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Comment from mar_violeta:

hooper firedancer firehoop puertovallarta hooplove fireshow 🔥

6 Minutes ago
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Taylor Young


Comment from Taylor Young:

Good start to the eclipse weekend! firehoop fire hoop hulahoop hulahooping night

31 Minutes ago
Emily Perkulator (perkul8or) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emily Perkulator


Comment from Emily Perkulator:

wrapping up final steps on a fresh reflective fire hoop for @hoopflex

4 Hours ago
Angela Wannet (angela_aura_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Angela Wannet


Comment from Angela Wannet:

Back at Pacific Burn 2017.... FireSpinning world record attempt.... We didn't make the record - but golly gosh we had a great night! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Da in a field with hundreds of dancing fires was a truly etherial and mesmerizing experience! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ups to Aaron Dovel, Wardy @thapetrolpanther and everyone who put in so much work to make this magical night for us. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 And Kenazi for the cute clip!

7 Hours ago
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Comment from Leila:

ANOTHER 1 fire firespinning firehoop flowarts florida

8 Hours ago
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The Grey Medium


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One of my favorite shots from the shoot the other day with @kimcup123 Video Coming at the end of the month! . . . hoop hoopersofinstagram firehoop photography videography slowmotion ursamini ursamini46k blackmagicdesign sfx script sony filmmaker film filmproduction edit røde ronin indefilmmaker independentartist art writersofinstagram poetry panasonic gh5 director

8 Hours ago
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Comment from Leila:

tropic thundahhh! 🌴🌴🌴🔥 fire firespinning firehoop flowarts cooltricks!

8 Hours ago
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Comment from Lindsey:

More fire hooping from the other day 🔥🔥 movementmeditation hooplove hooplah sacredcircle hoopersofig hoopdance unityofthehulahoopers hulahoop girlsthathoop hoopersofinstagram flow hoopstagram kchoopers flowarts hoopeveryday hooping hooplife practicemakesprogress hulahoopersofinstagram hoopspam firehooping firehoop

8 Hours ago
ים עוז (yamoztattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

ים עוז


Comment from ים עוז:

Sorry i was away latley, my sister got merried yesterday! It was amazing! Can't wait to see the photos! Here is a small video from midburn2017 when 3 of my fire wicks broke so i had to play only with two, it was pretty challenging because of the weight differences . . If you reached down here i wish you an amazing weekend! ❤🙏 . . . . . . . . . . fire firehoop weekend vibes tbt burningman hooping hoopersofinstagram hoopgirl fun happy playa me hulahoop hoopspam hooplah hoopersofinstagram hooplove hoopdance hoopersofig sacredcircle hooping dance flowarts hooper hoop flow israel hooplife

9 Hours ago
Hannah Ray (baby_sativa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hannah Ray


Comment from Hannah Ray:

"She will blaze through you like a gypsy wildfire. Igniting your soul and dancing in it's flames. And when she is gone, the smell of her smoke will be the only thing left to soothe you." Photocred: @alisasphotos fireperformer firehoop hooplah atlantahoopcats atlhoopcats fire hoopersofinstagram infinitecircles slay dropsmic

11 Hours ago
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Comment from therealrouge:

Second burn 🔥💥🌟 firehoop hoopersofinstagram hooplah flowmie girlsthathoop melanin practicemakesprogress drawntothefire goodvibes rave festivalseason festival edmgirl

14 Hours ago
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Bianca Eva


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It's been awhile 🔥✨

16 Hours ago
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TBT Burning Man 2016 - Fire Conclave Processional at the Great Circle - FireArts PhotoOfTheDay . beautiful flowarts festivallife flowstagram picoftheday potd fire firehoop torch fireperformance firespinner firestaff firephotography firephotographer welivetoexplore wanderlust fun photographyeveryday FireArts PhotoOfTheDay blackrockcity burners burningman festivallife industwetrust festgram throwbackthursday . See more of Grant's @burningman images at grantpalmerphotography_

23 Hours ago
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• Brittany Beckett •


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BTS @iamcardib bodakyellow . Over 50 million views now that's prettyyy cooool. 🔥‼️ firesword entertainer firedancer onset bts musicvideo musicshoot artist dancer bellydancer work fire performer giglife cardib bardi bardigang artfactory passion motivation flow firehoop firehooping hoopinh music art videography @dreamteamdigital @thatfilmdude @peterdmitriyev

23 Hours ago
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Comment from Shannskii:

Practice firehoop

1 Days ago
Spinela Hoop Dance (spinelahoop) Instagram Photos and Videos

Spinela Hoop Dance


Comment from Spinela Hoop Dance:

First time firehooping in Barcelona at Sinergia Convención in July. Magical city full of art, happiness and tolerance. Os envío todo nuestro amor y nuestro coraje desde Francia. hulahoop firehoop flowarts fire sinergiahoop hulahooping hoopspam sacredcircle firemagic hoopers

1 Days ago
Melissa Rose 🌸 (wondrous__soul) Instagram Photos and Videos

Melissa Rose 🌸


Comment from Melissa Rose 🌸:

😺🔥🔥hooplah firedancer firehoop hooplove

1 Days ago
Caroline Almeida (carolapetite) Instagram Photos and Videos

Caroline Almeida


Comment from Caroline Almeida:

Fire hoop with la belle Dominique hoopmtl firehoop hulahoop hulahooping mtllife summertime hoopmontreal

