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Kristina Förtsch (kristinafoertsch) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kristina Förtsch


Comment from Kristina Förtsch:

Wenn es bunt und farbig wird *.* letzte Woche hatte ich ein Interview mit der lieben @emesa_amze 😍 sie ist eine tolle Graffity Sprayerin und ich hab ihr 2 Stunden lang zugesehen wie sie ein kleines Kunstwerk mit Sprühdosen zaubert ohne ein einziges mal Langeweile gehabt zu haben 😁👩‍🎨 (Die grüne Schönheit im Hintergrund) . Sie ist eine absolute Inspiration für alle die einfach ihr Ding machen wollen! Danke für den tollen Austausch 😗 ich konnte sehr viel mitnehmen! . Das Interview und noch weitere von spannenden Persönlichkeiten gibt es bald in meiner Doku "Folge deiner Leidenschaft" wuuuhuuu aufregend wenn das eigene "Baby" langsam fertig wird 🤗💢🎉✌💃🏻 Achichliebemeinenjob . Ihr euren auch? Habt eine fabelhafte Woche! Ps: kein Internet sucks xD graffiti offenburg filmmaker justdoit motivation inspiration filmbusiness

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Comment from dorseay:

xx our short film got accepted into some film festivals over the weekend! excited to screen it with folks other than @ledougger 😂. congrats, guys! . . . comedy horror gypsy film filmfestival shortfilm short indiefilm filmmaker actor actress actorslife setlife cursedworldproblems

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🎙 “I made some shitty movies when I was first starting out, but I'm not embarrassed by them, especially as I didn't think I was going to be an actor - I was just trying to make some money. I was still a musician. When I first started out I was just given the opportunity, and there was no other way to make that kind of money. Apart from crime. I couldn't believe how much they were paying me” [Johnny Depp] actor actors pictures pic picoftheday picture pictureoftheday film films filme filmmaker filming filmcamera filmmaking photooftheday photography filmisnotdead filmphotography cinema cinematography movie movies movienight moviestar photo movietime photographer classic classics vintage

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Big And Tall


Comment from Big And Tall:

Come see our film 11/5 at 1:30PM at the Circuit Playhouse. filmmaking filmmaker filmmakerslife supportindiefilm filmfestival

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2012 by Andrés Klimek (Infinity Jam Sessions) nyc ny newyorkcity newyork manhattan photography photographie art arte 2012 cinematographer filmmaker AndrésKlimek love life hudsonriver arttomeetyou instagood instafollow cool tbt l4l instaphoto instatravel instacool

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Vishal Prajapati (vishal.shaam.official) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vishal Prajapati


Comment from Vishal Prajapati:

Confused traveller film filmmaker director writer photographer actor traveller indian

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Renan Sato (renansato3) Instagram Photos and Videos

Renan Sato


Comment from Renan Sato:

Tijucano. riodejaneiro carioca tijuca tijucano youtuber youtube youtubers youtubersbrasil youtuberbrasil youtuberbr youtubersbr seinscreva filmmaker subscribers

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Comment from Erim:

Venice water taxi to Secca Sessola . . . . . video venice italy venedig venizia boat travelgram lonelyplanet beautifuldestinations beautifulmatters theprettycities postcardplaces bestcitybreaks citybestpics filmmaker job workandtravel filmmakerlife

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Court of Crows (courtofcrows) Instagram Photos and Videos

Court of Crows


Comment from Court of Crows:

‘They gave Pandora a box. Prometheus begged her not to open it. She opened it. Every evil to which human flesh is heir came out of it’ ― Kurt Vonnegut Jr, Timequake ‘There was another world before this one. But the people of that world did not behave. Displeased, the creating power set out to make a new world. He sang serveral songs to bring rain, which poured stronger with each song. As he sang the fourth song, the world split and water gushed through the cracks. By the time it all stopped only Kangi the crow survived.’ – Lakota Tribe, creation myth. Magic is real. Everyone has access to it. Some are stronger with it than others. Some ignore it. Some abuse it. Basic use is taught in Schools but technology has progressed the same way. There are two types of people in the world. New Humans and Original Humans. New humans evolved a few thousand years ago. You are one. Latent traces of Original Humans in your DNA allow minor use of magic but on the whole you are unremarkable. Then there is the Original human, Queen Raven, Queen of the Court. She is eons old and the last of her kind. All stories, myths and legends lead back to her. With her court she rules magic, some say the world. But the darkness beckons. Portents and omens are rife in the world for those careful, and clever enough, to see them. And then there those that are defying the Queens command. Those hunted by the Court by the Lord Executioner.

