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Remember that time I bought those veggie hotdogs?🌭 Well, they've made their debut! 🌽🌭 Honestly, I feel like I should be at the fair 🎡 or a game 🏟. Quick, easy, and slightly messy. Placing wooden skewers into a hotdog is kind of hard. Who would have known? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ I have one very sad looking corndog based on that skewer situation. I also accidentally dropped him into the fryer without any batter. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ No worries, I saved him and he's now living a normal life as a slightly off putting corndog. The word "fieldroast" gets me. 🙇🏼‍♀️What's that suppose to mean? What's it made of? What's it taste like? 🙇🏼‍♀️ I haven't come to a conclusion on a few of the posed questions, but I do know that it tastes great! 👅💦 Again, this isn't a typical meal. There's not a lot of nutritional value and not something I usually make. So if you're new to veganism I would try to steer away from meals like this. But if you're absolutely dying for a corndog, I've got you covered. 😉

4 Minutes ago
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Florida State Fair | ft. Pineapple Whip 🎡👅🍦🍍 • • • florida state fair floridastatefair tampa tampaflorida florida pineapple whip pineapplewhip softserve waffle cone wafflecone ferris wheel ferriswheel ferriswheels wewalkedaroundforthis foraminute feetwereonswole buttastebudswereonhappy foodporn foodie foodstagram dessert dessertporn youMUSTtrythis heavenonearth postvalentinesday thankyoumysweetsweetbaby

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Andy Feltham Racecourse https://fli northampton northamptonshire park fair racecourse amusement ride newtopographics funfair neon lights

8 Minutes ago
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Had a GREAT performance today at the fair! . . . fair rodeo dance dancer dancers performance performer slay colorful orangeribbonsforjaime performanceteam minis

11 Minutes ago
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🐶🐶W A N G 旺旺🐶🐶 Not that A WANG brand, but 狗年旺旺! 🍊🍊celebrate all you can, eat all the bak kwa you want, play all the mahjong you crave! Forrrrr its gonna be over real soon!!!! Chiong ahhhhhh! asianboy boystagram igboy instaboy twinks sgboy sgboys igsg selfie ink inked inkedguys tattoo biceptattoo chesttattoo fair fairskin braces bracesboy happychinesenewyear

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They got what they really want happynewyear elsa bloom mygirl fair photo photooftheday instadaily instagram instaphoto instalove instalike instafollow fallowme love friends 写真 写真部 写真を撮るのが好きな人と繋がりたい 写真好き 娘 友達 楽しい 雰囲気 最高 面白い

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My Queen ❤️🙏🏼👑 fairmysmileweird lolmycheekwth loveumomma

12 Minutes ago
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At the fair😍fairfair2k18🎡l4llikelik kelikeforlikelikemyresentpostl

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STARSHIP 3000 fair happy westpalmbeach newlynick instagood

18 Minutes ago
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Fresh off the boat 🚣‍♀️ these bad boys just landed online. We Are the label has a longstanding + passionate love affair with the ocean so it makes sense that they would design a board short with sustainability in mind. Ethically made from ♻️ recycled plastic bottles + proud sponsors of Balu Blue Foundation they’re sure to be making waves 🌊. Online now at 👌🏽 . . . . . . onefortheguys ocean sustainableliving swim surf saveouroceans menswear summer shorts boardshorts sustainableswimwear ethical fair

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本日、ノーカラートレンチコートの受注会最終日でございます🌼 います🌼 軽くて着やすく、デザインもすごく可愛いので、 @fromfirstmusee ・ ・ ノーカラートレンチコート Beige/Free ¥1 Musee 神戸店 住所: 〒650-0021 神戸市中央区三宮町3丁目1-3三宮ビル1 電話番号: 078-333-0065 ・ FROMFIRST Musee 大丸梅田店 住所: 〒530-0001 大阪府大阪市北区梅田3丁目1-1 大丸梅 06-6345-6300 ・ FROMFIRST Musee 松坂屋名古屋店 住所: 〒460-8430 名古屋市中区栄三丁目16-1 松坂屋名古 電話番号:052-264-2583 ・ スプリングコート トレンチコート Museeouterspringpreorderfairフロ

