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🎉 Love reading for Thursday 22nd March, 2018. 🎉 ___________________________ is coming for you, 'hot and heavy!' For singles, you're about to be 'swept off your feet' in a BIG way! There is someone around you that has had their 'eye on you' for at least two months. This person could be, for SOME of you, a fire sign. Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, but they DON'T have to be. This individual is passionate, driven, and when they want something, they will 'move heaven and earth' to get it. They don't wait for opportunities, they create them, and I'm hearing that you'll 'meet your match' with this person. For others of you, you've yet to meet, but there is 'new love' coming your way. You'll 'instantly' share a strong, magnetic, sexual connection with this person, as I'm hearing 'fireworks.' This person is 'appealing to eye.' Very attractive. 😉 And with this, I'm hearing 'just what the doctor ordered' which tells me that this is the person that you've been 'looking for.' Spirit is saying that things could go from '0 to 100' real quick with you both, in an extremely positive manner, but that a stable' and 'true' relationship is in the offering, if you choose to continue on with this person. 😍💏🔥 For couples, I'm hearing 'don't hold back' in your relationship. If you've been feeling 'bored' lately, then try something new with your partner. I'm also hearing 'think outside the box.' As advice, it might be good to 'go back to basics.' Think back to when the two of you first got together, and started dating. During the 'honeymoon' period, what what activities did you do together, as a couple, to keep the 'romance alive?' Did you go out to dinner? Walk along the beach? Attend some sort of a 'class' or 'hobby' together, out of common/mutual interest? The answer to that question is the key. Spirit is saying 'make it happen.' 🔮💜 _________________________ romance relationships singles couples lovescope lovegram passion newlove attraction chemistry loveisintheair newbeginnings hotandheavy zodiacsigns instalove fireworks mafsau lovelifereading hothothot loveprediction psychicmedium mediumship psychicreading leapoffaith lovebug follow

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snowball😍💦 as puppy the wrinkles and folds her to @coalition_bullies cowboy fireworks I'm in the lab westsidebullyco westsidestory californiasbest highquality🐶✔ minorityreport

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Location, location, location 📫 disney magickingdom happilyeverafter newbeginnings florida fireworks

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Rocket bazooka? follow4follow lildickgang fireworks iowa hawkeye

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Decked with fireworks as requested, our latest gender reveal diaper cake is packaged and ready to be shipped out tomorrow! Next month, this rustic centerpiece will sit alongside baby blue and pink balloons, lace + wood decorations, and fireworks revealing the gender itself. We can’t wait to see pics of this event! DM us for a custom order or visit our shop (link in bio) for available cakes, now 20% off through 3/31 :) . . . . babyshower circuscake birthdaygift birthday babyshowercenterpiece diapers diapergift premiumdiapercakes babygift mommytobe babyshowergift newbaby dtdiapercakes etsy baby newmommy babyshowers babyshowercenterpiece babyshowerdecor smallbusiness diapercakes diapercake babyshowerideas customorder fireworks genderreveal fireworksdiapercake genderrevealdiapercake rustic

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a very Mexican tradition toritos fair mexican fireworks picoftheday enjoythislife lifestyle

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Explosive fireworks display from back when I was a student at northwestern 🎆 . Shot specs: canon5dmarkii, 50mm, ISO-1250, f/1.4, 1/50" . . . . . canonusa canonphoto canonphotographer canonpictures canonpics fireworks fireworkshow fireworkdisplay fireworkfun fireworksshow fireworks_lovers fireworkfestival fireworksfestival fireworkphotography fireworksnight pinklight pinklights silhouette_creative silhouetteart silhouette_arts night_shots night_captures nightshots nightlights nightpic atnight nightphotos

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Fireworks festival fireworks festival colors harbour grandharbour sea night island islandlife boom photography nightphotography longexposure canon mirror 550d rebelt2i telephoto zoomlens valletta2018 Valletta

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What's your favorite spot to watch the illumination fireworks? We found this great spot by the Japan Pavilion. 🏯🎆🎇 • Let us know ⬇️ • disney fireworks disneyworld disneyland sky water epcot nature clouds hot summer instagood instalove love like me selfie follow followme japan

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Hogwarts castle light show finale. fireworks hogwarts hogwartsschoolofwitchcraftandw harrypotter universalstudios universalorlando wizardingworldofharrypotter magic

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. . . 野村花火工業、伊那火工堀内煙火店、響屋大曲煙火の 大曲煙火の玉がコラボした瞬間です。 時間差で目まぐるしく色が るしく色が変わる玉も見れると思います! . 音楽もどんな曲に どんな曲に合わせるのか楽しみです😌 https://www // . 写真は2 京都 同じ瞬間は二度と無い 花火 光の芸術 ファインダー越しの私の世界 jp_gallery_member ig_worldclub nikon ig_japan HANABI IGersJP fireworks_lovers fireworks phtography photographer tokyocameraclub team_jp_ hueart_life team_jp_西 team_jp_ light_nikon キタムラ写真投稿 東京カメラ部 daily_photo_jpn eternal ppschool japan_night_view photo_travelers

