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Las Vegas/La Part Time


Comment from Las Vegas/La Part Time:

Grandpa and my uncle, much love 💕 family vegas fun shots drinks drunks fireball sexy gaybars vegasgays familyovereverything

3 Minutes ago

Hyelly Dibal


Comment from Hyelly Dibal:

Sisters that slay together, stay together thefamilythatslays familyfirst familyovereverything sistersaffair tbt 📷 olamidebaritone 💄 helabellah

4 Minutes ago

Umunna c glory


Comment from Umunna c glory:

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Rebecca Tennant


Comment from Rebecca Tennant:

It's this amazing ladies birthday today! mynanaisbetterthanyours birthday nan grandmother granddaughter fam familygoals family familyovereverything familyfirst throwback 87

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Shivangi Dubey


Comment from Shivangi Dubey:

blossom bloomingday goodday instagood destiny familyovereverything fragrance peace colorsofthewind nature love_u_zindagi dearzindagi

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Ruth Ary


Comment from Ruth Ary:

familyovereverything from granny's to parents to children to grandchildren and great grandchildren,back -back!beauty runs in my family! We aint just cute,we are blessed with beautiful hearts! I love my family! Good to see u all😘😘😘😘😘😘

13 Minutes ago

Melahat AYDIN


Comment from Melahat AYDIN:

Aşklar doğmuş bugün💗Zaman ne çabuk geçiyor😊9 sene önce girdiğiniz hayatımıza.Tarifi yok bu güzel duyguları anlatmaya...Şansınız bol olsun canlarım.İyi ki doğdunuz ,iyi ki bizim oldunuz.Sizi çok seviyoruz.🎂💗🙏 mertimelisim melisimertim melisaydin mertaydin aydinsfamily familyovereverything

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Comment from Gastoriⓣ.ⓚ.ⓞ.ⓓ:

🎈🎁🎁🎈 Happy Blessing Day to u Blood stellahmrem ... Na ukisikia birthDay n Savana kwa Mrija 28thFeb familyovereverything

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Comment from Puddingworx:

Regrann from kaluthuli1: My father in law. Scratch that, my father. The Sweetest FIL I know, he's indeed a blessing! God gave me the best praying, loving, God-fearing Parents. TheSibisi's Loveliveshere FamilyIsEverything FamilyOverEverything A Puddingworx Bride ❤❤❤❤❤❤

17 Minutes ago

Shreya Das


Comment from Shreya Das:

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Ellen Mpembe


Comment from Ellen Mpembe:

But how beautiful is my nephew? Welcome Anesu Awande Junior Mpembe. luki_xvi & kuhlentumbe you guys made a beautiful child mynephewiscute mynephewbetterthanyours mynephewiscuterthanyours mynephewisperfect family familyfirst familyovereverything familylove familyphotos

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Shampooitaly Shampoo


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Henrik Christensen


Comment from Henrik Christensen:

Så står den på fastelavn på skolen. 😎🎉💰🏆🍿familyovereverything popcorn gulddreng dentøndeskalhaveslag brothers boyswillbeboys erdumodel odense

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Comment from 👑g_u_l_j_a👑:

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Comment from Farhan:

Uncle and Nephew 😍 parents family1st familyguy familyday familyfun familyisforever familyovereverything familydinner cousin grandparents familyforever parent familyvacation sis bro aunt cousins nephew familyphoto familyfirst familynight relatives siblings uncle niece familybonding familytrip familylove grangpa

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Comment from Silvia:

my🌎 familyovereverything famiglia family familytime happymoment happymomentstogether happymode happyme mybirthday compleanno ilmiotutto❤

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Bella Zingale


Comment from Bella Zingale:

[F-Cancer] 🖕🏻 I spent the weekend in LA visiting with my Grandmother who was diagnosed last week with Glioblastoma, a very aggressive brain tumor in her frontal lobe. They were able to remove a lot of it in surgery Thursday but doctors said it would grow back very quickly if they didn't get all of it and that she could have 6-9 months or 1-2 years at best. 😖😔 My heart is completely breaking at the thought of this world without her. She was a clinical psychologist with her own practice for 40 years, founded and ran her own nonprofit for abuse victims, spoke out in the courts to advocate for parents either keeping or losing their children based on psych evals, taught college psych classes to thousands of students for decades, and took in more sick/healing/recovering people than you can imagine to her own home so they could get back on their feet. If I'm half the woman she was, I will have something to be proud of. Losing her will be the hardest loss I've ever had to cope with, and I can't actually imagine a harder one. She is the single person who has had the most impact in shaping who I am and why I am the way that I am. She taught me everything I know about metaphysics, love, life, passion, compassion, and purpose. I can't imagine my world without her and so right now, I'm just putting one foot in front of the other. She shaped my identity more than my parents did, and we shared a bond closer than anyone I've had in my life. I've never felt more peace than when I'm with her, never felt like anyone loved me as truly as she did, or that anyone understood me like she could. She was the one person on the planet who never hurt me and also who made my dreams come true. She was the ultimate giver, the ultimate teacher, the ultimate matriarch. We even were birthday twins and would celebrate together each year. I would give anything to keep celebrating with her. Capricorns through and through, we had all of the same interests, desires and motivations. Although decades apart, we constantly talked about how we were one soul. Cancer sucks for so many reasons. Its hard to watch your loved ones suffer, it's hard to see them think about a timeline of life,

53 Minutes ago

Лана/Lana 📷Фотограф в Харькове


Comment from Лана/Lana 📷Фотограф в Харькове:

И снова временный пост 🌟🌟🌟На правах рекламы- сегодня Хозяйка щеночков тоже получила свою порцию фоток и рассказала, что осталось 4 зверя из 8. Может кому-то хотелось, глядя на мои фотки такого мишку себе? Так я могу дать контакт 😜happykid happywinter enjoylife фотографируюсчастье children photographer kidsphotographer детскийфотограф детскиефотосессиихарьков детскийфотографхарьков рисуюпамять семейныеценности семейныефотосессии семейныйфотограф фотографвхарькове эмоции girlsinthenature familyphotographer familyovereverything харьков детскиефотосессии beautifulpeople happiness bisfp disfo instakids instachildren childrenphotos

12 Hours ago

Sanny Linker


Comment from Sanny Linker:

...even stilstaan..bij jezelf, bij familie, bij de belangrijke dingen om je heen 🙌

1 Days ago

Carla Killam 🌹


Comment from Carla Killam 🌹:

With this handsome guy.

93 Days ago