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Mirabelle (naiamiraa) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Mirabelle:

Nicolas Courcelles hulahoopfirehoopfir

3 Hours ago
NebuHula (nebu_hula) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from NebuHula:

🔥🌟✨🔥 firehoop

3 Hours ago
Jody Knight-Hopkins (circus_hiker) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jody Knight-Hopkins


Comment from Jody Knight-Hopkins:

Wicked new firehoop 6 wicks is gonna be a beast. Costum made from Fire Mecca hoop hooping firedance

4 Hours ago
🌙🌿Fern Evergreen🌲♋️✨ (full_moon_fairy) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌙🌿Fern Evergreen🌲♋️✨


Comment from 🌙🌿Fern Evergreen🌲♋️✨:

Ring of fire 🔥❣️🔥 @fairy_of_flow Burning my fire hoop with @dark.monk quick wicks. Shot by @wanderingcinnamon . . fire firehoop flow flowarts flowartsfriday waterfall nature firespinner firedancer hoop hooper hulahoop

6 Hours ago
Danni Spinz (dannispinz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Danni Spinz


Comment from Danni Spinz:

A bit of daytime fire flow for your viewing pleasure, testing out my new gold hologram hoop from @thirdeyecolorado

6 Hours ago
Blue Booby (blueboobybras) Instagram Photos and Videos

Blue Booby


Comment from Blue Booby:

✨ The always stunning @Unityhoops fire hooping in Byron Bay Australia ✨ Teaming a bluebooby crossed back with a supercool backless circus onsie!! perfect 🔥Did you know that Blue Booby bras and ruffle shorts are fire spinning friendly? 🔥

7 Hours ago
Renee (renegade_flow) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Renee:

Hearts of fire 🔥💖 Thank you @isamazingstudio for letting me play with your fire toys, teaching me how to spin safely, and most of all have fun with it! Thank you @bigbangphotographylv @brookspeterson for taking these, they are magick ✨ firehoop firespinning longexposure lighttrails hoopersofinstagram

7 Hours ago
Lorelei Casing (lorelei.casing) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lorelei Casing


Comment from Lorelei Casing:

flowArts photography spinning burn fire firehoop hoop

8 Hours ago
NebuHula (nebu_hula) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from NebuHula:

Entertaining at last nights bonfire 🔥 firehoop

9 Hours ago
Bre Lane. (fr33spiritflow) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bre Lane.


Comment from Bre Lane.:

Peep my first burn in almost a year 🔥🔥 flowartsfridayflowarthooplahhu lahhulahoopfirehoopfirebendera nderarieslucidspinnerslucidcir

9 Hours ago
GP_Photo_of_the_Day (grantpalmerphotography_potd) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from GP_Photo_of_the_Day:

FireArts PhotoOfTheDay . . . beautiful flowarts festivallife flowstagram picoftheday potd fire firehoop fireperformance firespinner firespinning firestaff firephotography firephotographer LA losangeles lalife ilovela welovela socallife discoverla welivetoexplore wanderlust fun photographyeveryday . See more of Grant's fire images at grantpalmerphotography_fire, grantpalmerphotography_burning images by @grantpalmerphotography

10 Hours ago
Steamship Circus (steamshipcircus) Instagram Photos and Videos

Steamship Circus


Comment from Steamship Circus:

Repost from @kris.avery with ... Let there be light. ____________________ In frame: @steamshipcircus uk_shooters uk_ports uk_spinners steamship circus firebreather fire firehoop hoop hooping amazing hoops fans LED spinning juggling meistershots bournemouth artofvisuals killeverygram instagood exklusiveshot moodyports igersbristol livebristol bestofbristol visitbristol bristol247

11 Hours ago
Maya Tihtiyas (tihtiyasflow) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maya Tihtiyas


Comment from Maya Tihtiyas:

@maine_flowonfire delivered some goodies before a long weekend of fire at @harrybrownsfarm with @friggannope 💕💕 firefans palmtorches firehoop wicks contactpoi flow flowonfire forgedcreations bliss flowarts firespinner fireperformance

11 Hours ago
Marina Krauss (marinabina123) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marina Krauss


Comment from Marina Krauss:

Summer solstice burn🔥☉💦 fire firespinning hoopersofinstagram bayareahoopers firehoop flowartist summersolstice

13 Hours ago
Aranya (aranyalumiere) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Aranya:

Hoopfriggintastic!! More fire hooping fun with my ol faithful and trusty 8 prong fire hoop... ❤🔥 tribalgoddess firedancer firey peruvian fireperformer firegoddessfirehoopfirehooper performinglife performancetime dancer bohemianfire firey shedanceswithfire myhappyplace sheismagicalsplitsbeyouplayful ayfulfirehoophoopdancehooperso

15 Hours ago
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Comment from Jay:

@a_mad_adventure driving the hoop wheel! melbournelife spinthings hoop firehoop fire flowart iso isohoop

17 Hours ago
Emma Bedell (dizzytoes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emma Bedell


Comment from Emma Bedell:

1 Days ago
Paige Renka (eprenka) Instagram Photos and Videos

Paige Renka


Comment from Paige Renka:

🔥 Hooping with Molly at the firejam last night biolux avondalefirejam hugweave firehoop firehoops hooping hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig fire fireperformers firedancing luminarts luminartsentertainment

1 Days ago
Kayla Johnson (lady_goon_fireflow) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kayla Johnson


Comment from Kayla Johnson:

