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Jangan takut mencoba hal baru dalam hidupmu, Jika kamu berhasil, kamu akan bahagia. Jika tidak, kamu akan lebih bijaksana.! . . shareflashback hbackkabklatenjogjakupesonajog

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Me 9 years ago wow have I changed flashback gamer geek geeky nerd nerdy

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Calon orang" sukses dunia dan akhirat .. aminnnn . . . SMK ARRAHMAN angkatan 19 . . smkbisa smk flashback like4likealways likeforlike followforfollow follow4follow likeforlike ff llliilliiilllliilliiilllliilli iilliiilllliilliiilllliilliiil liiillllllliilliiilllliilliiil sukses love

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Pangandaran beach 🏄🏊🏂 flashback

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As long as we're flexing on this Friday, I may as well throw in this golden oldie 💪💪 Looking forward to next year's upcoming shows 🙌 Happy Friday peeps, wishing you a great weekend ahead! 😁✌❤ 📷 @jody_wright1 👌 friyay friday flexfriday positivevibes smile blessed weekend flashback fmc fmcpro champ classic physique stagetime fitfam fitspo fitness bodybuilding fitnesslifestyle fitnessmodel shredded vascular aesthetic photooftheday lit legit dench like4like followme neverfinished

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Chasing the Blue Flame. • • • • • • • • • • • • It’s a long one. • • • Touched down at Juanda Int’l Airport (Surabaya, Indonesia) past ‪9am‬, collected our bags & by ‪9:45am‬ we were on our way to Banyuwangi, East Java. This was the start of our 8-hour long road trip last August. • Fast forward ⏭ Reached the hotel by ‪6:30pm‬, had dinner, and lights were off latest 9:30pm. We checked out after midnight and drove 90mins to the base camp/ starting point. • Started our trek around ‪2am‬ and temp was 9-11 C. The trail was challenging. It was steep & mostly uphill. This was tough. • Reached the crater rim around ‪4am‬. It was still dark and the area was packed! Some groups sat along the sides, others crammed at the viewing deck, while most visitors hurried down to the mining area to see the “action”. Judging from the human traffic, it would take an hour at least to reach the base. Safety was a concern too - people rushed to the base of the crater while others rushed back up for sunrise (top of crater). Do it at your own risk kinda pace. • Decided not to join this mad dash and just stayed nearby; luckily found a good spot. From where we stood the entire mining area was shrouded in thick smoke (sulfur dioxide). And there it was - a faint of blue appeared randomly in different areas. It’s something that looked out of this world... mysterious & beautiful. This blue flame can only be seen after dark (& until sunrise). I heard that some days the blue flame covers a much bigger area than this. • Here’s the science part: when sulfuric gas escapes from cracks in a volcano at high pressure and comes in contact with air, a blue flame appears (reaching up to 16ft high in the air) during the combustion process. • 👰🏻 agreed that the 8-hour long drive and endless uphill trek were worth all the effort in exchange for this 🙌🏼 • Viserion was not there, we checked 🐲

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🌠 らム从'ム九亻🌠


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Rindu Saat-Saat Seperti Ini Bersama Mereka. flashback 🔙

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flashback unbelievable exactlythesame25yearslater

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Flashback. Biggest scam growing up . . . VOZEMPIREmedia

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Mood. Actually pretty excited it’s Friyay. Sleigh this Friday people 💪🏻 * * * * * * * friday friyay tgif flashback positive owntheday christmas festive fresh fitspo health weekendvibes girlboss empowerment

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2017 is the best year of my life 2017 2017bestnine life lifestyle travel goals memory flashback

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fbf Train stop on the road to the past . flashbackfriday . . flashback throwback instadaily instacool instaphoto instapic picoftheday photoofheday interbelic oldcar oldtrain oldtrainengine trainengine collectioncar sunny ontheroad onthetrain trainstop travel instatravel dailyfindings sinaia romania

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summer days 2011 flashback london gardenshoot photography pinkdress summerdays flashback

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Sophie Marder (miss_marder) Instagram Photos and Videos

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Chilling in Copenhagen (I wish!) 🙈 fbf flashback copenhagen denmark view holiday cold chills traveller blonde iwanttogoonholiday

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Meghan Markle Fan ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Meghan Markle Fan

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flashback Meghan at an event in New-York. || June 12, 2012 ❤️

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🌠 らム从'ム九亻🌠 (54m_4n1) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌠 らム从'ム九亻🌠


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Me 👨 flashback 🔙

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flashback 13 July 2016 Our thermomix was offline. User error (Jez). So I tried a thermie recipe in manual mode. Santana, Apple and Custard Scrolls. They were pretty awesome. nothermomix 😢 baking lunchboxideas snacks

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Guten Morgen Ihr Lieben, Fräulein Becker lässt grüßen!😀 Good Morning lovelies, miss becker says hello! 😀fbf flashbackfriday flashback wheniwasakid portraitphotography blackandwhite smile fridayvibes portrait myface 1983 fridaymood fridayvibes smile bittelächeln thosewerethedays blondie fraubecker 11yearsold blackandwhitephoto blackandwhitephotography schwarzweiss portraits portraits_universe portraitmood kindheit kindheitserinnerung childhood childhoodmemories

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Meghan Markle Fan ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Meghan Markle Fan

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flashback Meghan at an event in New-York. || June 12, 2012 ❤️

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Meghan Markle Fan ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Meghan Markle Fan

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flashback Meghan at an event in New-York. || June 12, 2012 ❤️

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Mine as well bring back this flashback . starwarsweekend • • • • photooftheday jurassic jen instame instagood hashtag instafamous instalike thelastjedi stormtrooper flashbackfriday reminiscing toys geek pose starwars friday littleblackdress mineaswell

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Flash back Friday to when I was adorable and cute 👑 Christmastime FBF FlashBack Baby

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Everyone loves a photobooth (after copious amounts of prosecco) 📷 @emwilder89 flashbackfriday christmasparty flashback weekendvibes

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Good morning! What do you think? Can both Ladies and Gents rock this? unisex bybuttercup buttercupcollections buttercupcollectionsonline ankara laptopbag africanstyle wax preorder africanfashion handmade instadaily fashion allthingsankara ankaralovers madeinnigeria fbf flashback friday instagood computer ankaralaptopbag pc lagos jumia computervillage laptopaccessories lagosnigeria naijafashion photo

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flashbackfriday to our shoot with the one and only imrankhan ‼️ imrankhan pakistan flashback fbf friday islamabad lahore karachi hellopakistan

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fbf flashbackfriday friday flashback brothers winter 5 years ago

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- "In Honor Of Star Wars." starwarsthelastjedi singersongwriter songwriter starwars guitarist thelastjedi folkmusic theforceawakens theforce thursdaythrowback femalevocalist rock acoustic countrymusic healthfood healthyeating dance california soul undergroundhiphop hiphop hiphopculture dancemusic edm electronic flashback southerncalifornia california cali socali socalflavors

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Flashback to the time I got lost on the Great Wall 💁🏻‍♀️✌🏻idk

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Aralık mı o? ☺

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O zaman gelsin throw🔙thursday alwayssmiling ☺

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