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Comment from Marcotix:

Coming soon. New project. boxfilms actor contentcreator filmmaker

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La Marmota Insomne (lamarmotainsomne) Instagram Photos and Videos

La Marmota Insomne


Comment from La Marmota Insomne:

Entusiasmados! Al fin arrancamos la preproducción de un cortometraje dirigido por AbdlatifHwidar, premio Goya 2008 al mejor corto y escrito por ChonGonzález y Hwidar preproduction preproduccion localización cortometraje cine cinema audiovisual productora filmmaker storytelling creatividad creativity videomarketing film filming productoraAudiovisual shooting

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Thoma Kikis (thomakikis) Instagram Photos and Videos

Thoma Kikis


Comment from Thoma Kikis:

Shot on a Leica

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ARRI Alexa Mini & Zeiss compact prime CP. 3 & CP. 3 XD Lens - The first choice of Cinematographers! .............................. .............................. .............................. arri zeiss alexamini alexa cameraman camera cinematographer cinematography bts onlocation setlife filming filmmaker film cinema dxb uae mydubai amira cp3 karachi pakistan moviemaker lens media ksa oman kenya

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Directing Inspiration (inspiration.from.directors) Instagram Photos and Videos

Directing Inspiration


Comment from Directing Inspiration:

directorsquote filmmaker getitdone indiefilmmaking

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Lo Gro$$ & Friends (inaudibleraucous_podcast) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lo Gro$$ & Friends


Comment from Lo Gro$$ & Friends:

Looking for a dope Cinematographer? Follow @shooter_mcgavin__ and visit and check out his work filmmaker musicvideos houston texas houstonmusicvideos houstonrapper detroit detroitrapper detroitmusicvideos film 4K cinematography gh4 canon rokinon blackmagicdesign commercial creative branding videomarketing ronin adobe houstonfashion detroitfashion howbowdah

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Luca Caserta (luca_caserta) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luca Caserta


Comment from Luca Caserta:

Street view in Milan. milan milano italy italia street view strada veduta perspective prospettiva graphite graffiti insta instagood instagram instago filmmaking filmmaker lucacaserta

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E f f i e (pasagiae) Instagram Photos and Videos

E f f i e


Comment from E f f i e:

My brother’s rendition of Patti Smith’s DANCING BAREFOOT. Great show JP & @hermajestyny last night!!!

4 Minutes ago
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Comment from pedrocohen85:

when you ruin the life of your co-workers with a cover of she's a maniac. @pedropabloalcantara @cbabadelis / cuando arruinas la vida de tus compañeros con un cover de she's a maniac creative creativedirector film filmmaking shortfilm filmdirector director miamifilmcommunity directing miami miamifilm movie making of makingof miamifilmmaker georgia newyork atlanta california igerscalifornia igersmiami losangeles losangelesart la filmmaker

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Şebnem Denktaş 🌍 (especiallyafrica) Instagram Photos and Videos

Şebnem Denktaş 🌍


Comment from Şebnem Denktaş 🌍:

Renown photographers and cinematographers Shannon Benson @shannon__wild and her spouse Russell McLaughlin @russ_wildlife are heading to Madagascar soon for their new adventure. As you see, they have beautiful photos with leopards and now we look forward to the ones with lemurs... 😍 Let’s follow their work which supports African wildlife and fights against illegal wildlife trafficking 🙏🏻 africa travelafrica natgeo adventure wildlifephotography wildlifefilmmaker wildlifephotographer saynotopoaching africanwildlife savewildlife amazinganimals love supportwildlife safari stoppoaching filmmaker nature naturephotography wildaid photographer weareafrica especiallyafrica

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Miguel Parga (migueleparga) Instagram Photos and Videos

