially when we are getting paid to hang out with and photograph people in locations like this while sipping on cocktails and watching the sun set. What a life! {2 of 2}

3 Minutes ago
Phill Cann (fourdoorphill) Instagram Photos and Videos

Phill Cann


Comment from Phill Cann:

Do it right so you only have to do it once. Plumbed the fuel lines today, all AN fittings on -6 braided lines then aluminum down the frame and back to -6 up to the fuel rail. c10goldilocks

3 Minutes ago
Damien Rivoire (damienrivoire_sl) Instagram Photos and Videos

Damien Rivoire


Comment from Damien Rivoire:

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3 Minutes ago
Lindsey (lindseycatarino) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lindsey:

I'm starting to realize more and more that I have spent my adult life running instead of planting roots. Every time I would get attached to a location or more often a person, something inside of me would panic. I just wanted to throw on my running shoes and not stop until Greenland. The truth is at some point we all have to realize no matter where we are, there WE are. Our problems follow us everywhere we go. Our fears are in the passenger seat every time we fire up the car. We have a choice - do we let our fears drive the car or do we let them sit there quietly, not even allowing them to touch the radio? My advice to you my friends is embrace fear, all exciting things come with a good dose of it, but don't let it stop you from whatever you want, for me that would be planting myself and blooming. With love, Lindsey

3 Minutes ago
trillly.b™ (trillly.b) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from trillly.b™:

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4 Minutes ago
Miranda (dream_rebel) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Miranda:

Cute little bumblebees are back 🐝 . . . . . . . explore exploretocreate artofvisuals aov theoutbound fromhereandaway exploreeverything neverstopexploring keepitwild canon canonrebelsl1 outsideculture visualscollective outside_project takemoreadventures exploretogether adventureinspired awakethesoul myvisualnature explorebc letsgosomewhere landscapephotography westcoast pnw

4 Minutes ago
Plenty Holidays (plentyholidays) Instagram Photos and Videos

Plenty Holidays


Comment from Plenty Holidays:

Clock Tower Amsterdam, Nederland _______________________________________________________ amsterdam nederland iamsterdam travel traveling nature travellife travelingram travelgram traveladdict globetrotter travelbug adventure explore exploreeverything goexplore neverstopexploring photooftheday justgoshoot wanderlust travelphotography feelingood instatravel plentyholidays travelling mytravelgram igtravel traveler Vacation view

4 Minutes ago
Arya Rossman (nonamepat) Instagram Photos and Videos

Arya Rossman


Comment from Arya Rossman:

Sliding into your DMs like...

5 Minutes ago
 (christacoal) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from christacoal:

Ho bisogno di silenzio come te che leggi col pensiero non ad alta voce il suono della mia stessa voce adesso sarebbe rumore non parole ma solo rumore fastidioso che mi distrae dal pensare. Ho bisogno di silenzio esco e per strada le solite persone che conoscono la mia parlantina disorientate dal mio rapido buongiorno chissà, forse pensano che ho fretta. Invece ho solo bisogno di silenzio tanto ho parlato, troppo è arrivato il tempo di tacere di raccogliere i pensieri allegri, tristi, dolci, amari, ce ne sono tanti dentro ognuno di noi. Gli amici veri, pochi, uno? sanno ascoltare anche il silenzio, sanno aspettare, capire. Chi di parole da me ne ha avute tante e non ne vuole più, ha bisogno, come me, di silenzio. Alda Merini (Ogni tanto qualcuno mi lascia in silenzio e dipinge i miei pensieri)

5 Minutes ago
Richard Holden (rich.holden) Instagram Photos and Videos

Richard Holden


Comment from Richard Holden:

6 Minutes ago
Giro Okanagan (girookanagan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Giro Okanagan


Comment from Giro Okanagan:

Here's a little sneak peak of our tour from the awesome guys at @tradablebits. Hope to see them back in our neck of the woods soon! 🚴🏻👍🏻 ・・・ TBT our gorgeous cycling/wine tour with Giro Okanagan last May. 🚲🍷☉ Reminiscing over their beautifully produced summary video of our trip. 😍 This is just a little snapshot, but you can see the full thing on our Facebook page. Our team can't wait to do it all again this year now that we've trained and tackled the GranFondo! Should be a piece of cake... right @lennyg @kdarshan @dkhrisanov @grdavey? 💪😅

13 Minutes ago