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Mardi Gras Fair Day! MardiGras Fair Camperdown FairDay Sydney LGBTQIA proud 🌈❤️

23 Minutes ago
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2/17 “Quarter of a Century.”🎈 . . . 25 celebrate goals goldenage boss tampadesigners birthday fair florida flowers balloons life live goals blog style ootd blossom pandora rosegold bday grind work woke slay bday tampa southatampa lit

24 Minutes ago
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Very ...impressive pyeongchang sketch drawing humanity beautiful no mendal Kim Ah-Rang shorttrack friendship fair play the more better leadership Olympic Spirit

26 Minutes ago
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Soft Serve Chocolate Twist 🍦 softserve icecream chocolate vanilla fair drooling fariswheel fooooodie wafflecone

39 Minutes ago
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Sun🌅 is going down... So is the red team😂 Seriously wish you where there to see the awesome battles🥊 that took place. It came down to the wire.

40 Minutes ago
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Amazing variety of unhealthy deep fried foods (Oreos, snickers, onion rings) and without annoying drunk people. Had a lot of fun spending a few hours at the Florida State Fair in beautiful Tampa with a temperature of 30°C. — florida tampa floridastatefair fair warm beautiful day deepfried palmtrees washington usa aupair culturalcareaupair @culturalcare aupairlife aupairinamerica wanderlust travel fun memoriesmade

42 Minutes ago
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43 Minutes ago
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Annnd this happened at the fair. @kaellanp rode rides, had ice cream, funnel cake...and won two gold fish! carnival fair

48 Minutes ago
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Bang bang, he shot me down. gotcha bang feria everydayveracruz everyday equality fair photography streetstyle urbanphotography

51 Minutes ago
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viera fair spacecoast jackdaniels harley

51 Minutes ago
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I owe my allegiance to the working class. They work hard to earn and not steal. . . . . . citybestpics city_explore illgrammers thecreative seemycity createcommune citylimitless fatalframes shotzdelight mkexplore gearednomad rsa_streetview_ exploretocreate idratherbeexploring workingclass labour common poverty hardworkers moody adventurers adventureawaits fair earning respect shotononeplus oneplus5 instagood workhard

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Cash only! ------------------------ ------------------------ sonyc moody moodygram wizardoftones miami fair ticketbox sonya7II sonyvisiual visualgang sonyalphagang sonyphotography alphacollective sonya7 portrait streetphotography street heatercentral fatalframes gameoftones igersmiami igermiami creativecommune illshot thecreativegroup way2ill frame frames framing

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tissage hairstyle hair blondehair girl fair smoother smooth hair

1 Hours ago
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🔊 NEW DRAKE TYPE BEAT / INSTRUMENTAL "PLAN"! LINK IN BIO! 🎵 prod producer produced by mdc youtuber instagood beat free freebeat instrumental fl key keys flstudio drake type fair hard 808 bass kick 808s godsplan plan god gods

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Taking it back to middle school days 🎪🎢🎡 fair florida tampafair thatsmyDJ

1 Hours ago
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1 seller at the tetfestival in Costa Mesa! Hand decorated display umbrellas on sale tomorrow. ☂️⛱☔️🐬fashion decoration parasols umbrella sale oneofakind uniquegift custom fair events flowers sun rain valentinesday gifts

1 Hours ago
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Congratulations jayaahsan india flim fair award ♥

1 Hours ago
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We’re twinning again fair likesisters

1 Hours ago
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115th North American International Toy Fair Opens Today in NYC NEW YORK, Feb. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The 115th North American International Toy Fair opened its doors this morning...

1 Hours ago
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fair tampa pizza happiness 🖤🍕🤤

6 Days ago
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Riding the camel @pmmk45 kissimmee camel fair

More Than 2 Years ago
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Fair is in town Kissimmee county fair

More Than 2 Years ago