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Tiffany Taylor


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Vittoria Marseglia


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Comment from Robert:

This was my breakfast today to start off the day healthy, hopefully I can finish as good as l started 😩 • • • fitnesslifestyle fitfam bodybuilder bodybuilding protein abs shredded shredz aesthetics gymflow gym alphalete gymshark fitness fitnessaddict fitnessjourney fitspo fitnessmodel focused stayfocus summershredding weightlifter gymflow keepmovingforward keepascending nevergiveup train fit fitnessmotivation

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Comment from Elvia:

I'm so excited!! I lost 4 pounds in a week. Getting results. NEW YEARS RESOLUTION 💪🏼👏🏼 shakeology 21dfx 21dayfix fitnessmotivation fitness

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Comment from amandatta_21:

Crazy workoutfitnessmotivation

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BMI Fitness


Comment from BMI Fitness:

Move of the week - Forward Lunge with Medicine Ball Circles. This is a full body exercise that challenges your upper and lower body in different planes of motion. It also requires core stability, balance and coordination. It could be a great sport conditioning exercise for basketball! Do 10-12 reps in each side per set X 2-3 sets. Remember to shoot for a 90 Deg angle at the knees, keep your front heel planted and back heel up, chest lifted and core engaged. If you don't have access to a medicine ball, you can also use weight plates 💪🏽motivationmonday fitnessmotivation exercise fittips workout fullbodyworkout medicineball strength core balance coordination metabolic functional sportsconditioning bmifitness whereeverybodyknowsyourname

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Lucienne Bezzina


Comment from Lucienne Bezzina:

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Erika Vázquez


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Tu pasión debe de ser tan grande como tu corazón! soycorredora runner runners running fitnessmotivation fitnessgirl fitness runnerlife runnergirl runnerslife runnerspace runnersworld runnerscomunity runnerscommunity runnersofinstagram runnerland happyday monday

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Alexandre Tommasini 🇫🇷🏃


Comment from Alexandre Tommasini 🇫🇷🏃:

< Le meilleur jour de ta vie est celui où tu décides que ta vie t'appartient > instagood instamoment selfie smile sunnyday sunny musculation fitnessmodel fitnessaddict fitness fitnessmotivation personaltrainer coach squat workout greatbritain instafit fitfam healthy diet running

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Absolute Nutrition


Comment from Absolute Nutrition:

We all have things that hold us back from achieving what we want, whether it be time, health, money, etc. The important thing is to wake up every morning with the mindset that today is a fresh start: anything that held you back yesterday doesn't have to keep you down today. Work at ridding yourself of these roadblocks, one day at a time.

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Comment from coachMelissa:

They don't call it hell week for no reason 🙈🙈 second workout was cardio 2 i was dying by round three three those gorilla crawls will have your legs on 🔥🔥 and I am feeling it.. more and more burpees this time frog was burpee overload today the sweat was poring but you tell yourself it's only 22 minutes you get that extra burst of energy and kill it..hell week y'all no joke😀😀

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Kyle S


Comment from Kyle S:

Homemade falafel with tahini on a charred whole wheat pita with roasted veggies. I loved charred veggies and bread 🍞🌱 get that protein in with those beans 💪

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Comment from CLH:

Ladies here is your Monday reminder that you are a badass that's capable of greatness. Don't try and do it to look like "that girl". You'll just upset yourself that after all your hard work it didn't turn out like hers. Instead look at her, learn from her, let her inspire you, and then make it you're own. Then some beautiful girl will look at you and go wow I wanna do it like HER.

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Jen | The Retail Princess


Comment from Jen | The Retail Princess:

Give me a double, it's Monday. donuts foodporn mondaymotivation

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Comment from IVTV:

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Rustam G. - 🏄Live it up


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ABC fit


Comment from ABC fit:

Brand new blog post is up! To preserve lean muscle during a fat loss phase is the aim of the game for a healthier, stronger and better looking body. Muscle tissue is also metabolically active meaning it can help you burn more calories, burn fat faster and keep it off for good. There’s plenty of rubbish theories surrounding the topic, so let’s first begin by clearing some up.... To read the full article head to and search 🔎 "preserve lean muscle".

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Comment from AM:

Keeping it simple today for Monday meal prep 🐟🌳 ___________________________________________ weightloss fatloss fitfam fitness fitchick healthy gym instafit girlgains motivation fitnessjourney fitgirl fitspo fitchick absforsummer girlswholift progress bbg bbggirl bbgcommunity mealprep mealprepmonday

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Georgie Starkie


Comment from Georgie Starkie:

People ask, why do it!? Because we want to love what we see we when look in the mirror every day! ❤️ Be Fit. Be proud! equinox itsnotfitnessitslife committosomething mondaymotivation eqxkensington

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Comment from indonesiaoriginals:

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