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🎆 fireworks northcarolina beach fun summer photography

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Hogwarts castle light show finale - fireworks! hogwartscastle fireworks hogwarts harrypotter wizardingworldofharrypotter universalstudios universalorlando islandsofadventure

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Enjoying the 2018 Arctic Winter Games in Hay River, NT Canada and making new friends. awg2018 hayriver northwesterritories art market food fireworks arcticwintergames2018 fun awesome

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Fiesta de San José . . . fuegosartificiales fireworks luces sanjose fiestapatronal photochallenge boomerang boomoftheday descubremexico descubrimientosemanal estadodemexico nezahualcoyotl parroquiadesanjose igersmexico

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beautyinthestruggle recoveryjournal bpd selflovery selflovejourney mindfulness mindset happiness foodforthought bpd mentalhealthawareness mentalhealth lanscape trees nature mtl montreal quebec mine snapchatart sky clouds sunset galaxy universe fireworks snapchat news socialmedia 1975 travisscott socialmedia

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The Editors


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The Editors (3rd_iii_) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Editors


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The Editors (3rd_iii_) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Editors


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dumontdunes lights fireworks motonights ohv vacas

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lagu sama gaya sudah tak nyambung butuh refreshing 😉😉 . . likeapp newfavorite fireworks iniversiku happythursdayguys❤ kamisgabut😔

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The most beautiful end to the night fireworks castle magickingdom lightshow princess disneyworld

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・ ・ ・ パッと光って咲いた 花火を見てた

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Reach out and find your Happily Ever After happilyeverafter cinderellascastle magickingdom disney disneyworld waltdisneyworld disneyfan disneyday fireworks gorgeous majestic

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“From a concrete who knew a flower would grow ? Looking down from the top and it’s looking crowded below”🌹☁️🌑 JaminSession FireWorks

38 Minutes ago
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Fire6 🔥B4 del Cuerpo de Bomberos de Ñuñoa a 10-4 Agradecimientos a: @martinchosilvaa ——————————————————————— 🔥Engi 4 of Ñuñoa’s Fire Department responding to a vehicular accident🔥 ——————————————————————— Use Firefighterinaction in your post...🚒🔥 __________________ bomberos bomberosvoluntarios firefighterposts firetrucksofamerica firefighter_brotherhood fire fireworks firefighter_daily feuerwehr chiefmiller emergencyservices vigilidelfuocopersempre vigilidelfuoco instagram likeme iamblackhelmet ems ambulance fireservice pompier brandweer firedept firefightingobsession

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Nozawa Onsen, Japan japan nozawa honshu fireworks festival japanese nozawaonsen firework festivaloflights japan_of_insta japan_night_view nozawaonsensnowresort fireworkshow lightfestival slope slopes skifield skiresort ski snowboard snow snowy snow❄️ powder powdersnow japow apresski beautifuldestinations beautifulplace spectacular

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🎆enjoying the fireworks🎇

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Sin nombre / No name 📸 @gianninarodriguezphotography . . . luz light chispas sparks largaexposicion longexposure fuegosartificiales fireworks fotografialargaexposicion longexppsurephotography fotografia photography costarica photocr repost

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ⒷⒶⓁⒹ 🌍 VɪᴀᴊᴀʀʏVɪVɪʀᴀVᴇɴᴛᴜʀᴀs (4vpeople) Instagram Photos and Videos

ⒷⒶⓁⒹ 🌍 VɪᴀᴊᴀʀʏVɪVɪʀᴀVᴇɴᴛᴜʀᴀs


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"Who Watches the Watchmen?"

49 Minutes ago
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R⃣e⃣y⃣• Lifestyle • Travel


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久違了這「高人一等」的視野 . 小時候在人群中,我嚷著看不到 嚷著看不到前方,爸爸便一下子把我放在膊頭上,騎膊馬這突然而來 這突然而來的「高人一等」叫人開心雀躍。 . 現在看見爸爸的身 見爸爸的身軀逐漸疲弱,走路拐着拐着,遑論我的體重會否把他壓倒 否把他壓倒,他也無力再把我抱起了。 . 他曾讓你看得更多,現 Kingdom Park 📍1180 Seven Seas Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830, USA . . findmyreytravel findmy . findmyrey betterlife lifestyle laidback cabincrew flightattendant hkig hkexplorer getaway iamatraveler worldwonder instagood hkgirl travel welltravelled finditliveit passionpassport discoverhongkong instameethk florida orlando disneyland magickingdom piggybackride dad love castle fireworks

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fireworks 4thofjuly

28 Days ago
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I wanna go back. . . . . . . . . . Disney disneyworld magickingdom fireworks castle magic magical halloween mickeymouse minniemouse waltdisney purple blue night

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