1 Days ago
Rachel Brower 🌻 (rachel_n_brower) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rachel Brower 🌻


Comment from Rachel Brower 🌻:

Some summer flow and a stopdropandspin for the lovely @lucyvanb!!! Thanks for the tag! 😘I included the two-handed back weave at the start (had to cut it so it would fit into the rest of the flow)!! . So thankful for your help in finally nailing it!!! 🔥you're the best . Shoutout to @rawrrrkitty for her tutorial on those flawless palms pins 😻👌 . Passing the love on to the MAKER of this beautiful reflective hoop - Ms. Katie nd lso @hooptacious.fae 💕✨ . Song: Rising, rising by Bassnectar + Crywolf . hoop hooping hooplah hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram hooperscollective hoopersofinsta flowstate flowarts sunset love joy life reflectivehoop firehoop ahoopscience bassnectar sacredcircle

1 Days ago
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Leany Bear


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It's normal now 🤷‍♀️ wasted openmikeeagle musicvideo stillshot action fire firehoop whatever meow apocolypse junk trashy partypeople

1 Days ago
Sherburt Photo (sherburtphoto) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sherburt Photo


Comment from Sherburt Photo:

This was a while ago. Cass is insanely talented. We need to do some more long exposure stuff. <3 sherburtphoto sherburtography michiganweirdos michiganders puremichigan fireperformer fireperformance hoop hoolahoop hooping hooplife orange fun

1 Days ago
The Grey Medium (thegreymedium) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Grey Medium


Comment from The Grey Medium:

Hoop video coming soon! . . . @kimcup123 hoopersofinstagram hoop panasonic gh5 ursamini firehoop film videography videoproduction filmmaker filmproduction director montage indefilm independentartist business entrepreneur poetry musicvideo sfx sony script shotonRED dji djironin rokinon

1 Days ago
Erika ✌🏽️💖⭕️ (gratefulhoopmama) Instagram Photos and Videos

Erika ✌🏽️💖⭕️


Comment from Erika ✌🏽️💖⭕️:

For sale: $80 RETAPED Synergy Flow Arts Fire Hoop 🔥⭕️🔥 Gently Loved 32" polypro Fire hoop with screw in removable spines retaped in any tape from my shop (except reflective). Tiny wrench included! sacredcircle perpetualflow hoopspam flowarts hoopersofinstagram hooplah showmeyourtrails hoopeverydamnday flowersofinstagram hoopingdotorg flowartscommunity infinitecircles hooplove hoopersofig girlsthathoop doyouevenhoopbro youcanhoopwithus guysthathoop firehoop forsale

1 Days ago
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Comment from P Y R O X O T I C:

Female. Fire. Art. 🔥💋🔥 @lydia.lux lightcitybaltimore

1 Days ago
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Better da hoop :) fewproject firehoop hoop будниартиста

1 Days ago
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Le Sanatorium


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@flow.sawires And performg at ByGanz's event "Burng Beach" burngbeach bluemarl Byganz almazabay almaza matruh sahel northcoastegypt flowart firehoop hulahoop hoop hooper firepoi poispng poiegypt flowartegypt staflow flowstgram fire performance performers circusegypt circuscrew lesanatorium

1 Days ago
Inspiral Fire Tribe (inspiralfiretribe) Instagram Photos and Videos

Inspiral Fire Tribe


Comment from Inspiral Fire Tribe:

The ever so lovely Sierra, getting down on that double iso game!! @livebeyondfree inspiralfiretribe fire fiyah firespinning firespinner fireperformer fireforhire firearts fireflow flowarts firespam flowlife flowarttv flowstagram firehoop hooper hooping firehooping icc hoopspam girlswhoplaywithfire isohoop isofirehoop boonenc recklessarts blueridgemoments

1 Days ago
C Byrd (funkyyfreshh) Instagram Photos and Videos

C Byrd


Comment from C Byrd:

2 weeks with no fire is far too long.. Thanks to everyone who came out to practice night 😘🔥😘🔥 Be sure to follow @inspiralfiretribe for more videos! ❤ fire fiyah firespinning firespinner fireperformer fireforhire firearts fireflow flowarts firespam flowlife flowarttv flowstagram firehoop hooper hooping firehooping icc sacredcircle hoopspam girlswhoplaywithfire boonenc 828isgreat recklessarts blueridgemoments wnc

1 Days ago
Laura Morgan (shewhotakesphotos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laura Morgan


Comment from Laura Morgan:

💃🔥💃🔥💃🔥 londonfirespinner FullMoonFireSpin SouthBank firedance firespinning firehoop firehopping fire London FridayFeeling nightphotography firesword wanderlust canonphotography canon550d latergram fromthearchives

1 Days ago
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Comment from Jennifer:

Foto: @wanderingcinnamon 🔥 jennylynnt jennythedragon firespin firedance firehoop fireplay dance meditation concentration

1 Days ago
Molly Lindberg (venusdehooplah) Instagram Photos and Videos

Molly Lindberg


Comment from Molly Lindberg:

Fire performing for the last CinemaCircus! So thankful to have been a part of an awesome event by @themvfilmfest! firehoop fireperformer slowmo vid by @reece_photo

1 Days ago
hula hoops and mommin' 🖤🌙 (_emmama) Instagram Photos and Videos

hula hoops and mommin' 🖤🌙


Comment from hula hoops and mommin' 🖤🌙:

Another clip ☺ hoopersofinstagram pyro firehoop fire

1 Days ago
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Z O U Z O U x x


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1 Days ago