It's luau season! Had a blast performing for the WB Surf Camp today with these two pyros! Thanks for having us out tonight! fire luau fireperformer firehoop fireartist ladygoon hula ladydragon giglife tribalpaint circus lovewhatyoudo dowhatyoulove

1 Days ago
Blind Cherry (blind_cherry) Instagram Photos and Videos

Blind Cherry


Comment from Blind Cherry:

1 Days ago
Genie Margot (geniemargot) Instagram Photos and Videos

Genie Margot


Comment from Genie Margot:

Fire iso hoop fixed. Or almost. New stronger wire installed, now to sew the new and bigger wick and I shall be ready to spin again! firehoop fireisohoop hooprepair

1 Days ago
Divine Pine (divinepinegathering) Instagram Photos and Videos

Divine Pine


Comment from Divine Pine:

Yoga✔️ Fire✔️ DPG✔️ The light in me, see and honors the light in you. 🔥🙏🔥 This is what @thirdcoastherbalcollective's home practice looks like sometimes nbd 😜 She will be lighting up her hoops for a fire performance alongside @speeding_arrow. All fire spinners are welcome at DPG. Each night there will be a burn zone space sectioned off with fire safety present. Namaste 🕉

1 Days ago
Tricksy Pixies (tricksypixies) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tricksy Pixies


Comment from Tricksy Pixies:

Fierce shot of @elle_indika wearing our Valkyrie slave harness 💋 photo by itphotography 👏 . . . . . tricksypixies scaletribe persianpunk scalemaille infinatecircles cosplay flowart costumedesign firehoop firespinning hoopersofinstagram fireshow wearableart warriorprincess armor entertainer goddess hoopersofinstagram wicca sorceress burnergirls burnerwear burnerfashion mythicalcreature firedancer firephotography witch showgirl fireperformer fantasyfashion

1 Days ago
~Sarah Smith~ (sarah__spins) Instagram Photos and Videos

~Sarah Smith~


Comment from ~Sarah Smith~:

Lil tiger slangin flaaames🔥🐯 hoopersofinstagram girlswhohoop firehoop fireforhire hoopdance atlantahoopcats atlhoopcats flow flowarts sacredcircle firespinning

1 Days ago
The Beat (thebeatdenver) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Beat


Comment from The Beat:

The first thing she said after spinning fire for her first time was "Ok, I like this way too much!" 😂🙏🏼🔥😍 We are SO proud of all of the Fire students who made it out and tried something new with us! 🔥🔥 Thank you @metta_one & @mothermagness for leading such an inspiring workshop!! ✨ Join us July 20th for more fire fun!! 🙏🏼

1 Days ago
The Hive 🔥✨ (thehivefire) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Hive 🔥✨


Comment from The Hive 🔥✨:

"We like, breathe fire and stuff" *hairflip* . raverbooty booty fire fireperformer firespinner fireeater firebreather festivalfashion festival dubstep grime festy bass bassmusic bassbabe burningman burningman2017 summer2017 burners firefans firehoop dance performanceart firewitch goddess hulahoop leviwand staff fireleviwand

1 Days ago
✨Fern Evergreen🌲💓🌲✨ (fairy_of_flow) Instagram Photos and Videos

✨Fern Evergreen🌲💓🌲✨


Comment from ✨Fern Evergreen🌲💓🌲✨:

Ring of fire 🔥🔥🔥 Burning my fire hoop with @dark.monk quick wicks. Shot by @wanderingcinnamon fire firehoop flow flowarts flowartsfriday waterfall nature firespinner firedancer hoop hooper hulahoop

1 Days ago
Paige Renka (eprenka) Instagram Photos and Videos

Paige Renka


Comment from Paige Renka:

Getting some footage for our upcoming promo video at the end of the firejam last night. Thanks to @keithhawke for this video firevideo gopro avondalefirejam firejam luminarts luminartsentertainment fireperformers firedancing minihooptech minihoops hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig fireminis firehoop firehoops hooping freestylevanproductions incubus biolux

1 Days ago
TigerLily (tigermew) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from TigerLily:

Dear flow diary 🤣, I've been inspired by a few lovely ladies to pick up single hoop again. (I've had prop ADD for the last few years.) Gosh, it's been forever--like idk what size I even fit for my groove anymore! But, here is my first burn with @livijoyhoops amazing quick wicks, finally. I love Livi's products and appreciate all her quickly answered hoop knowledge at the drop of a pin. I also wanna do a shoutout to @faerie_life @mauihoopgirl @_rissa_bee_ @arrrlene_s ~~mahalos for inspiring me back to my first prop, you ladies are amazeballs to watch inside the circle. 💫✨ . . 🔈🎵 by Chali 2na & The Funk Hunters 🖤 rememberyourroots livijoyhoops mauihoops hoopersofinstagram hooplah firedance firehoop flowarts hoopspam

1 Days ago
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Comment from ele:

midsummer fire firehoop warmup happyhooping ligo ugunsrituāls priecīguslīgo

1 Days ago
JenVeeH ✨🍑🐱💞⭕️✨ (deafstar_) Instagram Photos and Videos

JenVeeH ✨🍑🐱💞⭕️✨


Comment from JenVeeH ✨🍑🐱💞⭕️✨:

1 Days ago
Molly Reed (lilfaebby) Instagram Photos and Videos

Molly Reed


Comment from Molly Reed:

4 Days ago
Amber Kelly Hadlock (akhoops_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amber Kelly Hadlock


Comment from Amber Kelly Hadlock:

My girl, Jaci reppin The Hoopy Place last night at Silverking Brewing Company.

13 Days ago