Miguel Parga


Comment from Miguel Parga:

The Witch production workshop. filmschool filmproduction filmprofessor film author nyfa miami southbeach miamibeach miamilife florida indiefilm filmmakers filmmaker newyorkfilmacademy newyorkfilm movies director cinematography photography setlife actor acting actorslife crewlife crew cinema books

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Dani Zarandieta (danizarandieta) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dani Zarandieta


Comment from Dani Zarandieta:

It’s absolutely amazing how a peaceful afternoon can help you... epiphany thoughts clear picture clouds backlight silhouette filmmaker film filmmaking director editor story storyteller writer real important things time

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Fiona Fu (fionafu_images) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fiona Fu


Comment from Fiona Fu:

The storm is here vancouver ☔️ Keep warm ☕️ stay safe 🏡 @fionafu_images . . .peaceandlove photography photographylovers photographer photoshoot photooftheday filmmakers filmmaker travel travelgram travelphotography traveltheworld ilovetravel travelpic artistic artistsofinstagram instagood filmmakerslife filmmaking actors artistsofinstagram filming filmmaker filmmaking filmmakerslife trip ocean oceanphotography outdoorphotography

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Thoma Kikis (thomakikis) Instagram Photos and Videos

Thoma Kikis


Comment from Thoma Kikis:

Phyto teknike

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Invisible Warriors (invisiblewarriorsfilm) Instagram Photos and Videos

Invisible Warriors


Comment from Invisible Warriors:

‪African American woman operating a large piece of machinery.‬ InvisibleWarriors‬ NYPL Digital Collection‬

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Country Road Films


Comment from Country Road Films:

Filming FACIAL RECOGNITION. filmmaking filmmaker photographer photography austin texas atx comeandtakeit scifi scifiart sciencefiction redlight redlights mixedcolorphotography mixedcolortemperature colortemperature colortheory rokinon shotonrokinon canon canonc300 c300

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Arg Stairs


Comment from Arg Stairs:

2 MORE DAYS!!! featurefilm movie filmmaking 2days screenplay filmmaker argstairs caveman comedy indiecomedy quirkycomedy indieflick indiefeature itunes amazon googleplay vimeo dvd

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Felipe Granato (granato.souza) Instagram Photos and Videos

Felipe Granato


Comment from Felipe Granato:

Texas canyon bigbend bigbendnps canon filmmaker

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David Petts (dcpetts) Instagram Photos and Videos

David Petts


Comment from David Petts:

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Michaela Trew (kayla_trew) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michaela Trew


Comment from Michaela Trew:

I love her so much 😂❤️ cat wolfwhistle funny tongue humour love pet filmmaker photographer mjtproductions follow like

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Country Road Films (countryroadfilms) Instagram Photos and Videos

Country Road Films


Comment from Country Road Films:

Filming FACIAL RECOGNITION. filmmaking filmmaker photographer photography austin texas atx comeandtakeit scifi scifiart sciencefiction redlight redlights mixedcolorphotography mixedcolortemperature colortemperature colortheory rokinon shotonrokinon canon canonc300 c300

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Austin Newman (austinmakesfilms) Instagram Photos and Videos

Austin Newman


Comment from Austin Newman:

Finally wrapping up one of my longer projects from this month. It’s been a fun edit, but I’m looking forward to delivering! What are working on this month? timelinetuesday . . . . . . . videoproduction filming videography entertainthis filmmaking filmmaker videoshoot videomaker videoedits austinmakesfilms adobepremiere premierepro teamfilm filmschool videoediting editing adobecreativecloud

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Nomad Cinematics (nomadcinematics) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nomad Cinematics


Comment from Nomad Cinematics:

It's VlogTuesday! We recap how the filming of @sudsyslim went with the crew and cast! Link in the bio 👍😃🤠NomadCinematics

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Ty Whittington 🎬 (bosschicty) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ty Whittington 🎬


Comment from Ty Whittington 🎬:

My soul feels free 🌊 loveyourself begrateful takenothingforgranted liveinthemoment thepowerofnow takechances justbe befree goodvibes goodenergy creativityfound filmmaker

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